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Every Second Counts - Plain White T's

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: Plain White T's / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2007-09-03 at Hollywood Records

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    3 Reviews
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      08.10.2009 02:19
      Very helpful



      A good mix of songs that are worth buying

      Every Second Counts is the 4th release from Plain White T's, although I think it is their first major worldwide successful album. The American band are best known for their hit song "Hey There Delilah" that was played a lot across a number of radio stations. The song had such wide appeal that most people I knew liked it in one way or another.

      Hey There Delilah is the first song on the album and it is in my opinion the best of the bunch. A slow ballad with just a gentle guitar playing in the background tells a story of long distance love. The simple lyrics and easy listening nature of the song make it instantly likable and it wont be long until you are singing along yourself. The song is different from the rest of the album so it doesn't give the listener a good idea of what to expect but it really does get the album off to a good start.

      The next songs are more up-tempo and take the band back to their indie rock musical roots. The second best known of the album would be "Hate (I Really Don't Like You")

      There isn't really a bad song on Every Second Counts. If you like slower music you'll love Hey There Delilah and if you prefer something with a bit more of a rock edge there's plenty of songs you'll like on the rest of the album.

      The album can be bought for under £10 on Amazon but I'm pretty sure you could pick it up cheaper from HMV if you tried there. The price isn't too bad if you consider you'll be getting a 45 minute album that you will listen to time and time again.
      1. "Hey There Delilah"
      2. "Our Time Now" - 2:50
      3. "Come Back to Me" - 3:23
      4. "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" - 3:47
      5. "You and Me" - 2:18
      6. "Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk" - 3:22
      7. "Making a Memory" - 2:49
      8. "So Damn Clever" - 3:03
      9. "Tearin' Us Apart" - 2:36
      10. "Write You a Song" - 4:01
      11. "Gimme a Chance" - 2:57
      12. "Figure It Out" - 2:45
      13. "Let Me Take You There" - 3:46


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      25.05.2009 19:36
      Very helpful



      A decent album

      The band hails from Chicago in the US and formed way back in 1997. The band has already released 4 albums and this is the first album to chart in the US or UK Markets. This current album shot the band to the radio airways in the UK with the massive love song that was released last summer called hey there Delilah. The really interesting part of this story is that Delilah does not actually appear for the first time on the every second counts, but it was the record industry who asked the band to re-release it on the every second counts album. When it was re-released the band promoted the single all across the globe and the single reached number 1 in numerous countries, although surprisingly it only reached number 2 in the UK.

      The bands current lineup is:
      Tom Higgenson - Vocals
      Dave Tirio - Guitar
      Mike Retondo - Bass, Vocals
      De'Mar Hamilton - Drums
      Tim Lopez - Guitar Vocals

      Track by track review
      1)Hey there Delilah - The smash hit of last summer. I predict this song will be heard at numerous weddings over the next couple of years as it's a really sweet romantic song. Simply it's a song about how a guy will do anything to be with his girl because he wants to who has to cope with a long distance relationship. I have never done this before but its a 10/10 for me

      2)Our time now - A complete change of song for this second track. A much more upbeat feel. Again it's a track with a romantic feel to it as it's a couples time now. Nice track but I don't like some of the backing singing so it loses one point 6/10
      3)Come back to me - This song has the tempo right in the middle of the first 2 tracks on the album. This is sadly the first of a running theme on the album, although the song is decent it is also instantly forgettable. 7/10

      4)Hate (I really don't like you) - This changes from the romantic theme in the album to when it alls goes wrong and the general feelings you get at the end of a relationship. Hate was the first single released by the band from this album but only reached 52 in the UK. One of the better tracks on the album 8/10
      5)You and Me - A simple song, but a brilliant song. A nice guitar rift is accompanied by a evenly based drum beat. The song looks at why a couple make a good you and me by sharing the same interests, like music and the same sense of humour. Surely we could all learn from this simply idea, couldn't we? I really like this track. 9/10

      6) Friends don't let friends dial drunk - A bit more of a rocky sound to the beginning of this track and (singers) voice is a bit more aggressive in this song. Sadly this one is rather forgettable 5/10
      7) Making a memory - Another slow love ballard that is one of the stronger features of the band. This is still a lot more up tempo then Delilah though. "Friday nights such a beautiful night now your staying" - 7/10

      8) So Damn Clever - Another nice, but sadly quite middle of the road track. It's a nice one to listen to but it is forgettable. It's about a girl who is to clever for her poor unsuspecting boyfriend and is just to clever for him. Again scoring an average 6/10
      9)Tearing us apart - One of the stand out tracks of the album. Another nice intro to a fairly upbeat song. A guy has just had a conversation with his girl on the phone and they had a argument which ended their relationship. Downbeat but actually more upbeat. 8/10

