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Down The Way - Angus & Julia Stone

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Genre: Pop / Artist: Angus & Julia Stone / Audio CD released 2010-03-15 at Flock Music

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2011 00:27
      Very helpful
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      Angus and Julia Stone are a sibling duo from Australia.

      The best way i'd describe there music is folk/indie/acoustic and they both have beautifully versatile voices.

      They have 8 EP's and 3 full length studio albums, Down The Way been there second.

      Down The Way was released on the 12th on March in Australia and the 15th of March in the United Kingdom.

      Angus and Julias voices are both gorgeous and i'm in love with the soft vocals and emotion filled lyrics.

      (Please note all opinions in this review are my own; some may not agree

      Track 1: Hold On (4 Minutes 25 Seconds)
      This is a good opening into the album and it starts out beautifully slow with the instrumentals gradually becoming faster and louder with the soft beats then kicking in and the beautifully played violin. Julias' vocals throughout the first half of the song are beautifuly soft with clear, meaningful lyrics. The sound of desperation, dissapointment, confusion, heartbreak and love increases throughout the song, with the ending's instrumentals becoming frantic, but julias voice remaining calm but oozing emotion.

      Favourite Line: "Hold on, what did you say that for?"

      Track 2: Black Crow (3 Minutes and 50 Seconds)
      Probably one of my least favourite songs. Angus' voice is laid back and somewhat cocky compared to his usual tone, julias' undertone lyrics ruin it somewhat for me as i'd prefer just angus on this particular song, and the chorus isn't up to much in my opinion and a tad repetitive, although it's a much more up beat song of theres, though the hint of darkness still remains.

      Favourite Line: "Won't you help me be on my way? So i can set me free"

      Track 3: For You (5 Minutes and 20 Seconds)
      Lovely soft song with beautiful instrumentals and vocals. Another song about love and desperation, Julia reflects the emotion scarily well and the cracks in her voice add to the beautful tone. Angus' voice is the background of the chorus adds a magically beautiful tone to the whole thing. Throughout the song Julias' voice becomes more stronger, especially during the middle, but towards the end i get the impression she's given up on her hopes of having him, she's offered him the most she can but he already knows and hasn't taken to her advances.

      Favourite Line: "I'll tell you, but you already know. If you love me with all of your heart, if you love me, i'll make you a star in my universe."

      Track 4: Big Jet Plane (3 Minutes and 59 Seconds)
      Not much to say about this song; repetitive, simple lyrics but it works. Nice and upbeat, with Angus belting out the lyrics and adjusting his tone when suited; the ending's my personal favourite part of the song, with his vulnerable side showing through. I feel this song is him wanting the best for who ever the song is aimed at.

      Favourite Line: "Wanna hold you, wanna kiss you in my arms."

      Track 5: Santa Monica Dream (5 Minutes and 30 Seconds)
      Beautiul song with relaxing guitar music and soft, husky vocals. A song in my eyes somewhat reflecting leaving childhood memories and innocence etc behind. Julia recalls several memories throughout the very personal song. Julia certiannly dominates the vocals with angus featuring briefly.

      Favourite Line: "Fifteen kids in the back yard drinking wine"

      Track 6: Yellow Brick Road (7 Minutes and 56 Seconds)
      My personal favourite song of the album. Angus' voice is just gorgeous and this is the first song that we get to hear his utterly beautiful voice to its full extent. There's rock undertones and plenty of lyrics most of us can relate to. The vibe throughout is beautifully bright and the instrumentals match the entire song incredibly well. Angus' vocals differ from strong to vulnerable which just adds to the song. Emotional, upbeat and relateable.

      Favourite Line: "Fell in love in California, she blew my mind. She shot me down with her revolver; she got me high."

