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Dusk And Summer - Dashboard Confessional

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3 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: Dashboard Confessional / Audio CD released 2006-07-03 at Vagrant

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    3 Reviews
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      07.08.2008 23:17



      It has a lot of emotion in the songs

      Dashboard Confessional is a band that I have only recently come across. I was watching a fan video for I book I'd read on Youtube and one of their songs called "Stolen" was the track used. It fitted the video perfectly and has since stuck in my head, I ordered their c.d Dusk & Summer from Ipoints and received it a few days ago.

      Dashboard Confessional is an alternative rock band. It wasn't formed the way normal bands are. They started out with just one member, Chris Carrabba who is the lead singer. Now however they are a full band and this is their fourth album. They mainly sing songs of love and broken hearts. I must say that's not the type of music I normally like to listen to but as I've said I really like "Stolen" and "The Secret's In The Telling" is pretty good as well.

      Track 1 - Don't Wait (4:05)
      Track 2 - Reason To Believe (3:43)
      Track 3 - The Secret's In The Telling (3:24)
      Track 4 - Stolen (3:53)
      Track 5 - Rooftops and Invitations (3:54)
      Track 6 - So Long, So Long feat. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows (4:15)
      Track 7 - Currents (4:27)
      Track 8 - Slow Decay (4:08)
      Track 9 - Dusk and Summer (4:38)
      Track 10 - Heaven Here (4:08)
      Track 11 - Vindicated

      My favourite is definitely "Stolen" but I think the whole album is pretty cool, there are a few tracks that I don't really like but overall it's a good album with a lot of emotion in the tracks. 8 out of 10. You can currentl buy it for about £7.


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      18.07.2008 14:32
      Very helpful



      7/10 - It's worth a listen.

      Dusk and Summer was the album that got me hooked on Dashboard Confessional. Since then I have now got 4 of their albums. It took a few plays before I decided to download this album, but I am glad I did.

      There are some very good tracks on this album, but if you are already a fan of Dashboard Confessional and haven't heard this album then I don't think you would like the change of direction. Skip straight to their next album.

      Dusk and Summer is aimed for a more mainstream audience, and has a more likeable factor. And it can be seen in the first track. 'Don't Wait' is a great opening track - It just sounds good and managed to chart in the US charts. The next song, 'Reason to Believe' shows that the meaning and emotion behind Chris Carrabba's lyrics are still as strong as ever :

      "Steady lungs, don't fail me now.
      I feel you bursting but you won't let me die."

      'The Secret's In The Telling' is next up. While the song isn't bad, it's not anything special.

      I used to skip 'Stolen' when playing the album, but now I think it's one of the better songs on the album. There are three versions of this song : The album version, The single version (which is faster) and the duet with Juli. The faster version of the song which was released as a single is a lot better than the album version.

      'Rooftops and Invitations' is the reason I bought this album. The song is next to the likes of 'Hands Down'. It's a very sensual and sexual song.

      'So Long, So Long' is a slow piano/guitar ballad - I tend to skip it out when listening to the album. I am not really a fan. 'Currents' doesn't really stand out as anything special either.

      'Slow Decay' is a song about a soldier coming back from war and feeling guilt for killing those who he didn't know and losing his friends. It has a solid bassline. It's a very dramatic song. There is a lot of emotion - and it really does seem that Chris Carrabba is the father of a soldier

      'Dusk & Summer' is a nice song, but drags on for way too long.

      'Heaven Here' kicks off with a solid drum beat, and whisper-y vocals that just works. It's laced with quiet synths in the backgrounds - It works well. 'Vindicated' is the bonus track on Dusk and Summer - it does deserve to be on the album itself.


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        06.11.2007 20:15
        Very helpful



        Although not their best album to date, 'Dusk & Summer' is still well worth a listen.

        Forming in 1999, Dashboard Confessional was originally a basis for Chris Carrabba to release acoustic solo releases as a side project away from his main band of the time, Further Seems Forever. Dashboard Confessional have come a long way since then, with a million selling album under their belts in the form of ‘A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar’, and this album itself having sold over half a million copies in fact since its release in July of 2006. It could quite fairly be argued however that it is the bands first album ‘The Swiss Army Romance’ released back in 2000 which is the album that embodies the true spirit of Dashboard Confessional, and that the band have never since managed to match this album in terms of quality – something that I would be inclined to agree with. Having said this, ‘Dusk and Summer’ is not a bad album, and with it’s bitter sweet pop harmonies – any of the eleven tracks here would be absolutely perfect for a cheesy teen comedy film.

        This is a decent album in that there are eleven tracks on display here that could easily be released as singles to critical acclaim, and indeed several were. I feel that the albums centrepiece ‘So Long, So Long’ is probably one of the finest moments on the album – a collaboration with Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz which is an incredible piano led track that really works well in it’s place at the centre of the album. It is a great collaboration where much time and effort has obviously gone into this track in order to make it the best it possibly could have been. If it wasn’t for the amazing ‘Slow Decay’ then I no doubt would have been saying that ‘So Long, So Long’ was the bands finest moment on this CD, however I feel that ‘Slow Decay’ should definitely win this award. This is probably the most angst you’ll ever find on a Dashboard Confessional record, with the band really tearing through this one and making it a stand out track for me.

        ‘Don’t Wait’ was the first single released from this album, on August 21st 2006. This is a strong track which is simple yet extremely effective. It’s one of those deja vu tracks where the first time you hear it, you’ll feel like you’ve already heard it somewhere before. I think it is this that makes this track so strong as it’s instantly recognisable and definitely made for a good single. It is therefore obvious to see why this track was picked to be the first single taken from the album, and although it was not a success in the UK – it was the bands first single to hit the Billboard Hot 100 Stateside.

        Although when you come to the end of listening to this album you'll most probably forget the majority of tracks you’ve just heard almost instantaneously – for what it’s worth, this is not a bad album. If you want an album that you can sit back and relax to, then this is the ticket. Sure, the originality isn’t exactly ground breaking and the lyrics aren’t particularly genius – but this Dashboard Confessional release definitely deserves a place in your CD collection. It probably won’t ever become your favourite album, but you’re bound to find yourself giving it a spin from time to time. There are many moments on this album where the band actually sound like a continuation of the aforementioned Further Seems Forever, so if you were a fan of that band but have never really given Dashboard Confessional a chance then it may be worth you're while listening to this album. Once you get past the fact that this album is predominantly targeted at 14 year old girls, you’ll probably find yourself quite enjoying 'Dusk and Summer'.

        Label: Vagrant
        Release Date: 10th July 2006
        Price: £8.95 (Play.com)

        Originally posted by me on my website Alt-UK.com
        Source: http://www.alt-uk.com/modules.php?name=Reviews


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Don't Wait
        2 Reason To Believe
        3 Secret's In The Telling
        4 Stolen
        5 Rooftops And Invitations
        6 So Long So Long
        7 Currents
        8 Slow Decay
        9 Dusk And Summer
        10 Heaven Here
        11 Vindicated

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