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Doll Domination - The Pussycat Dolls

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10 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: The Pussycat Dolls / Audio CD released 2008-09-22 at Polydor Group

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    10 Reviews
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      03.03.2010 00:31
      Very helpful



      Don't buy on the strength of the singles are the rest of the album isn't so commercial

      I decided to have a listen to this album as Amazon are currently selling the MP3 version for £5. I've liked a lot of the girls previous music so I decided to take the time to listen to the songs on Youtube first as not all of the reviews on Amazon were very favourable. The album that I'm reviewing is the non-deluxe version that is available on Amazon, which has 18 tracks (and not the 24 that seem to feature on the deluxe version).

      *** When I Grow Up*** - This was the lead single and is full of attitude. It's a very catchy track that may well stick in your head against your will. As far as the album goes, this is one of the most commercial tracks and was an obvious choice for a single as it's radio-friendly. If you're thinking about buying the album on the strength of this song, you'll probably be disappointed as there isn't much on the album in the same style as this.

      ***Bottle Pop*** - This features an introduction from rapper Snoop Dogg. I'm never particularly fond of rap introductions and this one does nothing to enhance the song. From first listen, this track irritates me. I assume that it was meant to come off as insanely catchy but to me, it's just a repetitive mess. Snoop Dogg features again around three-quarters of the way through the track with a rap that isn't a million miles away from the rap in the same place in Dontcha but for me, it can't save the track.

      ***Whatcha Think About That?*** - This was the second single and is another one that isn't lacking in attitude. It features a rap by Missy Elliott which doesn't do anything for me but it's another of the album's more commercial offerings.

      ***I Hate This Part*** - This was another of the singles and is a slower track than the first two singles. The verses are quite soft and slow but it kicks in during the chorus. Overall, I'd class it as a bit of a ballad though and it's not quite as commercial as the other singles and lacks the ballad appeal of Stickwitu from a previous album. I like it though, and the general feel of it gives you a better indication of the rest of the album than most of the previous singles.

      *** Takin' Over The World*** - This track takes a little while to get going and has a bit of a Bollywood feel to me. On first listen, I'm tempted to switch off halfway through but after giving it the benefit of the doubt and taking a few more benefits, it is a grower. The chorus is quite catchy but I'm not sure that it's got the same commercial appeal as their singles. Still, it's got the PCD style attached to it and the 'take over the world' hook has got itself lodged in my head a few hours after the first listen.

      ***Out Of This Club*** - Before I heard this track, I imagined it to be one of the up-tempo tracks that would work well in the clubs but in actual fact, it's a mid-tempo ballad and one that sounds a little dated. Further down the tracklisting are some better ballads in my opinion and I'm not wild about the male additions to the vocal. I'm not sure who the contributor is but for me, it turns a nice enough track into one that I'm not particularly wanting to listen to. I can see where it was intending to go with the collaboration but it's just a filler track for me.

      ***Who's Gonna Love You*** - This is another up-tempo track but it doesn't really grab me. The rhythm of the verses sounds a little bit off to me, while the chorus is more mellow. Overall, it lacks the punch of many of the PCD hits. There are some quite catchy bits but as a whole, the track doesn't make me want to put it on repeat. Having given it a couple of listens now, it has the potential to be a grower but I can see why it wasn't released as a single as it doesn't have the instant appeal that the likes of Dontcha and on this album, When I Grow Up and Hush Hush, Hush Hush have had.

      *** Happily Never After*** - This is a slow track that is sung very sweetly but doesn't really go anywhere. On closer inspection of the lyrics, the song is a lot deeper than I first twigged and in that sense, its simple nature does the theme justice.

      ***Magic*** - This track has a catchy chorus but I'm more than a bit off by the production, which is apparently Timbaland. At some points, it sounds a bit like a duck is randomly quacking in the background and that spoils what is otherwise a pretty good song.

      ***Halo*** - This isn't the Beyonce song, but the introduction sounds a bit similar in its initial stages. It's a mid-tempo track that follows a similar kind of tempo to the Beyonce track, despite being a completely different track. If I'm comparing the two, this one is much softer and sweeter and is coupled with quite a heavy backing beat that gives it a slightly more contemporary feel than it would otherwise have. As a slightly minor criticism of the track, the beat appears to skip slightly before the vocals start before the same beat as before emerges and this is a bit irritating and throws the track off slightly as there are no vocals to cover it up. I would say that this is my favourite track on the album.

      ***In Person*** - Not one of my favourite tracks on the album. The vocals grate on me and sound like they involve a good deal of shouting that is passed off as disco-style music but the overall effect is less funky attitude and more big mess. One to skip, I'm afraid (for me, anyway).

      *** Elevator*** - The vocals on this track sound ever so slightly rushed but the chorus is catchy and has got stuck in my head on more than one occasion.

      ***Hush Hush, Hush Hush *** - This was another of the tracks that were released as singles and it's almost a track of two halves. The verses are very slow and then the chorus explodes into a dance-style track and alternating between the two almost feels like listening to two entirely different tracks. It also samples I Will Survive in the backing track and Nicole even brings some of the lyrics of that track into this one. There is enough up-tempo to give it a club-banger feel and the chorus displays some feisty attitude that nicely set off the lyrics of the verses. This is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

      ***Love The Way You Love Me*** - The title sounds like it'll be a ballad but I'd class this as a mid-tempo track. It's one of the few tracks that seem to feature someone other than Nicole on vocals, although it's true that much of the track is sung by her. It doesn't have the instant hook of some of their other tracks but it's catchy enough in a less in-your-face manner and more of a laid-back and mature up-tempo offering from the girls.

      ***Whatchamacallit*** - This another track that just doesn't grab me. It's a good track for

      ***I'm Done*** - This is another of the album's ballads. It's in a similar vein to Happily Never After and Halo in terms of tempo and feel and at this point with two good ballads having come before it in the tracklisting, it seems a bit redundant as it's not offering much different

      ***Lights, Camera, Action*** - I don't like the introduction to this track, which sounds like Timbaland but may well not be. It's pretty catchy and up-tempo but there are some strange high notes in the verses that I find a bit off-putting and don't really go with the general feel of the track. As with Out of This Club, this is a male-female collaboration but for this particular track, this seems to work much better.

