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Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor - Caro Emerald

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5 Reviews

Genre: Jazz / Artist: Caro Emerald / Audio CD released 2010-10-18 at Dramatico Entertainment

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    5 Reviews
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      17.06.2013 15:38
      Very helpful



      Well worth a listen

      I feel ashamed to have only discovered Caro Emerald and her music quite recently, it's not the usual thing I listen to but I am completely hooked and am addicted to the album. Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor is Caro Emeralds debut album, released in January 2010 produced by the record label Grandmono Records in the Netherlands and then later in October 2010 released in the UK and other European countries.
      The sound produced by Caro Emerald is a mixture of pop and jazz and is very catchy, loveable and instantly puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to her.

      The tracks are of fast tempo and make great party, gym or even housework music. It's very easy listening and you'll find yourself bopping up and down and singing her songs long after you've listened to them.

      Caro Emerald has a very softly sung voice which compliments the heavier Jazz background music and reminds me a lot of Lily Allen both in voice and lyrical style.

      The album consists of 12 songs and lasts approximately 47 minutes; the songs vary in length from around 3-4 minutes.

      Track Listing:
      * That Man
      * Just One Dance
      * Riveria Life
      * Back It Up
      * The Other Woman
      * Absolutely Me
      * You Don't Love Me
      * Dr.Wanna Do
      * Stuck
      * I Know That He's Mine
      * A Night Like This
      * The Lipstick on his Collar

      Favourite Tracks:
      *That Man - Very lively and makes you want to dance, it gets stuck in your head very easily so beware!
      *Back it up - Again very catchy and full of life, extremely toe tapping and one I listen to over and over again.
      *You Don't Love Me - This has a very 50's feel to it with the smooth sax intro.
      *The Lipstick on his collar - This is a slightly softer song which has a soulful feel and is a very sexy song.

      The whole album shows off Caro Emeralds musical talent and there's no song that I get bored with halfway through and want to skip (A habit that I have with a lot when listening to music). The sound is unique and in a strange way is music that you can relax to or dance around to. Many of the songs remind me of something you would hear in the background of a 1950's film.

      I found that a few of the songs do sound very similar but this doesn't annoy me as Caro Emerald obviously has her own style and as much of her music contains a lot of Jazz rhythms and backing this is to be expected.
      At the time of writing this review the album is retailing at £6.99 brand new on Amazon or prices from £5.40 used. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Jazz, upbeat music or just wants to try something a bit different.

      Like I said at the start of my review, this style of music isn't usually my first choice but I absolutely love it, in a world where there's so many commercial, samey bands Caro Emerald really injects a dash of something distinctive and fresh.


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      23.01.2012 23:10
      Very helpful



      A blindingly brilliant album


      I have to start this review by saying this is not my genre of music at all and I 'stumbled' upon this singer by accident. I am a fan of all things dance and R'n'B and whilst I'm switching the radio in the car over to a dance station, hubby always tries to turn it back to the likes of radio 2 (which I have nothing against it's just I had radio 2 rammed down my throat for 5 years before I gave up full time work). So imagine the scene, hubby wins the radio station battle one afternoon and low and behold the most fantastic song came on called 'A night like this' by this lady - Caro Emerald and I just loved it and wanted to hear it again.

      After checking on my preferred website for ordering such items (play.com) I discovered that Emerald's album - 'Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor' -was available at just £5.49 so I instantly ordered it as I couldn't wait to listen to A Night Like This again.

      *~*But who is she??*~*

      Caro Emerald is a dutch jazz singer who's real name is Caroline Esmeralda Van Der Leeuw and she was born in Amsterdam in 1981. Though she is relatively unknown over here (though growing increasingly popular) 'Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor' is her debut album and spent an incredible 30 weeks at number one in 2010 in her native homeland.

      Emerald has a distinctive smooth jazz voice that just comes across as so silky her vocals are really quite mesmerising and this is the reason I felt the need to listen to more of her tracks, hence the purchase of this CD.

      *~*The arrival of the CD*~*

      As mentioned I ordered this from Play.com though it is widely available from various outlets and online stores all at around a similar price of £6 so is very good value in my eyes.

