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En Tierra Firme - Ars Amandi

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Artist: Ars Amandi / Genre: Hard Rock & Metal / Release Year: 2004

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2008 15:02
      Very helpful



      Ars Amandi's second album (2004).

      'En Tierra Firme' is Ars Amandi's second album, and only really enjoyable if you're a heavy metal fan with a real love of folk. This Spanish band is far from unique in mixing classic folk instruments with electric guitars and the other heavy metal staples, but they have to be admired for their persistence in treating both genres with equal respect, even if the end result is mostly unsatisfying.

      Folk metal itself is a misleading genre, often used to encompass anything from the thunderous, lengthy dirges of Viking metal bands to happy polka music with an electric twist, and Ars Amandi lean significantly towards the lighter end of the scale. The singing is high and the choruses jolly, and either due to production issues or creative intent, the guitars are severely overpowered by the lead flutes. This isn't a major disadvantage as the rock instruments aren't all that interesting, and this is clearly a band based more around the simplistic fun of a jig than aiming to impress with anything heavy or technical.

      The main disappointment here is how similar the songs all sound, following a very similar course and only becoming more energetic in 'El Cazador' and the interesting, heavily folk-laden title song. The guitar solos feel like they're here out of necessity more than anything, and although the flutes dominate, their whistling tunes sound like pretty standard fare. This heavy/power metal variant of folk makes a lot more logical sense than the blackened versions in similar acts like Adorned Brood, but somehow they're more satisfying. It also would have been nice to detect some local Spanish influence beyond the generic folk sound, but it's sadly lacking.

      1. Intro
      2. Escuchando Al Corazon
      3. No Queda Sino Balirnos
      4. El Cazador
      5. Abula
      6. Mirada Perdida
      7. Imaginate
      8. Dejame
      9. Tierra Firme
      10. Imperio Traidor
      11. El Allar
      12. Malos Recuerdos


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