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Come And Get It - Rachel Stevens

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8 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Rachel Stevens / Audio CD released 2005-10-17 at Polydor

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    8 Reviews
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      23.12.2009 13:32
      Very helpful



      Don't buy it!

      Rachel Lauren Stevens was born on April 9th 1978 in Southgate , London. She is currently thirty years old. When she was fifteen she beat 5000 wannabe-models in a modelling competition run by Sugar magazine.
      She is a singer and model and rose to fame as a member of the British pop group S Club 7. Since the band split up in 2003, she has had a solo music career , as well as doing some modelling. She is also the face of Pretty Polly , Marks and Spencer's , Sky Sports and Focus Dailies. She is currently engaged to childhood friend Alex Bourne ; they plan to marry in 2009. Rachel is currently appearing on this year's Strictly Come Dancing.

      Come and Get It is the second studio album from Rachel Stevens. It was released on 17th October 2005. The album comes under the pop genre. There are thirteen tracks on the album.
      To be honest I hadn't heard of this album until around two years after it's release. It must have been poorly advertised , because usually , me being a magazine and music addict , I always know when someone has a new CD out , especially beings as it was someone known so well.

      Here I will give a brief description on a selection of songs from the album.
      * So Good *
      This song has a strong beat , which means you can have a good dance to it. I like the 'club feel' this song has. This song reminds me of Kylie ; it has a similar sound to Kylie's songs. I love the chorus , it's very catchy.

      * Crazy Boys *
      I can't make up my mind whether I like this song or not. I think it depends on what mood I'm in , because sometimes when I'm listening to it , I really like it , and sometimes I don't like it. This song has a very funky feel to it. It sounds like she's singing in the shower.
      * I said Never Again *
      This is my favourite song on the album , and it was one that Rachel released as a single. It has a real 'good feel' about it , with it's 'shouty' vocals. I love it. I always put it on whilst getting ready to go out!

      * Negotiate With Love *
      This song has a slightly catchy chorus , but that's all it has going for it. I don't think it's that good. Considering she released it has a single , I think it's very poor and that there were better songs on the album she could have released as singles instead.
      * I will Be There *
      This song has quite a soft sound to it , yet I think it's the worse song on the album. It doesn't reach it's peak.

      * My Opinion *
      I was really disappointed with this album ; it's nothing compared to her first one , Funky Dory. I feel it was any excuse just to make an album , and as if it was rushed. It's as though there wasn't much thought put into it.
      My favourite song on the album is 'I Said Never Again' , it's such a good song to listen to when getting ready for a party.
      I think Rachel is trying to be like Kylie on this album and I think that is one of the reasons why it flopped.
      I would definitely not recommend this album!

      Thanks For Reading!

      Also posted on ciao under xdonzx


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        14.10.2009 22:57
        Very helpful



        A brilliantly put together pop album with very few fillers

        So the great masses of Britain have branded ex-S Clubber Rachel Stevens too dull to be a pop star. Never mind that she's more talented than Britney, more hot than Kylie, and more instantly tuneful than Girls Aloud, she keeps her opinions to herself and smiles brightly. So! We've packed her up to that great flop-career in the sky. On the evidence of predictable first album Funky Dory, we'd be forgiven for thinking that that was it for her. However, follow up album "Come And Get It" is an entirely more interesting hark back to electro pop, whilst mixing nice flavours of the best pop we've heard this decade.

        It opens with head bopping single So Good, which barely even skims how poptastic this album can be. With a hypnotic beat and a repetitive sexy-breath thing going on, Stevens begs her audience (or some fella - no doubt) to come and get it. The lyrics are as banal as it gets. She mixes up her pleading with claims that she has opened her eyes to the fooling around. Slightly contradictory, but hey! Its pop. Its allowed.

        Remember Bad Girls? Well that was the backdrop for the ass-shaking video to the ass-shaking hip swaying I Said Never Again (But Here We Are). Lots of dirty sexual references and innuendo play out innocently as the ever so nice pop bird hammers out the catchy little tune with her tongue in her cheek. Dull she may be, but she knows how to shake and thrust with the best of them.

