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Elbow Beach - Louise Nurding

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2 Reviews

Artist: Louise Nurding / Genre: Pop & Rock

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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2012 23:21
      Very helpful



      Not a bad effort.

      'Elbow Beach' was the title of Louise (Redknapp/Nurding's) third album which was released in 2000. By this time Louise had firmly established herself onto the British pop scene and was no longer known as the girl who quit Eternal. 'Elbow Beach' was the follow-up to then 1997 'Woman In Me' which is easily her best album. It took three years for Louise to follow-up 'Woman In Me' and in those three years she had got married to Jamie Redknapp and decided to name the album after the place she got married.

      'Elbow Beach' consists of 12 songs.

      'Beautiful Inside' - A great pop track to open the album. The song is very of it's time now and quite dated but you can defintly see the appeal of releasing it back in 2000. The song entered at number 13 on the singles chart and was the second and (sadly) final single to be released on the album (3/5).

      'First Kiss' (The Wedding Song) - Obviously, this is a love song dedicated to Jamie. It's very poppy, quite summery and instantly catchy. I believe this was touted for being released as a single at some point but unfortunatly never happened which is a shame because it's probably one of the best songs on the album and would have been quite a hit (5/5).

      '2Faced' - This song was the first single to be released on the album and because Louise's most successful single of her career. It reached number 3 in the charts but at one point during the week was number 1. It's a shame it fell down the chart though as it would have been a well deserved number one. A great pop track (5/5).

      'For Your Eyes Only' - A brilliant dance vibe to this song. Written by Betty Boo. Again another of the album highlights (4/5).

      'Egyptian Queen' - Time for the albums first ballad. 'Cause I had a dream, I was an Egyptian Queen, walking down the Nile in serious style' sings Louise. Not bad for a ballad (4/5).

      'The Best Thing' - This song feels like a filler to me, but I remember back in the day that a lot of the fans highlighted this song as one of their favourites so maybe it's just me. However, it's not a track I was really overly fond of back then and listening to it now makes me feel the same. The chorus is nice enough but compared to the previous tracks it's not as good (3/5).

      'Bedtime' - A naughtly love song. Again, as i've mentioned, it's got that early 00's feel to it but it wouldn't be a hit if it was released these days. Still a generally decent album track (4/5).

      'That's What Friends Are for' - Time for a slower vibe. This is a great song about friendship (obviously). Not really much I can say about it though (3/5).

      'Take You There' - Another slowie. It has always felt that these clusters of songs all sound the same and that they tend to blend into each other. 'Take You There' is purely and album filler (2/5).

      'City Boy Fix' - Finally, a song with a bit of life to it. City Boy Fix mixes pop with a bit of motown. Definatly one of the catchiest songs on the album (5/5).

      'In Our Room' - Another album filler than sounds too similar to other tracks on the album (2/5).

      'Lost' - Poor song to end the album with (2/5).


      It's not a bad album. 12 songs but 3 of them are just filler tracks which is a shame because her previous album had 16 tracks which were all killer and no filler. Still worth a buy if you are fond of early 00's pop!

      Top 5 tracks:

      1. 2Faced
      2. City Boy Fix
      3. First Kiss
      4. For Your Eyes Only
      5. Egyptian Queen


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      18.09.2001 17:24



      A suprisingly good album - Advantages: Different style to previous albums, The singles '2 Faced' and 'Beautiful Inside', Cover shots - Disadvantages: The same producer for most tracks


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