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Death Valley High - Zombina And The Skeletones

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Goth / Artist: Zombina And The Skeletones / Audio CD released at Ectoplastic

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    1 Review
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      05.07.2008 13:39
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      Test the water with Monsters on 45 and then progress to this!

      Zombina & The Skeletones are a lively girl-fronted horror punk / pop band. When it comes to horror punk, I normally find the content quite interesting but the guitar playing a bit light-weight. Zombina & The Skletones have been no different in the past but recent stuff has taken a heavier turn.. particularly "Raised in Hell" which sounds like a throwback to 80's metal bands, I'm predicting that the 2008 album Out of the Crypt is going to be the best album yet.

      Anyone, the one I'm reviewing is 2006 album Death Valley High which is based around a high school misfit called Janie Spencer.

      Some of the highlights include:

      Prom Night - ultimate 50's doo wop! (Scooby doo go round!)

      Your Girlfriend's Head - Catty girl vocals with amusing lyrics -

      The head rolls out of the punchbowl
      And onto the dancefloor
      And looks at me with her pleading, bleeding eyes
      And the fists start flying
      All the girls are crying
      I would say sorry but I hate to lie

      You always look so beautiful
      Always look so beautiful
      But you never looked as beautiful as you did tonight
      Woah oh oh oh
      That oughta make you see that you shoulda come with me tonight
      Woah oh oh oh, you look so good tonight

      Janie's Got A Dissolvo Ray - pure horror rock with catchy lyrics whilst the name is a parody of Janie's Got a Gun by Aerosmith.

      1. "The Kids Are All Dead" - 2:14
      2. "Lost Boys" - 2:31
      3. "At The Megaplex" - 2:33
      4. "My TV" - 1:59
      5. "Villain" - 2:37
      6. "Guess What!? (I Love You)" - 2:18
      7. "Prom Night" - 2:04
      8. "Your Girlfriend's Head" - 1:14
      9. "The Fragile Heart" - 2:39
      10. "The Waiting" - 2:25
      11. "Janie's Got A Dissolvo Ray" - 2:31
      12. "End Of The World" - 3:16
      13. "Bubblegum Machine " - 3:30

      On this album the band line-up has changed considerably which has been a common theme throughout Zombina & The Skeletones existance, only consisting of Zombina and guitarist/lyricist Doc Horror. This album still has elements of the 60's feeling to it that the band's work often has and therefore giving it an almost Screaming Lord Sutch feel to it. I'm always particularly impressed how Zombina sounds like an American zombie rather than Cilla Black which is what she sounds like normally!

      The album is a bit hit and miss and I'd recommend the compilation album Monsters on 45 over this, I've also very high hopes for the new album from what I've heard. If you like Monsters on 45 then perhaps branch out to this album!


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