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Clubland Xtreme Hardcore

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2 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Various Artists / Box set / Audio CD released 2005-05-02 at U.M.T.V.

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2009 19:57
      Very helpful




      The Clubland albums are reliable for adreneline pumping solid dance music. This album compilation has some hardcore style tracks on for those who like it a little harder and faster.

      On this album:

      Spread over three CDs, the first disc kicks off with the piano laden 'Getting Better' by Darren Styles. This is fast, furious and has a superb breakdown in it. It harks back to the older rave style tracks while retaining a modern sound. Turn things up for Dutch producer Ferry Corsten as he lets rip with the storming 'Cry' which uses a soaring vocal and a powerful synth riff to great effect. Another highlight on the first disc is the track 'Insane' which has a very nagging hook.

      Disc two next and I love 'Elements' from Neo Cortex which has a spine tingling riff and a lovely warm female vocal on it. Things get out of control with 'Heartbeatz' which has the most explosive riff and will get you straight onto any dancefloor.

      The third disc is even harder than the previous two. Head for the brilliant 'Injected With A Poison' which is pure old skool, before rounding things off with the energising Ultrabeat.


      Fast, relentless dance for those who like it at a hectic pace. It is hard to listen to all in one go, but there are enough hits tucked into here to make it worth checking out.


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      25.11.2004 18:30
      Very helpful



      (“,) Bigfishlittlefishcardboardbox (“,)

      I am one of those people who has a very wide and varied taste in music. I like music from the 70's, from the 80's, from the 90's and some of the recent stuff.

      Okay so I don’t like everything! However, my favourite music, something you are more likely to find in my personal CD player, or on my stereo is house music and in particular this CD - Clubland X-treme.... which is my opinion is the mother of all CD's!

      Clubland X-treme would only be suitable for those people who like dance music, go clubbing and like loud techno sounds. For those of you who have heard of The Ministry of Sound and own anything by them, you wouldn’t go far wrong with this album.

      The Clubland CD’s are a series, started with Clubland Vol.1, and are now at Clubland Vol.4. In between each volume being released there have been further CD’s such as Kelly Llorenna – all clubbed up, which is another fantastic album and also Clubland Summer 2003 as a few examples. In total there are now eleven different CD’s to choose from in this range.

      Some of the tunes on CD are remixed cheesy chart songs, as you will notice from their titles, however with a bit of spinning and sound effects they are masterpieces!

      (“,) The CD’s (“,)

      In order to give you a taster and an insight into the music I enjoy and the songs I like I will talk about the artists and DJ’s I know the most and the songs which are favourite club anthems of mine and I will also mention a few that I don’t like and the reason why. Rather than write about all 38 tracks on the CD.

      It is worth noting at this point that all the songs are mixed into one another, they are not individual tracks.

      ** CD 1 **
      1. Weekend - Scooter.

      Scooter are one of my favourite dance acts and I could go on and on about them all day. However, I wont. They originate from Germany and have been around since the early 1990’s and people know them because they have a lot in common with the KLF "respect to the man with the ice-cream van" and "3am" as classic chants.

      Weekend is a very hard and fast tune and I love it because of the music never mind the lyrics.

      2. E - Drunkenmunky

      3. Shake Ya Shimmy - Porn Kings v Flip & Fill

      This tune im sure many people would recognise if they heard it on the radio with lyrics such as "shake, lets shake it baby".

      Flip & Fill have been around for about 5 years now on the dance scene and are well known for tunes such as 'shooting Star’, which has been constantly re-released by numerous people, and 'Field of Dreams' is another well-known tune. A lot of their CD's are remixes of well-known songs such as Whitney Houston's "I wanna dance with somebody". If you type Flip & Fill into any search engine, the likeliness is that it will come up with Shooting Star ringtones.

      Porn Kings come from Liverpool and have been around for a while making top club tunes!
      DJ Davy T is Porn Kings and actually appeared in a video with real-life porn legend Ron Jeremy!