        If you thought it couldn't get any catchier or any more melodic, along comes Crazy Boys. Stevens begs for forgiveness this time, opting to become the cheater rather than the cheated. Some girlie group whoo and whoa in the background with a backing track that sounds like something Rolf Harris might have joined in with his didgary-thingamy-jigamy. Perhaps not the highlight of the album, but pretty fantastically close.

        I Will Be There slows things down as it attaches a little bit of soothing Julee Cruise-esque melody to the slowed down dance track. Think her Twin Peaks theme "Falling" and you'll imagine what this song's chorus might sound like. Attach some dramatic twirls and listen to Stevens as she flirts aimlessly. Again, the track is largely supported by some excellent backing vocals, but that doesn't detract from the effect that she herself has on the track. The beeps that kick in are reminiscent of something that perhaps Human League might have put across a modern day release.

        Lead single from the album surprisingly comes in at song number 5. Negotiate With Love is probably the most boring song on the album, sounding exactly like Girls Aloud. Whilst, there are some interest dialogue moments where Rachel counts herself in and then asks for some assistance from the producers suggest some spontaneity, but anybody guessing it was anything less than calculated would probably be over-estimating the singer's involvement in the writing process. As I have referenced them often in this review, I might mention that this album is largely written by Girls Aloud producers Xenomenia.

        There is a slight change in direction on All About Me, a guitar laden ballad that adds a little substance to the frivolity. She hit's the nail on the head when she says that its all about me, and refers to "me", "I" and "my" very often. She's happy to be free apparently. The song is drab, but again, allows a little variety on an album packed full to the punch with upbeat dance numbers.

        Album favourite Secret Garden opens with a gorgeous upper-octave harmony until a slightly familiar beat kicks in. The track, again, isn't as upbeat as much of the rest of the album. However it is superb and highlights that Stevens can sing. A great melody supports the track as she drifts easily between the lower tone of her verses and the aforementioned harmony that takes her voice into the upper range. This also lends some more depth to the album.

        Things take an ugly turn as the producers attempt to introduce a slight American flavour to the album with Nothing Good About This Goodbye. It is a nice enough track, but Beyonce or Britney might have done this one better. That said, Rachel's tongue wraps nicely around the extremely well written chorus. Had it not been a blatant attempt to market the song to a different audience, it might have been a better received track as well.

        A leftover from previous album recordings, Some Girls is perfect for the video that supported it. Imagine a group of girls and guys shaking their butts in the under passages of East London and you might just sum up the video, or indeed the images that the song itself conjures. "Some Girls always get what they wanna wanna" will stick in your head for hours, if you haven't already managed to have it ingrained and then got rid of it on its original release.

        Je M'apelle is a touch misleading. Other than the title cropping up in the chorus, the song is mostly in English. The song is annoyingly catchy with a broken electro beat backing it up. This might be the other attempt to get Rachel across the atlantic. Her producers should have stuck to making her work in her home country. That aside, this is far better than Nothing Good. The beat is removed for the verses but kicks in big time for the chorus.

        Proceedings slow up again for the brilliant Funny How. Rachel's request to "take these fools away from me" reminds me slightly of Patsy Kensit's attempt at pop "I'm Not Scared", although this is much more modern take on pop. The fits in nicely with the album, a nice droopy pop beat and a sexy vocal form Stevens leads into the catchy chorus. Listen to it three times, and you'll be singing it at the bus stop.

        Quite often, an album sags towards the end. Fortunately, this isn't the case, as Every Little Thing is a glorious pop moment from Stevens. Every time I hear this track I find myself shaking my shoulders. This is the one track from the album that actually made it onto my ipod, and I love it. It is a tale of contradiction with lyrics such as "the lower you fight, the higher I fall back down".

        Things finish off with a real hark back to the 80s on bleepy electro number Dumb Dumb. A crap title for a track, it is made up for by a tremendous vocal about "Secret worlds" and "Plastic girls", this finishes off a near perfect pop album brilliantly.

