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Dark Horse - Nickelback

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16 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Nu Metal / Artist: Nickelback / Audio CD released 2008-11-17 at Roadrunner Records

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    16 Reviews
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      18.01.2012 14:59
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Fab album, must have for Nickelback fans

      Dark Horse is rock band Nickelback's 6th studio album and was released in 2008, this is my favourite Nickelback album and was quite popular with fans when it was released, though I didn't check it out until a few months ago, though I am really glad I finally got round to it.

      There are a total of 11 tracks on this album, here is the track listing:
      1. Something in Your Mouth
      2. Burn It to the Ground
      3. Gotta Be Somebody
      4. I'd Come for You
      5. Next Go Round
      6. Just to Get High
      7. Never Gonna Be Alone
      8. Shakin' Hands
      9. S.E.X.
      10. If Today Was Your Last Day
      11. This Afternoon

      My Favourite Tracks

      Burn It to the Ground
      This is a really fast paced and energetic song about going out to a club or bar or gig and going crazy and doing whatever you like. This song is really good for getting you pumped up for a night out at a gig or the bar, and is well worth a listen to.

      I'd Come for You
      This is a slower song about always being there for someone you love, but not knowing exactly whether they want you to be there at all. I like this song because it shows more a more emotional side to the band (I usually love the slower Nickelback songs, such as Photographs). The lead singer Chad Kroeger has a really nice voice that is really easy to listen to.

      Shakin' Hands
      This is a sexier song about a poor girl who, by choice, becomes a high class hooker, using her assets to afford a really nice lifestyle because of it and gaining quite a few powerful business contacts on her 'to do' list (or little black book). This song has quite a cheeky and almost comedic feel it, and is definitely oozing with sex appeal. It is a really catchy song and my favourite on the album, despite its controversial nature.

      This is another catchy and upbeat song with loads of attitude and confidence, it is about sex (as the title suggests and how it is always the answer to everything. The chorus on this song is so catchy and it is just a really fun song that is easy to listen to and hard to get out of your head.

      The Rest of the Album
      I would say that, in my opinion, all the other tracks on this album are all quiet good, however with the exception of This Afternoon bores me a bit and I don't ever really listen to it, it just gets skipped normally. There is a good range of tracks on this album with a nice balance of fast, fun, upbeat songs and slower, more emotional, laid back songs. There are quite a lot of sexual references in this album and it definitely isn't suitable for kids.

      You can pick this album up in HMV or any of the supermarkets or online, I got mine in HMV for around £8 a few months ago, which wasn't a bad price as there are lots of great songs on it and I have got quite a bit of listening out of it and no doubt will listen to it more in the future.

      Overall I am really glad that I decided to check this album out, there is a really nice mix of tracks and all of the tracks (excluding the last one in my opinion) are fantastic, I think that Nickelback fans will really enjoy this album and anyone who hasn't heard of them and likes rock/grunge type music should check them out. Overall I would give this album 4 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        06.03.2011 19:59
        Very helpful



        It's not bad, but it's far from Nickelback's best work.

        Nickelback's Dark Horse album is getting by far the most publicity of any of their previous releases, there is no debating that. However, contrary to what everyone seems to be agreeing on, I really don't think it's the best stuff they've come up with yet. Sure, the album features some great hits on it like "Gotta Be Somebody" (or my personally favorite "S.E.X.") but I don't think it matches up to the Nickelback I'm used to. Many of the songs like "Next Go Round" and "Shakin' Hands" and "Something in your Mouth" feel like the same single, as if there is no distinction between beat with them, which is a huge disappointment if you are looking for variety in the album.

        Now just so you understand my reasoning for the 4-star rating let me say that if it were possible to give 3 1/2 stars, that's what I would do because it is precisely what Dark Horse is worthy of, a 3 is too harsh but a 4 is not accurate either.

        I think the reason this album turned out the way that it did is because Nickelback tried to mainstream with it, and appeal to a wider amount of fans. I wasn't looking for mainstream rock, I was hoping for the grunge that I expect after hearing "Silver Side Up" (by far their greatest album to date) and "Curb". Instead I found that Dark Horse is a bunch of general stuff. So yes, I would say buy it, it is worth the 8 pounds or 12 dollars or whatever euros that it costs. But if you're a hardcore Nickelback fan, prepare for a bit of disappointment.


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        30.12.2009 21:47
        Very helpful



        Will please fans

        Nickelback have never been high-artists, but they know how to make catchy songs, and that's no different in Dark Horse, an album that isn't hugely memorable, and shows that the band's creativity may be waning a bit, but fans will probably get a kick out of it. Here are the best songs:

        Something in Your Mouth = A silly song but one that cracks me up, it has Chad Kroeger coyly preclaiming "you always look cuter with something in your mouth", with the obviously crude connotations that it entails.

        Burn it to the Ground = the song has been used most recently as the theme for WWE's show Raw, and is a very fast-paced and exciting song that'll get you pumped up. Not genius by any means, but it does the job of hyping one up.

        Gotta Be Somebody = sounds like pure radio-friendly formula, this is their attempt at an "inspirational" song like Someday was on their previous album. It's about loneliness and the basic human need to be loved, but it's hardly got much depth to it, even if, again, it's serviceable for its purposes.

        I'd Come For You = one of the best songs for sure, this is about relationships and how someone will do absolutely anything for the person they love. Again, though, it has the "unintentional" crude connotations.

        If Today Was Your Last Day = also one of the best songs, this had extensive radio play, and although it very nearly became "overplayed", it is a sweet song about living for the moment and not just going with the flow. Lofty and naive, but still quite charming, this is one of the best songs in their entire catalogue.

        Dark Horse won't win Nickelback any converts, but as far as harmless, radio-friendly rock goes, it'll keep the fans happy.


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        07.06.2009 12:54
        Very helpful
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        I love you Chad!

