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Ego Trippin' - Snoop Dogg

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: Snoop Dogg / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2008-03-11 at Polydor

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2008 12:31
      Very helpful



      Snoop's new album; released today

      "Ego Trippin'" is the ninth album by the California rapper, Snoop Dogg and it was released today, 17th of March 2008. "Ego Trippin'" is the Bigg Dogg's opportunity to show off what he is about so there are very few collaborations and much of the production is done by himself, he said that as he has got so far in the industry, he deserves to release an album that's just about himself, so all of what's on here feels right for himself. This is why there is less gangsta stuff on here and he has included a bit of funk.

      1. "A Word Witchya!" (Intro)

      2. "Press Play" (feat. Kurupt)

      This track acts as the perfect track to introduce you to this album, as it doesn't have too much energy it's just a good build up by Snoop Dogg and Dogg Pound member The Kingpin, Kurupt. He explains what he's going to give us with this album as he presents the best sides of himself.

      Young Ghotti (Kurupt) complimnets Snoop's raps and increase the feelings which he gives you as Kurpt's gangsta style improves on all the areas that the Bigg Dogg (Snoop) misses out on.

      **Four Stars**

      3. "SD Is Out" (feat. Charlie Wilson)

      The production of this track reminds me of Akon's collaboration with Snoop last year on "Konvicted" and "The Blue Carpet Treatment" despite the fact that Akon produced that one and the New Jack Swing creator, Teddy Riley was the one who did it here.

      As this begins you here a robotic voice, a technique which hasn't been heard in Hip Hop for a long time. I feel that this was effective as other tracks on the album have a retro 70s and 80s feel to them.

      **Four Stars**

      4. "Gangsta Like Me"

      It is fairly obvious what the theme of this tune is. Here Snoop takes this opportunity to provide some raps about his gangsta lifestyle which no one can claim to have a full experience of as he does.

      The technique which was used in the previous record were translated into this one easily as Teddy Riley continues with the composition of the records on the LP. This one has a feel quite similar to Clipse's "Mr. Me Too", which The Neptunes produced.

      **Three Stars**

      5. "Neva Have 2 Worry" (feat. Uncle Chucc)

      This is an introspective look at the career of the artist, taking us right back to the first single to he took part in creating, "Deep Cover" with Dr. Dre, through the murder case, and to his blow up of success.

      It is as if Snoop is looking down from the clouds and saying that he has climbed so many steps in the world that there isn't anything which could take away what he is , and I believe him. This could be part of the reason that he chose to use a ghost writer for some of his work, because by this time, it doesn't really matter what he does, everyone will still love him and buy his music.

      **Four Stars**

      6. "Sexual Eruption"

      You may be more likely to know this as "Sensual Seduction" as it is the non-explicit title for this track, which I'm sure you can incline of the topic from.

      This was the first single off the album and it is certainly the best track on the album it has a clear 70's disco vibe to it which gets you on your feet. After the first listen of this it will be in your head and I'm sure you'll be able to recite the lyrics the next time, so look out for it.

      **Five Stars**

      7. "Life of da Party" (feat. Too $hort & Mistah F.A.B.)

      This is a really nice feel good anthem which will be fun to listen to in the Summertime, because the beat suits that type of setting. It really gets you into a happy mood as he says what it is to be an entertainer in whatever aspect of his life he is taking part in.

      West Coast legend, Too $hort backs up Tha Dogg and provides a good verse where he takes the title out on his own interpretation of what it is to be 'The Life of da Party', the other artisit, Mistah F.A.B., does this too, but his presence isn't as significant.

      **Five Stars**

      8. "Waste of Time" (feat. Raphael Saadiq)

      Although I hadn't heard of him prior to the release of this album Raphael Saadiq makes this track what it is with his great vocal performance as he sings the chorus of this slower rap.

      Snoop takes his time during this rack as if he's working out the situation and attempting to resolve it in his head whilst he's telling us about a scenario he is in with his girl, which he claims to be a "Waste of Time" in attempting to save.

      **Four Stars**

      9. "Cool"

      All of the emotions created with the funky disco era of music is brought back into modern times with this track, this time unlike "Sexual Seduction" it seems as though time has moved on quite a bit from the seventies, and this sounds more eighties with a cover of Morris Day & The Time's "Cool".

      To be honest, I can't really hear any sort of man subject or topic in this one, but I feel that that adds to the authenticity of the retro sound, as there didn't have to have a central theme back in the disco times, it was all about having fun, so why worry about making the lyrics all come together under a main, dominant idea.

      **Four Stars**

      10."Sets Up" (feat. Pharrell)

      I would have to say that this comes just behind "Sexual Seduction" in my opinion as one of the best tracks on the album, but it goes in a completely different direction to that sensual record, this one is all about showing where you are from by throwing your gang signs up and stacking them.

      In this Neptunes-produced record Snoop goes back to his old days of representing Tha Eastside and the Rollin' 20s Neighborhood Crips as he hasn't done this for a while, it gives us a chance to remember what we liked in him the fist time he came around, his gangsta style.

      **Five Stars**

      11. "Deez Hollywood Nights"

      This Nottz-produced record takes the sample from Brooklyn Dreams's "Hollywood Knights". It certainly is not traditional for a rap to feature a sample of a 70s pop song in the chorus, but this album seems like such a break in traditions for Snoop that this works in without a fuss.

      Although in the original song they were talking about "knights" and not "nights", the sample works as it is sung "...They drive me crazy." and Nottz felt that it would be a great idea to translate into a track about smoking weed, which I feel is pretty inventive.