        Maybe pop is for the kids and the hormonal teenagers. However, they don't really want it. They'd much rather the repetitive beats of Clubland, or the sexed up rock of Kings Of Leon, or indeed a liaison with the increasingly barmy Robbie Wiliams. So, that leaves this kind of underrated pop up for grabs. I've never gotten the negativity that has followed this lady around since her solo career came into play. She's a decent singer, she's good looking, her songs are good. She just obviously doesn't have this great charisma, and that is easy to hide when you've got 6 band mates to support you. I'd sooner her than any of the other S Clubbers (including the dreadful Juniors). I might well be the only member of the "Bring Back Rachel" club, but on the evidence of this album, I'm happy to go it alone.


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          19.02.2009 14:42



          super pop

          This is the lovely Rachel Stevens' second album and is possibly even better than her debut release 'Funkydory.' The album finds her on fine form delivering more pop belters.

          Who is she:

          Former member of S Club, went solo, had moderate success and now pops up on reality TV shows.

          On this album:

          'So Good' starts the album off with a flourish. It is a bit like a Kylie song, with a rousing chorus and the lyrics are hard to get out of your head. She follows swiftly with 'I Said Never Again' which is a stormer and a stark contrast to the previous song. It is reminiscent of an old Adam Ant song with an almost militant rhythm and feisty, sexual vocals from Rachel. It is the kind of track which would entice you onto an empty dancefloor.

          Other Highlights:

          I really enjoy 'Some Girls' which is playful, almost electropop. You can hear how the likes of Christina Aguilera have based their current electropop sound on this style. It is produced cleanly by Richard X, who brings out her vocals with vigour. 'Nothing Good About This Goodbye' is a belter, a song about Rachel leaving her lover, uptempo and catchy.


          Thirteen tracks gives you value for money, but I detest 'Je M'Apelle' where Rachel seems to come across as a harlot and this is totally inappropriate. Otherwise, a promising and lively pop album.


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          01.11.2008 06:35
          Very helpful



          Great 2nd album problem is the person Rachel Stevens cant sing that well

          Currently she's Dancing on Ice, but a couple of years back Rachel Stevens released the pop album of pop albums putting Britney Spears, Kylie to absolute SHAME - every song is fab, catchy, electro pop. I've always said i like Rachel Stevens there's something really modern about her! and this album is refereshing, intriguing, catchy and a breath of fresh air to the awful music Britney Spears has put out recently.

          Granted she's not a good singer, and this album sold terribly just 20,000 copies overall and i was one of them. There's a personality issue and people generally don't think shes very talented but the album is GOOD - the singles Negigogiate WIth Love, so good and I said never again are 10/10 very catchy, brillant to listen to to cheer yourself up. Lots of great tracks on there including the fab Some Girls and follow up Crazy Boys by Richard X, the meaningful I Will Be There, the Kylie inspired Secret Garden, The alexis strum cast off nothing good about this goodbye and the song that describes Rachel stevens to a T ''Dumb Dumb''

          It's a fab album, try it = you'll see.
          She be dancing on strictly at the minute but a comeback would do pop music good
          Try the album you'll be pleasently suprised!


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          01.08.2008 17:27
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Go and get it.

          There are moments in pop music when a masterpiece becomes a cult record amongst internet fan loons, but sadly this is not translated into success amongst the record-buying public. Rachel's sophomore album Come And Get It is probably the very best example of such a scenario; despite hundreds of very favourable reviews from fans and critics alike, the record (which boasted 3 Top 10 singles) bombed, barely selling 30,000 copies in the UK. So are the public really missing out on a classic, or is it a case of the hype exceeding the hit potential? Let's see.

          So Good is the album's opener. From the word go, a pulsating electronic beat kicks in and instantly establishes this is a dance-pop number which means business. 'Its you, you, you, come and get it...' Rachel teases whilst also giving the album it's title. The chorus is one of empowerment as miss Stevens vows to 'stand the test of time' (the irony being that she has now left the music industry for the foreseeable future!). There is no doubt whatsoever that if Kylie (or Dannii) Minogue had sung this in 2005, it would have been a smash hit. However, despite reasonable radio play, the public weren't so forgiving for Rachel and the song hit a measly #10 in the UK. Certainly, though, with it's a mystical electro bridge and anthemic chorus build-up, it deserved so, so much more.

