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Enjoy Yourself - Kylie Minogue

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Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Kylie Minogue / Audio CD released 1999-03-01 at Mushroom

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    3 Reviews
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      29.09.2011 16:39
      Very helpful



      Kylie's second album was a bit of a drippy affair

      This is a rather appalling follow up to Kylie Minogue's 1988 debut album "Kylie". Released a year later in 1989, it went on to add another 1.5 million UK sales to her album sales figures. With Kylie beginning the year at number 1 with onscreen Neighbours husband Jason Donovan, as well as continuing to entertain until near the end of 89, courteousy of an 18 month delay in screening Neighbours, it was only a matter of time before her follow up album topped the charts.

      Opening with lead single Hand On Your Heart, an infectious upbeat number, the single rocketed to number 1 back in April 1989, giving Kylie her 6th UK hit to either chart at number 1 or 2. A song about unrequited love, it could very well have been passed off as an ode to Jason Donovan's refusal to admit their real life affair. This still remains classic Kylie with the classic Stock Aitken Waterman sound.

      Second single from the album Wouldn't Change A Thing is just as upbeat as the first track, but is slightly more irritating. Pinching that weird I-i-i-i originally sampled on I Should Be So Lucky, this was unable to match that song's bounciness. The song charted at number 2 in summer 89, and became Kylie's 7th hit.

      Never Too Late's single release coincided with Kylie's departure from Neighbours in October 1989, which may have explained its lower chart position than the previous singles. Stalling at number 4 but supporting this album to its number 1 position, this is a slightly slower song than previous numbers, but has the trademark SAW intro and infectious synth pop sound associated with both the vocalist and its producers.

      Nothing Too Lose is another slightly downbeat pop number that has a great brass sound to it, despite being by the numbers pop. Inciting you to take a risk, the lyrics are great, and Kylie actually sounds nice on the song. If there is one thing this album highlights its that Kylie has matured considerably since the previous album.

      Tell Tale Signs is an odd choice for inclusion here. A torch song ballad with a great vocal from Kylie, it still comes across slightly twee. I once saw Kylie do this with only a piano accompaniment live on TV and it would have gave you goosebumps to listen to her.

      My Secret Heart is just rubbish. A synth pop ballad which sounds even more immature than anything on her previous album, I'm glad it was the last time SAW presented Kylie as a silly little girl floating around her bedroom full of longing and wonderment. With lyrics like "I write you this letter that I'll never send" its no wonder she was sometimes the joke of the pop world.

      I'm Over Dreaming Over You is brilliant upbeat pop, and possibly one of the two best songs on this album. Full of defiance, and supported by some nice backing vocals, more like this on the album might have made it a better collection.

      Tears On My Pillow is the token cover on the album, and gave Kylie her last number 1 single for 10 years in January of 1990. Most people will recognise the song, as it was used both in Kylie's debut film The Delinquents and on the original soundtrack for Grease, but its no less shocking for it.

      Heaven And Earth is the albums 4th ballad (in the space of 10 songs) and its another immature attempt at being adult pop. "You Dont Have To Move heaven and Earth" bleats Kylie in a rather unobstructed manner.

      It's left to album title track Enjoy Yourself to inject some genuine upbeat thrills to proceedings. Full of "oohs" and "ahs", and a genuine lust for enjoyment, its a great finish to an unremarkable and somewhat dreary follow up album.

      I dont know what SAW were thinking when they mastered this contraption of an album. Weighed down heavy with dreary ballads and synth beats, there is absolutely no direction or growth from Kylie's far superior debut album. Production values were dated as early as 1990 (only months after the album was released), the video's for the singles were cheap looking, and the only thing in its favour over her first album is that Kylie's voice has matured and is allowed to roam a little more over the songs here.

      Sporting a ridiculous get up and hat ensemble on the album sleeve is only one problem Kylie had with this dated and dull affair. Had she allowed Waterman and co to continue steering her 100 percent, we may not have had classics like Shocked and Better The Devil You Know, and instead would have been saddled with a sequel to this bland affair. Thankfully, Kylie took control just in time, and this merely stands in Kylie history as a muted swan song for Charlene, her affair with Jason Donovan and her collection of bubble permed videos.


