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Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? - Paloma Faith

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9 Reviews
  • Classic feel to the music
  • Creative writing
  • Paloma's new music doesn't sound so good after this
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    9 Reviews
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      21.07.2014 14:19
      Very helpful


      • "Classic feel to the music"
      • "Creative writing "


      • "Paloma's new music doesn't sound so good after this"

      This is something beautiful but here''s the truth !

      I originally thought "Fall to grace" was Paloma''''s debut until I saw this when looking for the song "Picking up the pieces" on a record , this wasn''''t it. So when her latest album "A Perfect Contradiction" was release I waited a bit then bought both albums (I already bought fall to grace a year or so back) as this was a bargin on amazon @ £3.31 with autorip so I didn''''t have to rip it through my computer onto itunes and then onto the HTC manager, trust me its annoying! Anyway I have a notebook with no disc drive, its even more annoying !

      I liked Paloma''''s second studio album "Fall to Grace" so I was expecting something like that or something like "A perfect Contradiction" , it''''s not. It''''s strange as this album shows an artist that is yet to develop like adele''''s 19 I''''m sure this album sold more with the 2nd studio album. The album received 51 from metracritic who don''''t always give albums the fairest reviews. I would normally not compare Paloma to other artists, yet this album shows vocal resemblance to Lana Del Rey yet better in my opinion.
      The first track "Stone Cold Sober" reminds me of another song in its beat but I can''''t remember what, I''''m sure when you listen to it you''''ll recognise it too! The song is about loving someone and telling them even though they think you''''re crazy you''''re telling them that you''''re not drunk just saying it as it is and is one of the cleverest songs on the album.

      "Smoke & Mirrors" is a nice upbeat song about things being over suddenly as I understand from the lyrics and then getting over it. Another great vocal performance from Paloma there. This album seems to be older than it is with the style and lyrics, which is good as it is new but has an older feel to it without the dated feel. "Broken Doll" is another really clever song on the record , "I''''m a broken Doll, and you''''re the puppetier" about someone in a relationship that is controlling you to the point of breakage mentally.
      The song that the album is based upon "Do you want the truth or Something beautiful" is good as normally those songs the album is named after are rubbish. This is a good song but slower. "Upside Down" also reminds me of another classic song ,that again I can''''t remember the name of ,about her not being a fool or not normal just ''''Upside down'''' living in her own world, that''''s how to sum her up really, upside down. "Romance is dead" shows the beginning of simple song-writing from paloma where you can guess the subject of the song from the title and I prefer the ambiguous and clever ones such as "Broken Doll".

      "New York" is another one of my favourite songs as it''''s ambiguous as well and the rhythm is not quite pop in a good way as I could listen to it all day without getting tired of it unlike most music these days but its hard to find out what it means. However I have done a little research and the song is about distance from a loved one with clever clues about the city in the lyrics (check online or in booklet once purchased for lyrics) and how he left her to get more money. One of the most clever songs I''''ve ever heard in my opinion!
      "Stargazer" is another a lover who kept staring away into the stars (maybe other women its hard to tell) and now she is singing about missing him. This is another clever song and it''''s great! "My legs are weak" is slower song that for me is one of the weak songs on the track despite the lyrics still being good there just is something not there but its about how hard it is when your love is no longer there and learning to finally saying "goodbye sweet angel".

      The Last track is called "Play On" which is about carrying on , and playing on, nice song but not my favourite. I would say that the first few songs are the best , "Stone cold sober", "Broken Doll" and "New York" so check those out before buying the album, it''''s still "£3.31" on amazon so it''''s worth a try anyway.
      In all Paloma''''s albums she demonstates an ability to produce a good concept album where everything is kept the same from the cover to the booklet pages! A very clever woman, she''''s got better at it though "A perfect Contradiction" was the best concept.