          I Said Never Again (But Here We Are) follows. This is an all-out upbeat pure pop number with a clappy beat which guarantees to, at the very least, get your feet tapping. Rachel's slightly vocoded lyrics slink into the backing music during the chorus making for a sensual sound; always the mark of good pop. The song's pace never lets down; it's a three-and-a-half minute blast of pop goodness equipped with lyrics of ridiculous proportions ('I told you never to play my new guitar!'); it really doesn't get much better than this, and again the lacklustre chart placing (#12, with a drop-off faster than Jordan's drawers) is nothing short of a disgrace!

          Crazy Boys is next and slows the tempo a tad. It's a slightly mysterious number, enhanced by a whistling backing track and shrill oohs and aahs throughout the chorus, as Rachel purrs 'crazy boys' for little apparent reason. The lyrics don't make much, if any, sense, but who cares? This is pop music, and it needn't make sense if it can make you dance. It's pop super-producer Richard X at his very finest, and it shows. It's also rather typical of the album's sound, so if you're looking for an album track to download to get an idea of the album as a whole, it'd be wise to make it this.

          I Will Be There opens with a thumping electro buzz. The verses are standard fare, complete with generic lyrics ('round and round we go, round and round again'...well, quite) but the chorus is a thing of beauty, melancholic vocals atop layered tinkling beats. As Rachel poses the question 'Is it okay if I meet you in heaven?', the effect upon the listener is nothing short of heavenly, almost other-wordly; this is music doing it's upmost to take you on a journey, and succeeding with ease. Negotiate With Love, the album's lead single, comes next; for me, with it's electronic spazz-out mid verse, this is the best song of Rachel's career to date. Her vocals are typically standoff-ish as she hammers her principles to a one-time lover; 'the case is closed, I don't negotiate with love'. Almost as if to prove Rachel is human and not some super-slick vocal robot, we get a little adlib of 'turn down the track a little bit please', which is not entirely necessary but never fails to amuse my small-minded self. We are even treated to a sort-of rap as Rachel rants to her unfortunate bloke; it's aural perfection! The best part of the song is probably the fabulous guitar-assisted instrumental under the chorus which is gorgeously atmospheric somehow. Negotiate With Love is nothing but pure joy, a three minute blast of pop perfection.

          It's All About Me is nothing especially memorable; the production work is slick and still sounds fresh three years on, but the monotonous vocals don't help the chorus to stand out from the verses, so it all becomes a bit of a blur. Nevertheless, it's a quality pop track and if all filler was so pleasing, most records would be a lot better off. Secret Garden follows, another number with an atmospherically-charged, mysterious sound; it's not miserable, neither is it upbeat; instead it's a bizarre aural sensation which grabs your attention. Rachel's vocals throughout the track are uncharacteristically high-pitched which only adds to the sense of unusalness. Rachel talks of finding her 'own paradise; a secret garden', and that's effectively what she's done with this record; found her own groove within the huge landscape that is pop music; her own unique selling-point.

          Next is the one-time Alexis Strum demo Nothing Good About This Goodbye, originally planned to be a single before I Said Never Again flopped so disasterously. The song boasts a big, joyous chorus on which Rachel's relaxed, unphased vocals fit perfectly. The song is of a higher lyrical standard than the majority of the album, unsurprising perhaps given that is a product of the Xenomania writing team as well as Strum herself, and whilst Alexis' original is arguably a little better suited to her more emotive voice, Rachel's take - the opposite, with her near-lazy delivery - is also hugely enjoyable. The instrumental before the final chorus is an absolute joy.

