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Don't You Fake It - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

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Genre: Pop / Artist: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus / Audio CD released 2007-06-18 at Virgin

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2010 21:55
      Very helpful



      Very good debut

      Reigning from Middleburg, Florida, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (or TRJA as I will refer to them in this review) are an American pop-punk/ emo/ post-hardcore band consisting of:

      Ronnie Winter - lead vocals (2001 - present)
      Duke Kitchens - lead guitar, piano, backing vocals (2001 - present)
      Joey Westwood - bass, backing vocals (2005 - present)
      Jon Wilkes - drums, percussion (2005 - present)
      Matt Carter - rhythm guitar (2008 - present)

      They were formed in 2004, and so far they have released two albums, 'Don't You Fake It' in 2006 and most recently 'Lonely Road' in 2009. They have also released a self-titled demo in 2004 and 4 EP's, released one in every year since 2006. 4 of the songs from 'Don't You Fake It' have become singles (Face Down, False Pretense, Your Guardian Angel, Damn Regret), and two have been released so far from the latest album. This is a great debut, and is definitely worth listening too. My favourite song is Face Down, and this is the song I would most highly recommend, although there are quite a few great songs on the album, which I will mention below.

      1. In Fate's Hands

      A lovely guitar riff intro to the album, then the drop, after "GO!" is screamed, which is a little cheesy, but it doesn't matter, because the music after is amazing. The vocals and screamo are both great in this song, as well as the instruments. It's a very catchy song, all the way through, especially the chorus. A great intro.

      2. Waiting

      Another amazing guitar riff, then good vocals too. The verse is good, but the song really gets good when it comes to the chorus. I like how this song goes in and out of screamo, because it means there's not too much but there's enough. The chorus is very catchy, and the vocals are great, as well as the guitar sound again.

      3. False Pretense

      This is the first song I heard from this band, and I'm glad it was. It's my second favourite song on the album. Again, it starts with a great guitar riff, but different to the last two songs, so it's not all the same. The guitar in this song is very clever, and it's hard to notice, but it's complicated guitar which makes it better. The lyrics are catchy, and the way they are sung, all of which makes this a great song.

      4. Face Down

      Everything about this song is so catchy. The lyrics, the vocals, the guitar and drums, making it my favourite song on the album. It starts with drumming this time, which makes a pleasant change, then the guitar chords come in. When the vocals come in, everything speeds up, so it's a fast-paced song which helps to make it catchy. The best thing about this song is the chorus. The high pitched lead guitar is amazing, and as is the rhythm guitar, vocals, and drums. There's even a bit of screamo later on which is good, and I love everything about this song. The best on the album, definitely recommended.

      5. Misery Loves It's Company

      A '30 Seconds To Mars' style intro with the the bass and drums, but it then turns out to be one of the heaviest songs on the album. The screamo is different to the rest of the screamo on the album, this time it's deep instead of high-pitched. This isn't one of the catchier songs, so it's not the best, but it's not bad. A pretty average song.

      6. Cat And Mouse

      A piano intro this time, but it's not really great piano. When the guitar comes in it's much better. It's a slower one, and you can tell just by listening to the intro. It picks up a little as it goes through. The vocals are great, and the piano and guitar are good in parts, but besides that, it's slightly boring in parts, but overall I quite like this song.

      7. Damn Regret

      A much more upbeat one this time, with pop-punk lead guitar, joined by pop-punk drums and rhythm guitar, so as you can guess, this is a more pop-punk song compared to some of the others. The vocals reflect the style of music which is good. This song has it's ups and downs, but mainly ups. It's quite a cheerful song, but it's not quite as catchy as some of the others, but not bad overall

      8. Atrophy

      This song has a cool intro. It's got a great guitar riff, with talking over it which makes it more intro. It then goes intro screamo which I like, and back into the same vocal style of Face Down. I'm glad this song is here, because it's a very good song, and I was beginning to lose interest in the album, but this really picks it up. The screamo and vocals are great once again, as well as the guitar, and upbeat drumming. A hidden gem of a song worth listening too.

      9. Seventeen Ain't So Sweet

      A nice guitar sound at the beginning, with piano too which is nice. The drums then come in and the song picks up. This is another pretty good song. It doesn't have the catchy-ness of some of the other songs, so isn't the best, but it might be worth listening too, but not for a first time listener, because it may put you off the band. Nice vocals and guitar though, again.

      10. Justify

      A new guitar style at the beginning, which is a good change, but this guitar sound isn't as good as the normal style, so it's perhaps not a good different, but this doesn't mean it's a bad song, because it isn't. The screamo is great again, and the vocals as normal, and the guitar is good in parts, because it changes in the chorus. The drums are quite clever too. Not a bad song.

      12. Your Guardian Angel

      I struggle to understand how this song was released as a single. Don't get me wrong, I love this song, but it's different to most rock singles out there, so I didn't think it would appeal to the public, but I'm glad it does. It's a really nice songs, and the vocals are stunning, which is the best thing about it. The reason it's not the same as normal rock music is because the first half of the song is acoustic, but once it gets past that, it's more single worthy, and I love both halves of this song, so it's a great song overall.

      A very good album, recommended!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 In Fate's Hands
      2 Waiting
      3 False Pretense
      4 Face Down
      5 Misery Loves Its Company
      6 Cat And Mouse
      7 Damn Regret
      8 Atrophy
      9 Seventeen Ain't So Sweet
      10 Justify
      11 Your Guardian Angel

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