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Contra - Vampire Weekend

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5 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Vampire Weekend / Audio CD released 2010-01-11 at xl recordings

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    5 Reviews
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      04.01.2013 01:35



      I would recommend to a friend

      Contra is another great instalment of Vampire Weekend's discography. As great as I think the album is, it doesn't hold as much weight as their self-titled début. Most of the tracks really are excellent, but I think that the previous album captured the "Vampire Weekend essence" a little bit better. And if they weren't going to do that as perfectly as they did before, their second album should have at least matured more.

      The sound, while incredibly distinctive, did little in developing. However, I can't complain. Vampire Weekend continues to be a ground breaking band, and I am far from tired of the work that they are producing. My favourite tracks on Contra were the last three: "Giving Up the Gun", "Diplomat's Son" and "I Think Ur a Contra". I consider "Giving Up the Gun" to be the most well written out of all their material, and "I Think Ur a Contra"'s dreamy sound makes it my personal favourite. It is a perfect song to close the album, and the preceding three do a great job in emphasizing this. Tracks like "California English" and "Cousins" I commended for individuality, except it felt like it was trying a little to hard to do so.

      Vampire Weekend already has such a unique sound, why push it? Besides small misgivings, Contra is an incredibly well executed album and I am biting my nails waiting for the next.


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      10.05.2011 18:21



      Contra is a testament of Vampire Weekend making their way up the charts and into mainstream music

      It is no surprise that Vampire Weekend is one of the rising stars in the alternative music scene. They have quickly made the rise from Indie superstars to Alternative celebrities. They are loved for their unique sound everywhere they go, and they seem to attract more and more young fans every day with their witty lyrics and soft and poetic sound.
      Perhaps we are witnessing the rise in their stardom with the release of their new album, Contra. This is the follow-up to their first album, which was self-titled (a gutsy move for an up-and-coming band from New York City). Contra offers fans a plethora of new material that allows the guys of Vampire to explore with new sounds. For example, the electronic soundboard in "Giving Up The Gun" and "Diplomat's Son". These are the kinds of songs Vampire Weekend did not risk in their first album. My favorite song of the album is definitely "White Sky" because you get to hear the range in Ezra's (their lead singer) voice: from a normally-pitched singing of his whimsical lyrics to almost a squeal on the "ah-oooo-oooo-oooo-ooo". I am simply amazed that a non-classically trained singer can have such range and still manage to play guitar as great as he does.
      Vampire Weekend is slowly starting to creep their way into mainstream media, and it's a matter of no time before you might hear your mom talking about those 4 Columbia University alumni lighting up the music scene.


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      26.08.2010 19:56
      Very helpful




      It has been so long since I have managed to get time to review an album but as of late, I have been listening a lot to the radio and with university over I have finally had time to get back into my music. I am not someone who is bothered about what people think of my music taste, if I like a song, I like it and then if it's that good I will listen to an album. I do have bands that I like; a recent new album which I decided to give a listen to was Contra by Vampire Weekend after growing to love the song White Sky.

      Vampire Weekend are a band that has been around since roughly 2006 when they formed and are American. I do like my American rock/indie music but I also love British but Vampire Weekend bring something different from America which is why they stand out. Their first album was released in 2008, made famous mainly by the single A-Punk which gained them a lot of attention. In all honesty, this was the first song by them I liked and although the album to me wasn't as good, I still wanted to hear this second album.


      So, this album was released in January 2010 but I have only just gotten round to finally reviewing it and buying it. The opening song to this album is 'Horchata' which is very chilled and has an unusual vocal style but it is very easy to listen to with a lot of light music instruments playing throughout. The singing is very soft and unique but good. This song was released as a promo single but is not an official release.

      'White Sky' is the next song on the track listing and is probably my favourite as it is very catchy and will be stuck in your head in no time. I think the high pitched vocal is the part that really stands out most. The song has a very older sound to it, almost 80's and I was shocked when I found out that Vampire Weekend were the band behind it as it is so different for them. This song was the most recent release and is definitely a very strong sound; it shows that music can still be original and exciting.

      'Holiday' is the third song on the album which I heard a lot around its release, so yes this was also a single. This is very fun and youthful sounding with a very quick pace to it, more like their older sound. The rhythm is very catchy as is the sounding and it has a summery feel to it. Definitely another of my favourites just a fun song that will cheer you up while it is playing. No deep meaning to the lyrics really, just a song about holidays.

      To run a little bit further onto the album so as not to bore you all by listing every single song with a synopsis which can be tedious, I will move to 'Taxi Cab'. Not a song that I listen a lot to but it is the fifth song on the album. The singing is a little more rough sounding but it again has music that is very lightly accommodating for the vocals. The pitch of the song doesn't tend to change it stays very much on the same bar through out so for me it isn't one I am in love with but it could be relaxing when sitting at home to have on in the background.

      Now, onto number eight 'Giving Up The Gun' another release from the album. This song is very much upbeat again, I really like this and again when I heard this I didn't realise it was Vampire Weekend. It has a simple sound to it but the music fits the vocals really well and it has a very relaxed sound to it. The whole album is very laidback and the vocals are easy to listen to which is what I like about them.

      Lastly, going to the final song from the album 'I Think Ur A Contra' which has the album title within its name. As a final track, it begins very mellow and gently and the singing is very soft also. The song slowly builds up but it remains a very peaceful track to take us out of the whole album with. It is a nice finish in a way but it is not a strong song and I don't tend to listen to this song very much at all.


      As someone who has a varied taste in music and literally listens to songs from all genres I will not give a biased opinion here. I think if you liked Vampire Weekend's first album then you will probably make yourself or find yourself liking this as it is a definite progression from the first. In a good way they have changed their style which is why I like them and admire them for doing so as I hate band's that have a successful first release and stay safe by keeping to that style.

