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Euphoria - Enrique Iglesias

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4 Reviews

Genre: World Music - Cuban & Latin / Artist: Enrique Iglesias / Audio CD released 2010-07-05 at Polydor

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    4 Reviews
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      05.12.2011 21:35
      Very helpful
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      Very club-y!

      One of my favourite male artists is definitely Enrique Iglesais. The funniest thing is is that whilst he's been around for what seems like forever, it was only when I won his greatest hits CD a couple of years ago, and loved the CD that I actually ended up taking notice of him, and buying the rest of his Cds.

      Euphoria is the ninth album from Enrique Iglesais. It was released in the United Kingdom in 2010 and so it is quite recent. It reached number 6 in the British album charts. The album is currently available for sale from Amazon for a price of £4.99 which I think is good value for money.

      ~ * Track Listing * ~

      1) I Like It (featuring Pitbull) 2) One Day At A Time(featuring Akon) 3)Heartbeat (featuring Nicole Scherzinger) 4) Why Not Me 5) Dirty Dancer (with Usher) 6) Heartbreaker 7) Everything's Gonna Be Alright 8) Coming Home 9) Cuando Me Enamoro 10) No Me Digas Que No 11) I Like It (No Rap)

      ~ * What's It Like ? * ~

      If you have heard this Enrique's album, you may be surprised to hear that this album is in fact very different to his other albums! He's got his usuals (ballads etc), however this album is more modern and there is more 'dance-y' tracks.

      ~ * What Do I Think? * ~

      I like it, I like it! It's very different and upbeat. This album is different to Enrique's other albums...I think it's because of the 'dance-y-ness'. I would say that this album has more of a 'club sound' to it. I could certainly imagine a lot of the songs being played in a club (I Like it and Dirty Dancer etc), whilst his usual 'upbeat songs' are more likely to be played at a wedding party rather than in a club.

      Enrique has collaborated with a lot of singers on here; he is fantastic though and I don't think he really 'needs' to collaborate so much because he can do it brilliantly alone. However, I guess it keeps it things different. My favourite collaboration on here is definitely with Nicole Scherzinger on the track 'Heartbeat'; you can just feel the chemistry in this song!

      Enrique has still kept to his ballads which is a good thing; I have to say I much prefer his ballads and 'romantic-ness' compared to his up-beat songs. Even though it seems he is trying to be like everyone else in the charts, he still manages to successfully maintain his individual-ness which is good.

      I love Enrique's voice; he's just brilliant! He has a great 'sensitive' voice yet has the power for when necessary in his songs. I enjoy listening to his voice and he really puts his all into his performances and really connects with the listener through the music, making it easier for the listener to connect and be able to relate to the music. However, I do think that a lot of the songs on here are more about the 'music' and 'beat' rather than the lovely-ness of Enrique's voice which is a shame.

      There are some really lovely Spanish songs on here which I like (especially track 10). Even though I can't understand what the song is about by listening to the lyrics as my Spanish isn't that good, I can 'feel' the emotion which is good as is shows that Enrique can get the emotion through without being able to understand the language.

      I like this album, although I would much prefer the 'old romantic' Enrique.

      Thanks for reading!
      December 2011
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        01.02.2011 11:57
        Very helpful



        A solid album for Enrique Iglesias, that showcases an updated radio-friendly sound.

        'Euphoria' is the ninth studio release from latin-pop sensation Enrique Iglesias - and is unique in its combination of both English and Spanish language songs on one disc. However, as the UK is not the world's most receptive territory for foreign language music, this edition only contains two such songs. The album is significant as it marks his transition from guitar based pop-rock towards more club-ready, dance sounds. Working with Lady GaGa mega-producer, RedOne, the album contains several enormous hits in waiting - and while it is not a flawless album, is a solid collection of songs with an undeniably charming and charismatic delivery.

