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Exclusive - Chris Brown

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Genre: R&B & Soul - Soul / Artist: Chris Brown / Audio CD released 2007-11-05 at SonyBMG

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    5 Reviews
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      20.08.2009 18:52
      Very helpful



      Chris Brown's second album

      Released in 2007, "Exclusive" was the second album from the R&B singer Chris Brown. I found him working with more big names in this field as the likes of Swizz Beatz, The-Dream and Scott Storch all got in on it and helped in re-creating the buzz which came with his debut, in which he was seen to bring Pop hits such as "Gimme That, "Yo" and "Run It!".

      1. "Throwed"

      The album begins well as the singer kicks a lively tune to get the thing going as he uses Go-Go influences in order to get into an energetic tune to hype up the listeners as he introduces what this sophomore album has to offer his fans. It is a big one and placed perfectly in order to get the most out of it.

      **Five Stars**

      2. "Kiss Kiss"

      This was a monster single from the album, in which it has Breezy teaming up with another big name in the R&B game as T-Pain shows what he has to offer the singer by writing and producing an adapted song which was already made for a T-Pain project. It is a big dance tune and shows effective use of Hip Hop influences.

      **Five Stars**

      3. "Take You Down"

      He is seen to keep thing flowing through with this, another big single from him, but in this case the mood of the music changes as you see that with this one he gets further down into his sensual side than any other point in his career up to that point. It has a '90s R&B feel to it and so finds him making the most seductive R&B joint he is capable of.

      **Five Stars**

      4. "With You"
      This was perhaps the most impactful single that the album produced and I felt that for this reason it took form the quality of the song as it meant less and less the more it was played. However, at first I'm sure that everyone saw it as a big tune from him as he tries out much more calm production to make use of the vocal abilities he has.

      **Four Stars**

      5. "Picture Perfect"

      As you find the beats pounding away on this one, it immediately shows that with this one you are in for a change in the music here as the Black Eyed Peas' will.i.am gets into one of his typical compositions and pushes Breezy to get into a club banger to get people on their feet. It is a fresh on and the freaky Breakbeats show more of the Hip Hop in his music.

      **Four Stars**

      6. "Hold Up"

      The beats in this one are heavy and the reflect the fact that in this one the artist makes changes to his style in order to suit the needs of the guest rap from OutKast's Big Boi, and so you get some grungy Dirty South running through this one to show what else the singer is capable of and how his singing can be adapted to suit a variety of styles.

      **Five Stars**

      7. "You"

      This is a pretty heavy cut from the singer and I saw it as one which really stood out in the album as a song which would have been a pretty good choice in a single as you see that with it, he comes up with another sensual one here, but with some dingy Dirty South beats, it takes it in a direction which hadn't really been seen with his music elsewhere.

      **Four Stars**

      8. "Damage"

      The Runners get on the beats here and show how they can move on from the Hip Hop world towards Pop R&B too, and do things effectively in this case with some production which take you right into the atmosphere of the song which he sings and is able to express just what he feels towards the problems which have come in the relationship he is in. Chris Brown jumps on auto-tuning here and as it is only for this on, its acceptable in this case.

      **Four Stars**

      9. "Wall To Wall"

      With Sean Garrett on the beats for this one, I felt that this club tune was one which was able to bring back the hype of his breakthrough "Run It!" joint as it has many similarities in what it presents, and you see the quality maintained on a massive high through this dance tune to get you going once more.

      **Five Stars**

      10. "Help Me"

      The beats in this one are raw and I felt that it was able to push forward more of what you got in the tune prior to it as you get one which has him working for the clubs once again and as he lends his soft and soothing vocals to the powerful bass in the beats it creates a huge contrast which complements all aspects of the song.

      **Five Stars**

      11. "I Wanna Be"

      With Tank behind the writing of this one, I was pretty sure that the direction of the music was going to be moved on a great deal (especially from the one before it0 and this is what you get as he goes for a much more commercial Pop song here. It has stripped-down beats to get him escaping all the Hip Hop for something more traditional, and although it means that it takes longer to feel, I was sill pleased by it as it was clearly a big one, but just needed a little more time to reach its full potential as others on the record had.

      **Four Stars**

      12. "Gimme Whatcha Got"

      This is a fresh tune on the album and gets Chris Brown linking up with one of the most significant collaborators from his debut as Lil' Wayne is seen to assists with this one and so he throws down some big raps on this one to show support before the singer des another which is done as the one prior to it (other than the fact that Jazze Pha and Weezy force the Hip Hop aspects through it).

      **Four Stars**

      13. "I'll Call Ya"

      The tune prior to this one sounds like a transitional one as you here that with this one you have distinctive production from Swizz Beatz, who shows that he is capable of much more than R&B and so here he lays down some bumping beats to get you grooving along as he shows how the singer vocals are able to make the most out of what he brings tot he table.