        I have become a very big fan on Nickelback, I have got the 2 albums before this one and was desperate for them to bring something new out and soon. Then this fell in to my lap - woo hoo! I put it on straight away and on loop - yes sad I know! For my birthday my boyfriend got me tickets to go and see them live on their Dark Horse Tour, we went to see them in Sheffield on 29th May and it was incredible. I cant compare it to other concerts as I have only been to see 2 including this one. they had an amazing light show and the whole stage set was great. The opening band were Black Stone Cherry and they rocked, the crowd were more than ready for Nickelback at the end of their set. When we were waiting for them to come on we were all sat their chatting not really concentrating on the stage them BOOM BOOM BOOM, 3 shots, loads of fireworks and there they are looking gorgeous, ready to sweat, sing and entertain - and they really did. What I was surprised at when we were at the concert was the age groups they had turn out. There were children as young as possibly 6 and people as old as 60 (maybe even older?). We were acutally sat next to two couples who were probably the same age as our parents.

        Now back to the album, I enjoy most of the track on this. I have to admit its not as good as the The Long Road but still a great album to have. To sum it up:

        Dark Horse - Nickelback ... Tracklisting
        1 Something In Your Mouth - Good song, probably best its the first on the album. Good lyrics but I got bored of it pretty quickly (sorry Chad!)
        2 Burn It To The Ground - I LOVE this track. Its catchy, good beat and me and the children love rocking out to it in the car. My 4yr old does air drum and air guitar and my 1yr old just head bangs. It even converted my 4yr old nephew who normally prefers RnB! My 4yr old now calls it his song and we have to play it everytime he gets in the car. He also walks around sings (quite loudly) "all in balls out!" Even better live!
        3 Gotta Be Somebody - Love this song too, great lyrics and everytime I listen to it I remeber how they song it live on stage.
        4 I'd Come For You - also love this one, again good lyrics, easy to listen to.
        5 Next Go Round - Grea song, catchy with good lyrics
        6 Just to Get High - Probably the worst one on the album for me
        7 Never Gonna Be Alone - I love this one
        8 Shakin Hands - I dont like this one, I found it boring and I tend to skip this one and number 6 everytime. Not sure why but I dont like the lyrics
        9 S.E.X. - OK song, not one of their best. I can take or leave this one
        10 If Today Was Your Last Day - Wow, this is a great track
        11 This Afternoon - Good song

        This album probably isnt very hard rock, but that doesnt mean its not any good. If you do get a chance to sample it try track 2 first, it really is the best song!


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          07.06.2009 04:45
          Very helpful



          Not Recommended

          Nickelback Dark Horse is my least favourite album from this popular Canadian rock band. I quite like a couple of the songs off it, but there are some on here that I really don't like at all.

          This is their most recent album, and it was released in 2008. If you want to buy a copy, Amazon have it for £6.98. You can also preview some of the tracks on the Amazon website in advance of purchasing the album if you want to.

          Tracks include:

          1. Something In Your Mouth
          2. Burn It To The Ground
          3. Gotta Be Somebody
          4. I'd Come For You
          5. Next Go Round
          6. Just To Get High
          7. Never Gonna Be Alone
          8. Shakin' Hands
          9. S.E.X.
          10. If Today Was Your Last Day
          11. This Afternoon

          The first track I really like off this album is actually the last track called 'This Afternoon'. It's a bit naughty really, with references to the guys getting up to childish things they should know better than to indulge in at their age, but I just love the tune. It's light, it's fun and it's really fresh and different to the other tracks on the album.

          The other songs I really like are the ballads 'Gotta Be Somebody' and 'I'd Come For You'. They're both really passionate, blokey romance at it's best. The guitar in both of these tracks is original and fresh. I especially like the way the vocals stretch out in 'I'd Come For You' without sounding whiney like they do in some other attempts at similar tracks (on previous albums).

          The tracks that I absolutely loathe include S.E.X. which is just too immature by halves. The song is about exactly what you expect it to be about, and with possibly the most unimaginative, childish lyrics I think I've ever heard from a group of professional musicians. The music isn't even good, it's just thumping drums all the way through it!

          'If Today Was Your Last Day' is really a bit whiney with Chad (lead singer) holding onto some really irritating notes at regular intervals throughout this song. The lyrics are cliche and the melody is totally uninspired.

          Finally, I'm really not a big fan of 'Shakin' Hands' which just doesn't work for me. The lyrics are really simple, childish and sound like a sixteen year old wrote them to be honest. Couple them with a hardcore metal rock song, and a vocal performance that's stretching for solid metal notes, and you've got a track that really doesn't work.

          I'm not a huge fan of this album, and I don't listen to it very often. I personally wouldn't recommend it unless you're a big fan of Nickelback and you want to check this out for yourself.


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          26.05.2009 15:06
          Very helpful



          Just get a copy and listen to the defining moment in history !

          Last night I was lucky enough to witness Nickelback when they performed at the Metro Arena in Newcastle, as part of their 'Dark Horse' tour. It was a fantastic night and I would highly recommend this show to anybody. Although they played a few songs from their previous albums, the performance was mainly centred around this, their new album; Dark Horse. Compiling a mixture of slow, moving tracks with fast rock anthems this has to be classed as a truly great album indeed.

          The album opener is a very 'rock' feeling number called Something in Your Mouth. I particularly enjoy this track at the parts when the music seems to fade out and Chad sings in 'hyper speed mode', which is something different and joyfully welcomed. This song also has an electronic background feel with various noises that do not come from the set of normal sounding instruments.

          Burn It To The Ground has a very heavy opening and although it takes a little bit to get going, this is definitely one of the best choruses on the disc. With the number of songs Nickelback have, you know it has to be good when this gets chosen as the very select few they perform live. This track also manages to incorporate some fantastic electric guitar work form the complete duration.

          The first of the slow songs appears at number three with a track entitled 'Gotta Be Somebody'. This has a softer feel and a slower tempo and this reason means it is a completely different track. Up to now, the songs have been rocky bouncy songs that you can easily jump around and dance to, whereas this is the sort of song that has a deeper lyrical meaning. I am not disregarding any talent this track holds when I say it is not one of my favourites, as I do appreciate how good it actually is, it's just I prefer the songs that are faster and rockier.

          I'd Come For You has an amazingly good electrical introduction. Although I dearly admire drums as part of the set, it is nice to hear a song that holds of on the heavy thud for a while. It just makes a nice change I suppose, but don't worry, they are shortly added back into the song after the first couple of lines. As with the above track, this is another of those slow, meaningful tracks that just do not seem to favour me.