        The album opens with 'I Like It' - a European dance song, with pounding industrial beats delivered courtesy of RedOne. It creatively interpolates Lionel Richie's classic 'All Night Long', weaving the hook in between the verses and chorus. A seductive set of verses, with Enrique attempting to lure in the object of his affection precedes the falsetto-riddled chorus of "Baby, I like it - the way you move on the floor". A little generic at times, in terms of lyrics, but it's a fun party song - you should not expect poetry. The guest rap verse from Pitbull takes a little getting used to, but it fits in well - and certainly maintains the energy of the track, which the rap-free version somehow manages to lose. Definitely a great start to the album.

        'One Day at a Time' features guest vocals from hip-hop star, Akon. Thankfully, the gentle piano riff and Caribbean-flavoured synths are similar to his recent work with Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, as opposed to his street-ready sounds. The song is a real mood-lifter, with the chorus thick with harmonies and layered vocals. "It's been six months since you left, so why am I still thinking about you, baby?" he laments in the verses, as the song deals with getting over betrayal and loss. It's surprisingly mellow, yet is a real earworm. The chorus gets into your head, and there's something really appealing about the sound of the song. Not quite up-tempo, not quite a ballad, it safely lands in the middle ground yet avoids mediocrity. Good stuff.

        The third track is the gorgeous mid-tempo, 'Heartbeat'. It's a return to the emotive, tender vocals which made Enrique famous. He duets with Nicole Scherzinger (former Pussycat Doll lead), and the two's voices mesh perfectly. The gentle piano riffs nestled in between the futuristic synths keep the song surprisingly under produced, so the emphasis falls on the lyrics and the simple, breathy vocals. "Stop trying to steal my heart away," Nicole breathes, as the two play the role of lovers resisting falling in love. It's a compelling song, with the tempo almost verging onto a dance song, but never quite arriving. Definitely the most sensual track on the collection, and one of Enrique's best singles in years.

        'Why Not Me?' is a gentle RedOne produced ballad, with gentle harp playing and swirling synths. The pleading tone in Enrique's vocals is conveyed with conviction and emotion, as he sings: "You tell me that you love me/But say I'm just a friend," he sings with confusion, before launching into the understated chorus of "Why, oh, why, tell me why not me?". The song is perfect in my eyes; the melancholic feel of the production matches the lyrics of the song. However, you can't help but crave another up-tempo after the last three songs.

        'Dirty Dancer' seems to deliver that. A duet with Usher it commences with the spirited dedication: "This is for the dirty girls... all around the world!" It's a high octane, European dance song - similar to 'I Like It'. The two vocalists work well together, as they observe in the addictive chorus: "She's a dirty, dirty dancer, you'll never be her only". It's a similar lyrical content to Nelly Furtado's man-eater, but is given a sexier energy to it. It's crying out to be released as a single, as the hook is so impeccable. I really hope it gets released with a killer video.

        It's admittedly, a little disappointing that 'Heartbreaker' is ballad. I'd really have loved another up-tempo after the monster track that precedes it. "There's a line, that you cross/When you've lost, someone and you can't accept it" begins Enrique with emotion. The verses have so much passion and sorrow infused in them, it makes the chorus a little disappointing at times as it's a rather basic "you're a heartbreaker, breaker, breaker". However, with multiple listens the track grows on you.

        'Everything's Gonna Be Alright' is a little cheesy, but is a fun up-tempo. Laced with auto tune, Enrique's vocals sound almost unrecognisable, but it fits in well with the dance beat. "Love can break us into pieces/Like it's done a million times" he warns in the verses, before launching into a sing-a-long chorus about being fearless and not being scared to fall in love. It's a serviceable dance track, but nothing special.

        I didn't appreciate 'Coming Home' on first listen, but now it's quickly becoming one of my favourite Enrique tracks. In the lyrics and production, it almost evokes a Coldplay-esque ballad. The simple piano and guitar, back up the melancholic lyrics of "Sometimes I feel I'm going nowhere/I'm moving but I can't find the way/Surrounded by a million faces/They all say they're my best friends." Like many of the ballads on the album, the chorus is a little weak, but the delivery compensates. It's a gorgeous, understated track.