      I would advise this to those who like Paloma''''s new music as you''''ll probably still like this as vocally and production she''''s weaker and got better since this album yet this album is a lot stronger lyrically as you can''''t always tell what the song''''s about untill you listen to it. Only 10 tracks but not too bad value really for £3. I do feel production wise there is little originality as I do recognise some rhythms. According to Paloma she wasn''''t happy with the record as she tried to hard to do what the record company wanted and since then has stood up to them. She also said she worked with the same producers that wrote with her as she wanted them to easily connect with the idea when producing instead of producing on a new song without going though how to apply the lyrics. I don''''t think its a problem , in fact the opposite, ''''Sam Smith'''' has done that so did "Emeli Sande" and they are both only one their debut and are the best artist albums I own.
      I would advise this to lovers of the album "19-Adele" and people who like paloma''''s music. It''''s worth a buy for £3 , take the leap of faith, its worth it really, you do need to buy other items worth over £10 though to get free shipping which was alright as I bought both her her albums at once. I would say it makes her other music seem worse than it is as this is the most thought-provoking record. 4.5/5 stars


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      07.04.2012 10:08
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great album from Paloma Faith

      Paloma Faith, a singer from Hackney, London, released her debut album Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? in 2009. A trained contemporary dancer with an MA in theatre direction who has previously worked as a burlesque dancer and a magician's assistant, she is recognisable for her dramatic and theatrical fashion sense and red hair as much as her music. Her album doesn't seem to be all that popular - I don't know anyone else who owns it - which is a bit of a shame, as it really is very good.

      This album is playful, theatrical and fantastical - it takes you into another world that is brighter, more colourful and magical. Paloma has a soulful voice that has been compared to Amy Winehouse but apart from superficial vocal similarities there isn't much of a comparison - the two artists' music is very different. The album has a retro, soulful pop sound, with some songs benefiting from a big band sound - particularly single Stone Cold Sober and the finale of My Legs Are Weak. Many songs are narratives, particularly the title track and Stargazer, and their lyrics are peppered with performing metaphors that remind me of Angela Carter's novels. "I'm a broken doll, and you're the puppeteer"; "the show is over, the audience is walking out the room". Most famous single New York opens with a distinctive piano melody and has a memorable chorus. As a whole, the album has a melancholy fairytale aspect, with Upside Down the only truly upbeat song on the record.
      Track Listing
      1. Stone Cold Sober
      2. Smoke & Mirrors
      3. Broken Doll
      4. Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?
      5. Upside Down
      6. Romance is Dead
      7. New York
      8. Stargazer
      9. My Legs Are Weak
      10. Play On

      I can't really think of many bad things to say about this album. The songs are well-crafted with strong musical arrangements, memorable melodies and rich lyrics. The only thing I would say is that there's a little something missing - perhaps the songs are too detached and lack meaning. Nevertheless, I'd be interested to hear Paloma Faith's next album, if she ever gets round to releasing one!


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        29.06.2010 17:05
        Very helpful



        A soulful, nostalgic, theatrical slice of pop from a very talented lady

        British pop music has come a long way over the last two and a half decades (I can't speak for before then as I was not alive), and the change in the face of pop music has been a bit of a mixed blessing.

        In recent years, there has been a big push for credible, serious artists who write their own music, rather than the manufactured spoon fed bands of the past. Now, this may sound like an out and out good thing, but I would have to disagree. In a lot of cases this simply means that pop music has lost its sparkle and sense of fun. Back in the 90s bands such as S Club 7, Spice Girls, Five and (my fave) PJ and Duncan, may not have done a whole lot of writing, but at the end of the day what does that really matter? In the 90s, at least you knew what you were getting: fun, upbeat, happy songs (complete with dance routines) to put a smile on your face. These days, that isn't so true.

        This sudden push for "serious" music means that a great chunk of British pop music has transformed into exactly that: serious music. Seriously boring, seriously depressing, seriously self indulgent. The charts have long been infiltrated with endless droves of David Grays, James Blunts and interchangeable brunette girls with guitars and whiny voices. And I ask: where is the fun in British pop music today? Although there are still some British pioneers for this brand of pop standing proud, it seems that more and more we are having to ship in the fun from America, in the form of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyonce, to name a few.