          Next Go Round is when the album diverts back to a hard sounding up tempo rock feel. In this, the lyrics are sung differently, almost like an echo, and this is an excellent difference to make to the singing. I like the reappearance of the upbeat tempo in this tune, but the main star is definitely the bands drummer. This is just a sample of his excellent talent behind the drum kit and is without doubt the best drummer I have ever seen live.

          Track six, as me and my other Nickelback admiring friend call this song. Properly known as Just To Get High, it is unfortunate that I see no release to this in the future. To me, I can see it being one of those absolutely stunning songs that never get's released, or even heard of to anybody but the die hard fans. It is pure genius. Words cannot describe the talent incorporated into this 'beast of a song'. The music is amazingly good, and that is not to mention the lyrics which lend themselves to being catchy and memorable, yet meaningful at the same time. Definitely the best song on the album, and definitely one of my favourite songs of anybody for that matter !

          With the pace of track six, it is a good move to seed the slower paced 'Never Gonna Be Alone' to the succeeding song to give a little bit of contrast and difference. Although this song has a good, memorable chorus that expresses the talent of Chad's singing ability, it is a little to slow for my up most liking.

          Shakin' Hands is the kind of song that destroys both of the stereotypical genres for songs so far on the album. It manages to be slow with good lyrics, yet also has a hard feeling rock music background. This is a nice contradiction for a one off, but I do not think it would be too appreciated if they did this too often.

          S.E.X. is a strangely titled track with a good opening musical sequence. Probably not one of their most famous tracks on the album, it is actually quite good when you get around to listening to it. Not one of those that will musically stun your mind forever, but it is still good enough to hold a place on the album, albeit quite far down the track list. It picks up around the three minute mark when the style of singing and type of music played changes slightly.

          "My best friend gave me, the best advice. He said each day is a gift and not a given right." The opening line of 'If Today Was Your Last Day' is definitely one to remember. Probably classed as one of the slower songs, it would be the norm for me not to class this as one of my favourites. Strangely, I actually love this song - that is how talented it is. Definitely the kind of memorable tune that will be classed as a memorable one.

          The album ends with the light hearted tune called 'This Afternoon'. To be honest, this song is so different to the other ten songs on the album, that without the distinctive voice of Chad Kroeger, it would be difficult to class as a Nickelback track. Nevertheless, it is pure magnificence and barrelled with talent throughout. If it wasn't for track six, it would definitely be in contention for greatest song on the album, without doubt. This song is definitely worth a listen, even if you're not normally a fan of the band, its different texture could be enough to get you introduced to Canada's finest band !

          I really love this album and I would recommend it to anybody that likes music basically. Definitely one of the bands best performances that I can recall, I strongly suggest you take a listen, should you not already heard it.


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            02.05.2009 19:41
            Very helpful



            Great album :)

            Nickelback:Dark Horse

            I recently aquired a few CDs off my cousin and this was in the pile, I love Nickelback's music its always been quite...relaxing in a way.

            Chad Kroeger (Lead Vocals and Guitars), Ryan Peake (Guitars and Backing Vocals), Mike Kroeger (bass guitar), and Daniel Adair (Thankyou Autarkis)

            The Band are promoting this album by touring this year..im not sure if it is just around the states or what but they are starting in New York

            Something In Your Mouth ****

            This is a great track with some good guitarring in it, The beat is interesting and the vocals are superb, Not my favourite track off the album though. This track also has a great bass line which goes well with the vocals.

            Burn It To The Ground *****

            This is a brilliant track with a tremendous Beat and bass line, when I said That the band were kind of relaxing I obviously didn't mean this track and a few others later on in the album, but you will find out what I mean. The vocals are awesome in this track and itsn got some cathy lyrics to it.

            Gotta Be Somebody *****

            This is what I meant by relaxing, the band do alot of tracks that include acoustics and this being one of them i find it very relaxing, Its got a great set of lyrics and some amazing vocals.

            I'd Come For You *****

            Another relaxing track with an amazing video. I love the lyrics to this track and they sort of have a meaning for me. It has a great start to it that catches your attention and when the vocals start you immediatley know that it is going to be a great track.

            Next Go Round ***

            A lacking start but it does get better when the vocals start, but not by much. I think that its not that interesting to me because you don't really get the full blow of the vocals at the start and it ruins it. I love the chorus but when the verse rolls around again it just ruins it because it is all muffled.

            Just To Get High *****

            This is an immense track and it has such interesting lyrics and about 02:25 into the track it has an awesome riff, The bass line to this track is great and simple to learn. It has a very catchy chorus that sticks in your head at the worst of times..

            Never Gonna Be Alone *****

            This is a truly amazing track with beautiful Vocals/lyrics I really do love it, the acoustic is great in it. nuff said

            Shakin Hands ****

            Good track in all honesty, awesome bass line to it and some fantastic vocals that make the lyrics even better. The beat is immense and I am currently learning how to play it on drums.

            S.E.X ****
            Interesting Start with a good bass line, Good vocals reminds me a bit of their song Animals of their previous album All The Right Reasons. A great beat and awesome little riffs in between the verses.

            If Today Was Your Last Day *****

            This is a brilliant track! I love the Vocals/Lyrics they just make the song what it is...simply brilliant, my favourite track off this album by far.

            This Afternoon ***
            This is a catchy track but I never actually thought it was the type of rhythm Nickelback would do to be honest, and although it is a good track, i just don't find myself attatched to it like any of the other tracks.

            Deffinatley reccomended to most people out there it is well worth it.


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              13.04.2009 20:45
              Very helpful



              A mix of different rock tracks from Nickelback, some optimistic and uplifting, others louder

              - Introduction -

              I wasn't sure about getting this album, I had seen a TV ad for it and I knew that I had liked some of the groups previous singles in years gone past. Of course pretty much everyone will have heard their top chart hit Rockstar that was being played alot a couple of years or so and I also had a couple of other singles of theres, so when I saw the TV ad for the album and liked the sound of the clips they played, I debated whether to risk purchasing the whole album. I've previously bought rock albums based on liking one or two singles and found out the other tracks were just too over the top for me and I felt pretty dumb for thinking the album would be just like the singles! (especially when I was younger, if singles were edited on radio ahem lol!). However, thanks to wonderful Dooyoo I realised I had Amazon gift certificates to spend and so I decided it was worth the risk to spend just under £5 downloading the album, at least in a sense it didn't cost me and I got to hear the album the day I downloaded it, so that was good. I was, thankfully, quite glad I did download it as it happens, there are some tracks I skip but overall there are more than just one or two tracks I quite enjoy listening to, so I feel it was worth spending my gift certificate on it. Hence thanks everyone who's rated my previous reviews that led to me getting the gift certificate to pay for me to download it lol!