      ***Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps*** - This track has a retro jazz/swing feel and demonstrates the versatility of Nicole's vocals as most of the tracks on the album are far away from this. It's a surprising addition to the tracklisting as it's not a very PCD track but it's an interesting change-up.

      There are a whopping 18 tracks on the album and if I'm being brutally honest, they weren't all strictly necessary. As I've hinted in the track-by-track opinions, many of the tracks start to verge into one as a lot of them have similar feels to other tracks on the album. As far as vocals go, you probably won't be surprised to know that it is almost entirely Nicole, with I think Melody getting a few bits here and there and the rest of the girls being sidelined as far as I can tell. It would have been nice to hear more of them but this is predominantly the Nicole show. Some of the tracks have come off her shelved solo album and that shows. My personal favourites are I Hate This Part, Hush Hush, Hush Hush, Halo, Elevator, Happily Never After and Magic and these are the ones that I listen to most. I'd recommend finding the tracks on Youtube and giving them a trial listen before you part with the money as after doing this, I decided to just download the tracks that I liked best as I knew that I wouldn't listen to the others much.


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      07.09.2009 00:28
      Very helpful



      Need to be a fan of the band

      Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination

      The Pussycat Dolls are an American band with 5 members called Kimberly, Melody, Nicole, Ashley and Jessica. The front of the case has the girl on motor bikes and on the back they are sprawled over a pole.

      After each songs name I have given the length of time the song lasts in minutes. I am going to rate each song individually out of 5.

      1. WHEN I GROW UP (4.06) 5/5

      Sounds like sirens are going off in the background. This song is very catchy and is guaranteed to get you up and dancing with its great beat. It is about what the girls wished to be when they grew up. It has a very computerised sound to it but I think it is one of the better songs on the album. It was the reason why I bought the album. You will find yourself singing along to the chorus 'When I grow up I wana be a famous I wana be star!' It is one of those songs, which is great to dance along to on a night out or in front of your mirror with a brush. If your younger children can work out the chorus words maybe you shouldn't let them listen to it.

      2. BOTTLE POP - featuring Snoop Dogg (3.30) 1/5

      I'm not overly fussed on this song it just repeats bottle pop over and over and OVER in fact it says it so many times I hate it. Snopp Dogg raps in the middle. It doesn't really show off the girl's voices in fact their voices sounds like it is computer generates with funny stupid bleeping noises in the middle. I would skip this song every time, as it is so annoying. I am not even sure what it is about it doesn't even hold my attention for that long!

      3. WHATCHA THINK ABOUT THAT - featuring Missy Elliott (3.48) 4/5

      This song will grow on you, as it is catchy. The first time I listened to it I didn't like it but then the more I listened the more I liked it. It features Missy Elliot rapping in the middle and it definitely shows her influence with the beat kind of sounding like another one of Missy's songs. It is a good dance song, which again will get you singing along to the chorus. It is about women not letting men walking over them. Again the voices seem computerised. It has a good beat, which you will find yourself tapping your foot along to.

      4. I HATE THIS PART (3.39) 4/5

      Again I wasn't overly fussed on this song when I first heard it but with hearing it a few times I like it. Maybe I need to know the words to a song before I like it. This is a slower paced song but you can still dance along to it. It doesn't have the same energy as the others. You get to hear the girl's voices better which as most have noticed seems to be Nicole who does most of the singing, she is the main singer of the band. The song has an edgy feel to it with violins and the orchestra playing in the background. I like the music playing in the background. I think the orchestra compliments their voices very well. The song is about someone knowing that their relationship is over and they hate splitting up with someone.

      5. TAKIN OVER THE WORLD (3.35) 3/5

      It sounds like some sort of horn playing at the start and then the drums start playing. It is a rather relaxed song, which you could chill out to with a good beat. It is upbeat however not one of their best songs. The song is about taking over the world, which the title sort of gives away. They are asking a man to join them with taking over the world.

      6. OUT OF THIS CLUB - featuring R Kelly and Polow Da Don (4.08) 4/5

      I really like this song they have slowed it way down and it sounds really dreaming. I think this song is about a people meeting each other and are sick of being out in the club. They just want to settle down and get away from the dating scene. The song features R Kelly Polow Da Don and it works well with the Pussycat Dolls style. You can hear the piano playing throughout which gives it a nice feel to it.

      7. WHO'S GONNA LOVE YOU (4.00) 3/5

      This is a fast paced song but it's more pop like and in my opinion it's not a great song. The song about no one loves the man more than they do. You can hear the violins in the background making the song sound serious. I find myself skipping this song sometimes.

      8. HAPPILY EVER AFTER (4.49) 3/5

      Another slower song which you can hear music playing softly in the background. It is a sad love song as there is no happily ever after. You get to hear the powerful voice of Nicole and I think this song shows off her voice. The song isn't very memorable though and is very mediocre.

      9. MAGIC (3.41) 2/5

      Back to funky beats and fast paced beats. It's very r'n'b in Pussycat Doll style. It's hard to know what the singers are saying as they sing fast. This really annoys me, as I like to know what I am singing along to. It also means I lose interest in the song.

      10. HALO (5.24) 3/5

      This sound sounds very dramatic and the introduction is very long, with a medieval feel to it. You can hear the horn playing throughout with the drums playing. The song is about a woman being sorry she couldn't be someone's angel and wear a halo. It is another song, which is just a album filler.

      11. IN PERSON (3.36) 2/5

      This song has got a jazzy feel to it with trumpets and husky singing to match. It isn't an overly memorable song it is something you would expect to be in a musical.

      12. ELEVATOR (3.41) 2/5

      It has a computerised sound to it and just sounds like the other songs with the same type of style only not as good. It is a song, which you could dance along to but it isn't very good. The song is about a man messing them about and they don't know what to do.