      The album is spread out on just one disc, which comes housed in a bright red cardboard sleeve and shows a sultry looking Caro sitting on a chair in a shadowed image. The sleeve features a pull out booklet with track information and lyrics to all of the songs which comes in handy if you feel the urge for some private karaoke when having the house to yourself - not that I do that of course..!


      The album features 12 tracks which are as follows:

      1) That Man

      2) Just One Day

      3) Riviera Life

      4) Back It Up

      5) The Other Woman

      6) Absolutely Me

      7) You Don't Love Me

      8) Dr Wanna Do

      9) Stuck

      10) I Know He's Mine

      11) A Night Like This

      12) The Lipstick On His Collar

      *~*My thoughts on this album*~*

      The first track of 'That Man' bursts into life with a retro latino jazzy feel that is immediately toe tapping. It has such an enigmatic and happy vibe that as soon as Emerald's voice comes in it makes me want to get up and dance around the room. That Man is a happy and upbeat song that is instantly catchy with a chorus of "...Ooh that man is like a flame, and ooh that man plays me like a game, my only sin is that I can't win, ooh I wanna love that man.."
      This reminds me of a swinging band from the late 50s and is just so upbeat there really is nothing to dislike about it and it gets 10/10.

      'Just One Dance' is a much slower track and is far more flirtatious, which conjures up images of a smoke filled nightclub in the 50's with lyrics such as "..The scent and the aroma refuses to breathe, it's more like a haze that's trying to succeed, it's drawing me in and pulling me to you, and every thought I have turns the language blue.."

      A slow burner of a track but a definite 8/10.

      'Riviera Life' grows on me the more I hear it and not only the track but Emerald's voice really reminds me of Lily Allen at times throughout it as she almost speaks this in softer tones compared to belting out her other tracks. This is a really uptempo track but not in a dance way, it just reminds me of Summer and again has a real vintage feel to it with a modern urban twinge. "..I'll stop, kiss my blues goodbye, breathe until I, soar outside my crazy nights.."

      Not my favourite but I like it the more I listen to it and it is a deserving 8/10

      Track four bursts to life with one of my favourite songs on the album - Back It Up. I had previously heard snippets of this in the past but didn't realise who it was and to be honest it didn't really do anything for me either way. Once I started listening to the album though I found it a truly irresistible track that is full on swing, which just oozes sex appeal with it's sax intro and instantaneous catchiness - it's impossible not to like this. "..I can't stop shakin', the room has a groove and the floor it's almost earthquaking.." Caro's voice is so silky smooth here it's almost velvet and this would be a 11/10 if possible. Superb.

      The Other Woman is another slow burner for me that seems to grow on me though the more I hear it. It is about a mistress if you hadn't of guessed and Emerald's voice is swelteringly steamy and it is a very sexy track which is more laid back than some of the others. It has a swaying melody to it that is catchy but as mentioned isn't my favourite.


      'Absolutely M'e is track six and is another uptempo track which bursts into life immediately with bold lyrics of "..Clear the way boys, the lady has arrived. All you handsome fellas, please wait for me on your right.." This takes a few listens before it hits the spot but then it becomes one of those upbeat jazz songs that ingrains into your brain and you find yourself humming without realising. This is another swinging track with a 50's feel that just sounds so right in this day and age and gets 7/10.

      'You Don't Love Me' starts with an uptempo piano rhythm and is followed by a smooth sax intro which introduces Caro's strong voice with a chorus of "..I know you don't love me, but I still burn for you. I know you don't love me, this flame wont die it's true.." This is a catchy enough song and I don't mind this at all and is perfect for listening to with a glass of wine on an evening.


      'Dr. Wanna Do' kicks off with a fun, flirty and quirky manner and has a cartoon feel to it if that makes sense! It has such a fun and upbeat feel to it and Caro's voice takes on a higher pitched tone and sings like she is having real fun. The track reminds me of early Gloria Estefan tracks for some reason as it has a touch of latino to it.
      Out of all of the tracks this isn't my favourite at all but is certainly still listenable and I would certainly say it's a 7/10

      'Stuck' is track which again is full on swinging jazz and is just so incredibly toe tapping that you don't want to sit down when it comes on. I find it particularly handy when I'm cleaning my home as it gets me motivated to get on with it as it's energy transfuses through to the listener instantly. "..Why am I standing in the middle of nowhere, Standing here with nothing to do. Wondering if I eally love you, oh oh I guess that I do.."

