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Eros - Eros Ramazzotti

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Genre: World Music - Cuban & Latin / Artist: Eros Ramazzotti / Audio CD released 1998-04-25 at RCA

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2004 01:32
      Very helpful



      Eros Ramazzotti has to be one of the finest and most internationally acclaimed Italian pop singer/songwriters. Indeed he is the first Italian pop singer to have performed at the esteemed Radio City Music Hall in New York, and he has taken his sell out tours around the world. His talent is recognised worldwide and is affirmed by the collaborations and performances with world class stars such as Andrea Bocelli, Luciano Pavarotti, Tina Turner, Cher and Joe Cocker. I remember the first time I heard Eros Ramazzotti singing, I heard this amazing voice singing one of the most beautiful songs I?d ever heard coming from the TV in the next room. His voice has such a pure yet slightly husky quality and is very easy and pleasing on the ear. Before we had MTV UK we used to get MTV Europe; every day they used to do Dial-A-Chart where people could call in and vote for their favourite video and song of the moment. As it went out to the whole of Europe and was voted by the European viewers, Eros' song "Più Bella Cosa" was voted in (quite rightly!) and was number one for weeks. I used to get home from school just in time to watch it, and from the day I heard Eros Ramazzotti I was hooked. His greatest hits album, entitled simply ?Eros? has to be one of my favourite albums combining the ultimate Eros Ramazzotti song collection. The magic of Eros is that the emotion and clarity in his voice together with the music makes each song tell a vivid story. I know you will say that every song tells a story, that may be true, but not all singers tell the tale well ? how many almost nonsensical songs are released, faceless artists singing different lyrics to the same kind of beats and music ? maybe you sing along, maybe
      they are catchy, but what emotions (if any) do they invoke? Apologies, in advance to any Italians out there, if my take on the songs are slightly off, as I have only done a basic Italian course and I have been using a ?translated lyrics? Eros website as a guide! TRACK 1 ~ Terra Promessa (Promised Land) Terra Promessa appears on Eros? first album ?Nuovi Eroi? released in 1986. The mellow music and slightly jazzy feel of this song reflects the time it was written and you can tell that it isn?t a very recent track. Having said that, the musicality and style doesn?t seem totally out of date and it could compete well with songs that are 8 years old rather than 18 years old!! It is a smooth, catchy track and the combination of Eros speaking the first line of every verse and slipping effortlessly into song to compete the verse always conjures up the image of a smooth Bond-like character making his moves on his next conquest!! On the other hand, the subject of the song couldn?t be more further from this image as it is about finding a promised land without the current suffering and hardships of today? deep, huh!? MARK OUT OF TEN: 9 TRACK 2 ~ Una Storia Importante (An Important Story) This beautiful love song projected Eros into stardom and topped the European charts with particularly notable success in France, and appears on the ?Nuovi Eroi? album of 1986. This is another song which doesn?t date that much, the only little hints of the era is comes from are the very few intermittent snippets of electric guitar. The torment and emotion in Eros? voice in the beginning of the song hints that the song will be a slow and heartfelt ballad, but it soon picks up into a more upbeat
      love song of yearning for another and how that person could make life ?an important story? and how he wants her **swoon** MARK OUT OF TEN: 10 TRACK 3 ~ Adesso Tu (Now You) Another release from the ?Nuovi Eroi? album, Adesso Tu is a gentle, melodic ballad. Telling the tale of a meaningless and dull life, but ?Now You? are like a breath of fresh air breezing into what he described as his prior stagnant existence. Eros relays the story of the lyrics well, you can tell in his tone and clarity that hope is increasing as he is telling the ?story?. Unlike the first two tracks, this one does ?date? and you can tell it is quite a few years old from the style and production of the song, the use of a mini saxophone solo helps give this away! I love the way the words sounds right at the end of the track, the repetitive ?G? sound in the words and the way Eros fades out almost whispering the last couple of words finishes the song off perfectly? ?Oggi che mi sei accanto, Oggi che ci sei soltanto, Oggi che ci sei, Adesso tu? MARK OUT OF TEN: 8 TRACK 4 ~ Ma Che Bello Questo Amore (How Beautiful This Love Is) This upbeat and chirpy song first appeared on the 1987 album ?In Certi Momenti? and it has a distinct feel-good factor. The music and the lyrics capture and express the feelings of someone who has fallen madly and deeply in love; the inexplicable highs, the nervousness, the anticipation and of course just feeling like you are on top of the world and can face anything. To me, the song exudes happiness; it is one of those catchy songs that you can?t help humming along to and smiling. If you already know this song, or if
