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Colour It In - Maccabees

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4 Reviews

Artist: Maccabees / Audio CD released 2007-05-14 at Polydor

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    4 Reviews
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      30.01.2009 14:56
      Very helpful



      Decent effort

      I can not really remember what drove me to buy this album. I had only heard a couple of the tracks a few times, but there did not seem to be anything that stood out. As usual, I was swayed by good reviews and decided to give it a try.

      This album was definitely one of those 'slow burners', as after the initial listen, I really did not like it and thought about trading it for something else, but again, for some reason I perservered and stuck with it. And I am glad I did. Maybe the reason behind this being a 'grower' was the slow start with Good Old Bill. X-Ray is a bit indie, quiet like something from Franz Ferdinand, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

      Happy Faces is my favourite song on the album (my wife is still convinced that they sing Happy fish a lot). It is a real up beat bouncy sing a long tune, with good lyrics and good vocals, which are the bedrock of the album. Orlando Weeks' coy and vulnerable vocals, which sound like Ed Harcourt after a romantic weekend in Paris, are so endearing that you'll want to wrap him up in bubble wrap and stick him under your bed for safe-keeping.

      Unassuming and warm-hearted, 'Toothpaste Kisses' is a sheer delight.

      Despite all the good there is just something that stops me from loving the Maccabees and I can't quite put my finger on it. A good album, yes, a great album, no.


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      28.08.2008 05:09
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      'Colour It In' is the indie pop debut album from The Maccabees which may well be worth listening to.

      'Colour It In' is the debut album from the Brighton based indie band that is The Maccabees; the album was released through Polydor Records in May 2007 and consists of a total of thirteen tracks. The band plays its own brand of indie pop and for fans of such bands as The Cribs, The Pigeon Detectives, and Mystery Jets then The Maccabees music is well worth listening to. The bands vocals are an acquired taste and I'd therefore recommend seeking out the band's music at a source such as YouTube or MySpace before committing to buying this album; the vocals will not be appreciated by all, the instrumental side of things on the other hand is absolutely magnificent and I'm sure that everyone that listens to this album will take plenty of enjoyment from The Maccabees instrumental element.

      'Good Old Bill' gets the album off to a decent enough start, it's quite a pleasant track to listen to and the band here makes excellent use of guitar sound. Always the instrumental side of things is excellent here and from start to finish with this album in fact there's never a dull instrumental moment. The drumbeats are brilliant and the guitar work also is simply stunning in its execution; the instrumental side of things reminds me a little of Razorlight at times here, the vocals are very different however and the uniqueness of the bands vocals is probably The Maccabees main selling point. It's the bands vocal use which makes the music stand out, the vocals are different to most and the music therefore grabs your attention; even if you don't like the bands vocals then there's no denying that they're different. The vocals are often very central to the band's sound, for me it is the instrumental side of things that is most impressive here however and most markedly the band's terrific use of guitar.

      'About Your Dress' and 'Precious Time' are two of the bands best efforts from this album and come fifth and sixth on the album respectively. 'Precious Time' has an absolutely excellent chorus which really makes the music stand out, the music is hugely striking and the track is therefore highly enjoyable to listen to. 'About Your Dress' is similarly blessed in the chorus department and once more the instrumental side of things is absolutely brilliant here. The drumbeats are brilliant whilst some super guitar sounds also here are achieved. The track is intelligently constructed and although the vocals are a little irritating in the verse; the chorus is very cleanly sung out and absolutely excellent to sing along to.

      'Toothpaste Kisses' is by far the best track from the album and is utilised here as the albums closing number. It's a supremely laid back track and really does work well here. The music is soothing to listen to and it truly is an excellent track to sit back and unwind to. It's largely instrumental and this I feel is why I perceive it to be the best track of the album; I'm not a huge fan of lead singer Orlando Weeks vocal tone and less is therefore more here. When the instruments are left to do the talking the end result is absolutely exceptional here and always the track is supremely soothing to listen to and packed full of positivity. Even the vocals are a lot better to listen to here, they lack the whininess that they have with the majority of the other tracks present on this album and instead are quite cleanly and superbly sung out. The Maccabees has here saved the best until last and it's therefore worth bearing this in mind when listening to 'Colour It In' for the first time.