      13. HUSH HUSH (3.49) 4/5

      This song is slower than the others and has a strong chorus. It is a typical pop song, which is about a man treating them bad, and they want him to be quiet. You find yourself singing along to the chorus. I think the vocals are very good and like this song. It is one of the stronger ones on the album.

      14. LOVE THE WAT YOU LOVE ME (3.21) 4/5

      A quirky song, which has a light feel to it. It has a jumpy beat, which gets you moving to the beat. The song is about a boy, which they love the way he loves them, which kind of is given away in the title. It is good to hear the other girls singing in this song. You can actually hear what they sound like and they are good enough singers.

      15. WHATCHAMACALLIT (4.20) 2/5

      Sounds like a Gwen Stefani song to me at the start. It is an edgy song, which has a strong beat. I don't really like as it sounds like the other songs. It is about people not being able to work them out. The chorus is repeated too much for my liking.

      16. I'M DONE (3.18) 3/5

      A slow song which isn't anything special with the orchestra playing in the background to give that dreamy and dramatic effect. The song is about someone not wanting to fall in love even though they did. If I heard it on the radio it wouldn't catch my attention at all.

      17. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION - featuring New Kids on The Block (bonus) (3.45) 2/5

      A typical pop song, which has a computerised, beat to it. They just repeat the same thing over and over again, which means I don't really like it. New Kids on The Block sing in the middle to break up the song a bit.

      18. PERHAPS, PERHAPS, PERHAPS (bonus) (2.15) 3/5

      A salsa type of song, which sounds, like a cabaret song. You find yourself wanting to do salsa dancing to it. It is not a bad song but not something that is really to my taste. The trumpet plays in the middle to set the tone with the piano playing.


      This album cost me £9.77 and I think it was ok value for money. It does have a lot of weak songs on it. The good songs make up for the bad ones though as I feel they are very good. I'm not sure I would buy a new album if they brought one out based on this one. To buy this album you would have to be a Pussycat Dolls fan. I am not really and wouldn't tell anyone to rush out and buy it, as I was slightly disappointed.


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        30.08.2009 16:27
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Don't buy it

        This is the second album from the Pussycat Dolls: it has 18 tracks with a total play time of 68:34.

        Here's a quick run down of the tracks:

        1. When I Grow Up - PCD at their best - up beat, feel good music that makes you want to dance around the room (and raise your leg above your head). (9/10)

        2. Bottle Pop - features Snoop Dogg. Despite its name this isn't as poppy as I expected: it has more of an electro, dancy, soft crunk sound with Snoop Dogg spitting some sic rhymes. (6/10)

        3. Watcha Think About That - features Missy Elliott. This song is a medium to quick tempo with a good beat behind it. Without Missy this song would be mediocre but as soon as she opens her mouth its gold - Missy at her best. (7/10)

        4. I Hate This Part - this is a ballad - I'm not usually a fan of ballad's but PCD pull this off successfully it has some more classical instruments such as a piano and violin but still has a strong beat with it. (6/10)

        5. Takin Over The World - this fits most easily into the R&B genre, it's mid-tempo and it's not strictly singing it's that sort of singy-rapping style. (5/10)

        6. Out Of This Club - features R Kelly and ROB. This is one of those slow tacky R&B songs that does nothing for me and is one you could definitely skip. The one redeeming feature of this is that the male rappers drop some lyrical samples from other tunes such as R Kelly's "you ain't gotta go home but you gotta get the hell up out of here" and Fergie's "if you ain't got no money take your broke ass home". (4/10)

        7. Who's Gonna Love You - a ballad given a slightly quicker tempo very similar to the previous two songs. (4/10)

        8. Happily Never After - a true ballad not worthy of the Pussycat Dolls. If you heard this on the radio and weren't told you would not even know this was them. You cannot recognise Nicole's usually distinctive vocals and this could be performed by any two-bit girl band. (3/10)

        9. Magic - the verses are like mid-tempo song you'd hear in an R&B club with quite a heavy beat behind it and some rapping by the girls but then the chorus is completely different: the beat is dropped and it switches to of more a warbling ballad. A bit weird. (4/10)

        10. Halo - sadly not a patch on the Beyonce song of the same title. This is like a medieval ballad played on a synthesizer. Bland - yawn - skip it. (3/10)

        11. In Person - this brings the tempo back up and makes you want to clap in a sort of salsa style: I felt a bit like I was in a Bacardi advert. The beat is good but the lyrics are hard to hear behind this - they are not sung but almost shouted a bit - reminded me of a female James Brown. The overall feel of the song was like Beyonce's Work It Out from Austin Powers Goldmember. (6/10)

        12. Elevator - "We go up and we go down like an Elevator." Alright girls - hardly lyrical genius. A rare moment when Nicole has popped to the toilet and one of the other girls jumps on the mic - don't know which one: Carmit?Melody?Jessica? Mediocre and yet another track gladly skipped. (4/10).

        13. Hush Hush - their most recently released single from this album - or so I thought. This is the slow album version - this song stays at the same tempo as the intro and does not get sped up into the dancier version released. Pap. (3/10)

        14. Love The Way You Love Me - we again here from another one of the girls in this mid-tempo ballad. I don't want to skip it but I am getting bored. (4/10)

        15. Watchamacallit - a slightly funkier song now: the sort of thing you would here played in the club of a Jet Li movie. (5/10)

        16. I'm Done - a proper ballad: singing over a piano. This title sums up my feelings for this album. (2/10)

        17. Lights, Camera, Action - pulling it back slightly with this track but sounds like I've accidentally put a Britney Spears song on. Yet another bland, average track. (4/10)

        18. Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps - they've finished on a high here, in my opinion doing what PCD do best, taking an old favourite and singing it in their burlesque cabaret style - where it all began. (8/10)

        Although the average of my above scores is 4.8, I would actually give this album an overall score of 3/10 as I would only choose to listen to three of these songs on a regular basis (tracks 1, 3 and 18). This is not a patch on their first album - they have gone for quantity over quality - a big disappointment.


