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Disc-overy - Tinie Tempah

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5 Reviews

Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap / Artist: Tinie Tempah / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2010-10-04 at Parlophone

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    5 Reviews
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      08.03.2012 11:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Tinie Tempah's debut album


      Tinie Tempah was an unexpected breakout star of 2010. After being one of Grime's more forgettable artists -who occasionally dropped a good single every now and then - the end of 2009 saw him drop "Pass Out", which he earned himself a #1 single a couple of months later. What would happen in the months to follow would establish him as the UK's leading MC, making everyone forget about the many who had made a name for themselves before. With Labrinth on his side - contributing game-changing beats to give him a refreshing sound - the rise to stardom was a swift one and would be marked in October 2010 with the release of the "Disc-Overy" album.

      *Good Points*

      It's got a nice array of sing-a-long tracks. Listening to lively tracks like "Pass Out" and "Frisky", you'll think he's the saviour to the game and has the ability to bring the average person's tastes over to Rap-orientated sounds. It comes across when he gets adventurous and big tunes like "Wonderman" pop out too, when he's not linking-up with Swedish House Mafia and is resulting in unexpected triumphs. Superficially, he meets expectations and will keep the casual fan satisfied.

      *Bad Points*

      When you dig in-between the gaps in the album and you look past the singles, there's really not much going on here. Truly, everything is filler and he's getting by with braggadocio, rather than particular skill. Much of this is down to the way he uses US rappers' styles as templates. From the introduction alone, you'll get this impression, but the work with Kelly Rowland and cuts like "Obsession" just continue to reinforce this. He's under the impression that he's a strong lyricist, but it's only his charisma keeping him on track. When he's exposed and hasn't got a big name guest to fall back on, as with "Obsession", he's revealed to be a rather basic spitter who can't really carry an album's worth of music yet.


      In summary, from the early promotional phase of "Disc-Overy" was much better than the final product. Truly, the singles are all it's worth caring about with this record, as the rest of it is nothing but filler. It sounds as though he's just trying to impress Lil Wayne and Drake when his raps. Most of the time, he's steals their flows and attempting to imitate their every move. The album is a reflection of what they're about too; a mix and match of radio-ready tunes and club ones (although more in-tune with what's going on in the UK with the latter). Overall, it sounds like he's trying too hard to play the role of an American rapper and when he isn't, he's merely finding a place to fit in on House beats.


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        09.01.2012 17:52
        Very helpful



        If you have the singles already you'll gain nothing from this.

        This album was released after the vast success of Tinie's hit singles, 'Pass Out' 'Written in the Stars', 'Frisky', 'Miami 2 Ibiza' and 'Wonderman'. This album contains all of those songs plus, obviously, more with 15 songs in total. This represents great value. I bought this album as I loved his biggest hits 'Pass Out' and 'Frisky'. I hoped the rest of his songs would get near this quality. Unfortunately I am a bit disappointed with this album. The hits are the only good songs in my opinion.

        First up is an into. And it's awful. Really contrived and repetitive and left me with a grimace 1/10

        Next is the first proper song 'Simply Unstoppable'. This is bit better with some of Tinie's classic clever rhymes and popular beats but is still no where near the quality of his singles and gets a bit annoying by the end. 4/10

        Track 3 is the best, 'Pass Out'. This song has been out for ages and I still absolutely love it. I know all the words as the rhymes are so good and memorable. I think of this track is because, unlike some hip-hop artists, we can relate to Tinie in this song. He talks about his Gran's house and going to Scunthorpe. These are witty and endearing. It also starts with a great little intro that everyone recognises and finishes with a cool Drum and Bass flourish that gets everyone dancing. This song is a must for parties and possibly the best song of 2010. 10/10

        'Illusion' has a hard act to follow and unfortunately it doesn't quite to it. It's a bit dull and the background music never gets going. Tinie does have his usual clever lyrics though. 4/10

