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Devdas - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 2003-04-15 at Universal

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    2 Reviews
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      03.11.2008 14:18
      Very helpful



      One of the biggest-selling albums in Indian history and it certainly deserved it!

      As a young British Asian for me the success of the movie Devdas really makes me proud of my culture and heritage.

      The movie tells the story of two childhood friends who were seperated when they were younger but hold a love for one another throughout the years. Parvati, known as Paro and Dev are reunited years later when Dev returns from his studies in England but the two are torn apart by society because they are from different castes. The film is a period drama and is a classic love story. This film is a remake of the original black and white movie. I do not know if the songs were remakes of the originals or not but the soundtrack for this film was truly beautiful. If you do not understand Hindi, like myself, then the songs are best listened to in the film where they fit perfectly into the story and also have subtitles.

      The music is by Ismail Darbar and the lyrics were written by Nusrat Badr. Both have done a fantastic job at creating beautiful music that fits really well with the story.

      Sisila Ye Chahat Ka is the first song on the album and the singer, Shreya Ghosal has a beautiful tone to her voice. I do not understand Hindi but from watching the film and from some translation from my mom the song is about the girl waiting for the return of her lover, in the movie she has a candle whose flame she never lets die. Ghosal is accompanied by the beautiful sound of the classical Indian instruments the sitar and the tabla. The song has a sweet enticing melody and is definitely one of my favourites on the album.

      Maar Dala is one of my favourite songs as it has so much passion. The translation is beautiful, the words Maar Dala literally mean "he killed me" and the song describes the characters unrequited for love for a man whose very essence he can sense before he enters a room. If you have never heard this song, please, just type it in youtube now, as she sings the words Allah Maar Dala, "God he killed me" you really feel that she is crying out in pain and the connection the voice makes with your heart is phenomenal. There is a great assortment of classical music instruments here, some I can't even name, but the ones I recognised were the Tabla and Harmonioum. This songs melody is not as catchy as the other songs but the beauty of the words and singing makes it one of the most appealing on the soundtrack. It is sung by Kavita Krishnamurty and she really has sung right from the bottom of her soul in this song.

      Beri Piya is a very romantic song and I'm not sure about the translation but it occurs at the part of the movie where the love between the two characters is starting to develop. I wasn't as keen on this song but it still sounds beautiful and fits well in the soundtrack. This song is sung by Udit Narayan & Shreya Ghosal and both their voices blend well together.

      Kaahe Chede Mohe is one of the most classical songs on the soundtrack with a great emphasis on the dance rhythm iterations made in the classical dance style Kathak. Unfortunately I don't know the translation of the words but in the film the song is sung in brothel and I know part of the words say kiss me and spin me so the song is about love again. It is sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and also by one of the actresses in the film, Madhuri Dixit. I don't know if she is professional but her voice sounds angelic on this track.

      Hamesha Tumko Chaha, translates into "forever I have longed for you as I have longed for nothing else". This is a really moving song as it occurs during the part of the film when the female protagonist is going to marry another after her true loves family rejected her because of her caste, her status in society. Although her love does beg for her back she feels it is too late now she has accepted the other proposal and proceeds with the wedding, singing this song reminiscing about her love and as the song she cries out, repeating to her love that he was the one she loved. Both singers sing beautifully in this song, it feels very heartfelt and the music arrangement is fantastic, with very light drum sounds carrying the melody. This song is sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy and Udit Narayan.

      Chalak Chalak is a fun song all about being drunk. It has a really great upbeat instrumental and the singing is uplifting and lively, really makes you reminisce about nights out with the boys. The lyrics talk about when one drinks the alcohol how it goes straight to their heart and brings back memories of love. It is sung by Udit Narayan & Vinod Rathod who both have great powerful voices.

      Woh Chaand Jaisi Ladki translates to "This celestial girl is overwhelming my heart". This song is a very romantic slow song, not one of my favourites because I don't understand all the lyrics and this song doesn't have the same catchy melodies as the others but nonetheless it is a very deep song with soft sensuous singing and a very passive intricate instrumental. It is sung by Udit Nararyan.

      More Piya occurs in the film as the two lovers Paro and Dev are together and it is not shown but the audience assume they are going to consummate their love despite not being married. Meanwhile Paro's mother is dancing for Dev's family, singing the story of the divine love between the two Hindu God's, Krishna and Radha. The song has a fantastic instrumental and as sung with a lot of great passion. Shreya Ghosal and Jaspinder Narola are the singers on this less classical style song.