        'Cuando Me Enamoro' is the first Spanish track of the album. In English, it translates to 'When I Fall in Love'. It features vocals from latin singer Juan Luis Guerra, and has been nominated for a Grammy. It marks a return to the more traditional sound of Enrique's past albums, with organic sounding percussion and guitars, as opposed to synths. I have no idea what the lyrics mean, but there's a charming, uplifting feel to it, that I really love. After a few listens, you'll be attempting to sing along phonetically (badly, in my case), despite the language barrier.

        The second, and final Spanish song is 'No Me Digas Que No' (Don't Tell Me No). It's an odd collision of genres, and is similar to the last song, but placed on steroids, as it has a dancier twist to it. The chorus is powerful, and features great vocals - it's almost a shame, because this is the perfect Enrique song in terms of tempo. However, as I don't understand the lyrics, it is a little frustrating.

        Admittedly, 'Euphoria' is a mixed bag. There are 10 tracks (I don't count the eleventh, which is 'I Like It' sans rap), which feel a little too skewed in the ballad direction, given the strength of the uptemos. I admire Enrique's re-invention of his sound though, and he maintains a seductive mood throughout the CD, it's just not as cohesive as it could be as there appears to be evidence of over-thinking to appeal to everyone (up-tempos, ballads, English and Spanish) - it may have been a wiser choice to have taken the risk of choosing one style and sticking to it for the entire album.


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          01.09.2010 18:44
          Very helpful



          The ninth studio album from Enrique Iglesias.

          Every now and then one of my friends and I like to trade music, mainly because we both listen to our ipods a lot and it can get quite boring listening to the same songs over and over again. As I uploaded all her new music to my ipod I saw Enrique Iglesias flash by and thought for a minute I must be seeing things! As it turned out she'd downloaded the whole of his new album, now she's a bit of a rock chick at times and this seemed quite unusual but every now and then she has been known to make a bit of a blip when it comes to music! I've now listened to the album a few times, not always out of choice but thanks to the shuffle option on my ipod that has a habit of always playing the songs I don't want to hear!

          Euphoria is Enrique Iglesias' ninth studio album which really is quite a milestone in the world of music these days, if anyone can get away with releasing (and obviously selling) more than about five albums then they're doing pretty well in my meagre opinion. It was released back in July 2010 and is his first bilingual album as it contains songs in both English and Spanish, bearing in mind my knowledge of Spanish extends to hello, please, thank you and (somewhat surprisingly I'm sure you'll agree) rose wine! There are also appearances on different tracks onthe album by Akon, Usher, Pitbull and Nicole Scherzinger. It charted in the UK album chart at position 6 when it was released and in America at position 10.

          I imagine it would have been quite hard to avoid hearing any of his tracks over the years; he's probably most famous for his heart ranching ballad "Hero" but has also released a number of catchy and quite popular tracks over the years including "Escape" and "Addicted." His sound is arguably Latin pop, with his Latin background being evident in both his songs and his voice too. There's very much a strong pop focus on his albums in general, ranging from the Westlife style ballads to the catchier and more upbeat pop tracks that are often favoured by radio stations. There's one thing that's for sure and that's the fact that having had a ten year career in the music industry, he surely must be doing something right!

          "I Like It" is the first track on the album and is his current single. It features Pitbull who is quite big in the world of r n b and has a really catchy feel to it that will arguably have people dancing away in those bars and clubs when it's played! It's quite synth based and uptempo and it did remind me somewhat of a modernised version of Lionel Ritchie's "All Night Long." It's followed by "One Day At A Time" which has a slight Peter Andre feel to it somehow and I did think at first that it could have been sung by him! It's got a much more relaxed feel to it than the first track, it features Akon and the reggae tinge that features in some of his tracks is evident here. It coasts along coolly with some nice guitar stabs.

