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Corporate Flesh Party - My Passion

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Punk / Artist: My Passion / Audio CD released 2009-05-25 at ADA label group / Cool Green

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    1 Review
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      22.02.2012 17:45
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      Different, unique, unlike any other band on the music scene!

      My Passion are currently a 5 piece band from London, England...however when this album was released they were only a 4 piece band, lacking the drummer that is now present, Jamie Nicholls. The line-up for this band is: Laurence Rene (vocalist), John Be (guitarist), Simon Rowlands (bassist) and Jonathan Gaskin (the drummer in this album, but now a vocalist, percussionist and guitarist).

      Corporate Flesh Party is the debut album from the ever growing band My Passion. I first got into them when I saw Kill Hannah live in Bristol and My Passion were a much suited support band...and that's where I got hooked and fell in love! Since then I have seen them 7 times, and have met them 6! I also have the 'My Passion heart' tattooed on my wrist...they truly are my most favourite band of all time. They're quite hard to classify within a specific genre, they're classed as rock...but they have a very unheard of unique sound...much like it's hard to classify Muse, My Passion almost give the same predicament!!

      1) Crazy & Me
      Such a statement for a beginning of an album, it's almost a "We're here, pay attention", it is one of their 'slower' songs, but its great. Rene's lyrics are very statement like, but it works. I must admit that this song doesn't have as much of their electro feel as I would like, but the guitar is hauntingly beautiful, with a toe-tapping yet simple beat to it. I love how the song feels upbeat for their slower type of song...then it does gradually slow down to an almost acoustic state...but you feel the build up, you feel the tension, and BOOM, they succeed in the break down and build up. This is why I love these boys, they're unique and do it so flawlessly!

      2) Play Dirty
      A fun and upbeat song that gets stuck in your head straight away! Laurence's high pitched vocals at the beginning get you excited and make you anticipate what's coming up. It has a very dance song beat to it, one that makes you want to dance about. Laurence is a very talented singer, not only can he sing high pitched, as well deep as well as screaming, and this song shows how good he really is as he uses all 3 of his voice talents! It is a relatively short song (I wish it went on for longer) but still a great one, it has a very abrupt ending too, which I think works brilliantly. I love this song, possibly one of my favourites by them!

      3) Day of the Bees
      Here, yet again, they are showcasing their amazing electro beats. An up-beat beginning soon to be followed by a halting "Hold Back", which is great. It's yet again another unconventional dance song which I in fact could dance to! The lyrics are simple, but effective, I love how the song slows down when you least expect it, and picks up unexpectedly too! The guitar in this is extraordinary followed by a chillingly great synthesiser, this band are who they are, and I love that they are so different!

      4) Never Everland
      A flashy, experimental start, which suits the band to a t! There are some lovely lyrics in this song "let's get old and sit in the window", which is not really what you'd expect from the band but still. Another dancey feel to the song, building up and breaking down at random points, but fantastic! Laurence yet again shows his talent, his screaming suits the song brilliantly, and it's legible screaming, you can hear what he's screaming, and you can tell he's actually singing and screaming at the same time! AMAZING!

      5) Winter for Lovers
      I love the beginning of this song, it's very relaxing. This song, although unlike their other dancey feel songs, is still very unique, you can tell it's My Passion even though it is a slow song. The electro beat seems to be lacking, not that it really matters at all, its good that they can show versatility...but still remain themselves all the same. It has an almost love song feel to it, probably because it's slow? I don't know! I love how the beat slowly picks up for like 30seconds, then goes straight back to the slow beat it originally started with, you don't think it's out of place, it's genius and I love it! Another abrupt ending, which yet again works perfectly!

      6) Hot in the Dolls House
      I love the feel of this song, starting off with the single presence of the synthesiser, and then in kicks the drums and the guitar! I love the way its thought and planned out! This song goes back to their unconventional dance feel. The guitar, yet sounding simple sounds more complex with the presence of the voice and the synth. It's quite a heavy track...one that is amazing performed live, and you just jump/dance to the beat.

      7) After Calais
      I'm not really sure if I class this as a song...but maybe due to it's feel of an 'intro/outro' nature. It's slow, the lyrics are softly sung, the synth is repetitive but soothing, the drumming basic and the guitar/bass simple too. Maybe it's to put a soother on the previous heavier track.

      8) Thanks for Nothing
      Now, I know earlier I said that 'Play Dirty' was possibly my favourite song by them, I lied. Not only is this song my favourite by them, it's probably my all time favourite song. A rather mellow start, with Laurence's vocals then making their appearance in an almost acoustic feel. However, the lyrics aren't that uplifting, and at points quite depressing, "There's a hole inside your head", "Life is a drain whichever way you look". It has the electro uniqueness of My Passion the whole way through, and I am always amazed by how talented the boys are!

      9) The Fabulous Blood Disco
      A deep, up-tempo synth, followed by a matching drum beat...then "Disco" and the guitar kicks in and the song picks up. After their previous 2 more 'mellow' songs, this song picks you back up again, and makes you want to dance! The lyrics are simple, many are repeated, but it works and you really don't notice it that much! The beat is addictive, and I could have this tune stuck in my head all day!

      10) Plastic Flesh Garden
      Another synth starting, but instead of the drum eventually kicking in, it's straight with everything (guitar, drums, bass) after the synth. It reminds me a lot of 'Crazy & Me', mainly due to the softer electro feel...it's not their usual upbeat stuff. Probably one of my least favourite songs by them, but I do still love it all the same!

      11) Vultures are People too
      A very rocky feel to this song, with the obvious electro style too. This song showcases Laurence's talents too well again! Screaming, high pitched and deep lyrics, he amazes me every time he can combine all 3 in one song. It's exciting, this whole song is, it's constantly building up to something. I think it's a great way to end an album, they really have succeeded in impressing me constantly!

      With a running total of 42minutes and 35seconds, this song makes a huge statement to the music scene! They offer a unique sound, but you also do realise that they are a rock band at the same time as they just have that feel to it! I think for a debut album it shows hugely promising things for the band, and they need to keep at what they do! They are so talented, and in my opinion so terribly underrated! Give them a listen, and I'm pretty sure you won't regret it! With a great start, a great finish and a fantastic in between of the album, what is there to lose really?


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Crazy & Me
      2 Play Dirty
      3 Day Of The Bees
      4 Never Everland
      5 Winter For Lovers
      6 Hot In The Dolls House
      7 After Calais
      8 Thanks For Nothing
      9 The Fabulous Blood Disco
      10 Plastic Flesh Garden
      11 Vultures Are People Too

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