              - Thoughts -

              What I find a bit confusing with the album, thinking about it, is that it can seem like they can't decide what kind of music they want to do or what kind of sound they want to stick to, whether its the more heavy rock tracks or the more mellow songs with a more positive outlook to them. It seems a bit strange the mix of louder, more heavy, some would say pretty immoral, tracks alongside the slightly more preachy tracks about someone getting too involved in drugs (though you cant deny they do cover the whole drugs, sex and rock and roll in the durating of the album lol) and so on. I do like to have a good mix of rock tracks to listen to at times, I admit, I like pretty much any music that features decent vocals and a catchy/memorable beat or rhythm to it. So this album won't suit everyone but exactly what does it consist of? read on to find out what the tracks are called and what I thought of them:-

              - Tracks -

              1. Something In Your Mouth

              This track has a good riff and quite a heavy beat to it, with obviously some quite over the top lyrics.

              2. Burn It To The Ground

              Starts off with a heavy beat, its quite a catchy tune that makes you want to bop your head/dance along to.

              3. Gotta Be Somebody

              This track is more mellow and has a nice positive feel to it, its quite catchy, the sort of song you could find yourself humming to an hour or so after hearing it, the chorus is particularly catchy, its also got quite a nice beat to it, its up beat but mellow at the same time, rock wise. It showcases the bands vocals quite well and the lyrics are good as you could relate to them.

              4. I'd Come For You

              This track has quite a power ballad feel to it, starting out quite subdued and slow and building up to a heavier beat and stronger vocals. The chorus is again particularly catchy, though the verses inbetween could be seen as a bit too long winded perhaps but otherwise this is one of my favourite tracks.

              5. Next Go Round

              Now we're back to the heavier lets party type rock tracks. This features more drums than guitar and it has quite a heavy beat to it. Its quite repetitive and IMO is more of a 'filler' track, not one of the albums best.

              6. Just To Get High

              This is another track that could be taken as being semi-preachy, although I quite enjoy it, it is a good rock track with a warning story attached to the lyrics about a best friend who got too involved in drugs and whos life went downhill, pretty much. The lyrics are quite strong, emotionally and the rhythm/beat is very good, its quite atmospheric and its another track that I find myself bopping my head to, if you know what I mean lol. It also features a pretty awesome rift towards the end of the track!

              7. Never Gonna Be Alone

              Back to the more mellow tracks and this is another of the more positive outlook type tracks. This track is one that makes you want to sway your hands from side to side to, if you know what I mean. Its not one of the most memorable tracks but it is quite pleasant as a softer/more mellow track and the vocals are quite good. Again the chorus stands out more than the individual verses.

              8. Shakin' Hands

              This is a heavier, rockier rock track about a 'lady of the night' I presume, given the lyrics (far too pretty to be giving it cheap, thats why shes making six figures working three days a week, she didnt make it this far by just shakin' hands). Its one of the more rockier tracks.

              9. S.E.X.

              No guesses needed as to what this track is about lyrically lol it starts off with a heavy beat, though it is also quite slow at first and then builds up to being more of a steady mid tempo sort of beat I'd say. Its not particularly memorable, to me anyway and I'd again view this as being more of a 'filler' track. It does feature a guitar riff which is alright though lol.

              10. If Today Was Your Last Day

              This is another more mellow track which is quite catchy and has a decent beat to it. Its a softer rock track but it does have quite nice lyrics and is another of my favourite tracks, personally. It also features drums more than guitar and its quite uplifting with a positive outlook to it too, of course.

              11. This Afternoon

              The last track is quite a summery type rock track, one thats all about hanging out with your friends all day and night. Its quite a 'fun' track and is catchy for as long as the track plays, though I don't find it very memorable afterwards, it is what I guess you could call an inoffensive track (well apart from one phrase used at the end lol) that is quite light and a bit of fun, all about hanging out and having fun.

              - Conclusions -

              It is perhaps a funny mix of tracks but most of the tracks are quite catchy, even if just fleetingly and although there are differing types of tracks, they are, for the most part, quite good tracks. There are some pretty decent guitar riffs featured and the vocals aren't too bad, some tracks I felt the lyrics were perhaps a bit over the top or too complicated which made the tracks less memorable but in general, its a pretty good album, at least I've had it for a few days and listened to it a fair bit and I imagine I will continue to listen to it over the next week or so.

              It may not be for everyone but if you do quite like Nickelbacks singles, then I'd say its worth checking it out. I haven't purchased any of their previous albums and so I'm afraid I can't comment on any differences between this and previous albums but as a fan of the odd mild to moderate rock album, I am generally quite keen on this, so I don't regret having purchased it. I don't tend to be keen on very hardcore rock but if it gives an idea of similar music, I also quite like some music by Red Hot Chilli Peppers (By The Way & Stadium Arcadium), Foo Fighters (In Your Honour CD1 is brilliant in my opinion!) and Bon Jovi (Have A Nice Day).

              I hope this review helps you judge whether you might quite enjoy this album or not, thanks for any and all r/r/c's. This review may also be posted on Ciao UK under the same username.


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                12.04.2009 22:49
                Very helpful



                In conclusion it is worth buying but don't expect it appearing in your top 25 played anytime soon.

                Nickelback is turning into one of the biggest upcoming cult classic bands there has ever been the in the rock industry. Due to their hit new single "Rockstar" it appears the band has taken a new path of "mainstream infection" and based more of the songs on their new album around the same basis Rockstar were.

