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Detoxification - Dr. Dre

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: Dr. Dre / Audio CD released 2008-11-24 at Modulor

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2009 19:34
      Very helpful



      A dreadful pre-album mixtape. Lets hope this bad omen doesn't prove correct

      I thought I'd review this seeing as nobody else has...

      It is not the long-awaited forthcoming album by Dr Dre, similarly entitled 'Detox' but a prelude of handpicked tracks already released as B-sides, album tracks and mixtapes from affiliated artists. This album is meant to hype the upcoming album and tru as I might, i can't find a release date for it... STILL!! Eminem has a release date, so does 50 Cent, D12 have just dropped their new mixtape, but Jay-Z and Dre refuse to give out a date which suggests it may be some time before we see their albums. So I guess Detoxification is the best I've got for now so here goes the review.

      === The Album ===

      [Track 1 - The Truth]

      This track features Devin The Dude of 2001 fame And after a few subtle jazz chords, a smooth beat drifts in. The beat is slow and their are some jazz saxophones in the background with a smooth vocal from devin. not exactly remarkable or revolutionary but a cool song and a good listen. the verses are a little weak, but the chorus is soulful.


      [Track 2 - Who's Next]

      This track features Clyde Carson, a member of West Coast click 'The Team.' The song opens with a decent acapella rap and a piano-based beat joins soon after. Quite a murky, innocuous beat with quite a lot of N'words thrown about. Not great but a good flow on offer depite a lack of any real content in the lyrics. You can literally see what the next rhyme will be before it comes.


      [Track 3 - In The Town]

      This slow jam has good old 'Nate Dogg' on it. he sings in a typical slow, bassy style. The beat is very 1990s and seems to be either retro or just clichéd. Not too impressed with this one.


      [Track 4 - Come On]

      Featuring Stat Quo, this track is a little outdated since the rapper in question has left the aftermath label. The track itself is nothing new, a lot of repetitions and a bit of a southern US twist to the track. Stat Quo is from Atlanta so maybe thats why but I'm not really feeling this.


      [Track 5 - Out Of Control]

      Since this track features Redman, I expect something from this one. The beat is quite funky and the bassline is making me bounce along. Quite a simple formula but a decent track so far with some decent lyrics and well delivered. Keith Murray is on the track and despite being astranger to me, he's not too bad. redman is decent aswell and this track is acceptable. Not brilliant but some good points.


      [Track 6 - The Office]

      Snoop Dogg this time so it could go either way. I weird beat with a fat bassline and some bizarre sample. Dre actually raps for the first time on the album in this track. the beat is one that grows on you, not the deepest of tracks but the verses are prety good and a decent speed to the lyrics so I'm happy this time.


      [Track 7 - Shade Sheist]

      This track features the powerful vocal chords of Xzibit and once again, Nate Dogg and Warren G. Haven't heard him for a long time. the verses are a little weak considering the talent on offer and Nate Dogg doesn't offer anything new really. A slow beat that doesn't really fit the verses too well so this won't get high marks. I like all of the featured artists so I'm a little disappointed.


      [Track 8 - Talkin Big Sh!t]

      A thumping drum beat with a nice guitar sample opens this track with promise. The MC on the track opens well and Dre does quite well. Did he write his own verse??? Who knows? The beat is probably the best part of this song and whilst the verses are ok, I can;t help thinking I might have preferred the instrumental.


      [Track 9 - F*ck All Yall]

      Hittman and Knockturnal crank out a slow jam beat with an aggressive gangsta rap vocal and it tends to fall pretty flat. Unimpressed.


      [Track 10 - Do You Know]

      Snoop and Daz this time. I'm getting sick of listing the guest stars by now. Another slow beat. what happened to quick tempo, quick spitting rappers. This track isn;t the worst but it just makes me wish for the days of 'Hit 'Em Up' or anything from 'Devil's Night' or '2001.'


      [Track 11 - Don't Sleep]

      Another pointless beat with a random MC (D.O.C if you're interested) I know unsigned rappers 10 times better than this!!


      [Track 12 - The Take Over]

      I've been praying this one is good, with Eminem on the track is has a much better chance. The beat is pretty slow again but it is reminiscent of 2001's style and borrows some of the album's samples. The verses are better and the beat is a bit more concrete but I'm still not over-enamoured with this one.