      Instantly catchy and a definite 10/10

      'I Know That He's Mine' is a much slower track but has a sizzling heat that just reminds me of 1950's (yes that period of time again - see a pattern?) Mississippi. It has a really slow but burning vibe that showcases Caro's vocals perfectly and though she seems to be able to diversify to more upbeat songs this type of slower, sexier beat seem to be her forte in my opinion.


      'A Night Like This' is track 11 and as mentioned is the real reason I decided to buy this album. This was used in the official Martini ad campaign for 2009/2010 though I admit to not hearing it until I came across it on the radio. This, along with Back it up, is probably my favourite track. It kicks off with a 'plinky plonk' (nothing to do with a certain kids TV show) piano opening that is soon outshone by Caro's silky vocals. It is an incredibly romantic, fun, sexy song that is instantly catchy and I absolutely love it. "..He calls your bluff, he is the ace you never thought he'd play that much. And now it's more than all his cards you want to touch, you'll never know if winning this could really be enough.."
      This instantly conjures up images of salsa and is presented in such a smooth way it's instantly likable. If possible this would get 12/10 it's so good.

      The last track on the album is 'Lipstick On His Collar' and this winds up the CD perfectly as it is a soulful, smoldering track that once again shows just what a stunning voice Caro has. Its presented well and has some fantastic lyrics such as the opening "..The clock has ticked 11, and the place is clear. Reality is kicking in and so is my beer.." This took a while for me to fully appreciate what a good track it is but again the more I hear it the more I love it and the lyrics are witty and cleverly wrote and go perfectly with the guitar strumming theme here.

      There isn't any tracks on here I feel the need to skip and every single one is different and unique. There is no thinking 'track 5 is nearly the same as track 8' as that just doesn't happen here at all which is unusual as most albums have weaker tracks.
      Caro Emerald is such a breath of fresh air in today's music and whilst she not only looks like she should be in some 50's film noire smoking a cigarette and hiring a private detective (if you see her you will understand the image that's conjuring up) as she looks every bit the Hollywood starlet.

      This gets full marks from me and if you are not a fan of jazz/swing music I defy you not to like at least one track on here as I used to say the same but this album has certainly converted me.

      Uplifting, refreshing, revitalizing and incredibly catchy - Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor is a firm favourite of mine now and hasn't been taken out of the CD player since I bought it which says something.

      Check her out if you haven't done already.



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        16.01.2012 21:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I love it!

        Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor is the debut album from Dutch Singer Caro Emerald. The album was released in the United Kingdom in 2011 and so it is very recent. The album is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £6.97 which I think is great value for money.

        ~ * Track Listing * ~

        1) That Man 2) Just One Dance 3) Riviera Life 4) Back It Up 5) The Other Woman 6) Absolutely Me 7) You Don't Love Me 8) Dr. Wanna Do 9) Stuck 10) I Know That He's Mine 11) A Night Like This 12) The Lipstick on His Collar

        ~ * What are the songs like? *~

        That man - very catchy. This reminds me of the 40's. It makes you wanna bop up and down.

        Just one dance - At first I didn't think that this was going anywhere, as the beginning reminded me of a school orchestra - however it does get catchier and catchier as it goes on.

        Absolutely me - I like the live audience effects - this song is quite slow starting off, but when the beat kicks in it starts going - I wouldn't say it's my favourite song though.

        Riveria Life - This has a more modern sound compared to the other sogns.

        Back it up - Despite it's heavy beat, this song has quite a laid back feel to it.

        The other woman - This song has a funny beginning. It starts off really basic butt soon gets going! This is another great song with a funky beat woman. This is one of my favourite songs on the album.

        ~ * What's The Album Like Overall? * ~

        I actually bought this album after hearing just one of Caro's singles (On A Night Like This) and I have to say I really love this album! It is so unique - completely different to anything and everything else in the charts!

        I love the whole jazzyness. I quite like jazz music but this has made me love it even more! I love how it has a 1920's. 30's and 40's sound. There is something inspiring about this music and I like how it makes you think of the olden days. Whilst I think a lot of people will like this album, I especially think that slightly older people (those who remember 20's, 30's and 40's) will love this album.