        However, despite my criticisms, I will admit that when this singer-songwriter lark is handled correctly, it can actually be a very good thing. And one lady who proves this to be true is Paloma Faith.

        Paloma Faith, like many singing/songwriting ladies before her, is a little bit quirky, a little bit thoughtful and a little bit deep, and her music undoubtedly represents all the positives of this style of music: pure talent, integrity and soul. However, while many of these soulful girls (and boys) seem to equate integrity with dullness, Paloma's music also incorporates what many of these offshoots of this genre lack: lots of personality and fun. While her lyrics have meaning and her voice has soul, Paloma also has this essence of not taking herself too seriously. Her songs are never whiny or self-indulgent, her lyrics never overly complicated and her backing tracks never dull. Her music is seriously good, seriously genuine and seriously well written, without being too, well, serious!

        To give you a quick bit of background, twenty four year old Paloma, who once turned down an offer to join Amy Winehouse's band, has lived a life as quirky as her music; having worked as a singer in a burlesque cabaret, a life model and a magician's assistant. However, it was in 2009 when she really hit her stride with her music and released her debut album, 'Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?', an album which won critical acclaim despite its relative low chart position, which peaked at number nine.

        Paloma has so far not achieved the high levels of success this album deserves, but she has demonstrated in this album what few so far have done: how to produce a quirky, unique, self penned album that doesn't lose its sense of fun. The album swings from pop to soul to jazz, and is at times very theatrical, at times very old fashioned and at times very contemporary. It draws on the influences of Etta James, Billie Holiday and Edith Piaf, who she claims as her biggest inspirations, with frequent reminisces of modern artists Amy Winehouse, Duffy and the Noisettes.

        If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned artists, have been impressed by any of Paloma's singles so far, or simply fancy trying a unique, accomplished album which manages to encapsulate an old fashioned sound while at the same time remaining completely modern, then this is the album for you. This is a confident, energetic and compelling debut album from a very talented, personable, fun and credible artist. I highly recommend it.

        STONE COLD SOBER was Paloma's first single and one of the best songs on the album. You may have perhaps heard it as the backing for a Rimmel advert (starring Lily Cole). This is a very upbeat, catchy song with a strong pop chorus and quirky, soulful verses. It is an fun whirlwind of a song which showcases Paloma's soulful vocals beautifully. 10/10

        SMOKE AND MIRRORS is quite a theatrical, old fashioned pop song which sounds very similar to something Duffy would release. It is about a breakup but the theatrical nature of the song is reflected in the lyrics: "And now we're through, the show is over, the audience is walking out the room." Despite it being about a breakup, it is very upbeat with a strong chorus. 8/10

        BROKEN DOLL is slower and more chilled out than the previous two tracks with a mellower, dreamier, more emotional feel, reflected in the lyrics: "I'm a broken doll, and you're the puppeteer, take control of me and wipe away my tears". This is another soulful song with clear nostalgic influences. 9/10

        DO YOU WANT THE TRUTH OR SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL? was Paloma's third single and it is a very powerful, emotive ballad which again clearly showcases the influences behind Paloma's music. It is the most soulful track on the album and the vocals and music are quite haunting. The title (which you canny readers may have noticed is also the name of the album) reminds me of a quote from 'A Streetcar Named Desire' by Blanche Dubois: "I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people. I do misrepresent things. I don't tell truths. I tell what ought to be truth", which is fairly appropriate as there is definitely a 1950s American vibe throughout the song and album (also the setting for the Tennessee Williams play). 10/10

        UPSIDE DOWN is easily one of the best songs on the album, with fun lyrics and a catchy chorus. It is a fun, upbeat track which sounds like a mix of the Noisettes ('Don't Upset The Rhythm') and Gabriella Climi. This is the most traditional "pop" track on the album yet with those ubiquitous soulful vocals. 10/10