      10) Write you a song - The closest song to the smash hit of Delilah. Yet another love song where the guy will do anything for his partner but unfortunately he cant afford the general bling that we have come to expect. His only gift can be song. If only the band stuck to writing songs as good as these it would be an more simple album review! 9/10
      11) Gimme a chance - On its own it's a good track, but it just doesn't quite feel right on the album following write you a song. A bit disappointing really. 6/10

      12)Figure it out - possibly the most upbeat song on the album with a quite a high tempo which is maintained throughout the song. Again this one is quite a middle of the road song on the album. 7/10
      13)Let me take you there - A nice way to finish the album listing. Singers voice really comes through strongly on this track. If this were to be played in a film it would be for a happy ending romantic comedy. I can already see that it will feature in this capacity. 8/10

      14)Take me away - when you just think the album has finished one of the up tempo songs kicks off. Nice little extra from the band 7/10
      Each of the tracks last for about 2:30 minutes which makes the album length aroud 35/40 minutes.

      The bands website is located at and you can hear many of the tracks online to get a better idea of the songs, currently you can see the video for hate- http://www.plainwhitets.com/
      If you have heard and liked Hey there Delilah make sure you hear the rest of the album before buying this as it is completely different. I bought the album on the strenght of Delilah but thankfully the rest of the album is the kind of music I listen to anyway. This was bought in the Virgin (or Zavvi or whatever it is called these days) for £8 last novemeber.

      This is a nice middle of the road album and the band have been brought up with the more high tempo songs, but these are hard to distinguish from other American bands like Fall out boy and the All American rejects. Sadly the album has three of four truly memorable tracks like Delilah, Write you a song, Let me take you there and Hate but to many are just better then average songs. Be careful not to but this album simply on the basis of Delilah because, as I have shown above, many of the album tracks are written. This is still quite a good album though.


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        09.09.2007 14:10
        Very helpful



        The third full album release from American band Plain White T's.

        Plain White T’s were not a band I was familiar with in the slightest, in fact I don’t think I’d even heard their name until about a month ago. They’re an American band consisting of five male members and class themselves as an indie / rock band. Every Second Counts is actually their fourth album )third full length album) although their former albums didn’t receive nearly as much success as their latest offering. They’re most similar to American bands such as Boys Like Girls and Dashboard Confessional. They do also have similar sounding songs to more well known bands such as All American Rejects and Snow Patrol. I’d say that they’d mainly appeal to quite a young audience although my mum has taken quite a liking to them!

        “Hey There Delilah” is the first track on the album and one that has really got them a firm footing in the music world. It reached number 1 on the American billboard chart when it was re-released back in July 2007. It’s a lovely, soothing ballad that is sung with such emotion and heartfelt honesty that it sold the album to me straight away. It’s sung softly with gently strumming guitar chords in the background, much more of a soft, soothing pop song that anything from the indie or rock field. The track itself is a love song in a sense, the track is a ballad sung to a girlfriend who has gone away to study and it’s a track wrote to let her know he’s missing her and to give her hope that they will get through this hard time, “Hey there Delilah I know times are getting hard but just believe me girl some day I’ll pay the bills with this guitar, we’ll have it good, we’ll have the life we knew we would.”

        “Our Time Now” is a much more upbeat, pop / rock track that sounds quite similar to something by All American Rejects or Fall Out Boy. It really does get your foot tapping along to the beat and the chorus has an energetic crescendo which really makes this track stand out. It’s quite a contrast to the previous track but I think that these two were certainly the best opening choices as it gives you a clear picture as to what the rest of the album will be like, from one extreme to another. If you’ve got doubts about getting this album try to listen to this track and the previous one as they manage to sum up the band completely. It’s great for listening to when you’re in an upbeat mood, “There will be no rules tonight, if there were we’d break them, nothing’s going to stop us now, let’s get down to it.”

        “Come Back to Me” is more mellow that the previous track but a little more upbeat than the first track which creates a sort of middle ground between the two. It’s quite clearly a love song but it’s not your typical slow ballad which is always refreshing I think. There’s much more of a beat to it than most old fashioned love songs especially as it’s not nearly as slow and the chorus does have a soft punk / rock feel to it which makes it stand out. It does have quite emotive lyrics and the feeling behind the song is quite raw, it’s about being left alone and how you wish it had never happened, “I can’t stand to watch you go, cos in my head deep down I know, I don’t want to live with you, I love the way we stay up late, the way you laugh at your mistakes, I love everything about you.” This contrasts with, “Hate (I Really Don’t Like You)” which is firmly within the punk / rock field with the harshly sung lyrics. Again there’s a strong feeling of other young American punk / rock bands here and it wouldn’t be out of place on a Fall Out Boy album just to give you a hint of what you’re getting here. It’s a great track to listen to after a break up, “You were everything I wanted, you were everything a girl could be, then you left me broken hearted, now you don’t mean a thing to me, all I wanted was your love love love.”