        'Just a Little' brings the mood back up after the disappointment of 'Illusion'. It has a good memorable chorus and has an early noughties vibe. This song is about missing someone and has hints of heartbreak so shows Tinie's softer side. 6/10

        The next song 'Snap' is probably the cheesiest song on the album and is about taking pictures. The theme is quite interesting at first but I have soon bored of it. 4/10

        'Written in the Stars' is another of the big hits on the album. At first I didn't like it but it has grown on me. It's quite epic and is really popular in clubs. Tinies rapping is a lot better on this song and the guitar bit near the end, though cheesy, is appealing. 7/10

        The best intro to a song award goes to 'Frisky'. It's this really cool little thing and is easily recognised by all. Good for parties. Tinie talks here about how frisky he is with the ladies (good on him). It also has the amazing line "would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?". I'll answer that question later 9/10

        Tinie pairs up with house giants Swedish House Mafia for this 'Miami 2 Ibiza' and is a big club hit. It's really likeable and popular but doesn't have much heart. The lyrics are, again, really clever but something doesn't do it for me. Still worth having though. 8/10

        'Obsession' is another album track and like the others, doesn't reach the high standards of the singles. It has a bit of a Kanye West ring to it but the lyrics aren't as catchy and this song is far from memorable. I'm not at all obsessed with this one. 3/10

        'Invincible' features Kelly Rowland off Destiny's Child. Kelly has a good voice but this song is really cheesy and not their best work. Sounds a bit like N-Dubz... 5/10

        Worst into to a song award goes to 'Wonderman' it has a silly techno-voiced man chatting about some super-hero called Wonderman. It's not a good thing. The real hero on this song is Ellie Goulding who appears on this song and brings back a bit of class to proceedings. Silly voices apart, quite good. 7/10

        'Let Go' has the most sinister sound to it. It is darker and the production is better. There are no gimmicks which do make it lose mass-appeal but this is the only album song on the album that I would buy separately. I hope Tinie goes in this direction in future. 7/10

        Two little bonus tracks now, 'Pass Out (US Version)' starts exactly the same as the original but about half-way through Snoop Dogg comes on. I love Snoop Dogg (especially as Huggy Bear in Starsky and Hutch). Snoop shows off his style well and this is a welcome addition. 8/10

        'Written in the Stars (live)' is another bonus. Nothing really of note here. Same as the original but live. 6/10

        This album is great if you don't have any of Tinie's singles as you can get them all in one place with the US version and 'Let Go' as well. But if you already have the singles then there isn't much to be gained from getting the album. The album tracks are a bit rubbish. This won't go down in history as one of the greats, just a normal pop album.

        I wouldn't risk it for a chocolate biscuit


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        06.03.2011 22:33
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A brilliant Album from Tinie Tempah

        I first heard of Tinie Tempah when he released his single Pass Out last year. My sister first introduced me to the song, and although it is not my usual type of music, I really enjoyed it. I had heard a few more songs of his over the year, and enjoyed them all, so I decided to get his album Disc-Overy.

        The album has 13 tracks on, all of which contain "explicit lyrics" so this is a parental advisory album, and I would not recommend letting anyone under the age of 14 or 15 listen to it. The CD was released in October 2010, so it is still some what of a new album, and not all the tracks on it have been released as singles as of yet.

        The first track on the album is an intro, and is also called Intro. This is just a quick starter to the album, and there isn't really much to say on it. It is 2 and a half minutes long, which by my standards is quite long for an intro track, but it is quite good to listen to and some what enjoyable.

        The second song is Simply Unstoppable. This track has not been released as a single as of yet, so it is not one of Tinies well known tracks, but when you listen to it, you can truly hear that it is a Tinie Tempah song. It has his signature style, and I think this is quite a good track to dance around the house to, as it has a great bass beat and some good lyrical sounds.

        The third track is Pass Out. This track is Tinie's debut single and one that made him into the superstar he is. This is a real feel good track, with an awesome drum and bass style to the back beat. Once you have listened to this song, you will be humming it all day. Brilliant summer and party tune, this one has it all!