        I love how upbeat this album is. I listened to this whilst doing the housework and I just wanted to jump and skip around the house. It really does put you in a good mood. Whilst moving along to this, I actually found that I did the chores much quicker than normal; as I was going to the beat.

        This is a fantastic party album! Every single song on here makes you wanna dance as every song has great strong beats, that you cannot just sit still when listening to any of these songs.

        A lot of the songs do sound the same; so much that I get confused about which ones' which. Usually, something like this would annoy me, however I don't mind at all with this album as it is such a great album!

        One thing I like about the album is the 'strong woman' thing. A lot of the songs are about men, but I like the 'independent woman' thing - it's quite inspiring!

        ~ * What About Caro's Voice? * ~

        Caro has a fabulous voice! I am really impressed! She can sing really well and has quite a strong voice. The songs really suit her voice! Well done Caro!

        ~ * Any Effects? * ~

        There are some really noticeable effects on this album. I particularly like the 'live' sound it has; some of the songs are even combined with the 'clapping' of the audience (although this is part of the song and not actually taken from a live audience), a great effect however. Another effect is the 'old 1920's' microphones - they really take you back in time.

        I would definitely recommend this album! It is so full of life and character. It is such a happy and enjoyable CD - an instant pick me up! Also, it is the kind of album which you can listen to over and over again because you won't get tired of it - in fact, I find it quite addictive.

        Thanks for reading!
        January 2012
        Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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          14.07.2011 23:27
          Very helpful



          Versatile offering of pop, rumba, bossa nova and samba....get jigging!

          The Purchase ~ 'Girls just wanna have fun'!

          I heard a preview of "That Man" and "A Night like this" on a Sky ad. I enthusiastically announced to my son that I was bursting to get hold of this 'fun' album. Although, he'd only recently purchased my Hugh Laurie album, love his heart, he picked this one up for me too. My son popped it on my PC playlist files, then on his. I then like to put CD's away safe, from the little sticky fingers of my grand-tots; keeping the disc in pristine condition.

          The Woman Behind The Voice ~ 'I'll swing for you'!

          Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw {Caro Emerald ~stage name} was born on 26th April 1981 in Amsterdam. Emerald is a Dutch jazz singer and she 'debuted on 6th July 2009 with her single "Back It Up". Emerald initially studied as a 'jazz vocalist at the Amsterdam conservatory of music', earning her degree back in 2005. Caro's facebook, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Caro-Emerald, under 'information, details her wonderful story since this debut album; it makes for fascinating reading!

          The Record Label Behind The Woman ~ ''For the record'

          Certainly an unknown record label to me before buying this album! The Company was only founded in 2009 and as far as I can determine, only has Caro Emerald on their books, the label actually being purposefully set up to manage her music! The company does have a website, http://www.grandmono.com, but the only thing you'll see there is large black lettering displaying their company name set against a white background and their e-mail address. They can be found on their own Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Grandmono-Records, again, not much to see but growing in popularity.

          The Album ~ 'If music be the food of love, play on'

          The two record producers of this album are Jan van Wieringen and David Schreurs. David Schreurs is the owner of the record company, Grandmono. Schreurs is also a Songwriter and producer at Grandmono. Schreurs has played music since he was only five years of age! Schreurs graduated from Entertainment Law School in 2000, thereafter pursuing a career as a music producer. After building up much experience in various projects, Schreurs proceeded in setting up his production company Grandmono in 2009. His crème de la crème developing the career of Caro Emerald by producing, writing, managing and promoting this successful enterprise. In Schreurs' own words he enthuses, 'My goal for the next few years is to grow as a writer, producer and records man. I love good songs. And extremely bad ones...Thinking out of the box, whether it concerns music, production or business'.

          Jan van Wieringen, born 01/20/81, works at Grandmono Records as a Manager, Producer and Engineer. Wieringen studied Music in Composition and Music Technology at HKU, The School of the Arts. Wieringen lives in Amsterdam. His favourite quote is Hoe dan!? Meaning 'Anyway'! His facebook page is: http://nl-nl.facebook.com/people/Jan-van-Wieringen

          This album, "Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor", is actually the debut album of Dutch singer Caro Emerald. The album comes under the genre of Swing, Pop and Vocal Jazz and was released on October 26, 2010 in the UK. The album, with twelve tracks, has a total running time of 46 minutes and 43 seconds. Thus far, the album has sold more than 500,000 copies plus! In August of 2010, Caro Emerald proclaimed that her album would be released in the UK by the record label, Dramatico Records. The album continues to have chart success in the UK, Netherlands and even as far as Italy!

