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Exit English - Strike Anywhere

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: Strike Anywhere / Audio CD released 2003-10-13 at Jade Tree

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2009 21:52
      Very helpful



      Worth it, for the good songs, but brought down by the other songs

      I never really bothered with Strike Anywhere, despite having downloaded a couple of their albums literally years ago. I recently listened to them again though, as I started to really like punk stuff, particularly melodic hardcore. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found on the album Exit English, so I'll just say a couple of sentences about each song.

      Pretty average really. Not bad, but nothing particularly special either. Very short as well, so there really isn't much to it.

      Now this is better stuff. With a catchy chorus (you'll find yourself singing along to "we'll go, go out in a blaze") and great guitars throughout the whole song, this is one of the better songs of the album, in my opinion.

      Arguably the best song on the album, and my joint favourite song of the album. The drumming rhythm at the beginning is brilliant (and such fun to play!!) and the chorus is excellent. The band also made a music video for this song, FYI.

      To The World
      This song is pretty good, though I just don't find the vocal melody in the verse catchy or interesting at all. But that's just me, as I know other people who really love this song. The chorus (where there isn't much of a melody anyway) is good though, mainly for the lyrics.

      New Architects
      This song actually bores me a little bit. There's nothing I can find that is particularly bad about it, I just don't like it. It always ends up being background music, because it doesn't hold my attention for long enough.

      Lights Go Out
      The chorus in this song is quite good, and I tend to catch myself often singing along to it. But the verses are very average.

      Fifth Estate
      This song is a lot slower than the other songs, and doesn't have much to it. It is the second-shortest song on the album, and has no real chorus, or any sort of structure, now that I think of it. Not anything special.

      Modern Life
      Back to the normal speed for Strike Anywhere with this song! From the very beginning of the song, it's fast and heavy and (thankfully) interesting. There is a proper structure to the song, albeit the common verse-chorus structure, and the chorus is catchy and good to sing along with (particularly the line "under the millenium's shadow").

      Aluminum Union
      First of all, let me just say that the proper word is aluminium. AluminIum. Thank you. Now, the song. One of my favourites of the album, but it has to take third place after Blaze and Extinguish are tied for first. The song starts and ends with some VERY catchy lines, and in the middle there is some very good lyrics.

      As mentioned, this song is tied for first place with Blaze as my favourite song of the album. It begins quietly, but quickly starts up and really gets going. The entire song is catchy, including the verses, but as is expected, the chorus is even more catchy. The chorus also has some lyrically brilliant lines, such as "United by what we love not who we suffer for". The song ends with some great shouting from the lead singer.

      In The Fingernails
      Once again, there's a catchy chorus, with some great "whoa"s that sound like they were written to be sung by the crowd at a live concert. The line "Someone's heroes are someone's terrorists" is very profound, and makes you think.

      'Til Days Shall Be No More
      Longest song of the album, to end the album. The vocalist alternates very well between urgent shouting and melodic singing, which he does throughout the album though it's more noticeable in this song. A good send-off for a good album, in my opinion.

      So all in all, I was glad that I decided to give this album another listen. I've found some really good songs here. Unfortunately, the album is scattered with some more average songs, that aren't particularly bad in themselves, but they just aren't good either. They end up sounding dangerously like background music (yes, I can find melodic hardcore punk to be background music) and then there's the possibility that you're not quite paying attention when a good song pops up.


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Amplify
    2 Blaze
    3 Infrared
    4 To The World
    5 New Architects
    6 Lights Go Out
    7 Fifth Estate
    8 Modern Life
    9 Aluminum Union
    10 Extinguish
    11 In The Fingernails
    12 'Til Days Shall Be No More

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