        The fourth track is Illusion. I do like this track, but out of the whole album I can take or leave this one. It does have a good beat and some good lyrics, but there is nothign special to say about it, and in comparison to some of his other songs, it could be considered to be a little bit weak.

        The fifth track is entitled Just A Little, and it features Range. This is more of a better song, with a brilliant beat and I love dancing to this track. I really like the way this song flows, and the way that the lyrics fit with the beat show a real skill in song writing on this track.

        The sixth track is Snap. This is another of the tracks that is really nothing special, but it is nothing bad either. It fits well with the style of the album, and has some good melodies in it, but that is pretty much all it has going for it, Maybe good as a background tune when reading or something like that.

        The seventh track is Written in the Stars and features Eric Turner. This is my favorite track on the album, and it is going to be the main tune for WWE Wrestlemania this year! It is a brilliant song, which mixes rap with a tuneful melody and a piano harmony. The beat to this is beautiful and I love singing along to this song. The styles of Tinie and Eric work well together, and it makes the song truly something to love listening to.

        The eighth track is Frisky, featuring Labyrinth and is another song that has been released as a single. A bit different to some of his other stuff, but quite a catchy tune that I do find gets stuck in my head rather easily. This is a good tune to dance to, and mixes a couple of different styles of rap and hip hop, but it really works.

        The ninth track is Miami To Ibiza, which is my second favorite on the album. It is a good, upbeat dance tune which makes you feel good. It flows really well, and is a big hit on dancefloors in clubs. It is a proper summer tune, and I can't wait to listen to this whilst sitting in the sunshine.

        Tenth we have Obsession, which is a slightly more melodic song, but still has a good bass beat to it. The lyrical stylings are slightly different in this track in comparison to Tinie's other songs, but it is still a good track that is fun to listen to on road trips. I do not think this song is brilliant, but I still like it.

        The eleventh track is Invincible, featuring Kelly Rowland. On first hearing this track, I wasn't too keen it but it has grown on me now. I still would not say this is a great track, but it is ok. I think maybe Kelly and Tinie's styles do not mix too well, but it does somewhat work.

        The twelfth track is called Wonderman and it features Ellie Goulding. This is his latest single, which has only just been released. It has a bit more of a modern, space age feel to the song, and is more rap than some of his other work. It does flow well, but it is not a song I am greatly keen on.

        The final track on the album is called Let Go and features Emeli Sande (I have no idea who that is!) and whilst it is a good track, I do not think much of it and this is another of those tracks that I could have playing in the background whilst I am doing other things. I do not really have much to say about this one.

        All in all, this is a good album that is mostly full of good tracks. A couple of the tracks let it down a little bit, but not in a way that makes me regret buying it. The music style of Tinie Tempah is not the sort of music I usually listen to, but I do like his music and the songs on this album are good for me to listen to.

        I feel that there is some good talent inside Tinie, and this is shown quite well on this album. There is a good range of style in the songs, with a fair bit of skill shown in each one, from lyrical ability to vocal range.

        I bought my copy of this album from Amazon, for £7.95 which is a total bargain for a good album such as this one. You can also buy it from HMV and a few other online stores, but you would be paying over £11 for the exact same album. I recommend this album, and if you are going to buy it, save yourself some cash and buy it from Amazon, as it really is the cheapest place to buy it from.

        5 out of 5 stars from me.

        *This review is also on Ciao under the user name of Hailee*


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          29.11.2010 11:13
          Very helpful



          Musically brilliant, Lyrics very quick paced an well thought and very good collaborations.

          Tinie Tempah, Parlophone's South London rapper has transformed himself from a very ordinary unknown wannabe to an absolute hero. Some people may have heard Tinie Tempah on youtube with a few remixes that really were a waste of time, but then we hear Pass Out (feat Labrinth) and immediately super stardom.
          The first single to be released from the album and what a song, this song was everywhere, everyone had it on their phone, it was always on the television, and even now the rap is easy to get a hold of and its really quite clever and he undoubtably released the track of the year in a very hard fought battle between the Londoners.