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          18.07.2009 16:43



          Good but only if you REALLY like Nicole Scherzinger

          The second outing from The Pussycat Dolls, I have to say was a disappoinment to me. Whilst PCD was fresh and original with it's hip hop beats and catchy lyrics, Doll Domination just sounds a bit samey. The main contributor to this seems to be the lack of vocals from anyone other than Nicole Scherzinger. True, on the deluxe edition all of the dolls have a song each, But why only one song? Why does there seem to be a lack of backing vocals from any of the other dolls either? If Nicole was the reason The Pussycat Dolls are so successful, why did her solo album flop? Nicole always sang lead on PCD but Melody and the now ex-doll Carmit always did additional vocals. This gave the tracks more flavour and allowed more than one doll to show off their voices. However Doll Domination sounds like the same song over and over just with a different beat and tempo. Stand out tracks are 'Whatcha think about that'. 'Who's gonna love you' and the bonus track 'Lights, Camera, Action' featuring the New Kids on the Block. 'Happily Never after' and 'Bottle Pop' are the worst tracks by far. Listen out for the beautiful 'Played' by Ashley Roberts on the deluxe edition.


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          17.07.2009 23:17



          Great album, great songs, go get it! I did!

          A lot of people have said that the pussycat dolls' new album is not as good as they used to be, I heard a lot of negative reviews on radios and other such places. I really want to set the record straight here, because I think this is the best album that they have done, and the vocals on this album are absolutley crazy! So I don't understand what these people are talking about!
          They have come back hotter, stronger, more tight as a group ( due to members leaving) and much more developed musically.
          There is no doubt that Nicole Scherzinger is one hell of a singer, and performer, she has an incredibley sexy husky voice, that gives me goosebumps everytime I listen to a ballad.
          I love all the songs on this album, but the ones that I found I would listen to again and again were "bottle pop" with its nice electro/hip hop/ rnb feel, and "im done".

          I would definatley tell people to buy this album, because they are a brilliantly talented bunch of girls. They have created an album worth purchasing! So go out there peeps!


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          18.06.2009 16:39
          Very helpful



          An awful comedown from the heights of their hugely successful debut

          What do you get when you combine a former burlesque troop with an amazingly talented singer by the name of Nicole Scherzinger? Voila - the Pussycat Dolls. One of the hottest new acts of the decade. Storming onto the scene in 2005 with the global smash that was 'Don't Cha', the feisty six ladies had the world firmly in their grasp working with everyone from Busta Rhymes to Snoop Dogg and spawning five hit singles from their very versatile and shockingly good debut album 'PCD'.

          I'm not one to be taken in by all that trashy image nonsense, but it definitely did this lot no harm whatsoever. So with one member done, a failed reality TV show to find a replacement and the tricky task of producing album number two, have the Pussycat Dolls still got their claws into the charts? Or have they faltered before they've already begun?

          Boosting the title 'Doll Domination', their second record is making a rather bold statement before you hear any of the tracks on it. I can safely say that there is nothing but generic RNB with a bit of pop thrown in for good measure here, though what they have come up with isn't bad, it's just boring and shows they've fallen behind much better artists in their absence.

          Opening track 'When I Grow Up' is extremely cheesy and just all round awful. The lyrics are terribly stretched and sound far too high and robotic. Nicole Scherzinger does not seem comfortable here as the lyrics are even more cringe worthy than the rest of the song with the very controversal line 'when I grow up, I wanna see the world, I wanna have groupies'.

          It sounds like groupies but many people still insist the actual word is 'boobies'. That little word puzzle aside, the music is rather catchy and it does have a rather funky and futuristic element to it but it's so diluted and weak it sounds like a reject from their last album. Not exactly a good start.

          Not even hooking up with Snoop Dogg again can save the record. 'Bottle Pop' is a robotic and repetitive piece of garbage that sounds like it wouldn't have even been a hit when Ciara was singing about her 'Goodies'. That's what the song sounds like to me and Nicole doesn't even really have a chance to impress with her vocals as the entire structure is very monotone.

          'Whatcha Think About That', with Missy Elliot is slightly better though Nicole's vocals go far too high and there's too much drama in the final chorus of the song. Missy's contribution to the song is too cheesy quoting Katy Perry and other such nonsense. It just doesn't work that well as a duet and seems all over the place.

          On the other hand, 'I Hate This Part', is clearly the best stroke of genius the band had when recording this album. A very mellow song fueled by a gorgeous piano amongst other instruments. The vocals are on high form and are just soaring on the chorus. The emotion really grips you and proves that's there still a little bit of the 'PCD' spark in these girls. The song is haunting, passionate and just tear jerking. I class it as one of the best ballads I've heard in a long time.

          Sadly there's very little afterwards to bulk up the album's purchase rating! No matter what collaborations the dolls throw your way, the end results are also run of the mill, generic hip-hop or RNB built songs. 'Takin Over The World' is just lazy and the production sounds wonky as the song is often out of sync with Nicole's barely audible vocals whilst R Kelly's presence on 'Out of The Club' is enough to turn an already dreamy, uninspiring piece of bubblegum pop into a nightmare.

          It's frustrating to continue listening and being assaulted with such boring songs. Shockingly the ballads are the selling point here but even they are lacking enough spark to save the CD. I don't know where they've gotten this 'domination' idea from, but these tracks are anything but. 'Happily Never After' is a very pleasant and beautiful little tune that creeps in silently and explodes into a gorgeous love song, that really showcases Scherzinger's vulnerability whilst the moody and dangerous 'Halo' starts off very promising with a funky and techno inspired melody but soon evolves into just another medicore offering.

          'Hush Hush' is a pretty cool track as it begins as a very haunting, piano led ballad before morphing into a storming rendition of 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor. Sadly, waiting to see this moment explode means you have to endure another lifeless tune beforehand.