          "Heartbeat" is the third track on the album and probably one of my favourites, it features Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls and it's a really soothing yet still pulsating dance pop ballad. Their two voices are ideally suited to this track and her voice really does shine on this, a five star worthy track easily! This is followed by the fourth track "Why Not Me?" which attempts to create the same teary eyed ballad that has always been his trademark in the past but it just feels a bit hollow somehow. There's no real crescendo and there's very little progression in this track, it almost sounds a little monotone at times which is a shame as the first tree album tracks are all so strong in my opinion.

          "Dirty Dancer" is apparently going to be a massive club hit, or so Enrique is hoping as I just don't think it's got the catchy lyrics or the incessant beat either! It features Usher although I must say it sounds much more like Enrique's style than Usher's style and I was actually quite disappointed by this track. The first real ballad on the album comes in the form of "Heartbreaker" at position 6 on the album. It starts off quite well with soft beats and his voice effortlessly whispering over the music but then it just never really goes anywhere and I'd have to say it doesn't really come close to his previous hits. "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" has an uptempo pop feel to it, it's really catchy and will have you tapping along!

          "Coming Home" attempts to resurrect the poor ballad level on this album but it's all a little dreary to start with, it did remind me of something by James Blunt as it had that same quite negative feel to it. Thankfully this one did do a little better than the previous tracks, it is really mellow and I actually do like it. The following tracks on the album are "Cuando Me Enamoro" and "No Me Digas Que No" which I tend to skip, the language barrier just proves too much for me and I don't actually like them. There's nothing wrong with the music but they've got too much of a Spanish feel to them that doesn't really sit right with the rest of the album to be honest. The bilingual approach has failed in my opinion!

          If you're lucky enough to reach producing a ninth album in the music world you'd think that you'd have found your niche in the market so to speak and stick to it in order to continue selling albums! Now I know everyone needs to modernise or reinvent themselves every once in a while but here Enrique hasn't really done either successfully. There are some good tracks on this album, arguably at the start of it, and had he produced an album with about six tracks I think it would have been a huge success. The bilingual element hasn't really worked for me at all, it's put up a bit of a barrier and turned the album into a bit of an English versus Spanish competition in my eyes, I believe other versions have more Spanish on too.

          At the end this results in the flow of the album being jarred and there not being much consistency. Perhaps dispersing them throughout the album would have made it a bit more cohesive... or maybe it just was never going to work. I will continue to listen to about six of the tracks, but I will be deleting the other ones shortly unless I suddenly become fluent in Spanish overnight. So what's my final verdict? Well... in the end none of the ballads really live up to his previous hits although the uptempos do fare a little better with a couple of them actually being really good. Did I feel euphoric while listening to this album? Not really. By the time the Spanish tracks finished I was the opposite of euphoric!

          Thanks for reading!


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            03.07.2010 17:30
            Very helpful



            What's NEXT?

            Enrique's last English album came out in 2007; with this latest release being a bilingual album, it contains both English and Spanish tracks.

            ~~~CD COVER~~~
            This is my favourite album cover to date. A simple close up shot of Enrique's face, it subtle translates the title of the album, Euphoria well through the orange filter and the rays coming from the top right corner... but does the songs reflect this attractive cover?

            This album contains fourteen tracks:
            1) I like It (Featuring Pitbull) 3.5/5
            The introduction to the song is pretty catchy and definitely sounds like something from Insomniac, which I really liked... However, the Pitbull parts did not add anything to the track whatsoever, and this song would definitely be so much better if it was purely Enrique.

            2) One day at a time (Featuring Akon) 2.5/5
            The immediate piano start was quite a surprise. I immediately thought, ballad? But quickly Akon's voice declaring "Akon, Enrique" reminded me of the Ciara Enrique duet which had pretty much the same start declaration... and comparatively this is rubbish. The sound of the track is cheesy and sounds very last decade.

            3) Heartbeat (Featuring Nicole Scherzinger) 4 /5
            This is one of the best songs on the album but definitely not Enrique's best... The song is somewhat catchy, but what is with the whisperings of Nicole Scherzinger? We've had the same problem with Ciara who cannot project her voice, but this is perhaps worse... Overall though, the sound is definitely better than what we've heard so far.