          I mean look at the artists we have this year, who really we haven't took any notice of before the likes of ; Professor Green, Devlin, Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder, Example and eve Skepta has burst onto the scene. So when you see that line up you would think how could any have become so big when let's face it they are all creating similar music and you would think it would be impossible for Tinie Tempah to compete with any of them. But I can tell you one thing, they all want to be him right now. With masses of fans, many awards, success of his single releases Pass Out(feat labrinth), Frisky (feat labrinth), Written in the Stars(feat eric turner) and Miami to Ibiza vs Swedish House Mafia. I tell you these could all become a group or a crew and that would be a match made in heaven, like America's finest Young Money Entertainment with the brilliant rappers in a crew, this could quite easily happen here and what a story that would be. After the release of the new song Game Over featuring the majority of the above I have got to say what a song utter brilliance.

          This year really has seen these stars totally dominate the charts, but quite simply Tinie Tempah is number one at the moment, his album most definately shows this, confidence like he has been at the top for years and after the success of Disc-Overy I can see a very long and successful career for Mr Tinie Tempah. The track listing below shows the artists featured on the album and I will go into detail about the songs and tell you why if you have a favourite rapper right now and it's not Tinie Tempah you need to change your mind right now !

          Track Listing
          1. Intro **( What a start to the album)**

          2. Simply Unstoppable **( I definately agree Tinie your Simply Unstoppable)**

          3. Pass Out **(The massive single guides the album)**

          4. Illusion **( There is no illusion this song and album is excellent)**

          5. Just A Little-Feat. Range **( Very good R'N'B song that will get you singing)**

          6. Snap **( Slow start but very good tune )**

          7. Written In The Stars-Feat. Eric Turner **( Inspirational hit , End of !!)**

          8. Frisky-Feat. Labrinth **(Definately a song to remember, Brilliant)**

          9. Miami 2 Ibiza-Swedish House Mafia Vs Tinie Tempah **( definately to get you moving)**

          10. Obsession **(stronger feel to the song, slower and more meaningful)**

          11. Invincible-Feat. Kelly Rowland **(This song will make you feel Invincible)**

          12. Wonderman-Feat. Ellie Goulding **( Truely Excellent song you will never get out of your head)**

          13. Let Go-Feat. Emeli Sande **(What an end of the album, we don't want to let go Tinie)**

          What an album truely brilliant, what a line up, you seriously need to get this album !!! Every song on this album could quite easily be released as a single and could quite easily sell millions and that is no joke. Every song relates to Tinie's undoubtable power to make fantastic music and get people up and moving. I think one of the best things about this album is the fact he has the lyrics printed in the little book in the album, you don't very often get rappers having their lyrics included but thank you for putting them in, they make things extra special.

          The first track Intro, is an excellent approach to the album, it's quick, it's fierce and it shows Tinie's intention on the first song to make an album with no less than his best.

          The second track Simply Unstoppable, is a statement that you will totally agree with once you have listened to the whole album, but not only that , the song is really good, again the same with the other songs, his quick paced lyrics very clever approach and his ability to sustain his easily understandable lyrics that come to us very quickly, really makes things brilliant.

          Pass Out really needs no introduction the song is massive, it really speaks for itself, in years to come this song will never get you bored utterly fantastic.

          Illusion, is a song that uses a very good tune and melody, and his voice connects so easily with the music and we just want to bob our heads back and forth and jump on our toes.

          Just a Little, is a song that features the Range and both artists connect brilliant and they play off each other, Tinie's rap talents and the Range singing the corus is very good. This one really get's them girly girls interested, it shows how he can attract not only the lads but also the ladies his music arrtacts everyone and that's something other artists can find very hard to do but he most definately achieves that.

