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Fearless - Taylor Swift

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21 Reviews

Genre: Country - Contemporary Country / Artist: Taylor Swift / Audio CD released 2009-03-09 at Mercury

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    21 Reviews
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      29.01.2013 21:01
      Very helpful



      Fearless - Taylor Swift

      Taylor Swift is an American singer songwriter who is known for her country music. I would call her quite pop country as I don't think she is as country as say Carrie Underwood or a group like the Dixie Chicks are but then she does have a really nice voice and one that is pleasant to listen to. She is a very successful artist. According to an article I read, Swift has been the recipient of six Grammy Awards, eleven American Music Awards, seven Country Music Association Awards, six Academy of Country Music Awards and thirteen BMI Awards. As a songwriter, she has been honored by the Nashville Songwriters Association and the Songwriters Hall of Fame."

      Fearless was actually released in 2008 but it's only the last six months or so that I have been listening to it and in fact it is my first Taylor Swift album. What I like is that she has wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on the album herself so you know she is a talented musician and not just a marketing/manufacturered pop singer like others out there. The album has become very successful. According to an article I read, "Fearless is the second biggest-selling album in the last five years (behind Adele's 21, with over 10 million copies sold as of late 2012). In the United States, it topped theBillboard 200 for eleven non-consecutive weeks, thus setting various records, including the longest chart-topper by a female country artist."

      The album deals with a lot of teenage issues and you can tell that Swift has wrote these from personal experience. There is a lot of teenage angst but that doesn't mean that adults cannot enjoy this album. She writes in story form so a lot of the songs follow a story from beginning to end and a lot of them are about boys, love and relationships going well or relationships that have gone bad. For example in track number two, Fifteen, she speaks of being 15 and when someone tells you they love you you believe them. In the song White Horse she is waiting for a guy on a white horse, but he turns out to be not the right guy for her and she speaks about the relationship ending.

      My favourite song on the album is track 3, Love Story or what I like to call the Romeo and Juliette song. In it she sings about the girl waiting for the guy, just like in the famous Shakespeare story but in this one there is a happy ending as she sings about a white dress and a proposal. According to an article I read, this song was released in September 2008 and became the second best-selling country single of all time, peaking at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

      The rest of the album is as follows:

      1. "Fearless"

      2. "Fifteen"

      3. "Love Story"

      4. "Hey Stephen"

      5. "White Horse"

      6. "You Belong with Me"

      7. "Breathe" (featuring Colbie Caillat)

      8. "Tell Me Why"

      9. "You're Not Sorry"

      10. "The Way I Loved You"

      11. "Forever & Always"

      12. "The Best Day"

      13. "Change"


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        11.07.2012 11:21



        This album is really good but not the best for someone who likes songs about different themes.

        Taylor has a good voice except she hasn't reached her full potential. Her range of different songs is scarcely limited. If you haven't yet noticed most of her songs are about boys, love and that sort of stuff. Boys that should have her and boys that broke her heart and aren't worth it. In this album 14 out of the 16 songs are the type of songs I just mentioned. That's a lot and lots of them repeat and in the songs the words repeat but some people like this. Some people like her small range of songs.

        After saying all this people probably think I don't like Taylor but I love her. Taylor writes her own songs, has a lovely voice and is loved by many teenage girls( not so much boys).

        Now to her songs, the good and the bad. These are the ones I like or my favourites!

        1. Fearless is the song in this album about a boy she likes secretly and first love. It's a very catchy song and has a nice tune.

        2. Fifteen is about going in to high school, first love and best friends who'll you stick with. Pretty much the same storyline as fearless. It's still a nice and catchy tune.

        3. You belong me is about wanting your best friend who has a girlfriend. She saying his girlfriend is all short skirts and heels but she is t-shirts and sneakers and really understands him. It's a really catchy and you can't help dancing and singing along. It's a very lively song.

        Here are just a few songs I like of hers.

        Finally here is the song order in the album
        1. Fearless
        2. Fifteen
        3. Love story
        4. Hey Stephen
        5. White horse
        6. You belong with me
        7. Breathe
        8. Tell me why
        9. Your not sorry
        10. The way I loved you
        11. Forever and always
        12. The best day
        13. Change
        14. Our song
        15. Teardrops on my guitar
        16. Should've said no

        Recommended: Yes

        Great Music to Play While: Driving


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        31.05.2012 16:02
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Country with a pop edge

        Taylor Swift is an American country singer.

        I bought this album after falling in love with her song Love Story.

        The album is a pop album with a twist of country. Taylor is like a country version of Avril Lavigne. She sounds older than
        her years as her music has a mature sound and she sings about things that personally affected her during her life. The
        album is a mixture of upbeat poppy songs and slower country inspired ballads. As the album is personal to her I feel that
        I can relate to it, especially as I am around the same age as Taylor herself.