      The Porn Kings, not an easy bunch to do a search on with the name porn in the title as you have to declare your over 18 and then get a lot of spam. They have had numerous CD's out and I have to confess I own some of their mixing tapes. 'Shake ya Shimmy' is the song they are well known for or ‘Rock to the Rhythm’ which can be found on CD2.

      4. The Way (Aldrich & Glennon Remix) - Divine Inspiration

      This song has to be one of the most irritating new songs to come onto the dance scene recently and as a first single for a dance act, it is instantly recognisable with the irritating chorus.

      "Put your hand in my hand, let me show you the way" are the lyrics and the content of the song and I find it as irritating as hell. It would be much better with just the music and the occasional lyric.

      5. Face Down Ass Up - Deja Vu

      This is a rude song and a reason why it has the sticker "Explicit lyrics" on the CD Cover because it goes "Face down ass up that’s the way we like to (french connection)" and my mother goes bonkers if she ever hears it on my CD player. A good tune all the same with some good hardcore thumping music in the background.

      6. Suck My D***! - Dickheads

      7. Pizzaman - Cisco Kid

      I really like this, not for the music this time, which is quite 'normal' house music, but I like it for the lyrics. It is about a guy in a restaurant who has ordered a pizza, he is Italian, and words like Fork get confused with something else. Its more amusing than good I have to add, I can’t see it being played in any club for people to dance to.

      Surprisingly Cisco Kid has been around since 1998 and has had various tunes around the clubs

      8. Lollipop (X-Rated Mix) - DJ Aligator Project

      "I wanna suck your lollipop" are how the lyrics begin with the following lyrics “I wanna taste it, let me suck it” sadly the lyrics aren’t as good as the trance style music in the background and yet another for the parental sticker on the album cover.

      Ali is the name of the leader of the DJ Aligator Project and he comes from Denmark.

      9. If You Leave Me Now (Aldrich & Glennon Mix) - The System Feat Kerri B
      10. Careless Whisper - Sax Brothers

      11. Damaged (Arctica Mix) – Plummet

      This song has recently been in the charts and there have been a few varied Trance versions of this song. Described as a ‘club floor banger’ Producer Eric Muniz a.k.a. DJ X, hooked up with a vocalist Nikki to create this tune.

      Im a huge fan of this tune, it is the ultimate ‘get you in the clubbing mood’ anthem and one track, which can usually be found playing on my stereo if I am getting ready to go out clubbing. The trance version has a fantastic boom beat to it to get you bopping around the room or a dance floor.

      12. My Hero - Head Horny's

      13. Pumpanola - Hi-Flyerz

      14. Kiss This (Voodoo & Serrano Mix) - Friday Night Posse

      15. Open Your Eyes (Scott Brown Mix) – Eyeopener

      A tune from 2002 and one which was big in Kardamena when I was there.

      16. Operation Blade - Public Domain

      This is a song from 2000 and not one I instantly recognise when I play the track from this CD nor was there any information available on Domain when I did a net search on the DJ pages that I often have a look at.

      As a tune it is one I would describe as middle of the range with the music being a lot louder than the lyrics, well what there is of them.

      17. Blood Is Pumpin - Voodoo & Serano

      They are resident DJ’s in Space in Ibiza but are actually German. They did mixes for N-Trance and Flip & Fill and loads of others DJ’s.

      Blood is pumping is a huge tune which was played over and over again in Ibiza last summer, a hard house track which has people bouncing round the dance floor day and night.

      18. Helium (JS16 High Energy Remix) - Dallas Superstars

      19. Come With Me (Groove Coverage Remix) - Special D

      Ive recently changed my mind about this song after discovering a rave version of it and now I cant stop playing it. The lyrics “at the end of every week, each one of us becomes a freak. Tonight the DJ makes us groove under the sweatdrops from the roof”
      With hard house music in the background and the high-pitched lyrics, this tune is great for getting people moving on the dancing floor.


      1. Field Of Dreams (Q-Tex Mix) - Flip & Fill

      Another classic dance tune by Flip & Fill and it is a remix of their 2001 tune. A classic which will have people dancing on the dance floor, waving their arms around, jostling their glow sticks and jumping in their furry boots.