                There is still a variety of songs on the album ranging from hit songs such as "Gotta be somebody" to the heavier beats of "Burn it to the ground", although speaking of heavy songs the album seems to lack the metal themes the band grew on with songs such as "Side of a bullet" which truly were metal songs. However the album is still classed as Hard Rock and metal even though it clearly isn't.

                Apart from these bad points it still has some upsides and perks such as the music still being the same toe tapping tunes you know and love, it still has the tunes that just get you pumped for any occasion and is just great to listen to in a relaxed mood. It appears the band really have opened their wings to a wider audience, however it doesn't ring as amazing for those classic fans such as myself.

                Don't get me wrong it's a great album but comparing it to its previous album releases it just can't compete. In conclusion it is worth buying but don't expect it appearing in your top 25 played anytime soon.


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                26.03.2009 22:56
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A great album to have in the car on a long journey with volume up.

                I love this album!!! :-D I have always loved Nickelback, never had any of their albums, but always loved all the songs they have brought out and any that I heard, and when I heard they had this new album, I thought how about I get it, so I did!!!!!!

                Price firstly: On Amazon, this CD is £7 new, well £6.98, whicih is good, but you can now get CDs for much cheaper on iTunes but if your like me I like my CDs then upload them to the computer so I can play them in the car easier!! :-P

                The Tracks:

                1. Something in your mouth- this is one of my fav tracks on the album, its very rocky, the type of song you have to crank the volume up on!!!!

                2. Burn it to the ground- Another very rocky song, I think this is another of my favourties off the album (there are alot of my favs Im afraid!!!!!!!)

                3. Gotta be Somebody- This is a song the band brought out recently, its a much slower song than the other songs previous to it on the album. I love this song though, a great one to sing along to!!

                4. I'd come for you- I've seen the video for this on the music channels a bit recently, so I am thinking its their new release. This song is gorgeous, one of their lovey songs. Amazing song.

                5. Next Go Round- My ultimate favourite song on the album! I LOVE it! It just gives you a really high feeling, gets the hips a-swaying! Another very rocky song, lots of erm sexual connotations in there...!

                6. Just to get high- Great song about drugs and the bad things they do to people. Amazing song, again quite rocky at times but other parts are a little slower, less Electric Guitar.

                7. Never Gonna be alone- One of the slower songs on the album, it makes me cry for some reason, its like a wedding song, well a wedding song I would have anyway!!!!! Nice and slow, very sweet, the words are really cute!

                8. Shakin' Hands- Very rocky, quite a bit of "shouty" bits, not my fav really.

                9. S.E.X- Pretty funky, butagain not my favourite. Not too sure on this song really. Can't describe it.

                10. If Today was your last- Another amazing song which makes me wanna cry at times! Especially if I'm a little emotional!!!! A song about been grateful for what you have, cause you never know whats around the corner.

                11. This Afternoon- the last song on the album, and sometimes albums get a bit dwindly towards the end, but not this one. I think this is my second fav song on the album, very "country" type, I know alot of their music has a country kind of twang to it, but this one more than most. Its just a funky song about friendship, and having a good laugh with mates!!

                This is my favourite album of the year, I love it, I could listen to it over and over again, and in fact I do!!! Its the only album which my husband actually likes of mine! he doesn't appreciate the Panic at the disco and Fall out Boy!!!! Haha!

                The album doesn't have a "bad" song on it, not one! Some are better than others, as I said above, but not one of the songs is bad, and that is very rare with albums!!!

                I would recommend this album to anybody who loves rock music, there is a mix on here, some softer and some harder, but all amazing songs!!! This album just proves, Nickelback are the best band ever!! :-D


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                  12.03.2009 09:30
                  Very helpful



                  Keep it coming.!!!

                  I'm a fan of Nickelback, since I have first heard of there hit song "How You Remind Me". I have all their albums, often listing them while driving or running. Pace of their songs combined with their lyrics is very energizing for me. Even though I listen to music of all genre (yes, even opera or jazz), rock is the genre most often heard from my speakers.
                  Dark horse is one of the best albums that I have heard in a years. It's strong temped and it has great lyrics. It's almost a small journey.

                  Something in your mouth
                  Strong from the start, aiming at sex and strippers. Talking about girls that are sexy, but will probably go out with someone that has money. Always flirting and seducing. Song about a women, that knows that she is hot. Tempo of the song is fast and strong, powerful and probably a little chauvinistic, but this time chauvinism works good, because is meant as a compliment.

                  Burn it to the ground
                  Tempo is escalating. Guitars are stronger and deeper. Taking about boys night out, where friends will bring the world to it's knees with there partying.

                  Gotta be somebody
                  This is probably intentioned for catching our breath and for men to get in touch with their gentle side. Lyrics are asking and telling us, that we all need someone. Now this song is a little to fast to be a typical rock ballad, but on this album is one of the slowest paced and is cleverly placed to slow as down after the previous songs.

                  I'd came for you
                  Now this is a typical rock ballad. Slow and romantic, not a lot of guitars in this one, aiming, more at pop genre. Talking about lost love

                  Next go round
                  And here we go again! Tempo is fast again, guitars and drums are the main instruments. Talking about sex and where they gonna do it and there is nothing that will stop him at making love to her. Passion, with drum tempo.

                  Just to get high
                  This is a song that, has the best lyrics for me on this album. Talking about his friend on drugs. But not on sad and depressed way, but thro anger. Asking his friend with anger in the voice: "why did you had to do it?" Tempo is angry and strong. Slowing and again going fast, almost like tuning.

                  Never be alone
                  Slowing down again, this song again talks about being lonely. Making a commitment to is self that life has to be lived. And, preferably with someone by your side. There can't be more typical rock ballads as this one.

                  Shaking hands
                  Slowly, going away from ballads, to rock tempo again. Talking about how a pretty women sometimes has no other chose then "shake her money maker" to get away from poverty. And, it can bring her very far. Lyrics are funny but at the same time realistic. Rock background goes excellent with them.

                  "Sex is always the answer, never the question". - now, you know what the lyrics are about, again tempo is fast, not as fast the first two song of the album, but pretty close. Also it's very inspiring.

                  If today would be your last day
                  Slowing down again, back to the tempo, of a rock ballad. Asking you what would you do if you would have just one more day in front of you. Inspiring you to live your life.