          Some Girls, the Richard X-produced UK #2 hit single, sneakily carried forward from the re-release of her previous album Funky Dory, is a fast-paced ride through the blips and bleeps of an electro-pop catalogue. It's nothing especially original, but it's certainly fun and aided no end by a cheerleader-esque chant and some nonsensical lyrics about champagne. Je M'Appelle borders on electro-rock with it's hard-edged synths. It's much in the same vain of Secret Garden, only with production which switches between sparse and heavy at the flicker of a switch. It's far from commercial - it would have been a terrible single - but that matters not; this is experimental pop which wholly deserves it's place on such a record.

          Funny How follows and almost immediately kicks in as a furiously-paced dark number, with a continuous thumping beat and lust-filled lyrics. 'I wanna love like lovers on the run, I won't take just anyone' Rachel desires, before dismissing her suitors with the classic line 'take these fools away from me'. Xenomania's music is always best when they take risks and stray from their signiature bouncy pop sound, and this is no exception (to the exception - ha) - Funny How is certainly the best album track on Come And Get It. It is majorly addictive and should really have been the closer. Every Little Thing is bubblegum pop of the variety Rachel hasn't truly experimented with since her debut and it's successful cover single More More More. This is no bad thing, however; the bouncing beat and basic, unpretentious lyrics appeal to a wide audience. Dumb Dumb, the album's oddly-chosen final number, is another fabulous pop song with talk of plastic girls and fantastic lives - is it autobiographical? Who knows, but it's catchy in the extreme. 'All she wants is dumb-d-d-dumb; you could give her love' muses Rachel. Whether these lyrics are intentionally bitter or merely meaningless, it doesn't matter; the album isn't one of great depth, just of great pop.

          So did this deserve it's terrible chart performance? No. Is it overrated amongst internet loons who love themselves some Rachel? No; it really does deserve the love.

          Is it likely we'll ever hear from here again? If her own quotings in the press are to be believed, then sadly, no. However, in an industry like Pop, nothing can be predicted, so here's hoping Come And Get It isn't the last of Rachel - and if it is, then what a way to go out.


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            22.07.2008 21:48
            Very helpful



            Buy this album right now if you're a pop lover.

            Rachel's debut album Funky Dory was a real shoddy mess, and for the second album Come And Get It, a true pop masterpiece was created.

            Rachel was of course 1/7 of popular pop group S Club 7, until they disbanded in 2003. Rachel was hot on the trail of solo success and she achieved two big hits prior to the release of this album; 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex' and 'Some Girls'.

            Come And Get It's lead single 'Negotiate With Love' was a fusion of guitar-pop and light electro-pop, in which Rachel launches a scathing attack on a guy who's been stringing her along.
            The second single 'So Good' is more dancier electro-pop where Rachel claims she's "made it on her own again" and will "get back on her feet again", it's a shame this didn't happen.
            The third and final single is my favourite track, 'I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)', a song about sex with your ex which is irresistably funky and has a sort of Adam And The Ants sound to it, and is one of my favourite pop songs of all-time.

            Aside from the singles, we have 'Crazy Boys' which is effectively 'Some Girls' part two but better, a touching sentimental mellow electro-pop number in 'I Will Be There', slightly 80s sounding golden pop nugget 'Secret Garden' where she just wants to shoot because you're a trigger for her, she's a sucker for you.
            'Nothing Good About This Goodbye' is a cover version of a track of the same name by unknown pop singer Alexis Strum which is infinitely better than this version and is a must to track down, Rachel simply does not have the emotion to pull off a track like this.
            'Je M'Appelle' is a cross between urban pop and electro-pop, is a slightly slutty number but that makes it all the more brilliant, 'Funny How' is basic traditional disco pop and very anthemic.
            The two bonus tracks are 'Every Little Thing', which is another brilliant traditional pop track and immensely catchy, and 'Dumb Dumb', a perfect 80s pop inspired track with a modern twist where the subject of vapid, plastic celebrities without substance is explored (hello Paris Hilton).
            Also included on the album's tracklist is previous single 'Some Girls', which ties in well with the album's overall sound.

            The only track I'd describe as filler is 'It's All About Me', 'I Said Never Again's b-side called 'Waiting Game' should be on here in it's place.