          The Tracks ~ 'Jazz is like wine. When it is new, it is only for the experts, but when it gets older, everybody wants it' {Steve Lacy

          The first track on this captivating album is called "That Man", written by David Schreurs, and Vincent Degiorgio. Degiorgio is the company president of Chapter 2 Productions Inc; which is Canada's most industrious boutique music publisher, expanding over twenty countries in an array of languages. The duration of the track is a good 3:51 secs. Toe tapping instrumentals lead on the brief introduction to this pacy number. This girl is good! Caro sings the lyrics with fluid snappy sensuous tones fervently singing 'Ooh I wanna love that man, Ooh that man is on my list, And ooh that man I wanna kiss', that leaves me attempting to sing along. After the two minute mark she's a 'dududu dapin' pap rapin', and I defy anyone not to have their heart racing, neck jigging from side to side in rhythmic movements to the melody. The ending 40's feel of a male artist declaring 'I've been calling you for two days now...I want to see you darling' adds to the fun of this up tempo swinging track. The only down side for me is that the song has such an abrupt ending instead of trailing off.

          Next off is "Just One Dance", a rather saucy number also written by David Schreurs, and Vincent Degiorgio, but with Jan van Wieringen too. This track last a little longer at 4:01secs. A very brief distant slow drumming breaks into a powerful beat. The steady tempo presents very steamy jazz acoustics. Beginning with low soft tones, Caro's voice is warm and flirtatious, keeping the sensuous feel to this track. As Caro sings 'I'll take your hand and then your worries too, in just one dance I'll make your dreams come true', the instrumentals lower as she quietly drawls out the sentence. Then Caro, raising the capacity in her voice, never once losing the power, just simply enraptures. But again, the track ends a little too suddenly for me.

          The third offering is entitled "Riviera Life", written again by Schreurs, Wieringen and Degiorgio, but also by Sander Rozeboom, an artist of Rock, Pop and Jazz. Although a shorter length track at 3:29 secs, nonetheless as enchanting. A sharp loud but brief acoustical start leads into the dulcet sweet flowing tones of this exceptional artist. This track has such a summery feel, riding along in an open top car around windy coastal roads is what I'm imagining I'm doing whilst listening to this catchy melodious song. Caro's rhythmic and smooth resonance, as she affirms 'And live a Riviera life, The road can wind like my hidden hair bow, You clear my face so I can feel the breeze' just makes me float away in sheer delight, humming along to the light and airy melody. But, what's with the abrupt endings on these tracks?

          "Back It Up", is again written by Schreurs, Wieringen and Degiorgio, but also by Robin Veldman. Alike Wieringen, Veldman also studied at HKU on Audio/Sound Design. The track is 3:53 secs long and begins with beautiful saxophone acoustics. Caro just lifts your spirits up and carries you effortlessly along with her wonderful modulating tones, breezily singing 'Gimme some of that funky, the kind that the Duke used to play, and make it more swingy, Heyey' the melody continues with its catchy, harmonious and rhythmic tuneful pitch. But, alas, guess what? Yes, the impromptu end!

          "The Other Woman", again written by Schreurs, Wieringen and Degiorgio, but this time, with the singer herself, Emerald. At a lengthy 5:33, it's a sumptuous offering. A tropical sounding melody with its exotic vibrations of bongos and xylophone playing gently in the background, occasionally coming to the fore. But it is the electric guitar acoustics that give this melancholy lyrical storyline its powerful message. Caro gives this ballad like track's content conviction. Her voice softly and fervently appeals 'Baby, trust me, I've been there before , You don't know him, I know him more', but eloquently changing in pitch 'Does he kiss you in the way to say, You're the other woman , The other woman' . Caro's vocals give a beautiful mysterious feel to this emotional candid melody.