          The Pussycat Dolls prove here that Nicole Scherzinger could do it alone and these songs would still sound exactly the same. Her vocals are consistant and her talent is evident on each of the tracks on 'Doll Domination'. Though vocals are occasionally shared, it's a jolt to your system when you're treated to someone else.

          Listening to the CD rather than watching the skanky videos that come with the singles is a lot better [unless you're a red blooded straight man of course], but the Pussycat Dolls seem to be all about image with a good song thrown in for measure every now and again. There's nothing on 'Doll Domination' that hasn't been done before and the album is more just an easy pass, rather than a CD that oozes hard work and hit potential. With occasionally strong production and one or two redeeming tracks it's not a terrible compilation but maybe purchasing the slightly less expensive and less filler orientated mini collection of the same album would be a much better way to part with your money. Pole dancing these girls can, but continuing to produce good music - well it's slipping away from them...

          Complete tracklisting:

          01 - When I Grow Up 07/10
          02 - Bottle Pop [With Snoop Dogg] 03/10
          03 - Whatcha Think About That [With Missy Elliot] 07/10
          04 - I Hate This Part 10/10
          05 - Takin Over The World 02/10
          06 - Out Of This Club [With R Kelly] 01/10
          07 - Who's Gonna Love You? 05/10
          08 - Happily Never After 08/10
          09 - Magic 05/10
          10 - Halo 05/10
          11 - In Person 01/10
          12 - Elevator 05/10
          13 - Hush Hush 04/10
          14 - Love The Way You Love Me 06/10
          15 - Whatchamacallit 04/10
          16 - I'm Done 06/10


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            09.06.2009 21:08
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Great Album!

            Doll Domination is yet another Pussycat Dolls album, released in 2008, its their second released album, their first being PCD.

            You can buy Doll Domination in most good music stores for around a 10er, depending on where you are buying it, and if you are a fan of their music you will really find it worth the money, as in my opinion it is much better than the PCD album.

            Doll Domination has some great tracks on it, especially if you are a fan of the Pussycat Dolls, it has a real fun and girly feel to it, there are some great tracks to get you in the mood for a party when you are getting ready for a night out.

            The track listing for this album is:
            1.) When I Grow Up
            2.) Bottle Pop
            3.) Whatcha Think About That
            4.) I Hate this Part
            5.) Taken' Over the World
            6.) Outta this Club
            7.) Whos Gonna Love You
            8.) Happliy Never After
            9.) Magic
            10.) Halo
            11.) In Person
            12.) Elevator
            13.) Hush Hush
            14.) Love the Way You Love Me
            15.) Whatchamacallit
            16.) Im Done
            17.) Lights Camera Action
            18.) Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

            Some of my favourite tracks:

            Whatcha Think About that
            This is a great track that talks about men and women switching roles for a night, I like this song because it is fun and confident, also the song features Missy Elliot which is another artist I enjoy.

            When I Grow Up
            Another great song that is fun and great to dance to on a night out, its about seeking fame and fortune from a young age, but still, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

            I Hate This Part
            This is another of my favourites of this album, it is slower and abit sadder, its about spliting up with some one, and that moment when it ends how annoying it can be.

            If you like the Pussycat Dolls chances are youll like this album, its full of great fun tracks and is definitely worth the money spent on it!

            ***Also posted on Ciao.co.uk under name lorrainek90***


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              26.04.2009 14:33
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              Great vocals & soundtracks

              'Doll Domination' is the second album by the US girl group Pussycat Dolls that was released in September 2008.

              I am not really a fan of the group but I do like some of their more popular tracks like 'I Don't Need a Man' and 'StickwitU' and they are also well known for the track 'Don't Cha' and now 'When I Grow Up' from their latest album 'Doll Domination'.

              'Doll Domination' has a good selection of 18 tracks which is a good number of tracks compared to most albums these days which normally average 13 tracks at the most..

              The first track is 'When I Grow Up' which is one of the main singles on this album. I am not particularly keen on this track and it doesn't help that it's been played loads on my fave station, I do not like it I'm afraid but like the video - I think their choreography is always spot on and if there's one thing the girls are really great at, it's their dancing. I'd recommend any of their music videos including those for tracks from this album.

              Other singles on 'Doll Domination' include 'Bottle Pop', 'I Hate this Part', 'Whatcha Think About That' and 'Jai Ho' which is one of the tracks from the Oscar winning movie 'Slumdog Millionaire' and it is on the re-releases of the original album and is to be added as one of the singles in 2009.

              Most of the more popular tracks as mentionned above are the upbeat dance tracks on the album and there are some slow tracks like 'I Hate This Part', 'Happily Never After', 'Elevator', 'Hush Hush' and 'Love the Way you Love Me'.

              'Out of this Club' which is the sixth track on the album has an RnB feel to it and is one of the few tracks featuring other RnB artists; this one features R.Kelly and Polow Da Don (first time to hear of the latter..)
              Other artists featured on this album are 'Snoop Dog' on 'Bottle Pop' and 'Missy Elliott' on 'Whatcha Think About That'. 'Lights, Camera, Action' features 'New Kids On the Block' and all the rest are by The PussyCat Dolls only.

              The album would be enjoyed by the general listener as it has many catchy tracks, some that are less popular but are good too are 'Whatchamacallit', 'Magic' and 'Halo'.

              My favourite tracks on this album would be 'Whatcha Think About That', 'I Hate this Part', 'Halo', 'Happily Never After', 'Lights, Camera, Action' and 'Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps'.

              The album features the girl groups' great vocal abilities and their ability to perform in various music styles well. The lyrics are well written, the soundtracks to the tracks are well matched and the music flows well, you can relax and chill out to it or dance, definitely a 'feel-good' album and with 18 different tracks, you shall not be bored.

              I'd recommend..

              ©marina321 Dooyoo April 2009; Ciao.co.uk April 2009; Ciao.com April 2009


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                12.04.2009 14:40
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                Not flawless - just an awful lot of fun.