      **Five Stars**

      14. "Lottery"

      The album ends with Chris getting down to another big one to show that even as the thing comes to a close, he is able to bring out the highest quality in his music. It is a banger of a joint and rounds it off nicely to as he comes with a calming tune which has a fair pace to it, but still has what is needed to settle things down.

      **Four Stars**

      Just as with his debut, Chris Brown's second album was on which didn't have any weak points to it. He keeps thing going by mixing in various different approaches and he delivers with just about all of them to the highest possible level.


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        17.07.2008 23:26
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        What an amazing treat for all those Chris Brown fans out there!!!!

        Introduction : Chris Brown , the young R & B star who hails from the state of Virginia is back with his great new album - Exclusive. Chris Brown is my most favourite R & B singer and he may be yours to. If you are a fan of R & B then this album is great for your taste in music. His voice is a qaulity I don't find in many other artists , and really enjoy to listen to this music from his album every single day to get me in the mood for the day to come. R & B isn't everybody's cup of tea , but i assure anyone who listens to any of the fine tunes from this album they will realise the talent within Chris Brown and may begin to become a fan of R & B classics.

        Advantages : This fanatical album packed full of amazing tunes features the likes of the songs - Throwed , Kiss Kiss , Take You Down , Wall To Wall , Picture Perfect , my favourite song on the album "Lottery" , and the most well known track "With You" with its amazing video featured on the highly popular music channels. This large selection of major and minor tracks don't just feature the wonderfull Chris Brown , they feature deuts with the likes of T - Pain , Kanye West and many more. Another advantage of this new album is the featured track "Fallen Angel" which is a favourite to many of you.

        Disadvantages : A disadvantage os this product is that it doesn't feature all of Chris Brown's great songs. The all new song "Forever" is absent from the album , but there is a special "Forever" Edition of the album which features Chris Brown's newest song and Video footage shown on TV. There are also a few other tracks absent from this album featuring my all time Chris Brown favourite "Just Fine" with it's amazing lyrics came to a dissapointment when i got the album.

        Summary : This album is my most favourite out of the whole of my classic music collection. Chris Brown has really been a match for some stages in my life and even helps me and my friends through our days. This product is a must have to any real chris brown fans out there. I would suggest this album to anyone for a gift for a birthday , Christmas or maybe just as a treat. Whatever way , I am sure that anyone will be pleased with this supurb music CD ....
        Thankyou for reading .....
        (c) Copyright


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          16.06.2008 22:19
          Very helpful




          I'm starting to worry about myself just lately, the amount of albums that I am buying by artists that I have only just heard of and probably wouldn't buy them as a rule, it must be a phase thats I am going through.

          Chris Brown - Who Is He?

          Still a young one, only 18 years of age, Chris Brown is from Virginia, America and is one of the hottest new R & B talents to hit our radio stations. Now on his second album, releasing his first at the tender age of 16, Chris was influenced by his idols, Michael Jackson and Sam Cooke and tries to follow in their footsteps. He made it big in America pretty much straight away when he released his first single and now he is becoming more well known in the UK, and very often these days you hear his tracks being played on local and national radio.

          The Album

          Exclusive is Chris Browns 2nd album and has been a huge success in the States, however it has been re-released in the UK several times now. It was only until his third single that he released "With You" that Chris made it in the UK, as it reached the top ten in numerous countries and it very much deserves it as it is a really good track and also my favourite on the album.

          With You starts with a guitar intro, and is a typical R & B song as soon as it starts. He has a really great voice, although he doesn't look his age, he looks a lot older, his voice does show his age, and he has a really sweet voice especially when he sings this track, which is a R & B ballad about his girlfriend and how glad that he is with her, and that he doesn't need anything else as long as he is still with her. I always find myself singing along to this and always puts a smile on my face.

          The album itself is very varied, a typical R & B Album, with quite a few ballads on there, a lot of funky beats and a hell of a lot of rapping. One of my favourite albums at the moment.

          Track Listing

          Kiss Kiss
          Take You Down
          With You
          Picture Perfect
          Hold Up
          Wall to Wall
          Help Me
          I Wanna Be
          Gimme Whatcha Got
          I'll Call Ya


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          30.03.2008 01:52
          1 Comment



          Perfect addition to any true fan of RnB's collection, a must have!

          Being a huge fan of Chris Brown's previous tracks such as 'Run it' and 'Excuse me miss' from his first album. I had quite high expectations of this album. I have to say that he has not let me down! This album is full of quality tracks such as 'With you', 'Kiss Kiss ft. T Pain', 'Wall to Wall', 'Picture Perfect'and 'I wanna be'.

