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Dias De Gloria - Avalanch

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Genre: World Music / Artist: Avalanch / Import / Audio CD released at JFK

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    1 Review
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      02.02.2008 18:58
      Very helpful



      Avalanch's first live album (2000).

      With only two studio albums behind them - three if you count the annoyingly obligatory 'The Eternal Flame' that was merely an English language version of the debut for the international market that apparently doesn't like foreigners very much - there was no real need for an Avalanch live album, but judging by the reaction of the crowd in 'Dias de gloria,' the band had already developed a strong and loyal fan base by this early stage in their career.

      Of course, the main problem with only having two albums of material to fall back on is that this will essentially represent the best of those two releases, and offer nothing new to those who already own them or would like to at some point in the future. This lack of a substantial back catalogue even leads to the presence of two cover songs disguised as added value, but really covering up for a lack of extra songs: Helloween's early speed metal offering 'I Want Out' is covered in a fairly uninteresting way that doesn't seem to please the crowd as much as the band's own material, though Victor Garcia is just as capable of reaching those old high notes, while the bonus studio cover of Queen had already been released as a single in its own right earlier that year, and is uninspired at best (though there are worse things I could say about it).

      As expected from a live performance in support of a new studio release, most of the material here comes from the most recent 'Llanto de un héroe,' with the first three songs being reproduced in order to an enthusiastic response, and representing the best material here. 'Vientos del sur' and 'Pelayo' are also taken from that album, interestingly avoiding coverage of its weaker second half, almost as if the band was aware of its declining quality. 'El despertar,' 'Vicio letal' and 'Excalibur' are all decent offerings from 'La llama eterna,' though the former is merely a one-minute introduction that highlights another problem of this release in terms of its song lengths, most of which are overlong and balanced out with unsatisfying interludes, and the end result of a fifty minute running length merely feels mediocre for a live album; there's certainly no sense of having experienced a great show. These problems could have been avoided if this had been released a few years down the line.

      1. Intro
      2. Torquemada
      3. Por mi libertad
      4. El despertar
      5. Vicio letal
      6. Vientos del sur
      7. Excalibur
      8. Pelayo
      9. I Want Out (Helloween cover)
      10. Epílogo
      11. Save Me (Queen cover)


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