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Do You Want More?!!!??! - The Roots

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - East Coast / Artist: The Roots / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 1999-03-20 at Polydor Group

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    1 Review
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      28.08.2008 16:10
      Very helpful



      The Roots' second album

      "Do You Want More?!!!??!" is the second album from the jazzy Hip Hop band, The Roots. This one comes in 1995, two years after their debut release "Organix" came out, and between these years a couple of changes could be observed as the group no longer produced all of their material and they subsitituted the loss of the MC, Kid Crumbs, with one of the most talented beatboxers in the game, Rahzel.

      1. "There's Something Goin' On" (Intro)

      2. "Proceed"

      The Grand Negaz do the production for this one, making a difference from the first album where it was all done by the group, but here ?uest given a break as he hands over this honer to a production group, who offer some live instrumentals for Malik and Thought to simply flow on just as they did on "Organix".

      3. "Distortion To Static"

      This was the first single off the album, but I can't recall hearing it before I went back to listen through this album. I think that it was a great choice to have it like this as it shows that the group haven't changed too much since the last album, and if they have altered in any way, then it's a improvement form their original sound.

      **Four Stars**

      4. "Mellow My Man"

      This is a laid-back tune from The Roots, and it has the two main MCs of the group showing what they can do even when they they are just speaking their mind. It sounds as if it's done as a fresstlye,. It begins with a little Black Thought rendition of the classic Slick Rick tune "La Di Da Di" before he just goes out on whatever comes to mind. Athouth not as strong as Thought, Malik B definately has a lot ot offer in his rhymes here.

      **Five Stars**

      5. "I Remain Calm"

      The high quality of The Roots comes through with this track, and suprisingly I was initally drawn in by the raps of Malik B, instead of Thought in this one as he opens it up with some great word-play which invites you into the track like what has seen many times before by Black Thought. The influence which he's had on him seems to be coming through on this labum, espically through this track.

      **Five Stars**

      6. "Datskat"

      The Jazz infleunce which has always been associated with The Roots comes through quite significantly on this track as Black Thought inter-mixes his rapping with a little skatting, just as the improv which you are you are likely to hear on a Jazz composition. To accompany Thought's change in style, all of the instrumentals are directed towards this musical genre.

      **Four Stars**

      7. "Lazy Afternoon"

      Here's one of the top tunes from the album, and surpisingly it has Black Thought toning down what he is known to be capable with when he usually crams as many lines into his tracks s possible to ensure that he's never giving haters a chance to pick up on him losing his flow, but here, he just can't be bothered, and so he repeats the same verse over again, in this "Lazy Afternoon". It's a chilled one, and although he doesn't say as muc as usual, what is said needs to be heard over and over to get a full grasp of it .

      **Five Stars**

      8. "? vs. Rahzel"

      Here's a little feature in the album which has the two chief beat makers in the group, ?uest and Rahzel competing against eachother with Borther ?uest on the druims and Rahzel doing all that he can with his mouth. Rahzel's beatboxing skill is put to the test as he offers an amazing display of what is possible, and the range which he has with his mouth.

      **Five Stars**

      9. "Do You Want More?!!!??!"

      Although they are a Hip Hop crew, at times they are extremely alternative, and so it's head boppers like this from The Roots which reinforce the fact that Hip Hop is where the belong. Here the pounding beats from ?uestlove and the the hardcore rhymes from Black Thought take you right back to the good old days of the genre (as I see it), where they, for once, seem to be fitting in with the genreal sound of nineties Hip Hop (especially on the East of the US).

      **Four Stars**

      10. "What Goes On Pt. 7"

      I'm unsure as to the title to this, as ther previous (debut) album didn't feature any track named "What Goes On", and neither does their following EP "From the Ground Up", but then again The Roots have never been conventional and never follow traditions. Aside from this little hing, you have a big Hip Hop tune from the group which has them aparently taking some influene from the sounds of Hip Hop around the country as a little West Coast synth is put into the mix here. This is something new to The Roots and makes a change from their 'organic' sound from the debut album, "Organix" which only possessed live instruments with the MCing.

      **Four Stars**

      11. "Essaywhuman?!!!??!"

      This one follows on from "Essawhamah?", which was a live recording from the Philly Soulshack, and it has the Roots crew performiung just as then in front of a simailr crew as they perform in thier Jazzy way. Black takes absolute control here as he skats and beatboxes with the the raps, and leads the horns through the performance.

      **Five Stars**

      12. "Swept Away"

      Even with strong groups such as The Roots, you are bound to at some stage have inconsistencies in what they do, and this is the one here which doesn't quite fit in with theire genreal sound. I mostly put this down to The Grand Negaz production as it is very soft, and the contrastng raps from Thought and Malik B seem to differ do much from the sound of the beats, that it's as if they didnt attmept to pair the beat with rhymes which accompanied them in any form. However, whenever Black Thought steps up to the mic, their are never complaints.

      **Three Stars**

      13. "You Ain't Fly"

      This one should have been a single for the album as it is one of the best tunes from the album, and it has Black Thought doing what he does best, but this time as it has an actual thmee, as he retells a story, it makes it all sound a lot better than usual as he comes up with some highly inventiave lines.

      I was pleasantly suprised to hear a rare rap from the drummer ?uestlove during this track, and after hearing him on the first album, I was glad to hear to come back with a few more bars. I expect that he doesn't do it too often as he'll probably come up with some terrible lines at some stage, but here he was a don on the mic.

      **Five Stars**

      14. "Silent Treatment"

      Black Thought explains his feeling as he is tortured with the "Silent Treatment" from his girl, he goes through all of the emotions of not being able to work out the cause for it, and thus having no way of delaing with the problem. I thought that this one was a lot stronger in terms of what has been heard in the Grand Negaz production prior to this, and it seems to complement their sound well.

      **Four Stars**

      15. "The Lesson Part 1"

      I found myself feeling as though the group were back at doing what they do best hear as the group perform in the way that displays how Hip Hop has shaped them as artists. As a result you have this one lead by the beatboxing of Rahzel, setting up a steady rhymth, and then Black Though comes in an tlalks us through how he has lived a Hip Hop lifestyle, starting form when he used to participate in graffiting back in the day.

      **Five Stars**

      16. "The Unlocking" (Outro)

      I haven't come across a weak Roots album yet, and by the way its goign, I doubt that I will. The way that the group is built up with their being so many experts in the Hip Hop game all together makes it seem as though it's a super-group piece, and with the top drummer in ?uestlove, beatboxer with Rahzel, and MC in Black Thought, you really don't have anywhere to find a weak link in the music from them. They come with an amazingly strong album here, just as with their debut, however I found that it as slighly less refreshing as the first. I expect that this was down to the fact that they chose to have some others come into the group and particiapte in tis project, and so the Grand Negaz didn't really fit in with their sound, but at times managed to compliment what Black Thougt has to offer.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Intro / There's Something Goin' On
      2 Proceed
      3 Distortion To Static
      4 Mellow My Man
      5 I Remain Calm
      6 Datskat
      7 Lazy Afternoon
      8 ? Vs. Rahzel
      9 Do You Want More?!!!??!
      10 What Goes On, Pt. 7
      11 Essaywhuman?!!!??!
      12 Swept Away
      13 You Ain't Fly
      14 Silent Treatment
      15 The Lesson Pt. 1
      16 The Unlocking

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