      'Colour It In' is a pretty decent debut from The Maccabees, for me it loses appeal due to the nature of the vocals however although I can appreciate what the band has done here for being different and not just copying the trends that others have set beforehand. It takes guts to try out something different and for The Maccabees it has all paid off and the band has managed a decent degree of commercial success. I can understand the appeal of The Maccabees and as I've already stated; 'Toothpaste Kisses' is an absolutely magnificent track and one which I thoroughly recommend listening to. Even if you don't listen to any of the other tracks from this album then 'Toothpaste Kisses' is most definitely one to give a spin; you'll surely not be disappointed with what you hear and the instrumental succulence of The Maccabees music will almost definitely highly impress you. This is not the greatest indie pop album ever to have been released, it's still pretty good though and if you appreciate the vocals of Orlando Weeks then that will obviously be an added bonus; listening to this album and not liking his vocals is a little grating, the instrumental side of things always is excellent however and if you love a good instrumental display then I'd definitely consider giving this 'Colour It In' album a go.

      'Colour It In' is not an album that will ever change your life; it's still pretty fun to listen to though and if the vocals float your boat then this combined with the supreme nature of the instrumental side of things should provide for an absolutely exceptional overall listening experience. If you are up for listening to the music of The Maccabees then the 'Colour It In' album can currently be bought from Amazon.co.uk at a price of £7.98 which isn't too bad a cost at all really.

      Label: Polydor Records
      Release Date: May 14th 2007

      Originally posted by me on my website Alt-UK.com
      Source: http://www.alt-uk.com/modules.php?name=Reviews


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        22.08.2008 21:29



        A great album that should definatly be worth a listen!

        This album is defiantly worth a listen. I stumbled upon the maccabees one day while looking around myspace and heard their single "first love". It is a really great song and I was hooked. I was therfore very excited when i finally got my hands on a copy of the album. Having seen this band live as well I was very impressed. The album has a mix of slow and faster songs that really do hit a note with you no matter what mood you are in. Recommended tracks include first love, precious time, X-Ray, lego and toothpaste kisses. Toothpaste kisses is certainly worth a mention due to its slow and poetry like lyrics.
        I would also go on to certainly reccommend seeing this band live. I managed to see them play Stoke Sugarmill a few months back and they were amazing.
        All in all a good album with a couple of slightly disappointing tracks but definatly worth a listen!


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        21.06.2008 01:49
        Very helpful



        Just plain dam fun to listen to.

        On the 14th May 2007 the Maccabees released their first and so far only album...and it is incredibly likable. This indie rock band is in my opinion, up there covered in greatness along with the Kooks, which too are favourites of mine.

        It was not all happy from the start though. When I first picked up the album and listened to it back to front, I didnt really know what to make of it, i mean yeah they were fine but werent really making me tingle in the good ways (lol). But then later that day, I couldnt help but sing one or two of the lines from each of the songs on the album. I thus found myself having to go back for more and more, enjoying the album further and further.

        Colour it in is exactly what the indie world needs, its definatly origional in the songs they sing and i believe is exactly what the indie world of the United Kingdom needs, after the view and fratellis have been and gone.

        The album consist of 13 tracks all filled to the brim with youthful energy, extremely distinctive vocals and great lyrics. Making each track different to the next. Although the album never made it to number one in the UK charts, i believe this adds to the extrodinary feel this album gives of as the songs havnt been played to death on the radio, tv and in shops.The album did however recieve the title as the 24th best album of 2007 by NME, and for a year of music which 2007 had, thats not bad at all.

        Colour it in is a album which should be mandatorally listened to by any indie fan as it has something for everyone.

        Greeat job MACCABEES

        1. Good Old Bill
        2. X Ray
        3. All In Your Rows
        4. Latchmere
        5. About Your Dress
        6. Precious Time
        7. O A V I P
        8. Tissue Shoulders
        9. Happy Faces
        10. First Love
        11. Mary
        12. Lego
        13. Toothpaste Kisses

        Total play time: 37Mins 34secs

        Thanks for reading


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Good Old Bill
        2 X Ray
        3 All In Your Rows
        4 Latchmere
        5 About Your Dress
        6 Precious Time
        7 O A V I P
        8 Tissue Shoulders
        9 Happy Faces
        10 First Love
        11 Mary
        12 Lego
        13 Toothpaste Kisses

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