        ROMANCE IS DEAD is a track that showcases both Paloma's old fashioned and American influences. It is another emotive, almost ballady track, but with a strong, catchy chorus. It is a sophisticated, soulful, quirky track. A bit like a cleaner, more ladylike Amy Winehouse. 9/10

        NEW YORK, Paloma's second single, is a soul/pop song with moving verses, string music and a strong pop chorus. Another quirky almost-ballad which showcases Paloma's beautiful vocals. 10/10
        STARGAZER is the weakest track on the album, in my opinion. It is quite a dreamy, emotional ballad with soaring choruses, but it is not particularly memorable. 5/10

        MY LEGS ARE WEAK is another fairly downbeat ballad. It is perhaps the most Amy Winehouse sounding track, with a darker sound to the track than some of the others. The vocals are strong yet vulnerable and the track is quite moving, but again it is fairly unmemorable in comparison to the other tracks. 6/10

        PLAY ON is one of my favourite songs on the album. It is another haunting, darker track that starts off with sultry string music before launching into a fantastic, emotive song complete with strong backing track (and backing vocals) and powerful chorus, both of which build to a soaring crescendo throughout the song. It is another theatrical, soulful track that loses its traditional pop elements almost completely. 10/10

        TRACK LIST -
        1. Stone Cold Sober
        2. Smoke and Mirrors
        3. Broken Doll
        4. Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?
        5. Upside Down
        6. Romance is Dead
        7. New York
        8. Stargazer
        9. My Legs are Weak
        10. Play On

        1. 'Stone Cold Sober'
        2. 'New York'
        3. 'Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?
        4. Upside Down'

        All 10 tracks were co-written by her.

        BEST TRACK-
        'Stone Cold Sober', 'Upside Down' or 'Play On'. Too hard to choose!

        WORST TRACK-

        NUMBER OF GOOD SONGS- 9 out of 10

        ALBUM UNIQUE SELLING POINT- Paloma's vocals are amazing, beautiful and soulful. The album is also quirky yet fun, soulful yet upbeat, theatrical but poppy and old fashioned but modern. For a pop album, it is refreshingly quirky. For a quirky album, it is refreshingly poppy.

        ALBUM NEGATIVES - It is very short! It only lasts 37 minutes in total.

        SOUNDS MOST SIMILAR TO - Paloma's music and vocals are best described as a mix of:
        * A more modern Etta James, Billie Holiday or Edith Piaf.
        * A more soulful Shingai Shoniwa (of the Noisettes. Who interestingly Paloma
        once lived with).
        * A quirkier Gabriella Climi.
        * A more sophisticated Amy Winehouse.
        * A more upbeat Duffy.


        SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR...
        VOCALS- 10
        LYRICS- 9
        OVERALL ALBUM- 10

        RECOMMENDED- Yes, definitely. This is an ageless album that covers enough bases to give it widespread appeal. It is unusual, soulful and varied, which is inspired by many but imitates none. Definitely worth a go.


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          13.04.2010 11:03
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          "Play on", Paloma!

          Paloma Faith has a voice quite like Amy Winehouse, but when you buy her album, you're not funding anyone's drug habit (as far as we know), so that's got to be good. I first heard her singles 'New York' and 'Stone Cold Sober' on the radio, and my immediate impression was that they were quite old-fashioned pop, with jazz and soul influences, and very melodramatic. None of these things were disadvantages in my eyes, so when her brilliant single 'upside down' came out, I was sure she was fabulous, which is why I bought this album.

          I was very impressed by the album because it wasn't just those three singles that had catchy melodies. I was expecting the rest of the album to be 'growers' instead of 'single material'. But I found every song pleasant to listen to and very tuneful, which is unusual in modern albums. Most of the songs do sound quite dramatic due to the orchestration, but I think it makes the album upbeat and fun, and I'd imagine good music for the gym!