            This is quite frankly an amazing pop album which big guns like Kylie et al would kill for, it irks me that this album was so overlooked when her horrible debut album was more successful.


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            18.07.2008 16:11
            Very helpful



            A strong sophomore effort from the former S Clubber mixing a variety of genres into one catchy CD

            Rachel Stevens started off her music career as a member as the highly successful British pop group S Club 7 who had a string of hit singles [including 4 number ones], albums and a successful TV show and movie between 1999 and 2003.
            Within months of the band's split in May of that year Rachel Stevens embarked on her solo career. At times during her short lived solo career she has been compared to the likes of Kylie Minogue though whereas Kylie is still going strong, Rachel faded into the background after the disasterous performance of this record, despite it being miles ahead of her debut effort 'Funky Dory'.

            'Come and Get It' has a more pop-dance feel to the RNB tinged efforts on her debut CD and sees Rachel clawing her way back up the pop ladder to truly silence all the critics who doubted her potential as a solo artist.
            I personally have to say that I think this album is one of the strongest pure pop records I have heard in a long time and deserved much more.

            With Richard X, Jewels and Stone and Xeomania present as producers and writers on the record it was clear from the offset that Rachel would be pulling out some pop stormers.
            Richard X contributed to of course the hit single 'Some Girls' in which the racy lyrics are nothing compared to 'I Said Never Again [But Here We Are]' in which Stevens sings 'I let you in at my back door' an obvious reference to anal sex. That said the song is one of the best on the album with its singalong chorus, handclapping esque lyrics and a surefire bucket full of bitter lyrics that would no doubt ensure the track would make one heck of a man bashing anthem.

            The album is full of richly dressed pop tunes with catchy hooks that take hold from the moment they start and often leave you begging for more when they're long gone.
            Rachel tackles a variety of different styles throughout the record whether it's the pure pop flavour of hit singles 'So Good' and the aforementioned 'I Said Never Again...' to the slick, motown vibe radiating from 'Negotiate With Love' - a song that puts me in mind personally of a showdown in the desert in which Stevens lets rip at an unfaithful man in a savage display of high pitched vocals and astonishing guitar rifts.
            'I Will Be There' has a beautiful, hypnotic trance vibe to it and is very reminiscent of a number of Kylie Minogue songs whilst one of the highlights of the album in my opinion is 'Nothing Good About This Goodbye'.
            Originally recorded by singer/songwriter Alexis Strum who had a far mroe laidback version of the track Stevens makes this song her own infusing it with the familar pop beats and seductive vocals that fill so much of the record.
            They're are some pretty bad records also included though such as 'All About Me' which plods along nicely enough but doesn't really leave an amazing taste in your mouth or 'Secret Garden' in which Steven's vocals should never have graced the record as they come across as grating.

            'Je m'appelle' was a favourite of a lot of my friends at the time though I never saw the appeal, it has seductive and racy beat with a strong, confident vocal from Rachel who rolls out the 'Je m'appelle Rachel' lines like butter is melting on her tongue.
            One of my personal favourites hasa to be the last track 'Dumb Dumb'. Written about a girl who has a lot of potential but who chooses to paint a picture to the world that she is an airhead it leaves the listener longing for more, more, more [pardon the pun] with a hook and chorus that will crawl into your brain and no doubt take up residency there for many a month after.

            Rachel proves with 'Come and Get It' that she clearly has a lot of potential as a solo artist though the backlash against her for miming live performances probably went against her in the longrun if you're a fan of true pop then this is definately a CD you need to have in your collection.


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              08.08.2006 12:44
              Very helpful



              Good fun, a great "getting ready for a night out" album!

              Rachel has clawed her way back for this second album following the disappointing response to her debut, Funky Dory. Amid rumours of her being dropped by her label, Rachel is fighting back with this gem.

