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Doublethink - Akala

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Genre: Akala / Artist: Akala / Label: Srd / Released: 2010-05-03

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    1 Review
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      28.10.2011 19:14
      Very helpful



      decent third album from Akala


      Kingslee James Daley or as he is better known, Akala is a rapper/hip hop artist from London. He is the younger brother of Ms Dynamite but is a quite well known and respected artist in his own right. In 2006 he won a Mobo award for best hip hop artist. Doublethink is his third studio album which was released in 2010. There are a total of 18 tracks as listed below. It is currently available on Amazon on mp3 for £4.99 or in cd version also for £8.99 . In this album he tackles various issues such as war, race, social conditioning and materialism. He is another of the ranks of socially conscious hip hop artists. In this review I will give an outline on some of the key tracks and also give an overview on the album as a whole.

      1. "Intro"
      2. "Welcome to Dystopia"
      3. "Faceless People"
      4. "Marathon Man"
      5. "Psychosis (Interlude)"
      6. "Psycho"
      7. "XXL"
      8. "I Don't Need"
      9. "Thick Skin"
      10. "Peace"
      11. "Yours and My Children"
      12. "Find No Enemy"
      13. "Tree Without Root (Interlude)"
      14. "What Is Real" (featuring illAudio)
      15. "Face Down"
      16. "God?"
      17. "It's Not That Serious"
      18. "Outro"

      The album begins with an intro which does not have any lyrics but is a piano playing which could be classed as classical music. The album really starts with the next track which is 'Welcome to Dystopia.' This is a reference to George Orwell's novel 1984 and also other works on Dystopia. This reflects a world of conformity and social conditioning which he feels is more prevalent these days. The next track is 'faceless people' which is another which fits into this belief. Marathon Man is another decent track which has a good electro style beat which moves along at a fast pace.

      In one track which is fully spoken word he explains to his girl that the way she is fine and he doesn't need anything else. In yours and my children he tackles the issues of children being killed such as those killed in favelas in Brazil by police and wars around the world. He compares them as being the same as children of our own. In find 'No Enemy' he states "Keep the charts all I want is your hearts." This is a top track and has some other great lyrics. He is addressing the issues of identity and also race in this song. He also shows his emotions on the track psycho where he says he sometimes wants to fight then some days he just wants to love the world. This is proably something many people can relate to. God is a track that explores faith and religion. In the last track before the outro he then says 'it's not that that serious' and everything isn't that bad. It is quite a funny end to the album with lyrics such as these "It's just not that serious, go to a comedy show, take a bubble bath or buy a pink dressing gown/I don't know, just do something crazy that people wouldn't expect you to do." The outro is another piano/ classical style track with no lyrics.


      The lyrical content in this album is put there to make you think as all good conscious hip hop is meant to do. It may not be to everybody's taste but those that like this kind of thing will warm to this album. He covers so many topics and his music is very diverse in terms of what it represents. He has quite heavy influences from rock and punk even though this is essentially a hip hop album The album is a little on the long side and the diversity in it may be a bit too much for some. The top tracks for me include yours and my children, find no enemy , welcome to dystopia and marathon man. Overall this is a pretty good album but not quite great so seems deserving of four stars.


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