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Escape The Fate - Escape The Fate

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Escape The Fate / Audio CD released 2010-11-01 at Polydor

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    1 Review
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      24.02.2012 16:48
      Very helpful



      A great 3rd album, worth a listen...or five!

      This self-titled album by Escape the Fate has been the most successful Escape the Fate album to date, featuring Craig Mabbitt as the singer (after Ronnie Radke was forced to leave the band due to prison time), it just proves that the loss of the front man did not affect Escape the Fate making it big!
      The band members present for this album were: Craig Mabbitt (vocalist), Robert Ortiz (drummer), Bryan 'Monte' Money (guitarist) and Max Green (bassist).
      The band have toured a lot with this album, the main tour being 'The Dead Masquerade' tour, unfortunately not featuring Max Green due to being in rehab, and now there is much speculation as to whether or not he will be returning to the band at all and whether or not he is to be replaced by regular touring member (replacing Max's position), TJ Bell, former bassist for Motionless in White, and Get Scared.

      1) Choose Your Fate
      An intro to the album to come...it makes you anticipate the upcoming album, and it gets me excited hearing this...it's always what they open up with when they're coming on stage, which is probably where my excitement comes from, but I love it! It gets adrenalin pumping...

      2) Massacre
      A very rocky start to the song, with deep guitar and a heavy bass line to follow it makes the song exciting, especially after the previous build up. I love the effects they put on Craig's voice, it works, and doesn't actually sound to manufactured. This song does have some dark lyrics to it "I've medicated myself again", I would LOVE to know the meaning behind the lyrics...whether it's personal towards Max or not...I guess something I'll never know!

      3) Issues
      A slower song than previous, but it's good, it builds up slowly to an amazingly catchy chorus. This is a contender for my favourite song off the album. Craig's voice matches the song perfectly, the backing guitar and drums is addictive to listen to. Monte proves how godly he is on guitar in this song too, with a mesmerising guitar solo it's hard not to notice how talented he is!

      4) Zombie Dance
      I love the slow beat to this song...I love this song all round if I'm honest! It has the element of everything you want in a rock song, the heavy guitar, the great singer, and the general epicness of it all! It's a catchy song, especially the "We're already dead" part, and the backing behind it too! This shows Escape the Fate as they are...it's not sugar coating them, and even though it sounds the same as any other band, it really doesn't at the same time, it's unique, and yet again Monte showcases his guitar abilities, mesmerising me once again!

      5) Gorgeous Nightmare
      This song, possibly one of my favourites off the album...again. It's catchy, it's heavy and the lyrics go round in my head all day! It starts with an up-tempo guitar riff...followed by a solid drum beat. Craig's voice is very dark within this song too, very deep and it works so well. I love how the title of the song shows how 'contradictory' the song is...a gorgeous nightmare, two words you wouldn't necessarily put together! The guitar solo is brilliant, its amazing, and Monte yet again shows how talented he really is! This song is dark, but it's sexy, and I think that's the first time I've ever called a song sexy, but listen to it and you'll see what I mean!

      6) City of Sin
      A slow build up into this song now...I say slow, it builds up pretty quickly, but the way it builds up is unlike any other of their songs. This song sounds very experimental, it's not really something like Escape the Fate have done before. It's another catchy song, and another of my favourites, but although it's not their 'normal' music they nail it, and they succeed so much! The toe-tapping beat, the catchy lyrics and the electrifying guitar solo makes this song everything you want and more.

      7) Day of Wreckoning
      This is really the first song where Craig has properly showcased his 'screaming' abilities, and you realise what the previous songs have been lacking. Another catchy song, in my opinion not one of the best on the album, still a great song, I'm not doubting that for one minute, but it still leaves a lot to want. It's a very generic rock song, and I think it lacks that Escape the Fate twist on it.

      8) Lost in Darkness
      A dark song now, the lyrics are really very dark, and the whole song itself does seep a 'creepiness' about it too. Craig showcases his deep voice again, maybe that's what makes the song that little bit darker. Lyrics such as "Her blood runs red all through the street", "She feels his breath down her skin and bones" really do show how dark the song is. The way it has all been composed though makes it a beautifully slow track, another Escape the Fate feel to the song.

      9) Prepare Your Weapon
      An almost 'metal' starting to the song, and it's exciting! You could just imagine a 'circle mosh pit' happening to the beginning of this song, it's heavy, it's exciting and I love it. It's still Escape the Fate although the beginning doesn't really show that it's them too much. I must admit I am a bit disappointed that the beginning of the song promises so much to be led to a mediocre chorus that leaves you wanting more from it. Overall, it's a good song, not great, not rubbish.

      10) World Around Me
      A slower song now, that never fully picks up, but that's not me saying the song isn't good, because it is, if anything it can get a little boring especially seeing as the song is over 5minutes long, it seems like there should be a something to excite you a little bit, but it lacks that completely. I really don't have much to say about the song, it's my least favourite on the album, and that's saying something because I love this album, it just leaves you wanting that bit of extra 'oomf' to the song that you're just not getting.

      11) The Aftermath (G3)
      What a way to end an album! A fast, up-tempo song now, almost could be classed as metal, the playing of the instruments is sensational, and Craig's vocals over the top are amazing! Now, the G3 stands for "The Guillotine, Part 3", which is quite funny, as that means each of the three albums have featured "The Guillotine" on, maybe this song is a 'revenge' song to Ronnie as there are some lyrics which just hint anger "All's fair in love and war", "This battles over, this war has been won", "Raise a fist to fight", either way it makes a fantastic song! The guitar solo by Monte is a very 'Dragonforce' style solo, and if you know who I'm talking about then you realise how fast and intricate the solo is, yet again showing how talented he is...more than any other song! This is why I love Escape the Fate, they're talented, and so very underrated. One of my favourite songs off the album, and one of the best songs I've ever seen performed live!

      With a total running time of 40minutes and 11seconds this album leads you wanting nothing more, except another release from the Escape the Fate boys! You can completely see why it is one of their more successful albums as it has a lot of different aspects within the album! It shows off each members individual talents and shows that they are in fact an underrated band. Give it a listen, you will not regret it and you certainly won't be disappointed!


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Choose Your Fate
    2 Massacre
    3 Issues
    4 Zombie Dance
    5 Gorgeous Nightmare
    6 City Of Sin
    7 Day Of Wreckoning
    8 Lost In Darkness
    9 Prepare Your Weapon
    10 World Around Me
    11 The Aftermath (G3)

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