      The album really experiments with different sounds as well as vocal styles which is why it is so varied. It is exciting and really does have a lot of good songs on it; it is an album I play mostly on days when I want to relax and sit around the house rather than on my iPod on the move. It is definitely worth a listen if you like your indie or new music and want something laidback and easy to listen to.


      To purchase this album, there are a range of options. Firstly, you can head on over to Amazon and pay £3.99 with free delivery which really shocked me how cheap this was. Or, you can buy each single for 79p from the iTunes store or the whole album also on the store for £5.49. It costs more in mp3 format than it is to get the CD and burn all to iTunes. You can also take a look on eBay for new or used versions of the album and see if you can find yourself a bargain.

      For anymore information on Vampire Weekend as a band, they do have an official website http://www.vampireweekend.com


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      20.04.2010 23:15
      Very helpful



      A perfect record consisting of brilliant songwriting and originality.

      Vampire Weekend released their first studio album of the same name, to huge critical acclaim in 2007. Spin magazine called them 'The best band of 2008' and their song 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' was ranked 67th on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 best songs of the year.

      The band, named after lead singer Erza Koenig's amateur film of the same name, have a unique sound which may be why they have not been able to match their critical success with commercial success. 'Oxford Comma' and 'Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa' reached 38 and 178 in the UK charts respectively, and even 'A-Punk' which has featured in many TV shows and films, managed only to get to 55. The album as a whole however, went platinum in the UK.

      Their new album, 'Contra', starts with 'Horchata' which carries on the original sound of Vampire Weekend, and is maybe a little chirpier and happier than the last album. This, along with 'Holiday' stand out as the best of the first half of the album, with the second sure to get plenty of play time on the radio this summer.

      The extremely upbeat 'Cousins' forces your feet to move along with the beat. Another highlight is 'Giving Up the Gun', the video for which features cameos from Joe Jonas, Lil Jon, RZA and Jake Gyllenhaal. The record ends with the mellow, relaxing and beautiful 'I Think Ur A Contra', and leaves a lasting impression on the listener's mind.

      There really are no lowlights on 'Contra'. This album, like their debut, is flawless. Each track is different, original and remarkable.

      There is only one way for me to sum up 'Contra': Buy it!


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      15.01.2010 17:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Worth buying, especially if you liked the first album

      Contra is the follow up album to the highly successful self-titled debut album. Released in the UK on the 11th January 2010, the hype of the media has combined with the reputation Vampire Weekend give themselves a lot to answer for.

      The album has 10 songs on it as followed:
      This is a very suitable opening song. It has the typical melodic soft sound with the gentle, but rich voice of lead singer Ezra Kroenig bouncing over the top. The riff of the song is played with xylophones with a quiet drumbeat in the background which makes which is very nice to listen to, and is quite relaxed and chilled to listen to.

      White Sky:
      Starting of with the more synth beats with a heavy beat starts very well and is more electro than the previous song, but still maintains the gentle singing before the chorus develops into some interesting high pitched humming, which is impressive and gives a funky twist for this funky pop tune. I like listening to the song, but feel the album needs to move forwards into a faster, choppier style more commonplace on the first album.
      To my delight, Holiday starts of with a quick drum beat followed with a good bass line and more pop synths. The lyrics 'If I go on a Holidaaaay' make this song a song that I imagine will be very popular over summer; a very good festival song. This is so far my favourite and is the most addictive sing along song of the 3 so far.

      California English:
      This is immediately different to other songs. It sounds most like any song of the previous album, however a distortion is encorporated to the singing of the songs. At first I didn't know what to make of it, but I quite like it; at least its original!
      Taxi Cab:
      Starts of slow, with simple lyrics related to the song title. The song later develops with a cute piano solo played for about 30 seconds before the singing continues, before later joining again.

      I find this song quite boring as it is quite unnoriginal and doesn't really progress at all. The lyrics are quite average, and the music is nothing special except for a memorable riff being played over the drums.
      This is the first released single off the album released a week previously. It is very fast beat accompanied by some furious drumming and a impressively thought out riff which compliments the song fantastically. 'Me and my cousins, you and your cousins' repeats numerous times throughout the song - pretty catchy lyrics. Finally ends with some bells adding to the music before an abrupt end makes this song my favourite on the album. Instantly catchy, I could listen to this on repeat a lot!

      Giving up the gun:
      This song starts of a lot heavier to anything I have heard from vampire weekend; a loud drum beat and heavy bass line however, the lyrics are similar to previous songs. I don't quite know what to make of this, and not sure whether I like it or not. Unfortunately, that is all I have to say on this one...
      Diplomat's Son:
      This is the longest song on the album at around 6 minutes. Funky beats are the basis of this song which play alongside a bouncy bass line as well as piano sounding chords. The song is quite repetitive but thats expected for 6 minutes of song. Similar to the first couple of songs as is very relaxed.

      I think UR a contra:
      The last song on the album starts off like something from a disney love scene is probably the best way to describe it. It carries on for some time like this, not really progressing anywhere. Singing style is similar to the other songs, however is a lot slower and more classical. In my opinion, I find this quite dull and boring, not something I would listen to on its own. A bit dissapointed.
      The album itself is very similar overall to the first debut album, so is worth listening to if you liked that. However, the musical style of Vampire Weekend has really progressed but matured more than anything. I was hoping for some more songs that scream single at you, and will get everyone singing along to them, however, I can't see anything but Cousins living up to this.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Horchata
      2 White Sky
      3 Holiday
      4 California English
      5 Taxi Cab
      6 Run
      7 Cousins
      8 Giving Up The Gun
      9 Diplomat's Son
      10 I Think Ur A Contra