          Track listing: (Faith wrote or co-wrote all of the songs)
          1) Stone cold sober - a loud and impressive song that you'll sing at the top of your lungs in the shower. Her first single.
          2) Smoke and mirrors - rhythmic and poppy verse, with a soaring chorus
          3) Broken doll - beautifully sung melody to a fantastic orchestral accompaniment making it reminiscent of a musical. Contains some amazingly written string harmonies in the middle.
          4) Do you want the truth or something beautiful - although initially boring, the chorus has a great tune, and the song develops. Her third single.
          5) Upside down - the most fun song on the album: incredibly catchy, fast and rhythmic. You'll be dancing along as soon as it goes on. Her fourth single.
          6) Romance is dead - ridiculous song, which would be fun but silly if it didn't have a hilarious key change near the end. It is funny, lyrically, though.
          7) New York - intense but tuneful song about losing your boyfriend's heart to New York. Her second single.
          8) Stargazer - lovely introduction and verse, but chorus is annoying and cliched. Great to listen to, however, if you ignore the boy-band-esque sound.
          9) My legs are weak - "I'm collecting people's tears they cry because they miss you." Shows that Paloma Faith can do slow songs if she tries.
          10) Play on - lovely old-fashioned violin intro and catchy melody which will stay in your head all day. A good way to end the album, with its steady but relentless tune.

          Although the songs being immediately catchy makes it a very easy album to listen to, the lack of development and interesting features such as imaginative instrumentation may mean it doesn't stay interesting for as long as some albums. However, it's such a friendly and easy album, it should remain a favourite to pop on when you need cheering up.

          I would say that its only main weakness is its shortness. The songs are mostly quite short, and there are only ten tracks, giving the album a rather abrupt quality. Despite this, it's been well received: radio two made it album of the week in September 2009 and she was featured on the Jools Holland show. Paloma Faith is hoping to get back into acting after she's finished her album commitments, so make the most of what might be a very short musical career!


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            28.01.2010 17:04
            Very helpful




            I first heard of Paloma Faith when she appeared on Never mind the buzzcocks, ok so she didn't actually sing, but in the little clip that they show when they are introducing the guests, I realised that I could [possibly really like.

            Unlike the nowaday modern music, this album, uses non electronic instruments, like pianos and wind instruments. There are 10 tracks on this album, all of them which are very good, but gradually, the songs get slightly slower as the album goes on, therefore in my opinion I think getting a bit less good! but still very good anyway.

            My favourite track on this album is called upside down. It starts with trumpets and a quiet drum beat that sounds like it could have been recorded in the sixties, with that nice old fashioned crackle in the background. This lasts throughout the song, which gives it a nice feel thoughout.

            I couldn't say that there is a song on this album which I would say I actually dont like, but as I said before, the songs get slower, and I do tend to prefer faster songs.

            The track list goes something like this...

            1. stone cold sober
            2. smoke and mirrors
            3. broken doll
            4. do you want the truth or something beautiful
            5. upside down
            6. romance is dead
            7. new york
            8. stargazer
            9. my legs are weak
            10. play on

            The one song which I didn't expect to like was my legs are weak, as when it started it was quite slow and didn't seem to have much of a rhythm which is what I like in a song.

            I got this album as a christmas present (that I asked for) I did at first think that there were going to be more tracks on it, but it was quite cheap so you cant really complain!

            Overall, there are some really catchy tunes on this album, I constantly listened to this on spotify before I actually had the album, and am now constantly listening to it on my walkman (yes, a walkman (my mp3 broke and I cant be bothered to get a new one as that will only break anyway!!))

            Go out and buy this album noew and I promise you, you will not regret it!


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              26.01.2010 12:41
              Very helpful



              Easy listening, very good album

              I discovered Paloma Faith on the BBC2 "Later with Jools Holland" a few months ago. Discovered in the same way that Windows 7 was my idea!
              So I bought this album of the back of hearing just a couple of songs from Paloma. This album, I have to say is short at only 37 minutes, but perfectly formed. Again I am reviewing this on first listening, these are my thoughts.

