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Da Real World - Missy Elliott

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Southern / Artist: Missy Elliott / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 1999-06-28 at East West

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    2 Reviews
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      14.09.2001 06:45
      Very helpful



      Missy Elliott is one of the most talented singer/rappers in the music world. Timbaland is one of the best, most innovative writers/producers to come out of the R&B world for a long time. Together they make an awe-inspiring team that makes music that is original and full of attitude. Da Real World is Missy’s second album, the first being the brilliant ‘Supa Dupa Fly’, which itself was an album of hip-hop/soul that had a sound I for one had never heard before. Ever since hearing ‘Sock it to me’ in 1997 I knew this was a sound that was going to be big, and it was. The Timbaland-inspired skippy beats and unusual synth sounds were (and still are) heard everywhere. Producers everywhere were trying to imitate the fantastic sound of Timbaland and Missy. ‘Da Real World’ is a message to all these imitators. It tells them, you can try, but you will never be able to imitate it completely. You will never have the style and originality to make it big. 1. Intro. The album starts with a big intro, an electronic voice telling us all that the sounds of Missy and Timba are not from the year 2000, but from the future, from the year 3000. 2. Beat Biters. We are then thrown into the first track ‘Beat Biters’, which is all about the ‘fake Timbaland beat biters who stink like poodaddy’ Hmmmm…..a reference to the newly named P Diddy perhaps? This track reminds me of a detective soundtrack, it has a mysterious sound and also sounds quite threatening. Of course, there are the skippy beats and the futuristic sounds. Missy is at her rapping best, with silly background noises (beep beep etc) by Timbaland and Missy. 3. Busa Rhyme (featuring Eminem). Say what you like about Eminem, maybe you think he’s a sexist, maybe you think he’s a homophobic, maybe you think he’s a danger to children’s minds. What you can not deny is that he is a highly talented ra
      pper (and very, very sexy, but that’s just my opinion!), with an original sound who makes interesting and usually comical music. This song is basically Missy asking Slim Shady to do his thing and rap for her. He obliges and gives another sensational performance. Missy and Eminem seem like a perfect combination. They both love to have fun with their music and they compliment each other perfectly. 4. All’n my Grill (featuring Big Boi and Nicole). This was the biggest hit in England from the album; Missy gives us a taste of her great singing voice in this one. This was released when there was a glut of men hating songs around (Bug a Boo, No Scrubs etc) and is along the same lines. It’s basically all about a woman who wants her man to pay her bills, buy her clothes etc. The main feature of the backing for this track is a great string sound, it is very dark and threatening, in fact most of the tracks on this album have a very dark, futuristic World War III feel to them. 5. Dangerous Mouths (featuring Redman). Redman is another very talented rapper who has become very popular in America. Heavy strings again play a big role in the sound of this track. The track is Redman trying to get Missy in bed, but Missy is having none of it. 6. Hot Boys. This is very different from the other tracks before this. Missy sounds incredibly sexy singing to the boys ‘driving Lexus jeeps, Benz jeeps, Lincoln jeeps nothing cheaper with them Platinum Visa’s’. She does indeed sound very seductive, but when you listen to what she is saying she doesn’t sound quite so sweet. This track has a very smooth backing, with soft bass and almost jungle beats. 7. You Don’t Know (featuring Lil’ Mo). I love this track; it is about two women who are seeing the same man. The song starts with a soft, sad tone, with Indian sitar playing in the background, Missy singing sweetly about how she’s going to teach Lil Mo a