            4) Dirty Dancer (Featuring Usher) 3.5/5
            Seeing this featuring Usher definitely made me think highly (at least higher) about this song. It is an ok song, but again with the intro declaring "Enrique, Usher" is completely unnecessary. This is pretty average a song, and I am highly surprised and disappointed.

            5) Why Not Me 3.5/5
            The first Enrique Solo Song is another good song... It is slightly less dancy and electro-pop which a nice change; but it doesn't stand out and it is pretty average.

            6) No Me Digas Que No (feat. Wisin & Yandel) 3.5/5
            The first Spanish song on the album, "No me Digas Que No" is an upbeat track, and is perhaps the most exciting and best sounding Spanish collaboration on the album. The overall sound is slightly too chirpy and Caribbean sounding to my liking!

            7) Ayer 3.5/5
            An exciting sound, but doesn't do it for me... It nearly reaches a high at the chorus but misses that explosive sound this album lacks.

            8) Cuando Me Enamoro (feat. Juan Luis Guerra) 4/5
            This sounds too similar to "No Me Digas Que No" but this is yet another good collaboration in Spanish. It sounds pretty catchy and I think this is one of the few songs on this album that has replay value!

            9) Dile Que 3.5/5
            Sounding very similar to a song called "Use me Here", "Dile Que" is an acceptable track on the album but again doesn't reach a sound that is really exciting and catchy... It has potential to grow on me.

            10) Tú y Yo 3.5/5
            Parts of this song sounds like "Escape" by Enrique... which I cannot help but think about everytime I hear this song... It's not a bad track but again doesn't jump out at me as spectacular.

            11) Heartbreaker 4/5
            Another soft track which hits it a bit better than the rest, but still misses some OOMPH...

            12) Coming Home 4/5
            By the twelfth track, we get something that vaguely resembles Enrique at his former glory... This is probably the best track on the album in my opinion... and with a name like "Coming Home" (I have atleast three tracks with similar names) it seems to be a working title!

            13) Everything's Gonna be alright 3.5/5
            It is a much more dance sounding song but again lacks a special something to make this a big hit... This is only an average track...

            14) No Me Digas Que No 4/5
            Enrique's solo version of "No Me Digas Que No" is probably the better of the two, although again it doesn't WOW.

            TRACKS TO LOVE: Nothing to LOVE on this album, but the most likeable ones are Heartbeat, Why not Me, Coming Home...
            TRACKS TO SKIP: Most!!!

            The album can be purchased for under £10 on Amazon and Itunes.

            Just looking at the tracklist, one would be pretty impressed with the number of collaborations on this album. Ironically, it is these collaborations that bring down this album. The Spanish Collaborations are better than the English ones in my opinion, although most of them do not add any quality to the tracks, and are perhaps for novelty's sake only, which is a great shame.

            What is also to note is that this is Enrique's first bilingual album which is exciting, but due to a whole mesh of factors, including the collaborations, this is not a successful release. As his 9th studio album, I hoped "Euphoria" really would be an improvement, but it seems like he has taken a couple of steps back.

            Undoubtedly, some people will like this album, but it's a BIG NO from me. The end of the album is much better than the start, but I'll be looking forward to the day he returns to the sound of Insomniac.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 I Like It - Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull
            2 One Day At A Time - Enrique Iglesias, Akon
            3 Heartbeat - Enrique Iglesias, Nicole Scherzinger
            4 Why Not Me? - Enrique Iglesias
            5 Dirty Dancer - Enrique Iglesias, Usher
            6 Heartbreaker - Enrique Iglesias
            7 Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Enrique Iglesias
            8 Coming Home - Enrique Iglesias
            9 Cuando Me Enamoro - Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra
            10 No Me Digas Que No - Enrique Iglesias, Wisin, Yandel
            11 I Like It - Enrique Iglesias

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