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Doctor's Advocate: Parental Advisory - The Game

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: The Game / Audio CD released 2006-11-13 at Polydor

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    1 Review
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      22.05.2009 17:00
      Very helpful



      The Game's second album

      The Game returned in 2006 with his second album "Doctor's Advocate", which when referring to his debut seemed relevant, but here he has lost the guidance of the West Coast legend, Dr. Dre and is on another label with lots of freedom as this time the Compton rapper is backed by some of the biggest producers in the game, aside from the ultimate in the Doctor.

      1. "Lookin' At You"

      To open up the album up you find the artist on top of some beats from EP, you reminds you what he is about, and what he hopes to do with this one as he brings the Hip Hop game's attention back to the West Coast, after having seen the Dirty South take over in popularity and such. I saw it as a good way to start thing up, and it was certainly effective at setting it up for high potential later on.

      **Four Stars**

      2. "Da S**t"

      DJ Khalil give The Game something deep to get into as he continues to liven things up and get you in the mood for the music which is about to follow on from it. He clearly isn't giving you time to adapt to it, reflecting how hectic and in-your-face his life was on the streets as a LA gangsta. He goes hard ere, and if you lose him at this early stag, its your loss.

      **Four Stars**

      3. "It's Okay"

      This track was probably the most popular single to come off the album, and it finds his blazing through in a recording which finds him celebrating his affiliation to the Bloods, and how he uses his Gangsta past to influence him to fight against what he sees as a blight to the Hip Hop world as it is flooded by the presence of endless new Dirty South acts bringing their Snap Music and such to take away what he knows as pure Hip Hop of the past.

      **Five Stars**

      4. "Compton"

      This is a sample heavy tune which has Black Eyed Peas member will.i.am produce and return to his earlier years in the alternative Hip Hop straight out of the LA culture, and so he chooses relevant work from Eazy-E to guide him as he works with The Game to do some heavy rap which concentrates it all around The Game's home town, the place where they are able to get their "Gangster Boogie" on.

      **Five Stars**

      5. "Remedy"

      Just Blaze gets is chance to show how he is able to take heavy influence from the haydays of West Coast Rap. I felt that on these The Game felt more comfortable than what he could feel at any time as he is working on beats which take from the music he grew up with and loved, but still brings up to modern times with Blaze's originality.

      **Four Stars**

      6. "Let's Ride"

      This was a single for the album, but for me it really didn't say anything. Usually as time goes on and you hear this type of track, it seems to improve, but this was a pretty average club tune from him. I expect others see I differently, based on its popularity, but I didn't get it.

      **Three Stars**

      7. "Too Much"

      I would have to say that as an overall description to the track, the title is absolutely perfect for it as everything about it just hardcore as Scott Storch gives us something flight to work from, and display how he hopes to progress things whilst taking inspiration from the Old School days of Hip Hop. The beats are the best feature of this, but the complex rhymes give you something to think about too, so he makes sure it has more depth than what is typically expected.

      **Five Stars**

      8. "Wouldn't Get Far"

      Kanye West both features and MCs on top of this tune, and for me it made this one amongst the best that you get on the album as with some of the biggest samples that the Hip hop world is familiar with, this one finds the pair talking about how model shouldn't get themselves caught up with rap stars, as the results are always going to be negative.

      **Four Stars**

      9. "Scream On 'Em"

      Swizzy joins The Game here on a track which has Swizz Beatz take over with his style of making the beats as he does a chant-heavy tune for the cubs as he makes the focus of the tune the craze which LA gangstas are put in when they are out banging on the streets. It is a relentless recording form him, and Swizz seems to come up with something unexpectedly strong out of he rapper.

      **Four Stars**

      10. "One Night"

      Nottz shows what he has to offer The Game on this one, and it appears that he has given all that he can in this case to show that he work is suitable to back one of the biggest rappers out on the West Coast today. It has The Game explain more about why the gangstas out in South central do what they do, and the depth to it.

      **Four Stars**

      11. "Doctor's Advocate"

      This one follows a fairly strong tune off The Game's debut, "The Documentary" as this one has him working with Busta Rhymes in a tune which bases things around the same sort of topic as it has the lyrics speak upon how having a child has changed their life and made them see in a completely different light. I wasn't really into this one, and in comparison to the other, it had little going on.

      **Three Stars**

      12. "Ol' English"

      S this one began, the beats from Hi-Tek and the overall sound of it did nothing for me, but the feel of it dramatically modified when you hear how things alter as The Game steps onto the mic(rophone) and speak of some horrifying tales which he has personally encountered in a fairly short life as his lifestyle has seen so many friends killed. It is a cold tune from him, and the lyrics are shocking.

      **Four Stars**

      13. "California Vacation"

      With one uses The Ohio Players' "Funky Worm" and with that classic synth groove it is unfair as you can't resist engaging with a song which uses it. I just so happens that with it you have Snoop and Xzibit doing what they must have always wanted to do as they finally get a chance to jump on it as N.W.A did in their peak.

      **Five Stars**

      14. "Bang"

      Despite having onr of his most powerful Blood recording ever with "It's Okay", from earlier on in the album, this one has him showing some love to the opposition as Tha Dogg Pound jump on this, to show that in the Hip Hop game their is unity between the rappers who were brought up in similar circumstances, and so won't hate just because of a colour. It is a heavy tune and shows that he is still up for the Gangsta stuff, despite having what has happened in his life.

      **Four Stars**

      15. "Around The World"

      This one has him switch things up dramatically as you go straight from some hardcore Gangsta Rap into a recording which finds him in a collaboration with Jamie Foxx as they come together to perform a gentle song about what he wants to do with his girl, and where he plans on taking her. In knowledge of the fact that Kanye was a main producer o this album, the chipmunking in this one would have indicated that he was behind it, but it was in fact Mr. Porter, who does something far beyond expectations.

      **Five Stars**

      16. "Why You Hate On The Game"

      To end the album off, you have him working with Just Blaze again, and he comes up with something completely different to what has been heard yet again as he comes with something which is so open to interpretation that it gives the opportunity for The game to recruit the Queensbridge MC Nas on it, and it seems that it was the start of a series of killer collaborations between them, as the two albums which both followed this (by both artists) had the other with them at some point.

      **Four Stars**

      Although at some points within the album it suffers a little with a few average tunes, generally it is of a very high standard and I would therefore see it as a great improvement from the album which he started his career with. Here is does what he first album was meant to do as he really does well to take from the peak in West Coast Rap to launch his material.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Lookin At You Album Version (Explicit)
      2 Da Sh*t Album Version (Explicit)
      3 It's Okay (One Blood) Explicit Version
      4 Compton Album Version (Explicit)
      5 Remedy Album Version (Explicit)
      6 Let's Ride Album Version (Explicit)
      7 Too Much Album Version (Explicit)
      8 Wouldn't Get Far Album Version (Explicit)
      9 Scream On Em Album Version (Explicit)
      10 One Night Album Version (Explicit)
      11 Doctor's Advocate Album Version (Explicit)
      12 Ol' English Album Version (Explicit)
      13 California Vacation Album Version (Explicit)
      14 Bang Album Version (Explicit)
      15 Around the World Album Version (Explicit)
      16 Why You Hate The Game Album Version (Explicit)
      17 I'm Chillin'

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