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England - The Album

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Genre: Compilation / Artist: Various Artists / Audio CD released 2004-06-07 at Virgin TV

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2006 15:04
      Very helpful



      A Fantastic Football Album!

      With the Woruld Cup almost upon us I think it's nearly time to start listening to my footie album. I bought this album during Euro 2004 and I love it! The name of this fantastic album… England, The Album.

      This album consists of 20 tracks by various artists. Each track is either a football song/anthem or simply to cheer England on. I’m not really a big football fan, but I bought this to cheer England on and because I like the songs!

      *** The Tracks. ***

      Track 01: Queen – We Are The Champions. Hands up if you don’t know this one! I think this is a song that most people have heard at some point. It is a great song to inspire England that they can be champions even if it’s not in the form of winning the matches as to a lot of fans they will be regarded as champions just for getting out there and playing!

      “ We are the champions,
      We are the champions,
      No time for losers,
      Cause we are the champions….
      Of the world!”

      Track 02: Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds – Three Lions. A fab song, really lively and gives you the ‘football feeling!’ I personally love to turn this song up really loud after England have had a good match and sing along to it celebrating! It is also good to have on to put you in the mood for football in general. The song is about football coming home and England winning the world cup.

      “Football’s coming home,
      It’s coming home,
      It’s coming,
      Football’s coming home,
      Three lions on the shirt,
      It’s coming.”

      Track 03: The Farm – All Together Now. This song is about coming together as a football team and a nation to support England. Although this is not directly said in the song, this is what the song implies to me. I do find this song very repetitive though!

      “All together now
      All together now
      All together now
      In no man's land
      All together now
      All together now
      All together now
      In no man's land”

      Track 04: The Stranglers – Peaches: Can someone please tell me what this song has to do with football? I really don’t like this song and turn it off when ever it comes round; it is simply not lively enough for me!

      “Strolling along minding my own business,
      Well there goes a girl and a half,
      She's got me going up and down,
      She's got me going up and down,
      Walking on the beaches looking at the peaches.”

      Track 05: Fat Les – Vindaloo: This has to be one of the best songs on the album! This was the un-official England song for the 1998 world cup. It is just a really funny and lively song! It kind of takes the mick out of some typical things about England.

      “Where on earth are you from?
      We're from England,
      Where you come from,
      Do you put the kettle on?
      Kick it.
      Nah Nah Nah,
      Nah Nah Nah,
      We're England,
      We're gonna score one more than you,
      Can I introduce you please,
      To a lump of Cheddar Cheese,
      Knit one, Pearl one,
      Drop one, Curl one.”

      Track 06: 5,6,7,8’s – Woo Hoo (from the Carling TV Ad.): Another great song, this is very catchy and once you have it in your head it will be stuck there! It is kind of a rock style song and was used in the Carling TV adverts during Euro 2004. This has very repetitive lyrics, in fact there are only four words used throughout the whole song, they are; woo, hoo, oh and yeah!

      “Woo hoo woo hoo hoo,
      Woo hoo woo hoo hoo,
      Woo hoo woo hoo hoo,
      Woo hoo woo hoo hoo,
      Woo hoo woo hoo hoo,
      Woo hoo woo hoo hoo,
      Oh, yeah.”

      Track 07: Collapsed Lung – Eat My Goal: Another very upbeat, fantastic song! I hadn’t heard this before I bought this album, but one of my mates kept going on about it and how great it is, so I had to listen… from that moment I was hooked!

      “Say Ho [ho]
      Say Ho wo [ho wo]
      Say Eat my goal [eat my goal]
      Say eat my goal [eat my goal]
      I know no woos,
      I know you're no fools,
      We're in love with the beautiful game with no shame.”

      Track 08: England World Cup Squad 1970 – Back Home: Turn it off!!! I hate this song! I don’t think I’ve even managed to listen to this all the way through. It is the England squad from the 1970 world cup, the song is slow and boring and I just want to turn it off!

      “Back home,
      They'll be watching and waiting,
      And cheering every move,
      Back home,
      Though we think we're the greatest,
      That's what we've got to prove.”

      Track 09: UB40 Featuring The United Colours Of Sound – Swing Low Sweet Chariot: I’m not really a big fan of this song, but I know it is a very popular song often sung at the footie matches and can often be clearly heard above anything when watching the game on TV!

      “Swing low, sweet chariot,
      Comin' for to carry me home,
      Swing low, sweet chariot,
      Comin' for to carry me home,
      (Swing low sweet chariot)”

      Track 10: Centrespot – Great Escape ’99: This is a really well known football tune. It doesn’t really have any lyrics and is made up of whistles (referee and by mouth) and chants along to a really catchy tune.

      Track 11: Chumbawamba – Tubthumping: This was a popular song when it was released, I had no idea it had anything to do with football until I saw it on this album. The song is lively and I would say encouraging as it says about being knocked down but it doesn’t matter as you get back up to face things again.

      “We'll be singing,
      When we're winning we'll be singing,
      I get knocked down,
      But I get up again,
      You're never going to keep me down.”

      Track 12: Oasis – Cum On Feel The Noize: I didn’t know this had anything to do with football and I still don’t really see the connection, I presume it is to do with the feel good party factor of the song. Another song to turn up and get in the football mood I think!