                The Pussycat Dolls were 2005's big new thing. "Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?" became the cheeky catchphrase on the world's lips; everybody could relate and few could deny the sheer attraction of Nicole and her fellow dolls; Melody, Jessica, Kimberly, Ashley and, back then, Carmit. The latter has since left and the PCD brand has had a slight overhaul. Now they're more glittery corsets than street hoodies, but musically they're still about club-friendly tunes for an audience who have yet to grow old and boring. So does Doll Domination do the trick?

                Things begin with lead single 'When I Grow Up', a Darkchild production with a thumping beat and, after Dont Cha, the next-most iconic chorus of their career. "When I grow up, I wanna be famous, I wanna be a star..." Nicole shrieks. As is the story with most of the album, the other dolls are nowhere to be heard, so it's a good job Ms Scherzinger's vocals are some of the best in Pop. 'Bottle Pop' features Snoop Dogg, but his contribution is largely irrelevant. Instead it's the building, buzzing beat which is so addictive here. By the end of the song everything climaxes, and although it's a comedown from the sheer energy of WIGU, it's still a fun 'getting ready for a night out' sort of romp. 'Whatcha Think About That', the third UK single, features Missy Elliot, who again gives a fairly lifeless rap and could be done without. The song is vaguely Eastern-sounding but overall lacks that special something which each of their other singles has had; the repeat listen factor.

                A reasonable if not overwhelming start, then, but this is where things look up, if only for four minutes. 'I Hate This Part', the second global single, is easily amongst the Dolls' best ballads, although it's not that slow or subdued. It's the perfect winter-time song without being cheesy, and Nicole's vocals on the bridge feel exceptionally genuine. 'Takin' Over The World' is a sheer tragedy, overflowing with poor lyrics about a night in a club and suffering a truly dated beat. You'll likely remember it, but for the fact that it's one of the worst songs you'll be subjected to all year, not for its non-existant melody. Next is 'Out Of This Club', which shares a vibe with Usher's 'Love In This Club', as well as a sordid rap from producer Polow Da Don. It's light, bouncy fun and doesn't aim to be anything more. 'Who's Gonna Love You' was carried over from Nicole's unreleased solo album, which explains the shoutout she's given at the beginning - this really is an album from a one-woman group. It's a downbeat, 80s-esque synthy affair which questions a man's greedy outlook on life, managing to be both catchy and fairly serious, proving there's more to PCD than short skirts and lashings of raunch.

                'Happily Never After' may seem like a hundreth re-hash of recent hit Stargate midtempos such as Beyonce's 'Irreplacable' or Rihanna's 'Take A Bow', but it's also one of the more sincere moments on the record. "This time she will stay gone, that's for sure", Nicole simmers gently as she narrates the story of a woman who's finally had it with her man's crappy treatment of her. It's a refreshing change to hear this sort of subject on a PCD record. 'Magic', a huge fan favourite, is an angry number with, again, Eastern influences, but it doesn't seem able to decide whether it wants to be one for the clubs or for the dinner parties, and so it falls uncomfortably between the two. Much better is 'Halo', one of the best Timbaland productions of recent times. It's a softly-sung midtempo in which Nicole laments the difficulties of a relationship ("I swear sometimes you are so hard on me because I'm not everything / That you want me to be"). Her vocals are complimented perfectly by the smooth, tinkly beat; it's one of the dolls' most accomplished songs to date.

                'In Person', a third Timbo number, is less soothing, Nicole shrieking "I'ma hurt him when I see him!" over a retro swing beat. It's the sort of song that any one of the girls could've sung, however, so it seems a little unfair that Nicole should, once again, get to do it all. Rival producer Darkchild takes over again on the synth-pop of 'Elevator', which marks the first time that we get to hear Melody's vocals; she's given the bridge as well as the back-and-forth middle 8 with Nicole, and the variation is very welcome. The song itself is an instantly memorable one which employs the metaphor of an elevator ("We go up, we go down... like an elevator"). A slight sprinkling of vocoder and you have a fairly perfect pop song. Certainly the fact that this wasn't a single (and doesn't look likely to be) is a missed trick. 'Hush Hush' is a big ballad which aims to be epic and very nearly succeeds. Lustful strings stretch out beneath Nicole's searing vocal; the result is something which feels sad and regretful. 'Love The Way You Love Me', with a writing credit from the ever-talented Kara DioGuardi, is another synthy 80s love story, and a late highlight, on which Melody sings backing vocals and the middle 8; "I like how your t-shirt cuts you right / and how you melt me deep inside". It's warming stuff.

                'Whatchamacallit' ups the ridiculous factor by a thousand percent, with a chorus so senseless (and addictive) that you'll probably find yourself tearing out hair. "Don't be askin' 'bout my man / and what he holdin' in his pants" warns Scherzinger. When she asks "Whatchamacallit?" we certainly can't answer; we just know we've been taken on a fun little escapade. The standard edition of the album is closed by 'I'm Done', a tinkling, old-school piano ballad which makes sense of the group's album-long transition from party animals to besotted lovers; "I don't wanna fall in love / Just wanna have a little fun / But then you came, and swept me up / And I'm done". It's gorgeous, and probably the group's best big ballad.

                The deluxe edition isn't available in the UK, but is worth getting your hands on if you fancy hearing more of the other dolls' vocals, for it has a solo track by each on. Most fun is Jessica's 'If I Was A Man', a swooshing ride through space with some pleasingly nonsensical man-bash lyrics. Melody gives a now-ex some 'Space' on a cutesy R&B ballad, whilst 'Played' sees Ashley desire a caring lover whilst riding a slow-jam beat. Only Kimberly's vocals are distorted; her cover of Jane Child's 'Don't Wanna Fall In Love' doesn't give us much idea of her vocal prowess, but it's still a bag of fun. Nicole's solo effort, as if she needed another, is the Diane Warren-written 'Until U Love U', which is as grand as you'd expect given the credentials. What's slightly surprising is that all of the solo numbers are modern productions and genuinely good songs; hopefully next time each Doll will get some limelight on the main tracklist, because they can all carry a tune with ease.