              1# Stone Cold Sober - Great rhythm, brilliant guitar hook and you just cant help tapping your foot. I can see why this was released as a single. Very good opener to the album.

              2# Smoke and Mirrors - This reminds me of a Diana Ross type song. A real throwback to the Mowtown era. Not as immediately catchy as the previous track.

              3# Broken Doll - Slower beat to this track. Nice use of drums and piano to give a slightly sad feel to the lyrics and tempo of the song. For some reason this sounds like a Bond movie theme to me.

              4# Do you want the truth or something beautiful - This song really shows of Paloma's wonderful talent. It has a great middle section to the song combining orchestral instruments and synth with soaring vocals.

              5# Upside down - This takes you back to the 1920's (not that I am THAT old!) for the first few bars then forces you to "bop till you drop". Excellent song.

              #6 Romance is dead - Again a change of pace. Not a bad track but not the best on first listening.

              #7 New York - This was one of the Jools songs I heard. Its a foot tapping track that I just cant get enough of. If you can keep your feet still during this song then you are dead!

              #8 Stargazer - Inoffensive love song. Even a weaker track like this is still enjoyable.

              #9 My legs are weak - Is that the guitar riff off "your never walk alone!? Faiths voice aches sadness in this track. Wonderful song arrangement.

              #10 Play on - 30's French cafe music with a military drumbeat. What a finish to the album. This epitomizes the fusion of sounds created by Paloma.

              On first listening, as you can probably tell, I loved it. Well worth the money and will go on to be a favourite for a long time, I'm sure.


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                19.01.2010 11:24
                Very helpful



                Paolma Faith CD

                This has to be one of my favourite albums of the whole year so far. I bought it for my husband for Christmas and we have been listening to it ever since.

                I first heard of and saw Paloma Faith on the Jools Holland show. She looked a bit wacky and alternative so at first I wasn't too sure what her music would be like but out came a beautiful soulful sounding voice. On a lot of these tracks on the album I think she sounds like Amy Winehouse but I think she has a bit more of a polished voice than her though, and it's not to say that she is just copying Amy, no in fact even though she sounds a bit like her I think she has definitely found her own sound and makes it unique.

                On reading some articles I found out that Paloma she is English and was born in 1985. She is an ex-magician's assistant, trained contemporary dancer, and performer in burlesque dancing with experience as an actress!

                Do You Want the Truth or Something is her debut album and was released in September 2009 so it's fairly new.

                By far my favourite track on this album is number 9, Stargazer. It has quite a magical melody to it, almost heavenly and talks about losing someone and how she will find it hard to go on without them.

                New York is also another great tracks, a bit more of a soulful song using the lower register of her voice. In it she talks about losing a guy to another woman, that woman being New York and I think that's a great representation. The song features a sweeping gospel chorus by the London based Souls of Prophecy Gospel Choir.

                The rest of the tracks on the album are as follows:

                1. "Stone Cold Sober"
                2. "Smoke & Mirrors"
                3. "Broken Doll"
                4. "Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?"
                5. "Upside Down"
                6. "Romance Is Dead"
                7. "New York"
                8. "Stargazer"
                9. "My Legs are Weak"
                10. "Play On"


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                  10.01.2010 19:17
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  A Delightful Album From The Singing Sensation That Is Paloma Faith.

                  Paloma Faith (born Paloma Faith Bloomfield 21st July 1985) is more well known recently for being a singer but in the past she has had brief dalliances with acting which were fairly successful but in the end her real strong talent shone through and she has been fortunate enough to really increase in popularity this past year or two, in part thanks to Jules Holland and all the publicity and appearances she has put in on his show.

                  One of my first thoughts when I began to listen to this album was that the song I recognised the most was actually used on a government binge drinking campaign advising people that they wouldn't start their night as disgusting wrecks so why end it that way and while Paloma appears to be a typical tweenager in some respects the lyrics in her songs are fairly calm, cool and collected for the most part although she does talk about things typical of life such as heartbreak and all the usual feelings and thoughts that come along with that but there are no overused references to knifes, guns or drugs which is always a plus these days!

