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Drifted Into Deeper Lands - Alpha Wave Movement

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Artist: Alpha Wave Movement / Genre: Dance & Electronic

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2008 16:11
      Very helpful



      Pseudonym of Gregory Kyryluk (2000).

      Like many electronic artists, Gregory Kyryluk produces work under a variety of aliases, presumably to signify contrasting musical approaches. If this is the case, then Alpha Wave Movement is surely his chief outlet for composing relaxing ambient mood music, though a certain restless flair keeps the recording interesting and creative enough to avoid being a mere "sounds of the ocean" throwaway. All the same, it's music confined to a particular mood, and is a difficult album to rate.

      Praised by its small fan following as a genius work of space rock (a term that seems to apply to anything featuring faux-symphonic keyboards), this has more in common with ambient works than the electronic music pioneered by artists such as Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre in the seventies, though there are similarities to these composers' more atmospheric works. The closest comparison in my own collection is Tangerine Dream's escapist classic 'Phaedra,' and despite coming much further down the chronology of electronic music, this album is so rooted in the ambient style that it could easily have been released in the early seventies.

      The album's title is perfectly revealing of its sound, as all six tracks are aimed at carrying the listener off to a relaxing realm far from the concerns of daily life. Kyryluk could probably get away with holding the same pleasing keyboard note for fifty-six minutes and still achieve this aim, but fortunately his artistic drive leads him to experiment somewhat dangerously with additions and distractions. In truth, these additional touches are nothing particularly inventive and are restricted to the usual instruments that come with the territory: the synthesisers themselves are primarily rooted in soft, sweeping orchestration, but take on a slightly more pressing and dark edge in 'Awakening the Sand Spirits' before 'Suspended in the Hanging Gardens' offers up almost Jarresque beeps and boops (yeah alright, I don't own a keyboard and I'm not overly familiar with the jargon). Other sounds include softly rattling wind chimes, softly clunking bottles and softly tapping percussion across various songs, though it would be difficult (and inappropriate) to single out each of the six compositions individually.

      The first song is a rather long-winded fourteen minutes in length before the others offer up a more approachable seven to nine minutes each, but despite a tendency towards white noise, the opening titular piece succeeds at setting the soothing mood before Kyryluk gradually sneaks in the "real music." I can see how this album would be of interest to die-hard fans of electronic prog, but it's difficult for casual listeners to appreciate as anything other than dull and pleasant chill-out music to play when you don't really feel like listening to something you might actually like. My listening experience on a computer was actually rather irritating due to a subtle but distracting whine in the first track that obviously became the prominent sound once my ears noticed they could hear it, but this was probably - hopefully - an issue with my rubbish speakers rather than the album itself. 'Drifted into Deeper Lands' will help you to chill out in the afternoon, but make sure not to pay too much attention or you will become bored and irritable.

      1. Drifted into Deeper Lands
      2. Silent Promise
      3. Awakening the Sand Spirits
      4. That Which Remains
      5. Another Time... Another Place
      6. Suspended in the Hanging Gardens


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