                There are bonus tracks aplenty too, in various regions. 'Lights, Camera, Action' with New Kids On The Block is fairly forgettable (and lord knows, you'll want to) but the JR Rotem remix of Nicole's solo single 'Baby Love' adds a chirpier vibe than the original had, and their (brief) cover of the classic 'Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps' is a lot of fun.

                So that's twenty-four songs covered - from one album! There can't be anymore, right? Well, there are... the re-issue of the record, aptly titled Doll Domination 2.0, is released globally in April '09 and features four new songs. 'Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)' is an adaptation of the AR Rahman score from the smash hit movie Slumdog Millionaire, and has already torn up the charts. The melody of the original is retained, Nicole adding her silky vocals over the top. It's a genuinely creative affair and well-deserving of its success. Also new is 'Hush Hush 2.0', which dancifies the original, losing all of the beauty along the way, and mashes in a sample of the disco classic 'I Will Survive', as performed on their world tour. It's certainly an interesting idea but it doesn't work, winding up sounding too novelty for its own good.

                Thankfully we also get 'Painted Windows', a Darkchild song which was, for some inexplicable reason, left off the original release. Melody gets her fair proportion of the vocals here, she and Nicole riding a heavy, buzzing club beat. The chorus is deliciously catchy; this is definite smash hit material. The fourth newie, thankfully left off the UK version, is 'Top Of The World', the themetune to US show The City. The song is a shameless re-hash of When I Grow Up which deserves a proper shunning!

                And that's that. Twenty-eight songs, one primary vocalist. Doll Domination definitely does what it says on the tin; whether the other dolls mind being sidelined, we may never know, but what matters is that nearly all of the songs here are great. Catchy, well-produced and fronted by a truly capable vocalist. Nobody borders the pop/R&B divide quite like these girls.


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                  07.02.2009 13:31
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                  The Pussycat Dolls leave their first album behind. WAY behind.

                  Despite my sneaking admiration for pop music (well, it was a sneaking admiration until I was dumb enough to start writing reviews of it on here), my enjoyment of The Pussycat Dolls debut album "PCD" still came as something of a surprise. Whilst I've long been an unashamed fan of the kind of manufactured pop put out by the likes of Girls Aloud, the r 'n' b side of things, as done by the likes of Destiny's Child, had largely passed me by. I did still manage to enjoy the album, however, although I thought it was let down by the cover versions it contained.

                  In the 3 years between "PCD" and "Doll Domination", quite a lot has happened to the group, much of which has helped keep them in the public eye. Lead singer Nicole Scherzinger recorded a solo album, promoting rumours that the group would split, although that album was never released. There was also Nicole's relationship with Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton and the reality TV show that was supposed to select a new member of the band, although the winner never actually joined them. The publicity may have helped keep the group in the papers, but the long break between albums hasn't helped sales. Indeed, this album has been far less of a success both in the UK and in the US, selling roughly a tenth of the copies of "PCD" in both markets to date. Given that the publicity machine was working fine, something that really hurt Sandi Thom's second release, the answer to that can only lie on the CD itself.

                  Whatever may be wrong with this album, it certainly isn't apparent on opening track and first single, "When I Grow Up". This has all the hallmarks of a Pussycat Dolls track, being an up-tempo upbeat r 'n' b influenced pop song. It maybe lacks some of the fun of "Don'tcha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me", but it's a fairly natural successor to a song like that and it's a decent opening to the album, offering a statement of intent to match the "Doll Domination" title of the album as well as being a decent song.

                  There doesn't seem to be anything obviously wrong with the second track, either. "Bottle Pop" has much more of a techno edge than anything they've done before, but mixed with their more usual pop sound, it's not a bad dance track. The influence of Snoop Dogg isn't that strong and it's a decent enough song, although thanks to the song consisting more of the chorus than it does any verses, it does get a bit repetitive.

                  Everything still seems fine with "Whatcha Think About That", featuring Missy Elliott. Apart from brief raps interludes from her, this is largely a Pussycat Dolls song and, although it's not as upbeat or as up tempo as some of their earlier work, it's still a decent enough mid-tempo pop-r 'n' b tune. That said, there was a bit right at the end where the voices were heavily synthesised that grated on me a little.

                  There's quite a change of pace with the piano intro to "I Hate This Part", although the standard r 'n' b drum beat soon comes in over it. This is quite a pop influenced song with the drumbeat being about the only r 'n' b influence. Unfortunately, because of this there's very little that makes this stand out as being a Pussycat Dolls song. It's at quite a slow tempo and doesn't really go anywhere and this could have been a song recorded by pretty much any female r 'n' b singer, especially as the rest of the Dolls seem to have been reduced to playing mere backing vocalists to Nicole here.

                  Apart from the interesting sound effects, pretty much the same can be said for "Takin' Over the World". There's a far stronger r 'n' b influence here, but the overall effect is to make the song sound like an early Destiny's Child track. It's again a mid-tempo pop song with an r 'n' b influence that has nothing to separate it from any other song or act around and it's little more than bland, processed pop r 'n' b, lacking even the yearning in the vocal that made "I Hate This Part" a little better than it otherwise could have been.

                  The next track features R. Kelly and Padow Da Don and it's far more of their song than it is a Pussycat Dolls track. In fact, if "Out of This Club" had been listed as "R. Kelly featuring Nicole Scherzinger", that may have been more accurate. This is a standard r 'n' b number, being fairly down tempo and pretty bland, not really going anywhere with only the rap interlude really sticking out. The whole thing lacks the bounce and the pop sound that made "PCD" as much fun as it was.

                  There's a very familiar feel to "Who's Gonna Love You", which is another mid-tempo pop song with an r 'n' b touch. The chorus sounds very similar to the kind of music Janet Jackson was putting out some twenty years ago. Once again, there is nothing distinctive about this track and it could be any r 'n' singer and it's all Nicole again, with the rest of the group seemingly reduced to backing vocals once more.