                  As soon as the albums kicks off with 'Stone Cold Sober' it has a wonderful funky beat to it that is very reminiscent of times gone by and Paloma's voice works incredibly well with the oohs and aahs of the song that are a little old fashioned with brass instruments playing in the background. 5/5

                  The funkiness of the album swiftly continues with 'Smoke & Mirrors' where Paloma croons of someone being found out and losing their lover as well as all the things that people get up to and the ways they try to deceive someone. This song is not quite as enjoyable as some of the others on the album and her voice can become a little whiny at times in the chorus although the song is still bearable definitely. 3/5

                  Paloma really takes on a Winehouse style on 'Broken Doll' and has that 30's kind of style where she is sad and the desolate woman who answers to the whims of one person only and she sings her soulful song and I am firmly reminded of a song from back in the 90's that I just can't place my finger on. The song suits Paloma's voice very well but it does feel a little like she is trying to be someone that she isn't. 4/5

                  The title album song 'Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful' is a deliciously relaxed, chilled out vibe and turns the album in a new direction which is more truthful, sexy & sultry. This is a real anthem and I can see women everywhere singing this one on the way to a girly night out. 4/5

                  'Upside Down' is one that I have seen Paloma perform live and her voice is extremely well suited to this circus style song and her quirky personality really does shine through on this song. This does feel, once again, like a song that would suit Amy Winehouse very well but perhaps she has pinched Ray & the rest of Amy's backing singers/musicians. There is a barber shop style feel to this song in parts and it is a very fun, funky & fresh song that's wonderfully enjoyable to sing along to with it's almost childish chanting. 5/5

                  A slower song now, 'Romance Is Dead' which frankly does not have much going on for it and almost sounds like the off cuts of some of the other songs, it does blend in fairly well with the rest of the album but is just not a song that I would find myself wanting to listen to a lot in the future. 2/5

                  While 'New York' has been quite well played on the radio in recent months and performed on various shows on the TV live by Paloma I don't see myself ever tiring of this song and Paloma singing her heart out and talking about the love of her life and how it made her feel. This song has some fantastic lyrics to sing along too and is the one where Paloma really shows off her style, she is singing her heart out and it shines through in the song and in the passion of the singing of the lyrics. 5/5

                  'Stargazer' almost makes me think of a skit on a Snoop Dogg album at the beginning which is not necessarily a bad thing but then the voice that starts up is a little bit of a surprise and this song takes a surprisingly good twist with lots of random lyrics that fit together incredibly well and a lovely soft, slow vibe that carries you along and begins to round up the album very nicely indeed. 4/5

                  I am sure by recording an album anyone would be singing 'My Legs Are Weak' but Paloma has an almost believeable quality to the lyrics and she appears to be talking about losing someone that she loves (as is the recurring theme for most of the album) and she is joined by some fantastic music and you can almost picture her standing up on a stage with a big band crooning her heart out in a long floaty dress with the lights dimmed down. This song really does set a really good picture in my mind and sets the scene it's meant to incredibly well. After all we are all just human and looking for someone to love, or pining for someone now lost to someone else, or the pressure of life. 5/5

                  'Play On' is the final song on the album and has quite a sad, soft, old fashioned start to it and once again Paloma is showing off the range of her vocals and her deep, yet feminine amazing warbling voice. This song is a nice ending to the album and once again the tone of the song changes a couple of times throughout and I am reminded of a song that I just cannot put my finger on. The song ends pretty much the way it begins with a wonderful instrument and Paloma just simply stops. 4/5

                  Paloma lists some of her great musical influences as Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James & Billie Holiday and this really does shine through on this album which is full of silky, sultry soulful songs and Paloma shows the full range and potential of her voice off beautifully. The album contains some wonderful songs and a couple that are not so wonderful but overall I was very impressed with the beauty and soulfulness of her voice at times although I did find some of her songs a little like something Amy Winehouse sings and while I love Amy Winehouse it's nice to be unique and individual as well.