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        11.02.2009 22:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        The second album from Ms Minogue is another heavenly collection of pop tracks, penned by the ever reliable and everpresent during the eighties, SAW.

        Who is she:

        Surely you don't need telling! Kylie started off in 'Neighbours' before landing a record deal. Still going strong twenty years down the line.

        On this album:

        'Hand On You Heart' is one of those life affirming pop anthems which still has girls crowing the words on a dancefloor. Kylie is at her upbeat best here. The chorus is everything you expect from a Kylie track, bright, alert and catchy and all about being in love. I really enjoy 'Wouldn't Change A Thing'. The start is great as it has her voice multitracked and echoing all over itself to great effect.

        More Highlights:

        'Never Too Late' is a rousing pop song with a stylish and funky chorus, without straying too far from what we're used to. She also has a go at a slowy too, 'Tears On My Pillow' is a worthy cover, though her vocals seem to screech a bit on here! Kylie saves another gem for last, the title track is a hook laden pop number which rounds things off nicely.


        A good follow up to the debut album, dodgy front cover and plenty of hits crammed into it. This is a must for fans of cheesy pop


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          03.02.2008 22:21
          Very helpful



          cute kylie album

          Just a year after her massive worldwide debut, Kylie Minogue and PWL delivered 'Enjoy Yourself', another collection of Stock, Aitken and Waterman dance pop, embodying the spirit of the eighties with its feel good sound and lyrics. Delivering another handful of now classic Kylie hits, the album picked up where her self-titled debut left off, not attempting to do too much different, and given the time frame meant not too much in the world had changed there was little reason to.

          Launching the album came Kylie's third UK number one, 'Hand on your Heart', a fantastic track supported by a thumping bass line and electro piano hints underneath. With quite powerful vocals from the diminutive pop princess, the song is another piece of 80s pop perfection, which created a catchy, lovable song which is an enduring Kylie classic and fan favourite. With this track leading the album, which offered more of the same, it's no surprise that everyone's favourite girl-next-door continued to soar up the charts, with 'Enjoy Yourself' charting at number one in the UK and going on to enjoy worldwide sales of 6 million copies.

          Whilst this album doesn't try to do too much different from her first, it still has some gems, showing there was plenty of life in the classic formula waiting to be set free. As well as 'Hand on your Heart', it followed onto 'Wouldn't change a thing', a rather slow song as far as most of her others were concerned, blending a steady thumping beat with a range of sounds, but it's quite infectious, and proved to be so with most people as it made number two in the UK. 'Tears on my Pillow' saw Minogue's fourth number one single in the UK, covering a classic song, adopting a classic sound of brass and backing vocals, mixed lightly with an updated electronic sound to produce a lovely swaying piece, where a classic jazzy sound got into people. It was also used in the film 'The Delinquents', starring Kylie Minogue in her first big screen role as a teenager in the 1950s fighting to be with the one she loved, which suited her moody teenage fan base just perfectly, resulting in the film being a big success in both the UK and Australia as well.

          Wrapping up the album is the self-titled track, 'Enjoy yourself'. This bouncy little track completes the record, with a blend of a thumping beat and distinctive almost twinkling like sound, running to a simple, classic electronic sound, Kylie delivers solid vocals and tells us to enjoy ourselves, take our opportunities and live for today. A great song to motivate you when you're stuck in a rut, or just in general, as Kylie's infectious, feel-good music just gets into you. This is all supported by other gems such as 'Never too late', 'Nothing to Lose', and 'I'm over dreaming (over you)', which blend her classic beats and sounds with great lyrics by Stock, Aitken and Waterman and helped make this a great end-of-the-80s album. With its good simple blend of pop tracks, it's no surprise it was a hit album, and helped make Kylie the adored performer from the 80s we love and grew up with, and whose bouncy pop tunes saw thousands of kids through their school discos at the turn of the decade

          I do recommend this album, a few fun tracks.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Hand on Your Heart
          2 Wouldn't Change a Thing
          3 Never Too Late
          4 Nothing to Lose
          5 Tell Tale Signs
          6 Especially for You - Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue
          7 My Secret Heart
          8 I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)
          9 Tears on My Pillow
          10 Heaven and Earth
          11 Enjoy Yourself

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