      you get this song do you find that you can?t resist shouting out ?Troppo Bello!? when Eros does near the end of the song too, or I it just me!? MARK OUT OF TEN: 10 TRACK 5 ~ Musica è (Music Is ? Duet with Andrea Bocelli) In my humble opinion, this is one of the most beautiful and emotional songs I have ever heard; needless to say it is one of my all time favourite tracks. Have you ever tried describing what music is? The emotions it can stir; the comfort it can give; the importance it can have? The beauty of this song is that it explains all of this, exactly everything music can be, makes you feel most of the emotions that music can stir in you. If you looked up ?music? in the dictionary, there should be merely a reference to this song. Andrea Bocelli and Eros Ramazzotti complement each others voices, telling the stunning story of what ?Music Is? in this rich and moody song. Just when you think it is all over and all has dimmed into silence, the faint voices hum quietly with the music slowly building up into an almost operatic crescendo. The whole song is like something out of an epic musical, and yet when the 9 minute song ends it doesn?t feel like it has gone on for so long. My favourite lyric is ?Musica è l?amico che ti parla quando ti senti solo? which I think roughly translates as ?Music is the friend who will speak to you when you are alone?. MARK OUT OF TEN: 10 TRACK 6 ~ Occhi Di Speranza (Eyes of Hope) A nice, simple, mellow song; I feel this is a poor yet at the same time great song to follow Musica è. It is poor in the fact that it is such a simple song which cannot compare to the song before, you
      might be disappointed hearing this after hearing so powerful a song as Musica è. I think it is great because once you have listened to the song a couple of times you realise that it is still a great song, and putting a song like this after one as strong as Musica è makes you appreciate both the songs all the more. The guitar and finger clicking gives this song a bit of a country-style ballad, it is from the ?In Certi Momenti? album. MARK OUT OF TEN: 7 TRACK 7 ~ Più Bella Cosa (The Most Beautiful Thing) From the 1996 ?Dove C?è Musica? album, this is one of my favourite Eros Ramazzotti songs, and also the very first Eros Song that I heard. Wonderfully cheesy, happy song, this wouldn?t sound out of place on a Darius ?I feel the luuurve? Danesh album. It reminds me of a cross between the Darius songs ?Colourblind? and ?Incredible? and tells the tale of the love-struck Eros? realising that compared to his lady ?Più bella cosa non c?è? (there isn?t anything else more beautiful). One to tug at a girls heart, you can easily hope that one day the man of your dreams will tell you something along the lines of the lyrics of this song. What can I say, there isn?t anything that?s much more beautiful than this dreamy, lump of cheese that is track 7! MARK OUT OF TEN: 10 TRACK 8 ~ Memorie (Memories) The moody and haunting vocals of Eros on this track are accentuated by the fact that the only instrument used is a piano, giving it an ?unplugged? feel. This short song telling the story of hurt and torment is not one of my favourites and a lot of the time I skip past it. I find it quite boring, and would r
      ather listen to just Eros singing this acapella as I don?t like the tune the piano is playing ? it sounds rather like something you?d hear being played in the lobby or bar of a hotel; just dull background music. Saying that, I don?t mean to say that Eros voice is bad in this track, I like listening to him singing this, but the piano playing just puts me off too much! Also it sounds much more dated than it actually is, I expected this to be from one of his albums in the late 80?s but it is from the 1993 album ?Tutte Storie?. MARK OUT OF TEN: 6 TRACK 9 ~ Cose della Vita / Can?t Stop Thinking of You (Duet with Tina Turner) After Eros started to gain more and more worldwide recognition, Tina Turner wanted to do a duet with him. Rumour has it that Eros was so embarrassed that he wouldn?t be able to speak to her as he didn?t know any English that he rushed to have the lessons that he?d been putting off and had an intensive course so he could speak to her! It is a typical Tina Turner type of song, sounds pretty much like all her other songs with a ?What?s Love Got To Do With It? feel. Surprisingly, her voice and Eros? voice sound really good together and really complement one anther making for a very pleasing sound. Also I like the mix of English and Italian in the song, I love that she?s singing to him in English and he?s replying back in Italian, so romantic! Nothing too special though, an average Tina song that is made better by having Eros on it! MARK OUT OF TEN: 7½ TRACK 10 ~ L?Aurora (The Dawn) Written for and named after his daughter Aurora,