      lesson. The tone soon turns around and it becomes a dark rapping track with heavy beats and angry words, and even incorporates screaming in the background. One things for sure, no woman would mess with Missy Elliott after listening to this track. 8. Mr D.J (featuring Lady Saw). This track also incorporates Indian instruments into the music, as well as strings. It has a very futuristic sound, and again the track turns from being quite a smooth R&B track at the turning into a more hip hop tone towards the end. 9. Interlude by Lil Kim. Lil’ Kim tells us all that she’s the Queen B**ch, nothing more to say about this one really! 10. Stickin’ Chickens (featuring Aaliyah and Da Brat). This track features the mild, sexy vocals of the now late Aaliyah. Although she didn’t have the strongest voice in the world, when she sung you could really feel what she was singing about. She sang with a lot of emotion and she will be sadly missed in the music world. Missy really takes a back role part in this one, just contributing one verse. This track has a simple, repetitive background which lets Aaliyah and the amazing rapper Da Brat really shine through. 11. Smooth Chick. I love this track; it is a really upbeat song that is great to dance to. Unlike the other tracks on the album it is quite light, not at all dark and mysterious like the others. It is a simple song about a girl going into the club, shaking her ass and just having a great time. It has a fast beat with baritone saxophone sound used in the background. 12. We Did It. Pretty self-explanatory title really. It’s about a girl who ‘did it’ with a guy and now he’s ignoring her and acting as if he’s never seen her before. It is a ballad, a lot slower paced than the other tracks on the album. The backing is strings and sighs, of course with skippy beats and weird sounds. Missy has such a sultry voice when she’s singing, whic
      h is quite surprising if you’ve only heard her harsh vocals on her rapping tracks. 13 Interlude. Lil Kim again explaining all about b**ches. 14. She’s a Bitch. A futuristic sound, quite similar in style to her latest single, Get Your Freak On. It uses brass section, oriental instrumentation, and skippy, jungle-like beats, with Missy doing her stuff on the mic. She’s just telling us all to get out her way because she’s a b**ch. A great track. 15. U can’t resist (featuring Juvenile and B.G). A slow, laid back background but with mad, rapid vocals in front from Missy, whilst Juvenile and B.G rap more slowly. I find this track quite boring, it lacks any kind of melody or heavy beat. 16. Crazy Feelings (featuring Beyonce from Destiny’s Child) A nice slow ballad and as always whenever Beyonce has the mic she has to go OTT with word painting. I find that too many of today’s soul singers rely too much on ad libbing and word painting, sometimes I just want to hear the melody as it was supposed to be sung. I much prefer the sultry, smooth, simple vocals of Missy Elliott than Beyonce’s flashy vocals. The chorus melody is interesting and pretty but the chorus is quite uninspired and lacks imagination. 17. Outro. Missy Elliott thanks God and tells us all to go to church. 18. All’n My Grill (featuring MC Solaar). This is the same as the original version but with the great French rapper, M.C Solaar, taking the mic for the rapping solo. Overall this is a solid album, with a few weak songs towards the end. It is definitely an album to play whenever you want some heavy rhythms and solid rapping. The wonderful thing that separates Missy from other rappers is that she is not taking herself too seriously. Her lyrics are always comical and not obsessed with sex and violence. She does not sell records by being aggressive or by causing controversy (unlike ce
      rtain other platinum blonde rappers…). Also, so many female hip-hop stars such as Lil’ Kim, Destiny’s Child and Foxy Brown seem to sell their music with sex. Style seems to come before substance with some acts around these days, which I think is really sad. Missy, on the other hand, is a normal woman. She doesn’t wear bikinis in her videos to help sell her records, she hasn’t dyed her hair blonde, and she hasn’t had breast implants. She doesn’t need those things to sell her music. Her music pays precedence over her looks, which I find very refreshing in today’s plastic, collagen filled manufactured pop industry. Quite simply, the music is the most important factor in Missy Elliott’s career, which is how it should be. Missy is equally at ease using her voice to sing or rap. It is difficult to say which she is more adept at. Her recent album, So Addictive, uses her rapping ability much more than her singing voice, which I think is a shame. She is a great rapper, but I also think she is a great singer, better than a lot of so called ‘diva’s’ who rely on word painting for effect. Of course, Missy wouldn’t be what she is without Tim Mosley’s (Timbaland) input, but as a team they work brilliantly, creating an original, interesting mix of styles that is one of the sounds for the new millennium.