                  This afternoon
                  This is in my view the weakest song of the album, usually I skip it, because there is a little disappointing from listening al the previous great song, with good lyrics. Even dough it has some interesting points of view in the lyrics, but the tempo, instruments and lyrics aren't combined in the way I would like.

                  But even though the last song of the album isn't so great, this is excellent album for all rock fans.


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                    11.02.2009 22:21
                    Very helpful



                    The best album yet

                    I saw this advertised on TV and being a huge nickelback fan, it was a must.

                    This is the 5th album to be released by the Canadian Rock band and was released November 2008. Nickelback have continued to produce high quality premium music with none of their character lost in this album. The album contains 11 songs, amazing lyrics, sometimes emotional with the "softer" songs and overall feel good music with songs including "afternoon" and "I'd come for you."

                    All the original members from the previous albums are there including the great Chad Kroeger, so what you see is what you get. The vocals are powerful aswell as the instruments. In my eyes, this is perhaps their best sounding album yet and long may their record making continue. Nickelback have the ability to effectively incorperate different emotions within their songs to create a perfect well rounded album. If you're a follower of Nickelback and have not yet got the album, what are you waiting for?


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                    07.01.2009 18:10
                    Very helpful



                    Worth buying if you like rock!

                    I must admit that like many, I bought 'Silver Side up', ignored the next album, and then rediscovered Nickelback when 'All the Right Reasons' was released. On that basis I was in line to skip the latest offering, and was very close to doing so when I heard the first single released off the album,'Gotta be Somebody', an awful dirge which is easily the worst track on this sixth album. However opening track 'Something in your Mouth' represents a really rocking start to the album, and it is followed by 'Burn it to the Ground' which is every bit as good when turned up loud! Skip track 3 (you know which one that is!) and probably 4 as well unless you are a big fan of hackneyed ballads, as 'I'd Come for You' offers little to recommend it. The album then settles into a rock/rock/ballad pattern for the next six tracks, before finishing with the sing along 'This Afternoon'.

                    This album is not as good as 'All the Right Reasons', but neither would I suggest that it lags way behind. What it lacks is a real standout anthem which I feel both 'Rock Star' and 'How you Remind Me' provided on previous offerings. However overall I am still glad I bought it.


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                      26.11.2008 11:42
                      Very helpful



                      Already sold the album on EBay, disapointing.

                      Nickelback- Dark Horse

                      Background on Nickelback

                      Nickelback were formed in Canada, and since the mid 90's have released 5 albums, 3 of them shooting them to success and making them well known throughout the world.

                      The release of All The Right Reasons in 2005, made Nickelback a household name with the likes of their songs Rockstar, Far Away and Photograph. These became top selling songs and shot Nickelback to stardom.

                      There 6th and most recent album, Dark Horse has just been released, and I after having it on pre-order for months, have had it delivered to my door. Here is my review:

                      Track 1- Something In Your Mouth

                      From listening to this song, there is one thing that hit me first; this will never become one of their hit tracks. It sounds a lot like something I would usually enjoy, but for the opening for the album, I was expecting something either to rock my socks off or to be so catchy that I'll be singing it for days.

                      I didn't get either of these however, it is a good song, there is no taking anything away from the track, but it's just not got the special stamp that Nickelback's usual songs have. This is one of the tracks that I listened to on Youtube, to decide whether to buy the album or not, and I saw that a lot of people were moaning about the almost sexual lyrics on the song, if you don't want these kind of lyrics, don't listen to Nickelback, there is always two tracks on their albums which has something to do with sex or something along those lines.

                      All in all, it's a good track, and I can't wait to listen to it on proper speakers, where I can put it up to max volume and listen to it properly. It's then you really hear Nickelback's true potential.

                      Memorable Lyrics: "Pretty little lady with the pretty pink thong
                      Every sugar daddy hittin on her all night long
                      Doesn't care about the money she could be with anybody
                      Anybody and the honey wanted you all along"

                      Rating: 7/10 (A great track, it's not brilliant but a good opening to the album, despite the fact I was expecting something better)

                      Track 2- Burn It To The Ground

                      I'm really not sure if this is just my speakers on my laptop which is making this song sound so tinny and his voice not seem really powerful, but that's what I've got from the last two tracks. His voice in songs like 'How You Remind Me' or 'Rockstar' is what makes the tracks so good, his vocals are very powerful, however in this track and the one above, it almost seems like the music overpowers him slightly and with Chad Kroger, that is something I don't usually expect.

                      About 2.30 seconds into the track, the music dies down a bit, and he really shows his powerful vocals here. I'm a big rock music fan and I usually love these kinds of songs, but I have a rule, if they have a singer like Chad Kroger, they shouldn't ever overpower his voice, as it will ruin the track almost.

                      Like the previous track, it's very likely that I will adore this track when I listen to it on some proper speakers, but at the moment, it just sounds way too overpowering.

                      Memorable Lyrics: "Well its midnight, damn right
                      Were wound up too tight
                      I gotta fist full of whiskey, the bottle just bit me
                      That shit makes me bat shit crazy
                      We got not fear no doubt all in balls out
                      Were going out tonight (hey)
                      To kick out every light (hey)"
                      Rating: 6/10 (A good track however it's not till near the end he shows off his powerful vocals)

                      Track 3- Gotta Be Somebody

                      First things first this is a song I'm not too sure about at the moment, but I really do think I'll grow to love it over time. I'm usually the type of person, who can hear a song and just know if it's going to be a hit and I think this one will be a great hit for Nickelback.

                      For those of you that weren't a fan of Nickelback's tracks Far Away & Photograph, then this song isn't really for you. Critics moaned at Nickelback when they released those two tracks, because they were becoming part of the mainstream, but this is what got me to listen to Nickelback in the first place. My love is soft rock, I can listen to it for days, and if I listened to one of Nickelback's previous albums before Silver Side Up I think I would have a headache all day.

                      This song was another track that I listened to on Youtube first, and this track made me want to buy the album I have to say. It's a truly beautiful track and the lyrics are amazing. It still manages to fall under the category of ROCK, even though it's more of a ballad almost. The track is talking about people not wanting to be alone and wanting to have someone in their life that cares about them, and that there's somebody out for them in the world, all they have to do is find him/her.