      this song is a sweet and melodic lullaby for his little girl. From the 1996 album ?Dove c?è Musica? it has (to me) the feel of a country ballad. The tune reminds me of that country song ?Love Can Build A Bridge? and it wouldn?t sound amiss in Eurovision. On that note, I usually skip past this song, it is nice but I have to be in a certain mood to listen to this track. MARK OUT OF TEN: 6½ TRACK 11 ~ Ancora Un Minuto Di Sole (Another Minute of Sunshine) Another feel-good song, describing things to look forward to and that there?s always something better to think of ? you can always have ?another minute of sunshine? by thinking happy thoughts. All that?s missing from this song is the fairy dust and everyone flying off to Never-Never land!! It is a simple song and again sounds like something that Darius Danesh would sing. Not one of the best on the album, but not one of the worst either. This song hadn?t appeared on any albums before the greatest hits. MARK OUT OF TEN: 8 TRACK 12 ~ Quasi Amore (Almost Love) A beautiful song, Eros? vocals are a bit scratchy but this only adds to the effect and helps give the song more character rather than acting as a hindrance to the quality of the song. Almost a ballad, this moderately paced song could be sung by Elton John, Robbie Williams or George Michael, it just has that kind of feel ? a very relaxing and calming song with powerful vocals, originally appeared on the 1996 album ?Dove c?è Musica?. MARK OUT OF TEN: 8 TRACK 13 ~ Se Bastasse &
      #85;na Canzone (If A Beautiful Song Could Be Enough) A great song starting off quietly and melodically. Sounding like a lullaby and resembling Enrique Iglesias? ?Experiencia Religiosa? the song builds up gaining more character and even has a Bon Jovi -esque electric guitar interlude! This song could be comparable to a more mellow version of Darren Hayes? song ?Strange Relationships? and is a bit like something Michael Bolton would have sung ? don?t let the Michael Bolton comparison put you off, I promise it is a nice song!! The dated sound of the electric guitars easily places this song to the time it was written and the 1990 album ?In Ogni Senso? that it appears on. MARK OUT OF TEN: 7 TRACK 14 ~ Un?altra Te (Another Like You) Another slow song, this reminds me a bit of the kind of music Savage Garden used to do. It is good, but takes a couple of plays to decide how much you like it. It sounds a bit dated, and sounds quite early 90?s, fitting as it appeared on the 1993 album ?Tutte Storie?. Even more scary, it reminds me of the song ?Tomorrow? as sung in the musical ?Bugsy Malone? eeek!! I normally skip this song, it is nice but the other songs on the album are much better. MARK OUT OF TEN: 6½ TRACK 15 ~ Favola (Fairy Tale) The more abstract style of lyrics in this song somehow remind me of Disney animal films ? I could imagine this being used in the Italian version of ?The Lion King? or something like that. Nice music, but it takes a while to buy the ?fairy tale? told ? basically a man turned into a tree, gave homes
      to forest animals and discovered the happiness of nature and being at one?. That is until he saw a beautiful woman go by and he tried to reach out his, erm, ?branches? to touch her. Crazy I hear you say? Well, it may appear crazy but you have to look at the deeper imagery and meaning. I think this song is trying to say that even if you are at one with nature and find happiness in simple life you still need someone to love. Deep and meaningful discussion on this now over, it is an ok song; the best bit is the sexy speaking bit Eros does in the middle of the song. Now for that I can forgive the silly, I mean deep, lyrics **sigh** MARK OUT OF TEN: 7 TRACK 16 ~ Quanto Amore Sei (How Much Love You Are) A pretty average song. It is nice, but nothing very special and I think there are better songs on the album. It is still a song that is pleasing and pleasant to listen to but the music and lyrics don?t jump out at me the way that other songs on the album do. It is a song that I image would be playing in the background at a pool / beach bar for background music ? summery and nice but not too interesting or dull. I usually tend to stop the album around track 14 and play it again from track 1; these last few tracks don?t get much plays from me! MARK OUT OF TEN: 6½ Overall this is a fantastic album, and a must for all Eros fans. If you like a few of Eros? songs then this is the perfect album for you to get, it is by far my favourite Eros album as it has the best of the rest on it. If you think that you won?t enjoy it because it is another language, then try to listen to some snippets of the songs online if you can ? I think that music is a universal language, you don?t nee
      d to understand what they are singing about to hear a story in the song. Different people interpret music in their own way, so whereas I have given my opinion on the stories I think the songs are telling, undoubtedly others will see something else. Still not convinced? Check out these websites and maybe you might be swayed into giving this album a go:- Eros Ramazzotti - Official Website http://www.ramazzotti.com/ Eros Lyrics Translated ? Fan Site http://www.eros-ramazzotti-lyrics.com/ Eros? Ramazzotti ?Eros? on Amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000005MJT ;/qid=1086626785/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_11_1/202-4498506-7246210 Alta Vista Babel Fish Translator - http://babelfish.altavista.com/babelfish/tr The Greekspiceuk Dictionary says that: ~ Musica è Eros Ramazzotti ~


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Terra Promessa
      2 Una Storia Importante
      3 Adesso Tu
      4 Ma Che Bello Questo Amore
      5 Musica E'
      6 Occhi Di Speranza
      7 Piu Bella Cosa
      8 Memorie
      9 Cose Della Vita
      10 L'aurora
      11 Ancora Un Minuto Di Sole
      12 Quasi Amore
      13 Se Bastasse Una Canzone
      14 Un' Altra Te
      15 Favola
      16 Quanto Amore Sei

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