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        04.05.2001 03:14
        Very helpful



        Missy's second album hit Europe after the success of her Duet with Scary Spice/ Melanie B "I Want You Back", which hit #1 in the UK. Funnily enough, Scary Spice hasn't managed a #1 since.. Why? Because she hasn't worked with Missy since. Missy's profile is currently very big in the UK. She has just had her biggest (Solo) Hit to date with "Get UR Freak On", taken from her forthcoming album "Miss E ... So Addictive" which missy will drop 14/5, 2 weeks to go! Well back to work at hand. I'm not going to review all tracks; I'll leave out the intro (no.1) and the outro (no.17), which aren't that important. 2. Beat Biters: This is Missy and producer Timbaland's message to beat biters - all those people who have copied their style since the last album. A good first song, and a possible single with a shouty chorus "let me see y'all work it and work it till you can't stand up"... this should've been a single, but sadly it wasn't (not that the singles were not great). It's a mainly rap song. 4.5/5 3. Busa Rhyme: This song features Eminem, and was made before he made it big. It contains a sample of "Play That Funky Music White Boy", which missy sings in the chorus. This is really Eminem featuring Missy Elliot, and Missy even see's fit to whisper "slim shady" throughout the track. Another largely rap track. Nice production. 4/5 4. All In My Grill: This was the second single from the album.. And I love it. The production is slick, and it's the first "Singing" song from the album. It features a rap at the end from Big Boi, now famous as one half of Outkast (Ms. Jackson). 5/5 5. Dangerous Mouths: This is the first rap only track. The production is tight, full marks for that, but the actual rap is quite boring so it's getting 3/5 6. Hot Boyz: Another single,
        and I like it, even though it is quite girl "Are you really a hot boy, what's your name cause I’m impressed". As usual, the production is slammin' and this one is mainly sung with a great rap bit "see cause y'all be driving jaguars, etc.". I love the ending too. 5/5 7. You Don't Know: This song is about when your lover cheats with your best friend, and how Missy would deal it. Mid-tempo r'n'b, nice lyrics. 3.5/5 8. Mr. DJ: A great dance track, this the closest to "Get UR Freak On". Features a reggae rap by Lady Saw. It has a great chorus and slick production. It should've been a single, and would've been a hit. 5/5 9. Checking You: Not really a track, but more of an interlude. It includes a lengthy explanation by 'Lil Kim on what a bitch is, and how she is the queen bitch. I find it comical, but it's not meant to be. It also contains a mini-song, which lasts about a minute, and it's r'n'b. 4/5 10. Stickin Chickens: This one features Aaliyah singing, it has great production, and it's a nice track. Missy also sings on this one, and Da Brat raps. 3.5/5 11. Smooth Chick: Quite up-tempo rap based track. 4/5 12. We Did It: Nice chorus, I’m not that familiar with this track. I don't really listen to it that much, but I’m listening now and thinking it's good! I'm gonna learn the words of this one! 4/5 13. Throw Your Hands Up: Ok this is another track where 'Lil Kim explains what a bitch is and says a great line "If you can't wear it, don't use it". A third track of this kind would've been a mistake! 2.5/5 14. She's A Bitch: The first single, and this one is amazing. The production is outstanding, the lyrics are hot, and the rapping is top notch. 5/5 15. U Can't Resist: It's quite a slowish
        to start off, but the rapping is superb (By Missy, Junenile & B.G.), would've made a great single. 5/5 16. Crazy Feelings: This one features Beyonce of Destiny's Child. It's probably the slowest track on the album, a love song. It's a singing only track (missy also singles). Again, great production. 4/5 18. All In My Grill (European Bonus Track): This one comes after the outro, and it's the same song as #4, but the rapping by Big Boi has been replaced by Mc Solaar, and it's in French. I prefer this version! 5/5 Why can't all Hip Hop / R 'n' B albums be like this? I love this kind of music, but usually these albums contain many boring fillers, and there is not one weak track on this album! Outstanding!


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Mysterious
        2 Beat biter
        3 Busa Rhyme - feat. Eminem
        4 All n my grill - feat. Big Boi of Outkast and Nicole
        5 Dangerous Mouths
        6 Hot boyz
        7 You don't know - feat Lil' Mo
        8 Mr DJ - feat. Lady Saw
        9 Checkin' for you - feat. Lil Kim
        10 Sticking chickens - feat. Aaliyah and Da Brat
        11 Smooth Chick
        12 We did it
        13 Throw your hands up - feat. Lil Kim
        14 She's a bitch
        15 U can't resist - feat Juvenile and B.G
        16 Crazy feelings - feat Beyonce of Destiny's Child
        17 Religious Blessings
        18 All n my grill - feat MC Solaa

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