          "Absolutely Me" is written by Schreurs and Degiorgio. At 2:46 secs it is over half the length of the previous track. This has a strong 40's club feel. Almost immediate lead vocals give a powerful pulse on this jazz melody. Neat echo's of Caro's voice is intermittently included, with clever overlapping of her voice, giving an interesting touch. But, for me, the let down is the almost rap like overtones and scratching vinyl's that is simply to wide a spectrum in acoustics, lending a disjointed feel to the track's harmonies. Although Caro delivers her lyrics such as 'Mr. band leader, Let's kick out the jam, Gimme something that'll light it up, and make my feet go bam bam bam!' in an up tempo spicy way, the instrumentals are spoiled when the contemporized sounds are included. Although, only taking a brief part of the duration of the track, it is enough to ruin the flow of the music for me personally.

          "You Don't Love Me" is written by Schreurs and Degiorgio, but again with Caro too. This track is a good length at 3:54 secs. Beautiful but brief piano acoustics begin this neat jazz offering. The trumpet instrumentals furnish a real ragtime swing feel. Caro keeps the pace easily, giving wonderful variations in her voice, as she melodiously boogie-woogie's out lyrics such as 'I know you don't love me ,But still I burn for you , I know you don't love me, This flame will die, it's true', with emphasis on such words as 'love me'. An all too brief charismic tune for me.

          "Dr. Wanna Do" is also written by Schreurs, van Wieringen, but with Degiorgio, Caro and the jazz pianist and composer, Daan Herweg. With the length of 3:02secs, it's a very fun chirpy number. Caro supplies such an amusing and entertaining compatibility with the instrumentals.; with her 'My eyes went ooh ,My voice just cooed ,My mind let loose ,I'll stay forever, it's up to you , Dabedebedibedabedudohdoh', you'll be tapping on an imaginary keyboard in no time! This song is a real bebop lively entry, quite different than any other track on the album. The song has a pleasant playful feel that made me feel very up-lifted.

          "Stuck" is a song written by Schreurs and Degiorgio. This track is a fair bit longer than the previous, at 4:33 secs. This has an almost Dixieland feel to the brief introduction. This is a very speedy up tempo tune that Caro has no problems keeping up with. I found it pretty difficult jigging along with the melody by my uncontrollable foot tapping, didn't stop me though! This is a superb fairly boisterous melody. Though there is a point just over half way through, the pitch changes to a slow, peaceful mode where Caro sings the lines 'I know we have a chemistry ,This combination's heavenly ,But don't forget you promised me ,Everything, everything', the musical arrangements leading off from that point back to its jaunty rhythmic tempo.

          The tenth track in line, "I know That He's Mine" is written by Schreurs, Degiorgio and Caro. A strong and beautiful offering at 4:17. The track begins very briefly with the thudding sound of piano acoustics. The melody makes a complete change to a buoyant and measured beat. With accordion acoustics, the instrumentals give a rather doleful feel to the melody. The acoustics afford wonderful harmonies to this more soulful song. Caro delivers her lyrics with feeling and sincerity as she declares 'The tracks of my tears keep on freezin',I'm melting the cold in the halls, I feel like I'm drownin''There's no one around'. Although more reserved than the more up-beat songs on the album, the flowing instrumentals give a strange feel good factor that seem to contradict the lyrical content.

          The penultimate 3:47 sec track is entitled "A Night like this" written by Schreurs, van Wieringen and Degiorgio. Accomplished guitar acoustics accompany Caro's touching lyrical voice. This has to be one of my favourites on the album. I feel like I'm in a Parisian café' listening to Caro on an old radio. The song can't help but lift one up emotionally, as she passionately and symphoniously sings 'I have never dreamed it ,Have you ever dreamed a night like this ,I cannot believe it ,I may never see a night like this', I'm left humming the melody long after it's ended!

          Finally, the album ends with "The Lipstick on His Collar" written by Schreurs, Degiorgio and Rozeboom. A little less in length than the previous track at 3:37 secs. This track begins with a powerful and measured beat. Caro gives a sober and serious permance in her voice. This is a poignant song of a wronged lover, and Caro proves she can rise to the occasion. Caro achingly affirms 'I feel a little wounded and it isn't fair ,To sit inside a parlour and see him standing over there ,As smug as a robber that a cop can't catch ,The lipstick on his collar doesn't seem to match mine' . Although there are no doubts this song has a valid place on this fairly diverse album, I wish it hadn't been the last track; it leaves me feeling flat and quite sad!