      [Track 13 - The Kush]

      Opens with King Tee coughing on smoke then a very typical beat kicks in. How I saw this rated as a 5 star album on play and amazon is beyond me. The tracks aren't particularly awful but after 20 years practise you'd expect people not to be rapping like it was 1990 still. I'm a little weary of this style now.


      [Track 14 - Baller]

      A decent track in comparison to some of the others with a bit of a pornobeat instrumental and a mediocre set of rappers.


      [Track 15 - Represent]

      This track features so-called Hip-Hop legend 50 Cent although I'm still unconvinced. the beat utilises a piano to create a sinister tone and admittedly 50 does better than a lot of the other preceeding MCs. Loses its way a little towards the end but marginally better than the lesser tracks so far.


      [Track 16 - Next Level]

      Dre makes the effort on this one, there's hardly a beat to speak of, just a simple bassline and a few effects. I have to say this mixtape is pretty boring and I can only hope this is no indication of what Detox has in store.


      [Track 17 - Drama]

      A slightly upped tempo but much more of the same again. Uninspiring.


      [Track 18 - Think About It]

      Xzibit returns and finally the beat sounds different to the previous 15 beats. A strange synthed drum beat with heavy clam drums and X gives a aggravated verse which whilst it isn't anywhere near his peak, is so welcome I cannot begin to explain my greatfulness. I was gonna cry if this track sucked because this review has almost broken me. the track is only mediocre but in comparison to a lot of this labum it seems better.


      [Track 19 - Places To Go]

      An R&B vocal and similar type of beat keeps the song tolerable. normally hate R&B but Im just relieved it isn't a sucky sub-speed, sub-standard track like many of this albums worse examples. Reasonable verses and soft beat, not much else to say.


      [Track 20 - The Rock]

      The last track, Thank God/Jesus/Allah/Jehova/Vishnu/Science or whatever you believe in. This album has been one of the most tedious I have ever had to tolerate.Thankfully this track features Wu Tang Clan's 'Method Man' and despite not being a patchon most Wu tracks, its better than many of this albums abysmal offerings.


      === Overall ===

      This album is so bad that after 55 reviews I am finally awarding a ONE STAR rating. Individually the tracks do not deserve such criticism but if you had just listened to 20 sub-par tracks like I have then you would realise why this mixtape is so little known. Untold numbers of guests and a chance to handpick tracks for this mixtape have done nothing for it and have almost killed my love for Dr Dre before I even hear his new album. A shocking offering with an obvious lack of thought put in. It reeks of being a cash cow and I just pray that Relapse (by Eminem) and Detox (by Dre) can resurrect my faith.

      Thats all I can muster with my enthusiasm levels drastically waning. I wish I had never started this review because at least then I wouldn't have had to listen to the whole CD. Trust me, I've taken the bullet so you don't have to. If you carve some hip-hop, just go and play the older albums by these artists and just pray for some good news when then new ones are released.

      also posted on www.ciao.co.uk


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Truth - Dr. Dre & Devin The Dude
    2 Who's Next - Dr. Dre & Clyde Carson
    3 In Town - Dr. Dre & Nate Dogg
    4 Come On - Dr. Dre & Stat Quo
    5 Out Of Control - Dr. Dre & Redman/Keith Murray
    6 Office - Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg
    7 Shade Sheist - Dr. Dre & Xzibit/Nate Dogg/Knoc Turnal
    8 Talkin' Big Shit - Dr. Dre
    9 Fuck All Y'all - Dr. Dre & Knoc Turnal/Hittman
    10 Do You Know - Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg/Daz
    11 Don't Sleep - Dr. Dre & The DOC
    12 Take Over - Dr. Dre & Eminem
    13 Kush - Dr. Dre & King Tee
    14 Baller - Dr. Dre
    15 Represent - Dr. Dre & 50 Cent
    16 Next Level - Dr. Dre
    17 Drama - Dr. Dre
    18 Think About It - Dr. Dre & Xzibit
    19 Places To Go - Dr. Dre
    20 Rock - Dr. Dre & Method Man

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