      Dola Re Dola, finally I get to write about this one! One of the best tracks on the album and definitely the catchiest with and wonderful singing and an instrumental that makes you want to jump out your seat and dance around. The first minute is a fantastic introduction to the song, a great build up to introduce the singers. I am not sure about the translations for this song, it occurs when the two of the characters are dancing as part of a prayer ceremony however I am not sure if the song is about God or love. Either way the song is a lot of fun and the singers really sound like they are connecting with one another, you can really hear that it sounds like two friends dancing together, having a great time. The voices of Kavita Krishnamurthy and Shreya Ghosal mesh so well together and this song is one of the biggest hits from the soundtrack.

      Finally on the soundtrack is the Devdas theme, I don't really count it as a song but they always do this with Bollywood soundtracks. It's nice enough though.

      I would whole-heartedly recommend anyone to listen to this soundtrack as you are bound to find a track you like. Whether you enjoy its beautiful instrumental arrangements or the great soul and passion of the singers this album truly is a masterpiece!


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        01.04.2008 16:34
        1 Comment



        You Should listen

        Devdas one of the higgest money grosser movie India plus it was highest paid soundtrack. The songs of this movie were huge hits.

        The Music is given by Ismail Darbar & the lyrics written by Nusrat Badr and he was a newcomer. Devdas is a period film and considering this the soundtrack of this movie is brilliant.

        Shreya Ghosal a singer also made her debut in indiam film industry by singing songs in this movie.

        The tracks are as follows -

        1) Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka na mene bhujne diya - This song is about a girl who is waiting for her lover, the music & lyrics are very good it just catches you. this is sung by Shreya Ghosal and she has done a splendid job.

        2) Maar Dala - Picturised on Madhuri Dixit and sung by Kavita Krishnamurty is also an important song in the soundtrack. Its a mujra song. Again a great Music.

        3)Beri Piya - This is a romantic song sung by Udit narayan & Shreya Ghosal, you all should love this song. Ismail Darbar again has given a good music & i dont need to mention the Lyrics are brilliant.

        4)Kaahe Chede Mohe - sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy & some Verses By Madhuri Dixit, this is a classicla song. All clasical lover will love this one.

        5)Hamesha Tumko Chaha - again a master piece sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy & Udit Narayan, a goos song which you all will like to hear.

        6)Chalak Chalak - This one is sung by Udit Narayan & Vinod Rathod, picturised on Sharukh & Jackie Shroff. its a song for drinkers i just love this song though i'm not a drinker but the music 7 tune just catch me every time i listen this song.

        7)Woh Chaand Jaisi Ladki - Sung by Udit Nararyan, has very good lyrics.

        8)More Piya - sung by Shreya Ghosal & Jaspinder narola, in this as well its great music & Lyrics. Its a semi classical song.

        9)Dola Re Dola - one of the biggest hit, sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shreya Ghosal & KK and its a very good song. Picturised on Pooja scene this song has Madhuri & Aishwarya dancing together. Greta music & Lyrics again.

        10)Devdas Theme - It is ok.

        So over all a great music composed by Ismail Darbar & equally a great job done by all the singers. i'l recommened you to listen this soundtrack.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Title Music
        2 Devdas Arrives/Paro Is Informed
        3 Sisila Ye Chahat Ka
        4 Devdas Meets Paro
        5 Woh Chand Jaisi Ladki
        6 Devdas Gets A Heirloom/Kangan From Dadi Presents It To Paaro
        7 Bairi Piya
        8 Deception Of Sumitra
        9 Morey Piya
        10 Devdas And Paro's Fateful Midnight Meeting
        11 Kaahe Chhed
        12 Paro's Wedding/Dev's Pleas Unanswered
        13 Hamesha Tumko Chaha
        14 Paro's First Meeting With Her Husband
        15 Dev Comes To In Chandramukhi's House/Kali Babu's Challengesto Chandra Muki
        16 Maar Dala
        17 Dev Arrives Drunk At His Father's Funeral
        18 Paro Meets Chandramukhi/Invites Her For Durga Pooja
        19 Dola Re
        20 Kali Babu Unveils Chandramukhi's Identity
        21 Chunibabu Cheers Dev Up/Offers Jaam
        22 Chalak Chalak
        23 Dev Is Seriously Ill

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