      I adore this song and do like to dance to it on the dance floor; it is a trance tune with lyrics that you can sing along to.

      Leading lights in the current commercial dance sound – Graham Turner and Mark Hall have remixed tracks.

      2. Overload (Friday Night Posse Remix) - Voodoo & Serrano

      They are resident DJ’s in Space in Ibiza but are actually German. They did mixes for N-Trance and Flip & Fill and loads of other DJ’s. Space is a nightclub in Ibiza that is most famous for being open during the daytime for those ravers who have been dancing the night away, but have more energy to go and bop some more.

      This song reminds me of space because the one and only time I went there before falling asleep this was playing.

      3. Rock To The Rhythm - Porn Kings

      Porn Kings come from Liverpool and have been around for a while making top club tunes!
      DJ Davy T is Porn Kings and actually appeared in a video with real-life porn legend Ron Jeremy!
      This tune is another hardcore tune, which was around the clubs a lot in 2003. It is guaranteed to get your glow sticks jostling with the banging beat and catchy tune.

      4. The Roof Is On Fire – Uproar

      This is a huge club tune and one to get the boys bopping especially when they hear “The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire” and everyone jumps up and down on the dance floor with their hands in the air pushing upwards! Trust me it is a dance move.

      This again has been heard across Ibiza, Magaluf and other destinations, which I have been too over the last few years and it is great to get you in the party spirit with, the cheesy lyrics and the hardcore dance tune.

      5. Power Of Love (Rezonance Q Remix) - Q-Tex

      An Old Skool dance tune from 1997 and one, which reminds me of school. Not Celine Dion screeching in the background and ruining everything – thankfully.

      Q-Tex are an old Scottish rave band fronted by a woman called Gillian Tennant and her partner who looks like Emmanuelle Petit – DJ Scott Brown.

      6. Set You Free (Voodoo & Serrano Remix) - N-Trance

      This is my favourite song in the world, I have over 16 different versions of it (sad I know) and usually have it on continuous when im in the mood to dance in my room, if im going out or if im feeling down.

      This for me is the ultimate club tune. N-Trance have been around for a number of years now and although they aren’t big on the clubscene as an act (apart from this song) but they have done cover versions of songs such as ‘Staying Alive’ ‘D.I.S.C.O’ to name a few and have worked alongside artists such as The Bee gee’s and Rod Stewart.

      7. Shooting Star (Stimulant DJs Mix) - Flip & Fill

      Another Old Skool classic from 2001, which has been remixed for this CD and another song which I absolutely adore, although I prefer the ravers version to the one on this CD. However, it is a good dance tune and probably one of the most recognisable of all those listed on this album.

      “Like a shooting star. Across the midnight skies… we’re gonna fly, fly, just to be with you tonight” are the lyrics which are sung by Karen Parry and she has just remixed the theme from Flashdance which will be hitting the clubs soon.

      8. Time To Wonder (Brooklyn Bounce Mix) - DJs @ Work
      9. Bits & Pieces - Movin Melodies Presents Artimesia
      10. Wonderful Days – Starsplash
      11. Can U Feel It - London Fiesta
      12. When You're Gone (Monsoon & Dreamwurx Mix) – Soraya
      13. Something Real - Head Hornys v Miguel Serna
      14. Temple Of Dreams – Futurebreeze
      15. Make It On My Own - Piano Pirates
      16. Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Pex Tellet Mix) - Jan Wayne

      After a quick search on Jan Wayne I came across this “Cover-version besotted purveyors of commercial euro” and this isn’t far wrong as a description if Jan as this CD has the worst ever remix of the Bonnie Tyler classis ‘Total eclipse of the heart’.

      It sounds like Bonnie Tyler on acid, that’s just the lyrics, and the music is nothing to shout about either. Totally dreadful.