                  The acoustic guitar intro to "Happily Ever After" shocks me every time and I have to check whether I'm still listening to the album I think I'm listening to. Much like "I Hate This Part", this is pretty much a straight pop song with only the drumbeat giving it any kind of edge at all. Again, in common with that track, it's quite a sweet pop song, but it seems like it's just Nicole rather than the group and it's got a very familiar feel, like something the Sugababes would have done, probably better.

                  After this moment of blandness, the Eastern sounding intro that opens "Magic" comes as a minor wake up call, sounding a little like the opening to "Buttons" from their first album as it does. Unfortunately, whilst it shares many of the pop and r 'n' b influences to that track and even "Whatcha Think About That", it never reaches above mid tempo and doesn't do enough throughout the song to be anything more than slightly interesting.

                  There's a major synthesiser intro to "Halo" which reminds me a little of Vangelis before the r 'n' b edge becomes apparent. This comes as something of a pity, as it's a very standard mid-tempo r 'n' b influenced pop tune and something that any artist could have done. The introduction is really the only interesting part of the song and the rest of the Dolls seem to be acting simply as backing singers to Nicole again here. It's not a bad song, just rather bland and indistinctive, like much of the album.

                  Fortunately, things really liven up for "In Person". It's a peppy, upbeat, up-tempo pop tune with an old style 1960s musical backing in parts and does sound slightly reminiscent of some of the old Motown tunes in the backing, although the vocals sound too modern and pop influenced to help the whole song feel that way. It's a decent enough song with added attitude, but it lacks a lot of the fun of the first album.

                  Unfortunately, the fun quotient wasn't to last long on the album and "Elevator" is back to the bland nature of the album. It's another mid-tempo pop-influenced r 'n' b song and sounds like something Rihanna might have done. Whilst this isn't such a bad thing in its own right and this is one of the better straight r 'n' b tracks on the album, it's not the kind of thing I really expected from a Pussycat Dolls album.

                  Unfortunately, the blandness is lasting longer than the upbeat songs and "Hush Hush" is another example of that. Much like "I Hate This Part", it's pretty much a straight pop ballad, with slight hints of the r 'n' b influence in the drumbeat. Once more, with the rest of the group reduced to backing singers for Nicole, it's another song that any female vocal group could have done just as well and there's nothing distinctive throughout the entire track.

                  The r 'n' b influence is a lot stronger on "Love the Way You Love Me", but it's again another forgettable mid-tempo pop track which again reminds me of pretty much any other girl group around at the moment and not necessarily one of the better ones. Once again, just like "Hush Hush", the song just keeps going on and there's nothing distinctive about it at any point or in any way.

                  Just when the album is looking like a completely hopeless case, along comes "Whatchamacallit". Whilst it's not a classic track by any means, it is at least reminiscent of the sound from "Pussycat Dolls". It's a mid-tempo dance-r 'n' b number, which reminds me most of "Buttons" from the first album, having a slight Eastern influence running through it as well. It's got more attitude than most of the songs on the album and for a change it sounds like the whole group are fully involved, instead of just being backing vocalists.

                  Once again, however, the highs on this album prove to be few and far between. "I'm Done" is apparently Nicole's song for her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. This is a simple pop ballad, which in common with "Hush Hush", but it's a song that would have worked beautifully on a Delta Goodrem album, but doesn't seem in keeping with the Pussycat Dolls. I do quite like this track, but that's more because I'm a Delta Goodrem fan than for any other reason. It's a sweet pop ballad, but that's not this group's best sound.

                  After all the cover versions on the first album, I thought "Baby Love" may be another, but it's actually an original r 'n' b track. Once again, it's rooted in mid-tempo and doesn't really go anywhere, but it's got a feeling of some old Janet Jackson numbers and it's a pleasant enough listen and quite like "Elevator", it's not a bad song but like much of the album, the kindest thing that can be said for it is that it's completely inoffensive.

                  After all this nothing, the album does end on a slightly higher note. Possibly inspired by their cover of "Sway" on their first album, "Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" has a Latin influence and whilst it's perhaps a little too slow to mambo to all the way through, it's a very modern dance hall number. The chorus also seems to take inspiration from the first album and has a jazzy feel, not too dissimilar to some show tunes. It's not a great track and it is very short at just over 2 minutes, but it does at least offer something a little different, which the rest of the album hasn't been able to claim.

                  At 18 tracks and 62 minutes in length, this is an album that by sheer playing time alone would be pretty good value. Unfortunately, most of the hour of music here is instantly forgettable and so the album would stand up to repeated plays simply because you can't be sure if you've heard the songs before once you play it again. AT prices such as £7.99 from Play or £6.97 from Amazon, the quality on show simply doesn't make this value for money. Indeed, even the Amazon Marketplace price of £3.84 feels too expensive, but copies can be found from 99 pence on eBay, but with postage added, it really isn't worth paying any more than that.

                  To answer my initial query, it is the content of the CD that has led to its failure. The group have tried to trade in their sense of fun, which is what made them different for song craft on this album. Unfortunately, they just don't have good enough songs to manage it and they've ended up sounding just like anyone else. Given that most of the group seem to have been relegated to the background for this album, it possibly also explains why Nicole's solo album wasn't released, as it would probably have sounded just like this, which means it wouldn't have been good enough.


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                • Product Details

                  Disc #1 Tracklisting
                  1 When I Grow Up
                  2 Bottle Pop - The Pussycat Dolls, Snoop Dogg
                  3 Whatcha Think About That - The Pussycat Dolls, Missy Elliott
                  4 I Hate This Part
                  5 Takin' Over The World
                  6 Out Of This Club - The Pussycat Dolls, R. Kelly, Polow Da Don
                  7 I Think I'm In Love
                  8 Happily Never After
                  9 Magic
                  10 Halo
                  11 In Person
                  12 Elevator
                  13 Hush Hush
                  14 Love The Way You Love Me
                  15 Whatchamacallit
                  16 Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger, will.i.am
                  17 Lights, Camera, Action - The Pussycat Dolls, New Kids On The Block
                  18 Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

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