      **Four Stars**

      12. "Whateva U Do"

      I'd say that this is just a typical Snoop Dogg record, it doesn't really have much in it to talk about, it's just about selling drugs. The beat is bouncing and it's nice, but doesn't have too much energy to give a lasting effect.

      **Three Stars**

      13. "Staxxx in My Jeans"

      I can hear a great amount of influence from Houston rap, which has become popular recently, as the chorus is said in a slowed-down voice and the beat is very deep and hard during this track. It allows the artist to rap in a hardcore way about his endless "staxxx" of money.

      Although this isn't anything different, rapping about the money you make, Snoop takes it to another level as his wealth far overshadows that of nearly every other rap superstar in the game, so his life has changed in a more than most who make it big.

      **Five Stars**

      14."Been Around tha World"

      This is Snoop's chance to give a shout out to his wife, Chante as she says that he doesn't make songs for her anymore. I feel that I don't have any reason to listen to such a song, because it seems quite personal.

      Everything about this makes you think that this isn't supposed to be heard by outsiders as the whole thing is Snoop's creation with his personal production, no featured artist and lyrics all dedicated to the relationship he and his wife have had.

      **Two Stars**

      15. "Let it Out"

      This is yet another track about smoking cannabis; something that you just have to accept with a Snoop Dogg album. It's annoying when you hear songs which you like, but can't relate to, and this is the case hear. The fast-paced raps at the beginning really excite you as he reps the Eastside of Cali and the Crips just as ever, so they isn't much new, but it's still a great track.

      This is another Teddy Riley-produced joint, but it has a completely different vibe to it than any of the other ones that he as created for this LP. I felt it was quite impressive as it's a big contrast from the rest and it displays his variability.

      **Four Stars**

      16. "My Medicine" (feat. Everlast)

      I really didn't expect to hear what I heard as this one began, the sounds of country and Snoop bigging up Johnny Cash to begin the record, giving a clear indication of where he was going with this track.

      This is a nice little folk tale that Snoop tells based on Jack, whose identity I cannot fully establish as he begins as jack who jumped over the candle stick and ends up as the Jack with the beanstalk (quite confusing). This kind of rap is like what Afroman would be more prone to do and not Bigg Snoop, but it was still good.

      **Three Stars**

      17."Ridin' in My Chevy"

      Snoop Dogg just raps about cruising around the block, just relaxing listening to some music. The Scoop DeVille production seems to contrast the lyrics as it sounds very 'Dirty South', hard and gritty, but what the artist says during the track is more related to something like DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince's "Summertime".

      There is a kind of whistling flutey kind of hook which is heard throughout the track and it really annoyed me when I listened to the track as it just didn't fit in and the composition of it really didn't work, it was very off-beat and strange.

      **Three Stars**

      18. "Those Gurlz"

      This is a soulful and funky track by Tha Dogg as he attempts to shun his relationship with women other than his wife, even though he may have been tempted in the past.

      The chipmunk effect, first used by Newcleus in "Jam On It" and mastered more recently by Kanye West, has been used here for the chorus. I really don't know why the effect works so well, but it just does, and it keeps the quality of the LP to a high standard.

      **Four Stars**

      19. "One Chance (Make it Good)"

      Snoop gives us his advice from his own previous experience on how we should live our lives. He acts as a personal mentor and life coach to influence us to make the most out of the single opportunity which we have at life.

      Prince Phillip Mitchell is used as the hook after every couple of lines by saying the words of the title of his song "Make it Good", and this is quite inspiring an thought-provoking as he takes into consideration each aspect of our lives.

      **Three Stars**

      20. "Why Did You Leave Me"

      Initially this sounds like something that I just would never listen to as we are welcomed with an emotional guitar rhythm, but once you get into it with Polow da Don's inventive Hip Hop beats, it really gains momentum.

      It's fairly emotional all-round as you can imagine with Snoop calling out to his girl, saying that he never wants to leave her again for the various things that she does in order to keep his life on the correct path.

      21. "Can't Say Goodbye" (feat. Charlie Wilson)

      This comes as a fitting end to this great album as Charlie Wilson collaborates with Snoop to leave us on a high just before we leave. It really calms you down and tells you that it may be difficult to leave things behind, but we have o in order to move on.

      **Three Stars**

      Although I certainly liked a lot of this album I couldn't fully enjoy bit with the knowledge that he used a ghost writer ,and I'm sure that many will feel the same when they hear a great line and then you remember that i my not be him who wrote the words. This is very annoying, so if if did display exactly what another rapper wrote would help me overcome tis, but I doubt this will happen.

      In conclusion, this is a very good album by Snoop as there isn't much to complain about, all of the tracks are of high quality, but of course they're are some things which don't appeal to everyone. So in general I felt that it was the best example of Hip Hop in 2008, so far as we are looking to the past in order to move on with inventive new takes on bygone events and trends.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Word Witchya! (Intro)
      2 Press Play
      3 SD Is Out
      4 Gangsta Like Me
      5 Neva Have 2 Worry
      6 Sexual Eruption
      7 Life of da Party - Mistah F.A.B., Snoop Dogg, , Too Short
      8 Waste of Time - Raphael Saadiq, Snoop Dogg
      9 Cool
      10 Sets Up
      11 Deez Hollywood Nights
      12 Whateva U Do
      13 Staxxx in My Jeans
      14 Been Around tha World
      15 Let It Out
      16 My Medicine
      17 Ridin' in My Chevy
      18 Those Gurlz
      19 One Chance (Make It Good)
      20 Why Did You Leave Me
      21 Can't Say Goodbye - Snoop Dogg, , Charlie Wilson

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