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Come Clarity - In Flames

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2 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Death Metal / Artist: In Flames / Audio CD released at Ferret

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    2 Reviews
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      22.08.2008 09:32
      Very helpful



      Come Clarity - In Flames.

      In Flames - Come Clarity

      Yet another of my 14 year old (next months) son's offerings which he insists 'You must listen to this dad'. This is by no means my longest review as I am not going to 'fill' when I have not much to say.

      Wikipedia tell me that these are a Swedish melodic death metal band.....not a good start, however, being am open minded dad I thought I should give them a a go. Though I do fail to see how Death Metal can be melodic, ho, hum.

      This album was released in 2006 and looking at the art work on the cover I kinda had a good idea what it might sound like. Best album in the Swedish Grammy awards, well there you go.

      1. Take This Life
      2. Leeches
      3. Reflect the Storm
      4. Dead End
      5. Scream
      6. Come Clarity
      7. Vacuum
      8. Pacing Death's Trail
      9. Crawl Through Knives
      10. Versus Terminus
      11. Our Infinite Struggle
      12. Vanishing Light
      13. Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone

      I am not going to review every track as I have to say they are all quite similar. They are fast, drum based songs with some pretty fast and accomplished guitar work, both lead and bass. The vocals go from screaming to well, screaming. The intro drum work on every track sounds the same to me (apart from track 4), or am I just getting old?

      Track 5 has some appeal to me as it is quite like old school heavy metal in the musical arrangements, though the damn screaming does my head in, I cannot understand a bloomin word (Old git, I hear you cry). Luckily the Manga like booklet included lists the 'lyrics', if you can read the extremely small writing.

      The title track starts with some really nice acoustic guitar playing and is musically my favourite track, much slower hints of Latin, very angsty. Best track of the album by far, I would probably be inclined to listen to more of this band if they did more stuff like this.

      The final track is quite interesting too as it starts with a whole heap of white noise, then introduces some slow piano chords and some background TV commentary. It is almost trancelike in it's composition which is okay, but it never really gets going until just over a minute from the end, then shocks you with some quite heavy and dark screaming vocals. I actually like this track a lot and it shows that they are very capable musicians, as well as being very creative intheir arrangements.

      ~~~~Final thoughts~~~~
      As it is, I can say, hand on heart that they are good, as I appreciate their talent, but they are not really for me. I am also starting to realise that my son is in danger of becoming very metal orientated, oh well, each to their own.

      Oh yea, and if this won the Swedish Grammy's, I aint ever living in Sweden, not quite ABBA, lol.


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        06.02.2008 00:39
        Very helpful



        Brilliant metal masterpiece.

        In Flames are the only band as of yet, who have perfectly managed to combine melodic death metal, with brilliant lyrics and a great voice, with insane technical abilty, whilst still writing beautiful, well written masterpieces! Come Clarity, is a perfect example of what this band is capable of producing.

        From the title track's peaceful introduction, to the speed and emotion of "Take This Life", this album delivers quality in every aspect, from start to finish.
        This album have been produced and engineered very well indeed. Where a lot of metal bands sacfrifice quality to try and get their 'sound', In Flames on Come Clarity have a flawless production, giving unbeatable sound quality worthy of eradicating the outsider's view of metal as just 'noise'.

        Many albums have a very similar sound to all the tracks, and it can seem as if you are listening to one very long, tedious song. Not so with Come Clarity. Every song has a unique feel to it, both in general sound as some tracks are much heavier than others, and in emotion, as they manage to capture feelings inside you you dodn't realise metal could trigger!
        Favourite track: Take This Life
        If you are not planning on buying this album, I urge to at least go and download that single song!


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Take This Life
        2 Leeches
        3 Reflect the Storm
        4 Dead End
        5 Scream
        6 Come Clarity
        7 Vacuum
        8 Pacing Death's Trail
        9 Crawl Through Knives
        10 Versus Terminus
        11 Our Infinite Struggle
        12 Vanishing Light
        13 Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone

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