          Snap does take a while to get into it's stride and to be honest I did't like this very much on first hearing, but when you hear that corus my opinion quicly changes, it's actually a good song that you want to keep listening to. It's slightly slower than the other songs but fits in really well the more you listen to it.

          Written in the Stars, all I can say as I have said above, truely inspirational. It really is one of them songs to give you a spring in your step and if you are feeling quite low, you feel like the sun is shining on you and thank you Tinie. That's how good the song is you listen to it and you just cannot stop.

          Frisky, is a song as Tinie himself has said, is a song that he is speaking about a particular group of people , that are going wild making the most of their party life and are not too worried about anything and are making most of life and with that you want to turn it up and jump around your house and totally loose control !

          Miami to Ibiza, is nothing other than a club song, you want to rave and get people up in a club then turn this song up and jam. But, its slightly different than your average rave song because you have Tinie's rap talents infused and that makes this song very interesting and totally irresistable, I totally agree with him when he released this, it's a change to the normal rap songs because you want to dance and rap at the same time.

          Obsession is a slower song than the others, and to me I think it's more meaningful than the other songs , he wants you to really listen to the lyrics in this song rather than be gripped by the music and that shows he can be diverse in his music but still keep people interested.

          Invincible is a song that really should have been released at the moment Kelly Rowland is very popluar after a couple of songs with David Guetta and it was a very good idea to have her involved Tinie but the song is again one of them songs you want to turn up loud and shout to the clouds. Excellent song Tinie and Kelly.

          Wonderman is absolutely fantastic, this song is totally memerable. Also having Ellie Golding involved in a difference piece of music that you usually get from her and it works exceptionally, this has got to be one of my favourite tracks on the album, without the other hit singles on the album this song itself is a hit and again could quite easily be released on it's own.

          Let go, ends the album on a high, with the voice of Emeli Sande involved who is some one that also features on Professor Greens album is going to be someone to look out for in the near future. It was very good idea for them to make a song together she is going to benefit from this and Tinie also becuase this is a very good song. It's slightly slower and not so pacey with the lyrics but still a memerable song.

          To end this review I have got to say you will not be disappointed by this album, it has it all, inspiration, clever and quick paced lyrics, decent music and seriously good collaborations with a number of different artists. WHAT A DISC-OVERY!!!!!


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          13.10.2010 10:53
          Very helpful



          Tempah's debut album doesn't quite live up to the hype.

          With the recent influx of young English rappers taking the charts by storm there are only a couple that really stand out amongst the crowd - Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder and of course Tinie Tempah, the latter having a huge impact in early 2010 with his debut single Pass Out which went straight to the top of the charts, later to be followed by top 5 hit Frisky and his second number one, Written In The Stars. It's looking incredibly likely that the 22 year old rapper is here to stay, but is he actually all he's cracked up to be?

          Disc-Overy is Tempah's debut album was released at the beginning of October, the same week that Written In The Stars hit number one. So with 12 tracks, Tinie has a huge chance to impress us, but has he?

          Simply Unstoppable
          Pass Out
          Just A Little
          Written In The Stars
          Miami 2 Ibiza
          Let Go

          The album kicks off in a big way with Simply Unstoppable, a synthy piece inspired by the likes of Pass Out and Frisky. This is nothing we haven't heard from Tempah before, but it's damn catchy all the same and it wouldn't surprise me if this was the next single. The song laced with arrogance blends with the stomping beats to create a perfect concoction of Tim Westwood's wet dream. If that's an image you're not all too comfortable with, then lets just say that this song (singles aside) is the standout track and the rest of the album is forever attempting to match up with this attempt, which, coincidentally is - simply unstoppable.