                  This album is getting 4/5 from me as the vast majority of the album is extremely enjoyable and there are just a few parts where her voice and style of singing feels a little immature and childish but that is only for the briefest of times and the album soon changes direction again and gives you a totally different vibe. There are no real dance hits on this album but if you are looking for something to play while you enjoy a few glasses of wine with your girlfriends or some background music for a dinner party then this is firmly the album for you and it's definitely one that will be going on my ipod for holidays and such like to keep me nice and calm and relaxed. While this album may not have peaked particularly well in the UK album charts (number 90 is the best charting position at the moment I believe) I would firmly recommend you pick it up as I am billing her to be one of the up and coming artists of this year and before you know it she will be like Florence & The Machine where everyone thinks they knew about her first or that she has only been around since they first heard the album. With it costing just £5.98 at present on Amazon then why not order yourself a copy today.


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                    05.01.2010 18:45
                    Very helpful



                    Very solid debut album, a worthy addition to your collection

                    Paloma Faith is no ordinary singer. She had been treading the boards as a performer at well heeled London parties for 2 years before getting signed and has been a magicians assistant, an actress (in St Trinians) and even a Burlesque dancer.

                    The relevance to this album review? Simply that all her life experiences seem to have gone into this album and she screams out 'performer' rather than just a plain simple singer.

                    There will be inevitable comparisons to Duffy and Amy Whinehouse, but Paloma Faith is more 40's & 50's retro than either of those.

                    She is a mix of both, throw in a touch of Ella Fitzgerald & Etta James and you get the idea. R&B,Soul,Blues, all in one performer.

                    'Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?' is her debut album.
                    The CD itself is well made and comes with lovely artwork on the cover - really reasonably priced too, less than £6 currenty.

                    The Album contains 10 tracks and this leaves enough room for Faith to use several different styles.

                    The opening song 'Stone Cold Sober' is a party style Whinehouse style singalong that got good airtime on the radio. So much so that Sony had to bring forward the release of the album! A fun goodtiime track.

                    'Smoke & Mirrors' is almost sung like a story before leading into a faster paced chorus. You get the feeling Paloma is telling her life story through her album. One of the best songs of the album.

                    'Broken Doll' is a bit of a dissapointment having seen it performed live. It is much much slower on the album for some reason and almost dream like. I have to say I prefer it live. Great lyrics though - 'I'm a Broken doll and you're the puppeteer!'

                    'Do you want the truth or something beautiful?' is the title track of the album and also her latest single release. In my opinion this is not that radio friendly but it is my favourite. Very chilled and relaxing and as always great meaning to the lyrics.

                    'Upside Down' is very 20's retro. A bouncy song you could almost imagine this being played in one of Bugsy Malones clubs!

                    'Romance is Dead' sung like a poem, a bit corny for me. Anything including the lines 'wake up you sleepy head' and '17 flights of stairs love' is a big no-no!

                    Next up is 'New York' - original huh? It actually is as Paloma talks about losing a past lover to a woman whose name was 'New York' having lost a boyfriend who moved to the city. This song again has had a lot of radio play recently.

                    'Stargazer' is standard soul/blues fare. Solid if unspectacular filler track for me.

                    The last 2 tracks 'My Legs are Weak' and 'Play on' are slower almost soporific songs heavily piano & strings based but beautifully sung.

                    All in all a very solid debut album - perhaps one too many fillers but that is the case with most albums. Personal favourite is the title track, but the 2 most popular 'Stone Cold sober' and 'New York' are worth getting the CD for alone.


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Stone Cold Sober
                    2 Smoke and Mirrors
                    3 Broken Doll
                    4 Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?
                    5 Upside Down
                    6 Romance Is Dead
                    7 New York
                    8 Stargazer
                    9 My Legs Are Weak
                    10 Play On