        “You and Me” is the shortest track on the album at just over two minutes long but it’s a really catchy, slightly irritating melodic number that has a really upbeat feel to it. The verse is quite quick and jumpy which really does catch your attention. The song itself is a light hearted number about why two people fit together so well, “You and me we couldn’t stand being normal, that’s why we make a good you and me, we both laugh at the most random situations, that’s the key baby don’t you agree.” If I’m honest it does get a little irritating due to the repeated “you and me” part throughout the track! “Friends Don’t Let Friends Dial Drunk” is one of my favourite tracks on the album and one I can really identify with from the lyrics. It maintains the fairly upbeat feel with a light rock essence to it from the backing music. I really like this track and always find myself humming it during the day! It’s about how sometimes within a friendship / relationship one person somewhat uses the other person as in when they’ve got nothing else to do they’ll call their friend / partner, “In case you haven’t heard I’m all alone, while you’re out on the town drinking with your friends, you can say all these beautiful things but they don’t mean nothing, no they don’t mean a thing.”

        “Making a Memory” is more of a soothing ballad number which echoes some of the melodies from the first track. When I first heard it I did instantly think of one of Bon Jovi’s quite strong love ballads with the impacting chorus and the softly sung verses which is exactly what this song captures. However in contrast to Bon Jovi this has a much younger feel to it and one that is somehow easier to listen to. It’s about how when you argue and then someone leaves you almost instantly regret it and wish they hadn’t left, “You and me we should be making a memory, whenever we’re together, look at me can’t you see, we were meant to be, making a memory.” This is quite different to the next track, “So Damn Clever” which has brilliant backing music from electric guitars that somehow give the track quite a pessimistic feel to it. This definitely has quite a rock / punk feel to it but they manage to pull it off in a way that’s not off putting in the slightest as I’m not a particular fan of that genre. The song itself is quite negative about the end of a relationship, the singer has obviously come off worse and been hurt, “We were over from the start, intertwined just in time to fall apart, I can’t believe I missed the signs, you were cold and they all told me not to try.”

        “Tearin’ Us Apart” has a punk feel to the opening of it and did remind me very slightly of something from a Blur album although this isn’t at all representative of the album. It’s still quite an buoyant and cheery track despite it ending with the break up a relationship. The track is about how you can do little things beyond your control that are slowly breaking up your relationship, “I just got off the phone with you, like any other night, I know that I said I loved you too, but she was on my mind.” The next track “Write You a Song” is a beautiful and simple love ballad about how he is too poor to show his love with money so instead he’s wrote a song for his lover. It’s really soothing with minimal backing music and so beautifully harmonious that it makes for superb listening, “I will write you a song, that’s how you’ll know that my love is still strong, I will write you a song, and you’ll know from the song that I just can’t go on with you.”

        “Gimme a Chance” is the tenth song on the album and has quite a pop / punk feel to it. By this point I’m running out of things to say as it is quite similar to a lot of the other tracks on the album with quite calming verses with a slight beat keeping up the base, and the crescendo to the slightly punk sounding chorus, “If I’m not everything you wanted, if I’m not everything you need, then you can walk right out, and you can walk right out, but you’re never going to see just how good it’s going to be, until you give me a chance.” The penultimate song on the album, “Figure It Out” which has quite an All American Rejects / Fall Out Boy sound to it and certainly lifts your spirits when you listen to it. It’s a song about being confused in a relationship, “She says I don’t take her seriously, I don’t so I guess I’d have to agree, I didn’t mean that, I really mean that.” The final track on the album is “Let Me Take You There” which would really have fitted in on the latest Snow Patrol album as it’s got that same kind of hollow, soothing feel to it with really soft backing music. The lyrics sound like they’re honestly sung yet possess great depth in a sense, “I know a place that we can go to, a place where no one knows you, they won’t know who we are.”

        So are Plain White T’s just another American band that are suited to the teenage genre and the movie soundtracks? I’d have to argue that no they’re not, although some of their sounds are similar to other bands no other band out there has actually produced an album with quite as much depth and variety as this one. There’s no denying that they are using a main formula of power chords and soothing harmonies but this only guarantees that you’ll be singing along in no time. The only downside to this album is that it is quite heavily based on relationships, from what I can gather they got on really well, then she screwed him over, then he screwed her over, etc. If that’s not really your scene then you won’t really like this album purely based on the lyrics alone. However if you can look past that, or even identify with it then this album will be a sure favourite!

        I personally absolutely love this album, it’s the only thing I’ve been listening to in my car for the past two weeks and I’ve got it firmly loaded onto my ipod as well. They’ve just brought out a new release as well so I’m desperately trying to get my hands on that to see if it’s as good as this masterpiece. So if you’re fancying a bit of a change then maybe give this album a listen!

        Thanks for reading.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Hey There Delilah
        2 Our Time Now
        3 Come Back To Me
        4 Hate (I Really Don't Like You)
        5 You And Me
        6 Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk
        7 Making A Memory
        8 So Damn Clever
        9 Tearin' Us Apart
        10 Write You A Song
        11 Gimme A Chance
        12 Figure It Out
        13 Let Me Take You There
        14 Take Me Away

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