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Dostana - Soundtrack

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3 Reviews

Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various / Audio CD released 2008-11-04 at Dancing Dolphin

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    3 Reviews
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      10.06.2010 20:00



      Lively and fun soundtrack from a great Bollywood film

      Dostana is a lively and entertaining film and has a great soundtrack too.

      The film is set in Miami so the soundtrack has a real East-meets-West feel and is full of really upbeat songs. In this sense it's more like the soundtrack to Om Shanti Om than that of Devdas or K3G.

      Desi Girl is one of my favourites and is from the cliff-hanger half way through the film, where the third potential love interest shows upon the scene. This is a fun and energetic song with a great tune. Who's the hottest girl in the world?

      Jaane Kyun is quite a sweet song too, with lyrics in English and Hindi, which has a catchy chorus.

      Shut Up and Bounce is also great. It is a lively dance-floor filler taken from the opening sequence, where it is performed by ex Big Brother celeb Shipla Shetty. Despite the cheesy lyrics it has a great tune and a good beat.

      Khabar Nahi and Kuch Kum are the ballads on the album, giving it a bit if variation and Maa da Laadla is a funky remixed version of the closing tune.

      All in all this a really enjoyable album taken from an equally enjoyable film.


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      22.03.2010 03:36
      Very helpful
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      Ideal for a journey as you can listen to each song without getting bored (",)


      1) "Jaane Kyun" Vishal Dadlani 4:38

      I like the beat and flow of this song - again, it is uplifting but in a more melodious manner to 'Desi Girl' (next)... It is at a stage when the friends are getting to know one another and talks about them being there for one another.

      2) "Desi Girl" Shankar Mahadevan
      Sunidhi Chauhan
      Vishal Dadlani 5:07

      An upbeat, catchy song which quickly lifts the mood and ideal for a dancefloor!

      3) "Maa Da Laadla" Saleem 4:05

      This song just makes me laugh - it is quirky because the mother believes her son has a boyfriend and is struggling to accept it, but with a humorous twist! Very upbeat and catchy too.

      4) "Shut Up & Bounce" Sunidhi Chauhan
      Vishal Dadlani 4:38

      The opening song for the movie. This does not really stand out (for me) when compared to the other songs in the movie. It is often one I skip past even though it is upbeat - but that is probably because I also enjoy the lyrics of the other songs more.

      5) "Khabar Nahi" Vishal Dadlani
      Shreya Ghoshal
      Amanat Ali
      Raja Hasan 4:19

      More of a mellow track when compared to the others - but is one of my favourites too - it begins gently, and takes you away on the journey of falling in love. I felt the lyrics are also lovely - especially as I like to translate and understand such songs to enhance my enjoyment of them!

      6) "Kuch Kum" Shaan 5:41

      Probably the slowest song in the entire album - but that by no means deviates from how beautiful it it. The choice of lyrics and gentle music which accompanies the Shaan's voice are a few of the reasons why this song jumped straight onto my 'all-time bollywood best' playlist!


      Wow... Having been a fan of Bollywood for some time, it is nice to listen to an album which is fun, upbeat and all in all - a lighthearted medley of songs which make you feel happy and cheery.... Having watched the movie and loved it - I recall events in the movie and honestly do find myself laughing along to the music - it's great!!

      Should you purchase this album without having watched the movie, then I also believe that it will be enjoyable - purely because each song is catchy ad individual, and it is not reminiscent of your usual bollywood album which has one or two fantastic songs, one or two which you will always skip past, and the remainder being average songs which you may choose to listen to now and again. I find that you can listen to the entire album without feeling bored of it... and if you can watch the movie, then another bonus - I loved it!!


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        21.12.2009 05:47
        Very helpful



        An album you would love in the car

        Vishal shekhar has done some promising stuff in the last couple of years and dostana was in their comfort zone-very modern and commercial if i may add.
        Vishal's vocals sound so different in 'Jaane Kyun',a contemporary soft rock song with a happy-go-lucky feel to it. Perfect for listening in the car or in a lazy party!
        'Desi girl' by Shankar and Ssunidhi is an over the top masala song which you can easily relate to. A song high on beats and energy, it remains as the weakest link in the album. I dont know what people like in it, but it is a crowd puller!
        Visha'ls voice is heard again in 'Khabar Nahi' where he sounds more like the maestro a.r.rahman. This is another feel good song after the first track and makes for a pleasant listen.
        'Shut Up and Bounce' by Sunidhi Chauhan is supposed to be entertaining but doesnt work for me personally. Carrying a lot of hiphop influences, neither the composition nor the lyrics garb your attention! It is probably ok for a careless listening but nothing more.
        Shaan gets the best song of the album. 'Kuch kum' is slow,melodious and very soothing. The lyrics strike a chord and the composition shows that the composer duo are growing as musicians. This is one track you will keep going back to for months to come.
        Talk about fun and 'maa da ladla' comes into mind. The lyrics are outright witty and the composition is fast paced with a lot of spunk. Expect this to be played in punjabi parties. The song reappears in a remixed version with additional female voice by Shruthi Pathak which adds more to the song.
        Dostana is a fine album, one that is great for light listening.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Jaane Kyun - Vishal Dadlani
      2 Desi Girl - Shankar Mahadevan, Sunidhi Chauhan
      3 Maa Da Laadla - Saleem
      4 Shut Up & Bounce - Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal Dadlani
      5 Khabar Nahi - Amanat Ali, Vishal Dadlani, Shreya Ghoshal
      6 Kuch Kum - Shaan

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