              There seems to be some public backlash and stigma against Rachel Stevens and, I admit, perhaps her model looks and designer clothes don't inspire much sympathy, but I would like to fight her corner! Despite her talent, down-to-earth personality and fun songs Rachel has to work hard for every achievement and battle with each single against those eagerly waiting to see her fall flat on her face. There seems to be some preconception that Rachel's music is somewhat tacky or just not credible, but you have to remember, Rachel is not claiming to be a disco diva, an indie girl or a deep and meaningful singer/songwriter, Rachel does what she does and she does it well - she sings great pop. If you are looking for an album to give you pause for thought or to discuss the lyrics of over coffee perhaps this is not for you ("I'm gonna feel so good, I'm so good, I'm so good" doesn't speak to me on so many levels) but if you just want some girly pop to sing along to, to get you in the party mood or to cheer you up after a long day then this album is great. There are a couple of fillers, admittedly, the album is not instantly rememberable, but there are some great tracks and it really is a great album for pop princesses of all ages (and perhaps princes too)!

              The album starts with SO GOOD which you may have already heard on the radio, it being her third single off the album. So Good is quite dancy and and good to sing along to and get you in the party mood. Although it only reached number 10 in the charts it is a brilliant song and my favourite song of the year. If it had been released by anybody else (ie. Kylie) I could imagine it easily getting to number one. It is pop music but by no means cheesy.

              The second track and fourth single is I SAID NEVER AGAIN which is also one of the best tracks on the album. The music is great and upbeat and Rachel is in diva mode, playing the tough inmate in the video, which translates in her vocals. This is another great one to sing along to and will be stuck in your head for ages.

              CRAZY BOYS and I WILL BE THERE are truthfully not the best songs ever but are good enough. Crazy Boys has a strong bassline and is quite unusual. It's deffinitely a grower and Rachel's voice carries it off really well. I WILL BE THERE on the other hand is quite slow and a standard album filler, never really going anywhere and with quite repetitive lyrics.

              NEGOTIATE WITH LOVE was Rachel's second single off the album and is different to a lot of the other songs on this album as it is less dancy, less music-based and quite unusual. It's another grower with assertive lyrics and a good tune.

              ALL ABOUT ME is a favourite of mine. The intro is really nice, it reminds me of the ocean crashing for some reason (that might sound strange but it does!) and the song is laid back with a good tune. It seems quite heartfelt and Rachel's voice sounds great.

              SECRET GARDEN is quite similar to several other songs on the album and although I loved this song on my first listen I did feel at this point like I had just heard the same song several times with different lyrics. After a few listens, however, I would say that this is a standout track, less dancy than the rest and a good laid back track.

              NOTHING GOOD ABOUT THIS GOODBYE is another good one but perhaps not so catchy as the rest. Rachel's voice sounds good however and the chorus is strong. This track is followed by SOME GIRLS, not a favourite of mine but a good one to sing along to and does put you in a good mood.

              JE M'APPELLE gets off to a promising song with intriguing music and a good bass line kicking in but it is a bit repetitive and probably not one of the best. FUNNY HOW, however, is a good catchy pop song written by Rachel herself. It's upbeat with a good chorus and with a unique sound.

              EVERY LITTLE THING and DUMB DUMB are bonus tracks on the album and two of my favourites. EVERY LITTLE THING is very pop but in a very good way, no cheese just an upbeat, fab song that gets stuck in my head for hours. I like to put it on my MP3 player when I'm walking to Uni and it always cheers me up and puts me in a good mood. Dumb Dumb is a perfect way to end the album. I love the lyrics, all about a pretty girl who seems to have the perfect life but really all she wants is love. The tune is great, Rachel's vocals are great and the chorus is very catchy. It has Rachel's unique stamp on it, like all of the songs on the album - fun girly pop with an original twist.

              Basically you have to give this album a go, I bet you will be pleasantly surprised. It may not win any awards but it will put you in a good mood and it's a lot of fun, and who can put a price on fun?


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            • Product Details

              Disc #1 Tracklisting
              1 So Good
              2 I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)
              3 Crazy Boys
              4 I Will Be There
              5 Negotiate With Love
              6 It's All About Me
              7 Secret Garden
              8 Nothing Good About This Goodbye
              9 Some Girls
              10 Je M'Apelle
              11 Funny How
              12 Every Little Thing
              13 Dumb Dum

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