          This album has a good mix of club hits such as 'Wall to Wall' aswell as laid back relaxing tunes such as 'With you'. Making it the perfect album for listening to at home or when studying.

          I would recommend this album to anyone especially fans of other RnB artists such as Bobby Valentino, Jagged Edge, Boys II Men and Ne-yo.

          This is a must have album for anyone who likes a good mix of RnB aswell as pure talent and well written and meaningful song lyrics!


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            10.03.2008 13:13
            Very helpful



            Exciting to think what he could do with a third album.

            Michael Jackson (Junior) attempts to continue to thrill with his second album.
            Comparing anyone to a musical talent the size of Michael Jackson is a huge feat to live up to, and whilst Chris Brown has repeatedly attempted to pay tribute to his idol - most noticeably with a World Music Awards performance impersonating that of Jacko's well-known 'Thriller' - the rising star himself still struggles to earn any kind of stature in the UK market. As always however there is a motive behind this review, and it's not to brainwash you all into submission that Chris Brown should be able to top our charts. My motive comes more to the recent breaking news of the 18 year-olds relationship with an umbrella salesmans favourite person, Rihanna, who is sitting pretty at two years Brown's senior as a global icon. For all those that want to see the pictures of the cute couple, scroll to the bottom of my review, but be sure to rejoin me for the second paragraph once you're done.

            'Exclusive' is the follow-up to Chris Brown's self titled debut album, and whilst this album did not have the same shock and awe factor that there was such a talented 16 year old around, the album did chart at #4 in the US charts - down two places on his first album. As far as us not recognising the young American's talents, this is representative of a #31 placing in the UK charts upon the global release in November '07 - that is also down two places in the UK chart to his 2005 album. Christopher Maurice Brown, who shall be turning 19 in May, does not have one of the most noticeable stage names in the industry now, but as an R&B singer there is no larger rising star that can lay claim to his dancing, acting and stage presence.

            "He's the only pop star out there right now who can both hang with T-Pain and show up on Sesame Street, and he's going to be around for a while" - Rolling Stone Magazine
            1. Throwed (3.01) ===* * * *===
            2. Kiss Kiss ft. T-Pain (4.11) ===* * * * *===
            3. Take You Down (4.05) ===* *===
            4. With You (4.12) ===* * * * *===
            5. Picture Perfect ft. Will.I.Am (4.12) ===* * *===
            6. Hold Up ft. Big Boi (3.48) ===* * *===
            7. You (3.22) ===* *===
            8. Damage (4.16) ===* * * *===
            9. Wall to Wall (3.48) ===* * * *===
            10. Help Me (3.17) ===* *===
            11. I Wanna Be (3.46) ===* * *===
            12. Gimme Whatcha Got ft. Lil Wayne (3.48) ===* * *===
            13. I'll Call Ya (3.53) ===* *===
            14. Lottery (3.42) ===* *===
            15. Nice ft. The Game (4.31) ===* * * *===
            16. Down ft. Kanye West (4.17) ===* * * * *===
            17. Get at Ya (3.18) ===* * *===
            18. Mama (4.24) ===* *===
            19. Fallen Angel (5.34) ===* * * *===

            Straight off the back of his remix to 'Umbrella', which generated waves yet never got a formal release, 'Wall to Wall' would be Chris Brown's comeback single on an album that he aimed to attract an older audience as well as keeping the already young following he had. With just hearing this first single and the rest of the album yet to leak, many were already writing the guy off as it didn't hit anywhere near as hard as his first single, 'Run It!', becoming his least successful single to date only peaking at #79 on the US billboard and #75 in the UK charts. This would be the first time the artist had a release that was more successful on our shores than his native country, although nothing to write home about and 'Run It's success easily eclipsed it - that original track topped the US billboard and peaked at #2 in the UK. In all truthfulness, there is nothing really that wrong with 'Wall to Wall', it was a grower that just lacked anything new. The concept of the song was about women chasing him, and had an, "I'm back," shout at the beginning to inform everyone of his return. Unfortunately, on screen the video translated into some midnight vampire slayer flick with Chris flying.
            My initial impressions to his second release were not positive either, although as time went on I was shown just how wrong I was, and 'Kiss Kiss' featuring T-Pain went on to be his second US Billboard #1 staying there for three weeks. With summer coming to a close, this was a party track that gave you something to smile about in the awful weather, and had the distinctive radio style introduction and T-Pain vocals. 'Kiss Kiss' was without a doubt something that Chris Breezy had never tried become, and accomodated an older audience, including an official remix featuring hot in herre singer, Nelly. Whilst the video remained somewhat childish in having the singer dressed up as both a geek and jock, the song received honours of being MTV's essential R&B song of the year as well as charting at #48 in Rolling Stone's 100 best songs of 2007 across all genres.