                      This is a beautiful song; I really, really think it's going to be another hit for Nickelback. It's got everything you would want in one of their songs. If you like Photograph, then you'll like this.

                      Memorable Lyrics: "Cause nobody wants to be the last one there.
                      'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.
                      Someone to love with my life in their hands.
                      There`s gotta be somebody for me like that.
                      `Cause nobody wants to go it on their own
                      And everyone wants to know they´re not alone.
                      Somebody else that feels the same somewhere.
                      There`s gotta be somebody for me out there."

                      Rating: 9/10 (A really nice track, however it's not as good as previous tracks that they have released before)

                      Track 4- I'd Come For You

                      A nice track, but there's nothing special here. Unlike the other track, it doesn't have anything special. That track seemed to speak to me, where this one is one you'd forget after listening to the rest of the album. This is a shame because Kroger's vocals are brilliant in this track, however there just seems to be something missing here; maybe it just is the memoribility factor, because when listening to the song it's very pleasant to listen to but there's nothing to scream and shout about.

                      All in all, it's a nice track with really nice lyrics and everything seems to be good, but there is something missing from it
                      Memorable Lyrics: "Just One more moment, that´s all that´s needed.

                      Like wounded soldiers in need of healing.
                      Time to be honest, this time I´m bleeding
                      Please don´t dwell on it, cause I didn't mean it"

                      Rating: 7/10 (I have no idea why, because this is a nice song to listen to, but I'm not really a fan)

                      Track 5- Next Go Round

                      A head banging track, one that I really should never have on, as I tend to cause myself a bit too much pain than anything, however despite the fact I'd have great fun head banging along to this until I start suffering the track is definitely one of the weakest, not only on this album but the other albums as well.

                      I am a big fan of Kroger's voice, and he sings weirdly in this track and for me, it just doesn't seem to work. This is the sort of track that I would skip. Not brilliant at all.

                      Memorable Lyrics: "i wanna do it till the sun comes up
                      till we're both so good and sweaty we can't stand up
                      i wanna do it till we're both about to drop
                      as long as we're caught in together we're never gonna stop"

                      Rating: 5/10 (I'm not a fan, just nothing special about it)

                      Track 6- Just To Get High

                      Wow is all I can. If you get a chance really listen to this song. It's not one of their best and I probably won't rate it really high, however the lyrics are just amazing. In the song Kroger is singing about his friend, who he tried to help with his drug problem, however it was too late. In the song he is talking about all of the things his best friend got up to, due to the drugs and due to the fact he had no money for drugs.

                      I thought this track was very meaningful, especially considering what kind of world we're living in now. I think it's very rare you get a song like this which talks about the actual effect of drugs. A very good track.

                      Memorable Lyrics: "He was my best friend, I tried to help him,
                      But he traded everything, for suffering,
                      And found himself alone.
                      I watched the lying, turn into hiding,
                      With scars on both his lips, his fingertips...
                      Were melted to the bone."

                      Rating: 8/10 (Not really going to be a hit, but the lyrics are amazing)

                      Track 7- Never Going To Be Alone

                      A really nice soft ballad almost, however it does seem out of place on the album I have to say. Despite the fact it doesn't really fit, I think this is one of my favourite tracks so far, Kroger's voice is powerful, it'll never come close to some of my favourites by Nickelback like Far Away and Rockstar, and however it has everything you would want in a song.

                      The lyrics are lovely as is Kroger's voice which is very powerful and he delivers each lyric with so much emotion. I think this is going to be one of Nickelback's classic songs, as it really does what Nickelback do best. Do my style of music, but still make it into their original style. Brilliant.

                      Memorable Lyrics: "Time, is going by, so much faster than I,
                      And I'm starting to regret not spending all of here with you.
                      Now I'm, wondering why, I've kept this bottled inside,
                      So I'm starting to regret not selling all of it to you.
                      So if I haven't yet, I've gotta let you know..."

                      Rating: 9/10 (A brilliant track, well worth listening to)

                      Track 8- Shakin Hands

                      I love the lyrics to this track and I think it's going to be a grower but at the moment, I've heard it all before so am not too much of a big fan. It's another typical heavy rock song by Nickelback, it has heavy guitar, heavy drums, and his vocals are on par, however it just seems too familiar and compared to their other songs it's not as good.

                      All in all a good song, but nothing new here.
                      Memorable Lyrics: "She had her eyes on the prize as the girl next door
                      You grow up quick when you grow up poor
                      It's the only way to LA that she knows
                      The Hollywood pose: teeth, tits, and toes"

                      Rating: 7/10 (A good song but I've heard it all before from Nickelback and many other artists)

                      Track 9- S.E.X

                      Another hard rock song, and with a great chorus, which immediately became my msn name. Despite the fact that I love the lyrics, the song is probably the weakest on the album. It does have much about it, all it really is, is another head banging song with nothing to really listen to. If I hadn't have read the lyrics whilst listening to the song, I don't think the song would have got such a good rating, compared to what it should have got.

                      Just an okay song, but nothing to scream and shout about.
                      Memorable Lyrics: "S is for the simplety.
                      E is for the ecstasy.
                      X is just to mark the spot,
                      Because that's the one you really want.
                      (Yes!) Sex is always the answer, it's never a question,
                      'Coz the answer's yes, oh the answers (Yes)
                      Not just a suggestion, if you ask a question,
                      Then it's always yes. Yeeeah!"

                      Rating: 5/10 (An okay song, but really nothing special about it, except great lyrics)

                      Track 10- If Today Was Your Last Day

                      I really like this song, I wasn't expecting much, however I really enjoyed it. The thing that stuck out for me was it was more of a soft rock song, so Kroger's voice became the main focal point, instead of all of the heavy music. The lyrics are very good as well; they are asking questions about what you would do if you knew that today was your last day. Kroger delivers them with such emotion the song becomes a lot more powerful.

                      I really like the production of this track, they have managed to keep it rock, but have toned down the instrumentals, keeping them there, but making sure that they don't overpower Kroger's voice.
                      A very good song, with some great lyrics. One of the best on the album.