          Do I recommend? ~ 'Jazz is about being in the moment' {Herbie Hancock

          Yes I do but with some reservations! 'Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor' can certainly be seen as Caro's inspiration from her love of music from the forty's and fifty's. The album is a wonderful versatile offering of pop, rumba, bossa nova and samba thus composing a wonderfully unique sound. But, I do feel it's an acquired taste and won't be to everyone's liking. Having said that, Caro has given a very popular flavour to the songs and presented such diversity in musical genres that it is of no surprise she has become an instant hit. The lyrics are beautifully written and with skillful polished instrumentals, this is a worthy album to purchase. For me, I need to be in the right mood to listen, kind of meditative and content. I am very happy that my son bought me this album; it is a beautiful fun introduction to such genres of Swing and Vocal Jazz.
          My son purchased this from our local Morrisons store for just under £10, but the album is widely available on the high street or online. Amazon are currently selling the album for £6.99; 'Delivered free in the UK with Super Saver Delivery'. I give this album 8/10 as it is wonderfully diverse, but not a CD for all occasions!


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            01.06.2011 11:55
            Very helpful



            A brilliant album, well worth buying!

            I have been buying quite a lot of music recently and it all seems to have been albums by solo female artistes. I've bought Jessie J, Adele, Paloma Faith, Lady Gaga's new album and they are all really good, yet my favourite is probably the least known of all of those - Caro Emerald.

            I first heard of Caro by seeing a television advertisement for her album Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor. I had no idea who she was, but the advert showed clips from three or four of her songs and I liked each one. After seeing it a few times, I did some research online and discovered she is a thirty year old Dutch jazz singer whose real name is Caroline Esmeralda van der Leeuw.

            Deleted Scenes is her first album and visiting her official website http://www.caroemerald.com I found out that you can listen to it on her 'Music' section, as well as remixes and some live performances. I played some of these tracks and fell in love! Wow! Such originality and passion, catchy tunes that made me literally get up and dance, clever lyrics and a great voice. She really does sound quite unique - and originality is rare in music these days - but you can describe her sound as definitely jazzy but modern. There is a Latin, Hispanic, tango feel to it, but it also reminds me of old films from the 1950s somehow. If you combine Amy Winehouse with Dusty Springfield, you've got a base, then add the Latino feel, set it to the backdrop of a film noir, in a slightly seedy jazz bar and you're almost there.

            Caro Emerald can really sing. She has performed live on British TV a couple of times lately and you can hear her sing live at the Heineken Music Hall on her website. What's more, she's not twenty and she's not a size eight! She has the figure of a 1950s pin-up girl, curves in all the right places and is sexy and sassy - she would be a great role model for young girls.

            I tried to buy her album from Tesco's but it had sold out, so I ordered it from Amazon UK for £6.99. It is excellent value. All the albums I have bought recently have a couple of poorer tracks on them amongst the brilliant ones, but Deleted Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor has twelve tracks and they are all excellent!

            I love the look of the packaging and design of the album too. The CD itself is a gorgeous red and the words on it again remind me of the titles of an old movie. The booklet's cover is yellow, in the same kind of design and inside the lyrics are printed out in big enough text so you can actually read them easily (Yay!) and the pages are in bold red, yellow and white.

            Caro's voice is definitely the star of each track, but there is an impressive array of other instruments on the album, including piano, guitars, violin, viola, cello, tuba, clarinet, banjo, marimba and sax. This gives a great effect of depth and can transport you away to another world, as you become absorbed in the great mixture of vocals and musical instruments.

            Five of the tracks from this album have been released as singles in the Netherlands, but over here in the UK, A Night Like This is her first single to hit the Top 40. She has already had Number Ones in the Netherlands, Austria, Romania and Poland.

            The first track on the album is That Man, which begins with an incredibly catchy toe-tapping beat and just gets better once she starts singing. After just a few seconds, I want to get up and dance! This is a good introduction to her style of music and just urges you on to hear more.

            Just One Dance is about flirting and seduction, sex and attraction - a common theme amongst her songs. You won't find any swearing or explicit lyrics though, it's all suggested and underplayed, so you can happily buy this album for your grandmother! This track is a bit slower and moodier than the first track, jazzier, but still a great song.