      Track 7: And The Boys (4 Minutes and 9 Seconds)
      Beautiful song with pop undertones and indie overload. Has a very acoustic, folk feel to it and there's no sign of Angus in this song, which i'd of liked but julia sings the song without fault, it's full of depth and has beautiful instrumentals, soft but powerful, emotional lyrics and a song that you can either sit and cry to or dance around to! It essentially exists of 1 chorus and 1 verse, but the varied instrumentals keeps it intersting. Great song to sing your heart out to.

      Favourite Line: "And there's gold, falling from the cieling of this world."

      Track 8: On The Road (4 Minutes and 5 Seconds)
      A mix of blues, folk and upbeat western style instrumentals. Soft upbeat vocals from angus with the instrumentals dominating the song. Not much to say about it as i don't particulary enjoy this song and therefor rarely listen to it.

      Favourite Line: None.

      Track 9: Walk It Off (3 Minutes and 24 Seconds)
      Sad song about breaking up and the shame of admitting it's over, even though you still love someone but know that it'll never work. Lovely mix of tones and vocals, very very sad, relateable song with the regret showing through, with Julia's voice cracking with what she's saying. The instrumentals develope into a more upbeat rythm.

      Favourite Line:"I never wanted you to go."

      Track 10: Hush (4 Minutes and 22 Seconds)
      Very folk sounding, Angus has a sickly sweet voice in this particular song which i don't particular like in the slightest so i rarely listen to this song.

      Favourite Line: None.

      Track 11: Draw Your Swords (6 Minutes and 35 Seconds)
      Gorgeous song and my second favourite of the album. Very hard to describe, it's the kind of song that'll mean different things to different people. He's basically feeling deflated/defeated by the relationship and doesn't care about himself anymore. Lots of husky vocals and beautifully high vocals in the chorus. Relateable song that i'm not afraid to admit has made me cry.

      Favourite Line: "You are the only one"

      Track 12: I'm Not Yours (3 Minutes and 58 Seconds)
      Piano based song with julias' acoustic vocals. Another sad song about the break up of a relationship. Again, many people can take different angles of this song and put it into different perspectives; eg: Joy that she's free, with the main chorus somewhat displaying this. I'm yet to decide my opinion on this song. Julias beautiful vocals become stronger and more upset throughout, with her revering back to the chorus (which features Angus) often.

      Favourite Line: "Light me up a cigarette and put it in my mouth"

      Track 13: The Devils Tears (8 Minutes and 51 Seconds)
      Gorgeous, beautiful song. Angus sings about how his girlfriend keeps him away from temptation and trouble, and the fact he'd do anything for her. Soft but not sickly soft vocals and soft instrumentals. Great song to listen to laid relaxing.
      I have 2 favourite lines from this song.
      Favourite Line 1: "He offered me the universe, but inside my heart is a picture of a girl."
      Favourite Line 1: "I'll taste the devils tears, drink from his soul.. but i'll never give up you."

      Overall personal opinion:
      Not for everyone. I personally love a wide variety of music, and although this is very different to the usual stuff i listen to, angus and julia stone are certiannly one of my most played bands. There music can get samey after a while and there vocals aren't always great to listen to after a bad day or a split up as the emotion and vocals are both rather depressing, to be put bluntly, although in all songs there's an undertone of hope. The songs on this album are the kind to be percieved diffrently by everyone. If you don't like soft, calm music and highly pitched vocals this isn't for you.

      Album Art:
      Very vintage. Shows an unknown young man (NOT angus) on the beach, simple but somewhat haunting as the buyer is given no discription of how old the picture is or who the man is; personally i think it's a picture from the victorian days which is slightly creepy. Above the picture is simple writing stating the bands name and the album title, with the back of the CD case displaying a tracklist.

      Various Supermarkets

      Prices vary from the £4 mark up to £10ish.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Hold On
      2 Black Crow
      3 For You
      4 Big Jet Plane
      5 Santa Monica Dream
      6 Yellow Brick Road
      7 And The Boys
      8 On The Road
      9 Walk It Off
      10 Hush
      11 Draw Your Swords
      12 I'm Not Yours
      13 Devil's Tears, The

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