                      Memorable Lyrics: "My best friend gave me the best advice, He said each day's a gift and not a given right
                      Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
                      And try to take the path less traveled by
                      That first step you take is the longest stride"
                      Rating: 9/10 (A very good track, not as good as previous ones from previous albums, but compared to the rest of this album it's top notch)

                      Track 11-This Afternoon

                      The last track on the album and do they end with a bang, no, they end with a very up-tempo song which they must have stole from someone else's album because it seriously doesn't fit on the album. It almost sounds like a country track, which doesn't work brilliantly with Kroger's vocals.

                      I don't think this should have been put on the album, especially not to end the album with. I was quite disappointing as I expected them to go out with a bang and they didn't. Nothing seems to come together well with this song, it just seems out of place and Kroger almost sounds uncomfortable singing the track.
                      Not a good track and it was a shame they chose to put an eleventh track onto the album.

                      Memorable Lyrics: "Looking like another Bob Marley day
                      Hitting from the bong like a diesel train
                      And now we're hanging out this afternoon
                      We got weeds in the back that are 4 feet tall
                      Cheech and Chong would probably have smoked them all
                      So, I´m on the couch this afternoon"
                      Rating: 1/10 (An awful track, which really should have ended up on the recording room floor. Not good)

                      My Opinion

                      As I swap the CD in the drive for Nickelback's last album All The Right Reasons, I sit here quite amazed. The album was good there is no denying that, however, where the hell are the hits. Where the hell are the Rockstar or Far Away's on the album, there is nothing on this album, that I'll go at this moment, this will become number #1 in the UK Chart or even the American chart.

                      Since 2001, and their released of Silver Side Up, I think this is probably their weakest attempt since there. Each song seems to have something wrong with it, when the lyrics and the vocals are brilliant the production of the track seems to ruin it, when the lyrics and the production of the song are brilliant, his voice seems to ruin it. I was quite shocked that the highest rating that I could give a Nickelback song on this album was a 9/10.

                      On an album with 11 tracks, only 3 of them I can say I'll recommend for people to buy or download, but that's pushing myself, because these are probably not songs that true hard rock Nickelback fans will like.

                      These tracks however are very good, the likes of Gotta Be Somebody, Never Gonna Be Alone and If Today Was Your Last Day, all stood out for me, and reminded me of the brilliant tracks on All The Right Reasons, however they never really managed to reach the same level as Far Away and Photograph. Even Someday of the Long Road album, which I'm not too much of a huge fan of, is so much better than these tracks.

                      Another problem I have with the album is I found myself comparing them to other tracks that they have done before, even the good tracks I have heard before, and the likes of songs like Next Go Round are a lot like most of the All The Right Reason tracks, especially Next Contestant.

                      I found this to be a real shame, because I spent quite a bit of money on buying this album, due to the fact that the previous 3 albums were amazing; however I am thinking about asking for my money back or at least selling it on EBay.

                      The album had nothing special about it, only 3/4 of the album was good and the rest I had either heard before in previous tracks or they are just not good tracks. This is something I never expected from Nickelback, I was expecting so much more, and maybe this is why I'm not too big of a fan of this album because I have spent so much time waiting for them to release another album after All The Right Reasons and that album was so good, I was expecting this to be better.

                      The Band

                      I think the band as always were brilliant. Chad Kroger's voice is very powerful in most songs; however they didn't make a brilliant album this time. It's quite a disappointing album and the band shouldn't be very proud of themselves.

                      The Music

                      The music as always is probably the best thing in the album, it's very hard rock and really works well throughout the album; however I found myself straining to hear what Kroger was saying in some songs because the instrumentals were too loud.

                      The Lyrics
                      The lyrics are definitely the shining part of the album; they are brilliant and filled with some meaningful words etc. They are brilliant as always and it's one of the upsides to the album.

                      Should You Buy The Album?

                      I wouldn't, you should really wait for the singles to come out and download them of Itunes there. It's not a brilliant album, and it really is a shame because Nickelback are still and always will be brilliant.
                      (C) Kirsty


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                        26.11.2008 01:19
                        Very helpful
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                        A little lighter to the touch than previous work, but still an excellent album

                        Nickelback are one well known Canadian rock band who have managed to take rock music from it's almost underground current status and break through the major record company commercial barriers and driven through into the mainstream in true Bon Jovi style. They do yet seem to retain the authentic heavy rock sound that Bon Jovi have now lost, and as with a lot of old Jon Bon tracks, Rock Star is a classic track that will always be remembered and probably go on to be featured on many compilation albums over the next decade.

                        The latest album from Nickelback, Dark Horse, still retains quite a raw rock sound and Chad Kroegers vocals work superbly to give the music it's distinctive characteristic style which stands out amongst so many. The boys kick the album off with a typically cliched sex, drugs 'n' rock 'n' roll themed song, Something In Your Mouth - a high energy upbeat rock anthem. The concept for the song doesn't need to be explained - it's all in the title!

                        Following the opening track has to be my favourite track from the album, Burn It To The Ground which is made up of classic high energized rock guitar riffs which kick things into action with plenty of style and attitude. This is one song which really got me wanting to get up and jump around my house like a hyperactive chicken on pro plus!

                        The third track, Gotta Be Somebody, moves into a more commercially appealing ballad style that the band have also become renowned for and tones things down a little, though it still contains some overdriven powerchords running through the track combined with calm melodic vocals. In fact, the entire album seems to be made up more of these types of tracks and, once again, in true Bon Jovi fashion, the band's music has become a bit lighter to the touch and overall I think it is slightly lacking the high powered energy that Nickelback started things off with.

                        Still, this is a very satisfying, entertaining and enjoyable collection of songs which hold their commercial appeal and marketability and although there may be signs of the band going a little bit soft, there are enough ballads and enough heavy songs here to keep everyone happy.


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                      • Product Details

                        Disc #1 Tracklisting
                        1 Something In Your Mouth
                        2 Burn It To The Ground
                        3 Gotta Be Somebody
                        4 I'd Come For You
                        5 Next Go Round
                        6 Just to Get High
                        7 Never Gonna Be Alone
                        8 Shakin Hands
                        9 S.E.X.
                        10 If Today Was Your Last Day
                        11 This Afternoon

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