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Dogg Food - Tha Dogg Pound

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: Tha Dogg Pound / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 1995-10-01 at Death Row/Island

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2008 17:27
      Very helpful



      Tha Dogg Pound's debut album

      "Dogg Food" came as the debut album, from Tha Dogg Pound in 1995. The Dogg Pound Gangstas (DPG) are a West Coast rap duo, consisting of members Kurupt, and Snoop Dogg's cousin, Daz. The pair had been hyped by performing alongside Snoop, Dr. Dre and other West Coast Gansta Rap acts, and had lent their production to tracks by some of these artists too. This album would be considered one of the main albums invovlved within the East Coast-West Coast beef of the mid-nineties as the duo directly call out New York rappers with their rhymes.

      1. "Intro"

      2. "Dogg Pound Gangstaz"

      After the intro, DPG give another track to show who they are and what they are all about. In comparison to the rest of the tracks, I thought that it wasn't really as strong as them. I think that this is down to the beats in it as Daz goes for beats which sound quite outdated (more liek what you would have heard from around 1992-1993 on the West Coast), but the raps keep it working.

      **Three Stars**

      3. "Respect"

      Following the weaker maieral, we get straight itno some of the best-quality tracks from this release. On this one you get Daz come with the type of production whcih we expect from these times, and the harsh (Zapp-esque slaps from he beats get everything flowing in order to prepare for DPG as they rap with Nanci Fletcher, Dr. Dre, Big Pimpin' Delemond and Prince Ital Joe.

      **Five Stars**

      4. "New York, New York"

      This is considered to be one of the best diss tracks in Hip Hop history, and it resulted in a response by C-N-N and Mobb Deep called "LA, LA". In this one you get the pair with Snoop as they talk about how things go on the East Coast, how this resulted in the creation of so many acts of a certain kind out there. The funky backing if misleading, but they certainly get their point across.

      **Five Stars**

      5. "Smooth"

      Here is one of only two tracks produced by DJ Poh, an just as before, you here where the past influences of the funk group Zapp come in as you get some vocoder work during this one. Snoop Doggy Dogg kicks things off with the first verse on this one as he brigns his laid-back, yet excitng rhymes to get you ready for the type of thing which Kurut the Kingpin and Daz Dilligner are going to follow it up with.

      **Five Stars**

      6. "Cyco-Lic-No"

      The quality just doesn't stop here as Daz provides even more of his amazing beats, which are just typical of the West Coast scene at this point in time. He makes the perfect prduction for his type of rap as he barks out his ruthless rhymes about gangsta activites. Some will be surpised by the complexity of his words, despite the fact it is used to talks about such reckless things.

      **Five Stars**

      7. "Ridin', Slidin', and Slipin'"

      This one is a smoother one from DPG, and it seems as though they are able to kill it with their raps with any sort of apporach to the mic(rophone). Wih this low tempo, they are able to show off what else they have to offer as they display how strong their storytelling is with this track.

      **Five Stars**

      8. "Big Pimpin' 2"

      You receive even more of the feel-good rap from Tha Dogg Pound Gang as they go into even more of their care-free rhymes. On this one you have them come out with stuff referring to thei abilities as a pimp, and how the like to treat their girls. The funky beats act as a great way to make you get into the mindframe which they are seemingly in.

      **Five Stars**

      9. "Let's Play House"

      Here is one of the singles fom the album, but I wouldn't say that it was as strong as other material on the album. However, the structure for it does lend itself to being represented as a music video as DPG and Michel'le come with an intersting tune by "Playing House" as Daz takes on the role of father, and Michel'le the mother. From here, things get much more explicit.

      **Four Stars**

      10. "I Don't Like To Dream About Gettin' Paid"

      On this one you have DPG decide to switch up their style as they get a lot more conscious, and show their emotions as they rap about how it feels to knwo that you need to make changes, but are unable to do so with so many drawbacks preventign this from happening.

      **Five Stars**

      11. "Do What I Feel"

      Kurupt starts things off in this one, and shows that they have reverted back to the exciting material as they go back into the hardcore gangsta rap. For me, the change back was timed perfectly and has them play up to the strengths. Their execution is perfect as they perform with The Lady Of Rage and keep the high standard of the album.

      **Five Stars**

      12. "If We All F**k"

      The controversy of the album is justified when you here this, and the following track as they remind us why Gangsta Rap has had a bad reputation since its immergence in the late eighties. I didn't really see the misogeny in this one, even though its cleary there, its simply a fun track where they express how they get down with the girls.

      **Five Stars**

      13. "Some Bomb Azz P***y"

      As I said before, this is another explicit track which has them go into soem highly sexaul raps. If you see past what could be considered cotraoversial, this is another way n which DPG express what ther culture is like out West. The factr that it differs from what is seen elsewhere, is seen as shocking, but they are just rapping about what is natural to themselves.

      **Four Stars**

      14. "A Dogg'z Day Afternoon"

      For me, this track was the best track for Kurupt as he really showed what he was able to do as a lyricist. The way that he messes around with his words, displayed his talent for word-play. Daz matches the raps up with the most lively beats, which are all West Coast, showing his passion for the music around him.

      **Five Stars**

      15. "Reality"

      Tha Dogg Pound show how they are fully aware of what they are a part of as they pledge alligence to the Rollin' 20's Crip gang. I thought that it was amazing how deep they viewed this gang affiliation, even in comparison to the rest of the world, which don't even acknowledge this type of activity.

      **Four Stars**

      16. "One By One"

      This one has the most excting beat in the whole of the album for me, and it has Daz complety killing it with his mix of the West and the Old School East Coast Hip Hop. This production gives the perfect foundations for the rappers to get busy with their rhymes, and his rhymes seem to be the best part of the tune.

      **Five Stars**

      17. "Sooo Much Style"

      Young Gotti (Kurupt) does the production in this final track (the only time he does it on this release), on it you can definately tell that there is a drop in quality. However I thought that it was a strong piece as a darker Gangsta Rap cut.

      **Four Stars**

      For me, the beats in this album were amongst the best hat I've heard, and the consistency of the album displays hoe much they can squeeze out of it. I would have to say that Daz's production is the best alterantive to the G-Funk sound by Dr. Dre. Daz uses far fewer samples in his stuff, but makes it wokr by rapping perfectly to fit the banging beats, which pound throughout the album.

      For me, this is an underrated album, and should really be highlighted as on of the classic albums from the West Coast, matching how much love Dr. Dre's "Chronic" and Snopp Doggy Dogg's "Doggystyle" receive to this day.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Intro
      2 Dogg Pound Gangstaz
      3 Respect
      4 New York New York
      5 Smooth
      6 Cyco Lic No (Bitch Azz Niggaz)
      7 Ridin' Slippin' And Slidin'
      8 Big Pimpin'
      9 Let's Play House
      10 I Don't Like To Dream About Gettin' Paid
      11 Do What I Feel
      12 If We All Fuc
      13 Some Bomb Azz Pussy
      14 Dogg Day Afternoon
      15 Reality
      16 One By One (Subtracting Sucka Azz Niggaz From The Face Of The Earth)
      17 Soo Much Style

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