          Next up on the list is pass out, which, if you're unfamiliar then you must either be passed the age of 45, or... dead. This song was absolutely massive when it was released earlier in the year and over 6 months on it hasn't lost any of its resonance and still sounds incredibly fresh upon each listen. This song really showcases Tempah's lyrical ability with scintillating wordplay in abundance here, it's hard not to like this song. I won't beat around the bush - Tempah is no Eminem and Pass Out is no Cleanin' Out My Closet, and nor is it trying to be. Tempah's lyrics are about as meaningful as an oath from a pathological liar, but that's why he's so popular, right? Second single Frisky is my personal favourite here, although there's nothing to set it apart from Pass Out and if you look at things objectively than the former is the stronger track. Current single Written In The Stars offers fans something a little different from what they've come to expect and is a far cry from the likes of Frisky and Pass out. Tempah's lyrical ability is here for everybody to see and the first verse alone will have you in awe of this young man's talent. In comparison with the likes of other young British rappers like Chipmunk and DJ Ironik, there really is no comparing them as Tempah, with little effort, blows them out of the water.

          In terms of guest appearances, you have your expected and not so expected. The expected of course come in the form of Labrinth, Eric Turner and unknown singer who features on Just A Little, a more laid back track that will appear to the teenage girl market. It's likeable enough, but there's not much here to latch onto that will stick in your mind. This is passable filler at best. Other guest stars include Swedish House Mafia, who's recent club hit One has put them on the map and their instantly recognisable house beats work a treat on Miami 2 Ibiza. The lyrics are pretty naff in all honesty "I've got a black BM/ she's got a white TT/ she wanna see what's hiding in my CK briefs", however, there's something insanely likeable about this song and it quickly becomes the most recognisable tracks on the album and before long you'll be singing along to the lyrics. Wonderman features Ellie Goulding who is so auto-tuned throughout the chorus she's simply unrecognisable, infact she sounds more like 16 year old US sensation Justin Bieber. The song, yet again is catchy enough at the time, but it's no more memorable than the majority of tracks here. The final guest star to pop up here and the most unexpected is US starlet and former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland. Rowland adds a bit of R&B class to the album and her song, Invincible and the song becomes more of an R&B hit than an underground hip hop joint. The song is one of the better tracks on the album and offers Tempah's fans something a little different than the norm and although it works, and it works well, I can't help but think that this song was simply placed here to tick a check list, than to showcase Tempah's talents.

          Snap, is something fresh, exciting and new, in a way, despite it sounding like something Snoop Dogg would have released way back in 1992. This is a song that is likely to split opinion, from the people who will think it's dated and mundane, to those out there that 'get' this sort of music and appreciate it for what it is - innovative and catchy. Obsession, similar to Snap is something of an acquired taste and although it's a lot more mainstream than the former, there's just something that doesn't click into place here and it's another one of the weaker and more forgettable songs.

          In terms of production, there's not a huge variety here with Ishi producing most of the tracks from Invincible to Snap, his (her?) style seems to be rather varied here and the tracks that he's produced aren't instantly recognisable. Unlike, that of Labrinth, Simon Cowell's latest solo act who is doing the rounds as both a solo artist and a producer. He has the honour of producing the two best tracks here, Pass Out and Frisky and although the two are scarily similar in terms of production values, they still remain individual tracks with individual appeal.

          Overall, there's really nothing here hasn't been done before and Tinie Tempah is going to have to pull out all the stops in his next album to undo some of the damage here. Don't get me wrong, it's likeable enough, but if you were expecting something groundbreaking, like the singles suggest, then you're going to be painfully disappointed. Even with the odd hint of genius (Simply Unstoppable, Snap) there's no steady ground here to suggest that anything that Tempah has to offer will ever be on par with his biggest rival Dizzee Rascal.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Intro
          2 Simply Unstoppable
          3 Pass Out
          4 Illusion
          5 Just A Little (feat. Range)
          6 Snap
          7 Written In The Stars (feat. Eric Turner)
          8 Frisky (feat. Labrinth)
          9 Miami 2 Ibiza
          10 Obsession
          11 Invincible (feat. Kelly Rowland)
          12 Wonderman (feat. Ellie Goulding)
          13 Let Go (feat. Emeli Sandé)

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