      “So cum on feel the noize,
      Girls rock your boys,
      We'll get wild, wild, wild,
      We'll get wild, wild, wild,
      Cum on feel the noize,
      Girls rock your boys,
      We'll get wild, wild, wild,
      Til dawn.”

      Track 13: Grandad Roberts And His Son Elvis – Meat Pie, Sausage Roll (come on England gi’s a goal): I think this song is fantastic; it is full of the most unusual lyrics to be associated with a football song! I hadn’t heard of it until I got the album and I just think it is so hilariously funny I have to listen to it again and again! It sounds like an elderly man singing about his food and the football match he’s watching with his son singing parts of the song in an Elvis style!

      “Meat pie, Sausage roll,
      Come on England gi’s a goal,
      Ooh, we gotta corner,
      Ooh, we gotta corner.”

      Track 14: Ant and Dec – We’re On The Ball: This was the official song for the 2002 world cup. The song has a catchy tune and gets stuck in you’re head really easily. It has a sort of bouncy tune and is about England being on the ball and talks about them scoring goals and who scores them.

      “We're on the ball, we're on the ball,
      We're on the ball, we're on the ball.
      We're on the ball, we're on the ball,
      We're on the ball, we're on the ball.
      It's Neville to Campell, Campell to Rio,
      Rio to Scholsey, Scholsey- Gerrard.
      Gerrard to Beckham, Beckham to Heskey,
      Heskey to Owen, its a goal, 5-1!”

      Track 15: Nat ‘King’ Cole – Papa Loves Mambo: I heard this and had no idea why it was on a football album, but then I read the cd cover and discovered it is the song from the Nike TV advert. A reasonably lively song with a kind of salsa feel to it makes me like the song but still not really link the song to football.

      “Papa loves mambo,
      Mama loves mambo,
      Look at 'em sway with it,
      Gettin' so gay with it,
      Shoutin' "olay" with it, wow (huh)”

      Track 16: Ron Goodwin and His Orchestra – The Dambusters March: I hadn’t heard this song either until I heard the album. The song is not really my thing, it is more of a classical music song. There are no words to the song, just an orchestra all the way through. As I said it’s not my type of thing, but if you like it then listen to it!

      Track 17: The Central Band Of The Royal Air Force – Land Of Hope And Glory: This is another very well known song and is often heard being sung by fans at the matches. I’m not too keen on this song, but I don’t feel the urge to turn it off… just down! It is slower than other songs on the album and not as ‘fun’ but still a good song.

      “Land of Hope and Glory,
      Mother of the Free,
      How shall we extol thee,
      Who are born of thee?
      Wider still and wider
      Shall thy bounds be set;
      God, who made thee mighty,
      Make thee mightier yet.”

      Track 18: Fat Les – Jerusalem: A slow starting song with a little choir boy singing, as the song progresses some deeper male voices join him with drums in the background. The song gets slightly livelier as it goes along but nothing too exciting.

      “And did those feet in ancient time,
      Walk upon England's mountains green,
      And was the holy lamb of God,
      On England's pleasant pastures seen,
      And did the countenance divine,
      Shine forth upon our clouded hills,
      And was Jerusalem builded here,
      Among these dark satanic mills.”

      Track 19: José Carreas – Nessun Dorma: Certainly not to my liking. This song is very much an opera style song. I personally don’t like this song at all. But if you like opera then I think you might.

      Track 20: Monty Python – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life: Who doesn’t know this song? It’s catchy and bubbly and a happy song. I think it’s quite funny this is the last song on the album as most of the songs are encouraging England to do well and win, then this is for when they loose and telling them to look on the bright side of things.

      “If life seems jolly rotten,
      There's something you've forgotten,
      And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
      When you're feeling in the dumps,
      Don't be silly chumps,
      Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing.
      And...always look on the bright side of life...
      Always look on the light side of life...”

      So there you have it, all the tracks on this what I would call fantastic football album.

      The album comes in the same way as any other CD and has a simple cover design of the England flag and title of the album on the front with a track listing on the back.

      The cd is produced under the Virgin record label and was released in 2004 in time for Euro 2004.

      I paid £14.99 for this, I really like it, there is 20 tracks on this album which I think makes this album great value for money and I can guarantee I will be driving round with it on throughout the World Cup or even just when I feel a bit footbally! There are a few weaker tracks but there’s always the skip button!

      Thanks For Reading!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Queen - We Are The Champions
      2 Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds - Three Lions
      3 The Farm - All Together Now
      4 The Stranglers - Peaches
      5 Fat Les - Vindaloo
      6 5,6,7,8's - Woo Hoo (As Used In The Carling TV Ad)
      7 Collapsed Lung - Eat My Goal
      8 England World Cup Squad 1970 - Back Home
      9 UB40 Featuring The United Colours Of Sound - Swing Low Sweet Chariot
      10 Centrespot - Great Escape '99
      11 Chumbawamba - Tubthumping
      12 Oasis - Cum On Feel The Noize
      13 Grandad Roberts And His Son Elvis - Meat Pie, Sausage Roll (Come On England Gi's A Goal)
      14 Ant And Dec - We're On The Ball (Official England song for the 2002 FIFA World Cup)
      15 Nat King Cole - Papa Loves Mambo (The Nike TV Ad)
      16 Ron Goodwin & His Orchestra - The Dambusters March
      17 The Central Band Of The Royal Air Force - Land Of Hope And Glory
      18 Fat Les - Jerusalem
      19 José Carreras - Nessun Dorma
      20 Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

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