            "And I will never try to deny that you are my whole life, cause if you ever let me go I would die so I won't run" - Chris Brown

            'With You' was selected as a third single release even before the album had been released and as a ballad that had been produced by the same people behind, 'Irreplaceable' (Beyonce) and 'Hate That I Love You' (Rihanna ft. Neyo) there was reason to get excited about it. Although the release is still quite new, it has already became Chris Brown's third most successful single charting at #2 in the US and despite not being released physically until late March '08, the single has already reached #19 in the UK. If you have not heard the song yet, I would brace yourself to get romanced on radio airwaves later this month, as once again this is like nothing Chris Brown has done before and is more adult than the other smoochy single he released on the UK market in the shape of 'Yo' off his debut album. The repetition of the title in the lyrics and the over-the-top attitude towards love could cause many to write the song off, however even the critics have jumped on the track as Chris' defining moment. Whilst I don't want to keep referring to Rolling Stones magazine incase they have some favouritism towards the star, they have referred to this track as 'the convincer' and About.com referred to it as his 'best vocal peformance yet'. So those who have been left irritated by Chris Brown's unwhelming vocals previously may want to give this a check.
            From this young artists opening three singles we have already seen a wealth of possibilities, and when they realised that the old formula of his early career wasn't going to work they slammed him forward with a big R&B star. Then add to the mix a differing single release with that acoustic-guitar loop of 'With You', his biggest slow dance release, and you wonder what track he may pull out of the bag next. If internet reports are anything to go by, Chris Brown is set to allign himself with yet another big American music name with either the release of 'Down' featuring Kanye West or 'Picture Perfect' featuring Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas. My personal perogative would be for him to release 'Down', with a big name performed by his side it is likely to get him more recognition than ever, and whilst the track does go along the lines of the more rocky infulence we're seeing in R&B music lately (Timbaland working with The Hives, the success of Amy Winehouse) it does work as a standalone single. Will.I.Am on the other hand is someone I am waiting to see do something more than say he got it from his mother, and I grew tiresome of 'Picture Perfect' quickly. The fact that we could be looking at five or more single releases from 'Exclusive' shows why Rolling Stones did name it as their 34th best album of 2007, but also with a large track amount always in the twentys you would expect it to have almost the potential of a compilation album. I do expect that the management team behind Chris Brown figured that if anything went wrong with the quality at least they had the quanity there to make the pricetag.

            "Chris Brown will always be mine ya'll got dat?" - chrisbrowngurl (fan)

            Due to the extensive nature of the album I have had to even go and find myself some more quotes, and all those crazy screaming fans on the internet couldn't wait for this release. 'Exclusive' was originally supposed to be titled 'Graduation', however that was changed due to the release of Kanye's album of the same name, the whole production of the album was also done during a time where rumours were flying around the internet of a possible sex scandal - similar to that of Neyo's naked pictures and Ray J's sex tape. Growing into quite the topic for the rumour churning websites brings me nicely on to 'Nice' featuring The Game - who himself is now facing a jail time, and was previously good friends with rapper 50 Cent. I suppose this wasn't true to Chris Brown's roots to collaborate with such a notorious person, however what was true to the roots here was it's production at the hands of Scott Storch - who was responsible for working on Chris' first album as well as helping artists the size and profile of Dr Dre, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and Brooke Hogan. 'Nice' is another of my favourite tracks on the album, and has a distinct infulence from The Game.
            'Throwed' works excellently as a lead track to the album, and interestingly it hasn't been pawned off as a single, which is always a good sign of strength in depth. Lil Wayne works with Chris again on this album, just as he did with the hit 'Gimme That' on his debut album, 'Gimme Watcha Got' is not exactly the same league though and Chris' work with larger stars has exposed Lil Wayne for not being the biggest star wanting to work with him. Big Boi is the last star to feature on the album, and 'Hold Up' is not at all memorable. Whilst it was good to see so many other names come in on 'Exclusive', luckily Chris does still express his talent on his own in some good songs not set for release yet, including 'Damage'.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Throwed
          2 Kiss Kiss Featuring T-Pain
          3 Take You Down
          4 With You
          5 Picture Prefect Featuring will.i.am
          6 Hold Up Featuring Big Boy
          7 You
          8 Damage
          9 Wall To Wall
          10 Help Me
          11 I Wanna Be
          12 Gimme Whatch Got
          13 I'll Call Ya
          14 Lottery
          15 Get At Ya
          16 Mama
          17 Nice Featuring Game
          18 Down Featuring Kanye West
          19 Fallen Angel - Bonus track

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