            Riviera Life is a fast beat, carnival-type song that conjures up images of sunshine, palm trees, staying up late drinking cocktails and flirting with local waiters. It doesn't have as good lyrics as some of hers, it seems less deep and more throwaway but it is still a really good track.

            Track four is my favourite - Back It Up - and it is incredibly catchy with clever lyrics and a wonderful beat. You can't help singing along and swinging along to this one and I never tire of hearing it. Caro's voice is showcased beautifully here with the jazz element strongly present, especially with her "ba dlu dla dla dladay" vocals at their very best. Stunning.

            The Other Woman continues the level of excellence, sounding rather like the theme to a James Bond film. It is sultrier than Back It Up, a bit slower paced, but still catchy and especially the chorus, which I love. This is about being a mistress (as you might guess from the title) and the kind of part-time relationship you get in that position. Caro almost purrs through some of the vocals here and it's sexy without being cheap or tacky. Caro Emerald is one classy woman!

            Track six is Absolutely Me, the shortest track on the album (2.45 mins) following the longest (The Other Woman is 5.33 mins). This is another catchy song with a chorus that is easy to sing along to. It feels a bit lighter than some of the tracks, so is not amongst my favourites and it doesn't feel as rich musically, perhaps because it only has a few instruments and is quite drum and percussion heavy. By no means is it a bad track though, there aren't any I skip over on the album and I enjoy each one.

            You Don't Love Me begins with a short piano solo before going into a catchy beat, then Caro's vocals kick in. A toe-tapping beat accompanied by lyrics of lost love and missed passion make this another memorable track. Although there is a recognisable style throughout the entire album, each track is still distinct, they don't blur into each other as some albums do.

            Dr. Wanna Do is a fast, fun, upbeat track with cute lyrics which remind me of Betty Boop or an old Marilyn Monroe musical, all pouty red lips and a cheeky wink. The beat is another catchy one with a great brass section. The lyrics aren't very deep on this one, but Caro plays well with the vocals and some parts are reminiscent of swing and boogie-woogie groups like The Andrews Sisters.

            This is followed by Stuck, which is more modern and has quite a fast and furious feel to it, though Caro once again paces her lines beautifully with clear intonation. She makes the most of every word to great effect. This song is about love and reminds me of warm locations, holiday romances and glamour.

            Track ten is called I Know That He's Mine and begins with quite a long, dramatic instrumental section that conjures up dark-haired couples tangoing across a badly-lit wooden floor. Clever lyrics beautifully delivered add the top layer over the depth of musical instruments and this is another highlight of the album.

            Just two tracks left now and the next one is her current UK single A Night Like This, so should be recognisable to most people. Another stunning track, wonderfully presented and constructed and I just love it! Another one that sticks in your mind and sings to you over the day. Evocative lyrics, atmospheric music and probably my favourite lines of the whole album in the first two verses. Clever stuff.

            The final track is The Lipstick On His Collar and it concludes the album well. This also has a James Bond theme feel to it and evokes memories of swimsuit-clad women dancing in silhouette. An impressive end to the album.

            Here is the track listing with my rating for each one.

            That Man - 9.5 out of 10
            Just One Dance - 9 out of 10
            Riviera Life - 8 out of 10
            Back It up - 10 out of 10
            The Other Woman - 9.5 out of 10
            Absolutely Me - 8 out of 10
            You Don't Love Me - 8.5 out of 10
            Dr. Wanna Do - 8.5 out of 10
            Stuck - 8.5 out of 10
            I Know That He's Mine - 9 out of 10
            A Night Like This - 10 out of 10
            The Lipstick On His Collar - 8.5 out of 10

            I have recommended this album to many of my family and friends so far. I can see my twenty-year-old daughter enjoying this as much as my 65-year-old mother would; I think it has a great appeal across the ages. It may be more of a woman's kind of music than a man's, but my fiancé likes the album too.

            Overall, Caro Emerald has blown me away with her talent and this album is the best I have bought for a long time. Excellent stuff.


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            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 That Man
            2 Just One Dance
            3 Riviera Life
            4 Back It Up
            5 The Other Woman
            6 Absolutely Me
            7 You Don't Love Me
            8 Dr. Wanna Do
            9 Stuck
            10 I Know That He's Mine
            11 A Night Like This
            12 The Lipstick On His Colla

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