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Evolution - Boyz II Men

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap / Artist: Boyz II Men / Import / Audio CD released at Motown

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2008 23:21
      Very helpful





      If you are a regular reader of my music reviews you will probably know that one of my favourite artists is Boyz II Men. This album is their third album and was released in 1997 and is their last album recorded on the Motown label. Regular collaborators like Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Babyface contributed to the album aswell as Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy or P Diddy as he is known nowadays.

      The lead single from this album was the ballad Four seasons of loneliness which is regarded by fans as one of their best tracls. Despite Evolution not selling as well as the previous two albums Cooleyhighharmony and II Evolution has plenty of great songs and a number of superb singles. Here is my review of 1997's Evolution by Boyz II Men.

      **The Review**

      1. "Doin' Just Fine" (Produced by Shawn Stockman)

      This is a great track to start off Evolution. A wonderful ballad about getting over a relationship after a hard breakup. The music is made up of some nice string sections and drum sequences which accompanied by the piano sound superb.

      2. "Never" (Produced by Babyface)

      This is another great ballad which is written by the amazing Babyface. This song has a great meaning and is about telling a girlfriend to be strong and promising to be there for them after they have a relationship with someone who hurt them.

      3. "4 Seasons of Loneliness" Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis

      This is a fantastic first single from the album as it has a superbly catchy chorus which has been sung by millions of fans around the world. This tracks shows just how well their voices blend together and how good their vocals are.

      4.) Girl in the Life Magazine" (Produced By Babyface)

      This is a slightly different subject than their other love songs as you will soon find out on listening to it. This song is about falling in love at first sight with a woman in a picture in a magazine and she ends up being with you. Some superb guitar licks compliment the feel of this track.

      5. A Song for Mama" (Produced by Babyface)

      This is such a wonderful song about how their mothers have touched their lives. Probably the best parental tribute song I have ever heard followed by Tupac's Dear Mama. This song is wonderfully complimented by the music.

      6. Can You Stand the Rain" (Produced by Boyz II Men)

      This is an acapella version of the New Edition song and it works really well. The song opens with a rain storm and then the vocals kick in, this just shows off their vocal ability to fine effect, One of their best acapellas.

      7. Can't Let Her Go (Produced by Sean Combs)

      We've had six ballads in a row and now comes the first hip hop tinged track on the album, This is a very funky uptempo track which keeps the smooth vocal harmonies they are so well known for. This track is so so catchy and shows they are adept at just about anything they try vocally.

      8. Baby C'mon" (Produced by Keith Crouch)

      This is a very catchy track indeed. It opens with a clapping beat and guitar and then the funky bass slides in with Shawn's flowing vocals. One of their best uptempo songs on any of their albums.

      9. Come On" (Produced by Sean Combs)

      This opens up like a ballad and then the beat kicks in and the tempo becomes faster and changes into a mid tempo track with a nice beat. A very good track.

      10. All Night Long" (Produced by Keith Crouch)

      This starts off with a nice guitar intro and then the shuffling beat comes in with Nathan Morris' vocals, not quite their best uptempo track but not bad nonetheless.

      11. Human II (Don't Turn Your Back on Me)" (Produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis)

      This is a mid tempo ballad which is about moving on from your mistakes and not to dwell to much on them. A great message sung with passion and with a catchy feel, One of their best tracks of this kind.

      12. To the Limit" (Produced by Sean Combs)

      This is a vey sensual sexy track that talks about doing things for your partner to make her feel special. This has a really nice feel to it and is so relaxing.

      13. Dear God" (Produced by Boyz II Men)

      I am in no way religious but I cannot help but love this track as it is such a beautifully sung song and I believe it can be used as an inspiring song to non religious people like me.

      14. Just Hold On" (Japanese Edition) (Produced by Babyface)

      This is a superb ballad which is blending Doing Just Fine and Never to create an emotive song about holding on through your troubles and coming out the other end ok. One of the best songs I have ever heard like this.


      This is one hell of an album with just about the right combination of ballads and mid tempo tracks. Evolution may not be as big a seller as Cooleyhighharmony or II were but it is as good in terms of quality. If you are a fan of R&B then this is a must.


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        08.08.2008 09:59
        Very helpful



        If your a fan you must buy it

        This was the first BoyzIIMen album i bought. It is a great album but it is a melancholy one too. It does not have the energy of their first album but it still has some stand out tracks.

        4 seasons of loneliness is a great song and then it goes on to another great song the girl in the life magazine. Unlike other albums of theirs i don't think there is a bad song on it. Its not the happiest album and you would not want to listen to it all the time but still the emotion in the songs is fantastic and you feel like you are feeling what they are feeling through the album.

        Human II has got to be my best song on this CD. It does show that these guys have got feelings and it comes out in this album more than any other.

        If you want to be cheered up dont buy the album it will make you feel worse but all fans should definitely own this.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Doin' Just Fine
      2 Never
      3 4 Seasons of Loneliness
      4 Girl in the Life Magazine
      5 Song for Mama
      6 Can You Stand the Rain
      7 Can't Let Her Go
      8 Baby C'mon
      9 Come On
      10 All Night Long
      11 Human II (Don't Turn Your Back on Me)
      12 To the Limit
      13 Dear God

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