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Dillinger & Young Gotti II: Tha Saga Continues - Tha Dogg Pound

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: Tha Dogg Pound / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2005-11-01 at Gangsta Advisory

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    1 Review
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      23.05.2009 19:58
      Very helpful



      DPG's fifth album

      In 2005 the West Coast Rap duo Tha Dogg Pound (here going by D.P.G. (Dogg Pound Gangstaz) dropped their fifth overall album, although released independently (almost as a mixtape) "Dillinger & Young Gotti II: Tha Saga Continuez" acted as a heavy follow-up to their second album (which was the last this not to come out simply as a compilation). Kurupt (Young Gotti) and Daz Dillinger do things as they have since their 1995 debut by primarily havng the beats done by Daz, and having the duo share out the raps.

      1. "Tha Saga Continuez..."

      2. "DPGC Muzik"

      Although I guarantee you won't have heard this, I see this as my favourite Gangsta Rap track of all time, it is just a perfect example of West Coast Rap at its best complete with hardcore slaps, and the most exciting synth to take you back to the G-Funk days of when this scene worked its way into the mainstream of Hip Hop. The rhymes are fly, and they show the pair's teamwork better than any other work form them.

      **Five Stars**

      3. "Blast 'Em Up" (Lude)

      4. "Cuz I'm A Gangsta"

      Off a killer ja such as that one, nothing would be able to compare, and so it appears that the quality depletes as you get to this one, but I felt that it just wasn't as exciting as the production is past over to someone other than Daz, and with DJ Xtra Large behind it, it isn't as engaging but the flows make sure that you can't hate on it either while they talk through their everyday Gangsta activities.

      **Four Stars**

      5. "Hittin' Donutz in tha Streetz"

      Moving things up a little by doing something which deals with something a lot lighter than what we have had in the other couple of tracks, you have a tune which has them doing a soft and light track which is geared towards the Summertime feel, and I felt that they were successful at this as after listing all the gangs which they often encounter, they turn their attention to the girls for a change.

      **Five Stars*

      6. "Say It

      The beats in this one are completely unlike what you expect to get in n album from this two as they do one with almost cartoony stuff, which almost takes from the other ones which you got earlier on the album, but I feel that having it positioned after the one which we just had made it fit in, and they showed they could adapt their flows to display a much for gentle side to them.

      **Four Stars**

      7. "We Gitt"

      Here you have them doing more to explore experimental areas which you wouldn't associate with them and in this has by doing a track which has them dealing with the substances which they often use to get off their head, it seems relevant to do things in this way for this one, and I felt that it went successfully in this case as they just float on some hypnotic work.

      **Four Stars**

      8. "U Remind Me..."

      Soopafly steps up to help out Daz on the beats, and it appears that he has gone for the type of thing which we know him for by doing some seventies Funk-inspired work to guide them as they do more out-of-character- raps which deals with them rhyming about just having fun with the special girls in their life.

      **Four Stars**

      9. "Make Me A Believer"

      Here you have them doing something which is a lot more like them, and although they continue to focus their efforts around raping about just how they like to get down with their girl, they take things to the clubs on this one, and choose to get much more explicit in this case with one which has the two talk us through a typical night out (and how it inevitably works its way back home).

      **Five Stars**

      10. "I Luv U When"

      You have them on some funky beats which are backed by a hard bassline, and I felt that this was essential to allow it to fully manifest itself and engage all that it possibly could as they do one which finds them speaking upon how exactly they work their girls, and how many they tend to have at one time. This is a classy two-stepping one, and although Kurupt's flow seemed much more in tune with the feel of the recording, without Daz' barked flow wouldn't have kept their reputation up. Gotti chooses to adapt some of Eazy-E's classic opening words from "Boyz-N-The-Hood", and similarly Daz takes from "Rapper's Delight" for his inspiration on this one.

      **Five Stars**

      11. "What U Gone Do?"

      Here they get right back to the type of stuff you got on "DPGC Muzik", by grooving in that good old Gangsta rap as they decide that it's time to affirm that they can't just get down to all of that love rap in this album. I felt that when taking the opening single into account, you can't help but get down to the funkiness of this particular track as it shows them at their best whilst showing the progression of the West Coast scene (after the Hip Hop fans moved their attention down south).

      **Five Stars**

      12. "Push Bacc"

      L.T. Hutton is behind this one and following an introduction from the Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan, and he decides to go about things in manner which supports his personal tastes, and I felt that although it doesn't really fit in with what you like to here from them, this experimental time for the West Coast needed the odd track like this where alterative production pushes it in a new direction towards what could again see the popularity be driven back to California.

      **Four Stars**

      13. "Ride & Creep"

      The final proper track on this release has them getting back to the proper Gangsta Rap music which you would have associated with the West Coast music of the late eighties and early nineties, and I felt that having such a throwback feel to the material made listeners want to engage much more with it all as they show that it is still relevant at this point.

      **Five Stars**

      14. "Feels Good to Be a Dogg Pound Gangsta" (Outro)

      This album is great in the fact that it has the duo trying out very different stuff by visiting themes which don't really fit expectations. However I felt that it was a bit of a disappointment to see them explore this field to the degree where you get bored of it, and so despite having some of their best Gangsta Rap tunes, having it overwhelmed with the female-oriented tunes annoys the listeners that you could have potentially have made many tracks of this quality whilst doing something we were more familiar with.


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Tha Saga Continuez...
    2 DPGC Muzic
    3 Blast 'Em Up (Skit)
    4 Cuz I'm a Gangsta
    5 Hittin' Donutz in tha Streetz
    6 Say It
    7 We Gitt
    8 U Remind Me... - Tha Dogg Pound, Men-Nefer
    9 Make Me a Believer
    10 I Luv When U - Tha Dogg Pound, Men-Nefer
    11 What U Gone Do?
    12 Push Bacc
    13 Ride & Creep - Dsharp, Tha Dogg Pound
    14 Feels Good to Be a Dogg Pound Gangsta (Outro)

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