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Dits From The Commuter Belt - Bromheads Jacket

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Bromheads Jacket / Audio CD released 2006-11-13 at Marquis Cha Cha

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    1 Review
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      17.12.2011 09:50
      Very helpful



      4/5 Stars

      Bromheads Jacket are a two piece indie/garage rock band from Sheffield which formed in 2005. The band members are called Tim Hampton and Dan Potter. I'm pretty sure that, unfortunetly, not many people, or more than likely no one reading this review will of heard of this band. They're definetly not as well known as they deserve to be, and despite my efforts to get my friends to listen to their music, I think i'm probably their only fan in the whole of my university. I'm not sure why, I think it's probably because upon first listen they sound like a tribute band to the Artic Monkeys due to their instrumental style, however their lyrics are genius and the vocals are flawless - I am in love with the lead singer, Tim's southern accent and find his voice pretty sexy, to be fair! I first came across the band around a year ago. I was browsing YouTube one night and came across their song "Poppy Bird". I instantly fell in love with the song and I must of replayed it about ten times before checking out Bromheads Jacket's other songs, which I also loved and as a result, I downloaded both of their albums from iTunes so that I could listen to the beautifully diverse range of songs on my iPod whenever, where ever.

      This album is the bands debut album, it was released in late 2006 and it has twelve full length tracks on it. There is a song for every mood on this particular album. There's songs for dancing around madly to when i'm hyper (Going Round to Have a Word), romantic songs that tell a beautiful story (Poppy Bird), songs that reminise about the past/childhood (What If's And Maybe's) and meaningful, heartfelt songs that tell stories, one of which includes a 'story' about a teenage girl becoming hooked on drugs (Rosey Lee). The style of this bands music varies, they have the ability to make a rock song that's absolutely brilliant with epic guitar riffs and strong, rock 'n' roll style husky vocals, however they can also do softer and more meaningful 'indie' type songs which tell a story. I do like a majority of the songs on this album, however a few of them are quite loud and semi-punk, which I don't think suits their vocal style, and I find it a bit ear-achey, however if you like loud, brash music then you won't be bothered by the couple of songs that are very loud and almost shouty. Some of their other songs are very generic, however because a majority of the songs on this album are so original, this doesn't really effect my opinion of the album.

      My first favourite song on this album is Poppy Bird. It basically is telling a story of a boy seeing a girl on a train and instantly liking her. She's wearing a poppy which is why Tim is referring to her as Poppy Bird in the song. The song is really good, it keeps me hooked every time I listen to it with the gorgeous lyrics, and the tention builds as we wonder whether or not the boys intentions are as good as we first imagined when he follows her off the train. I's a lovely song though and I fell in love with the guy/character in the song, I wonder if it's based on Tim's real experiences? If it is i'll love him even more than I already do! I really like the chorus, it's so true, it's about wanting to just go upto someone but being too scared.

      Another song I love is Fight Music for the Fight, it's about a guy who was a skinny, weedy kid at school and was mercilessly bullied, and how it affected him (it made him angry and upset all the time), so he started working out and took steroids resulting in him bulking out and not being scared anymore, but unfortunetly turning into a bully himself. Going Round to Have a Word is another brilliant song which is hilarious! It's about a guy wanting to go around and 'have a word' with his neighbor, who's playing Freddy Mercury and Queen music at full blast at 3am. He's frustrated because he has work in the morning and he's contemplating about going around his neighbors house and giving him a piece of his mind, but it's obvious he's a bit too scared to go around and instead just lets his anger build up while he fantasizes about getting revenge. The songs on the album really vary, there's some that pull at the heart strings, some that are hilarious and make me want to dance about like a looney and some that, to be honest, make my head hurt, but I really love the album anyway and really reccomend it.

      Dits from the Commuter Belt can be bought from various shops such as HMV, and can also be purchased online from iTunes and Amazon, prices vary but the average price is around £8 for a new copy of their cd. There is not much to say about the album artwork, to be fair. It is pretty minimal as you can see from the picture. I like that it's not all jazzed up and colourful to attract attention; they obviously rely on their fans spotting their name written on the front and being drawn towards it rather than people looking at it just because it's got a certain picture on the front or whatever.

      Overall, I reccomend this album.


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