      17. Save A Prayer (Steve Murano Mix) - 56K feat. Bejay
      18. Revolution – BK

      19. Space – Slipmatt

      Slipmatt is my all time favourite DJ, real name Matthew Nelson. For those of you old enough to remember ‘On a Ragga Tip’ by SL2, well news for you – that was put together by DJ Slipmatt.

      (“,) Where can you buy it? (“,)

      This is a 2 CD Album and retails at £15.99 in Virgin, £14.99 in HMV (or it was when I bought it) and online you can get it for £12.99 from places like CD-Wow.

      (“,) Warning (“,)

      This is, as it says on the cover, an x-treme club album and therefore there are some strong lyrics that some may find offensive. So please do not consider buying it for anyone who knows nothing about sex or swear words!

      Apart from that, it is great to see an album that is full of songs that are not on every single club compilation in the world, and as I am someone who has a lot of compilation CD’s like these ones and mixing tapes I was very pleased with this CD.

      (“,) Extra Information (“,)

      Title: Clubland X-treme
      Label: Universal Music TV
      Released: 14/04/03
      www.clubland.fm for more information on any of the CD's in this series and extra information.

      (“,) Finally (“,)

      So if your looking for a CD which is a little bit different from the rest, or if you want something to remind you of your old school days or the songs you heard on a holiday in Ibiza, Magaluf, Kos or anywhere like that then buy this.

      A lot of people who have reviewed this CD have given a poor rating because of the remixes, but to be honest the remixes are of very good standard and the music is totally brilliant.

      If you don’t like clubbing, if you don’t like house music and if you hate cheesy remixes then stay away from this album. For me it is in my top ten of all time favourite CD’s.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Getting Better - Darren Styles
      2 Make Some Noise - Dougal & Gammer
      3 Cry - System F
      4 You're My Angel - Styles, Breeze
      5 Still The One - United In Dance, Lisa Marie
      6 Drop Zone - Darren Styles
      7 Come And Fly With Me - Bimbo Jones
      8 The Theme - Hixxy & Styles
      9 Slide Away - Styles & Breeze
      10 Pacific Sun - Flip & Fill
      11 Welcome - Hixxy & UFO
      12 Sound Without A Name - Darren Styles, Daniel Sherman
      13 Dance - Apollo
      14 Do We Have To Say Goodbye - Sy & Unknown
      15 Shining Down - United In Dance, Jenna
      16 Insane - Dark Monks
      17 Sunrise - Impact & Resist

      Disc #2 Tracklisting
      1 X-Treme - Dougal & Gammer
      2 Heartbeatz - Styles, Breeze
      3 Thug Boy - Styles & Breeze
      4 Elements - Neo Cortex
      5 So Real - Love Decade
      6 Neck Breaker - Scott Brown
      7 Hymn - Tina Cousins
      8 LS Drive - Gammer & G Spencer
      9 Right Here - Right Now - Re-Con
      10 The Beat Kicks - Styles & Breeze
      11 Cuttin' Deep - Darren Styles
      12 Let's Fly - Breeze
      13 Find Your Way - Jess & Spenno
      14 Time Still Drifts Away - The Disco Brothers, Andrea Britton
      15 All About You - Scott Brown, Cat Knight
      16 Blow Me Away - Lisa Abbott
      17 6 Days - Eyeopener
      18 Fade Away - Scott Brown, DMO

      Disc #3 Tracklisting
      1 Music Is My First Love (Intro) - Hixxy
      2 Set You Free - N-Trance
      3 Come With Me - Special D.
      4 Fly Away - Visa
      5 Tantric (Alternative Mix) - Yum Yi feat. Becki Judge
      6 End Of Time - Hixxy & Whizz KId
      7 Bass, Beats & Melody - Brooklyn Bounce
      8 Better Than Life - Various Artists
      9 Night Life - Hixxy
      10 Injected With A Poison - Praga Khan
      11 Watching, Waiting - Yum Yi feat. Becki Judge
      12 Rok The Dance Floor - Hixxy
      13 Forever - N-Trance
      14 Become One - Hixxy
      15 Pretty Green Eyes - Ultrabeat
      16 You're Shining - Styles & Breeze

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