        The album contains the song Love Story which is a song based around Romeo and Juliette. It's just a great song and it's really
        upbeat and catchy. You just want to sing a long to it. I also love the title track Fearless which is another impressive
        track. Taylor sings the song beautifully with plenty of passion and emotion. Her gorgeous floaty vocals just glide over the
        track. I could describe every song but I don't see the point in that as the album follows the same theme throughout. The
        themes mainly being relationships, friendship, fun and happiness. The album is quite young and fresh. It has a nice summery sound to it and it's great played in the car during a drive on a hot day. It really makes you think, it makes you smile too.

        Having said that, some songs are stronger than others. I often find myself skipping a few tracks as they're weaker than
        others. However in time the weaker songs grow on you, especially when you start learning the words and the melody.

        This is a good enough album though and it's dropped in price since it's initial release.

        Worth a listen.


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          29.05.2012 21:50
          Very helpful



          A great album, good price for such a popular singer, go buy and listen! Enjoy!

          Fearless is the second album by country singer-songwriter Taylor Swift.
          Fearless was released on November 11, 2008 by Big Machine Records.
          The great thing about Taylor Swift is that she writes or co-writes the majority of her songs which for most artists seems almost impossible.
          Fearless topped the Billboard 200 and sold 3.2 million copies in 2009, the album became the year's best-seller.
          5 singles were released prior to the album, these were;
          -Love Story
          -White Horse
          -You Belong With Me
          All of these singles received positive feedback and Love Story is now Swifts biggest seller to date.
          In 2009 'Fearless' was re-released with six additional new songs, photos from the Fearless Tour and a bonus DVD featuring behind the scenes.

          Although I'm not usually a fan of anything but rock music, Taylor Swift is an awesome singer whos music is easy to relate to and listen too when you're a bit sad and in need of a cheering up. Which is unusual as most believe her songs are about heart break and love. This is untrue although the lyrics do sometimes portray this.
          My favourite song on this album has got to be Fifteen as every girl can relate to it in some way and the lyrics are just spot on.

          Track List- The original album:

          1. Fearless- Very catchy and country-pop, lots of drum beat. About a girls first date and how he makes her feel unafraid and 'Fearless'.
          2. Fifteen- Great guitar beginning, quite calm and acoustic. About when you're younger all you care about is dating and being popular, yet when you grow up that won't matter. A song about mistakes at a young age.
          3. Love Story- Repeating tune throughout, slowly brings in other instruments. About a forbidden relationship and how if you love someone enough nothing can come between you or stop you from being with that person.
          4. Hey Stephen- Very poppy upbeat song but the country tone can be heard more, starts off with Taylor humming. About a girl having a crush on a guy but never telling them, even though you want too.
          5. White Horse- Very soft melody, with piano, a slower more low toned song. About a girl in love with a guy who repeatedly cheats on her and realising sometimes you have too let go in order to be happy.
          6. You Belong With Me- Upbeat and poppy song, slightly heavier guitar than usual. About a girl who has a crush on her boy best friend and trying to let him know that his girlfriend is no good for him and she is.
          7. Breathe- Very acoustic guitar, calmer melody, soft vocals. About letting someone you love go, how to deal with the pain of loss.
          8. Tell Me Why- Sounds like a violin intro, more poppy and upbeat than her other songs. About taking a chance with a person, and then realising the risk you took was a mistake as they aren't who you thought they were.
          9. You're Not Sorry- A soft and sad melody with piano and violin the whole way through. About dating someone who keeps doing you wrong and then apologising but then repeating the mistake and finally ending in goodbye.
          10. The Way I Loved You- Drum/guitar beginning, builds up into quite a hyped up beat but still remains calm. About how a 'perfect' relationship isn't always the one you want, you sometimes miss the old relationships built on passion and craziness.
          11. Forever & Always- Only backing music, basic drums, can mostly only hear Taylors voice. About being with someone who seems to love you and promising you 'forever' but then leaving you for someone else.
          12. The Best Day- Sounds like bongos are being used, lyrics are very country and soft. About how no matter what happens or how old you are your mum will always be there for you to run back to and help you like she did when you were younger.
          13. Change- Quite rocky compared to Swifts other songs, lots of guitar and drum, then turns softer when vocals enter. About how even if someone is bigger/stronger than you, you can still have the strength to be better than them and not let what they say hurt you.

          Fearless is a great album which is available from Amazon at just £3.14 + shipping, a great price for a brilliant album!


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          08.01.2012 19:02



          Taylor Swift's second album 'Fearless'

          This album is a more mature account of a young woman's life than Taylor's self-titled first release, but it hasn't lost the youthful energy of popular tracks like 'Picture to Burn' and 'Our Song'. Many people will have discovered Taylor from her top 10 track 'Love Story', from this album, but those who weren't impressed shouldn't give up on her yet as this album has so much more to offer. The stand out songs on this album are the angry account of heartbreak found in 'Tell Me Why' and the piano based, haunting 'Your'e Not Sorry' which will stay with the listener long after they've turned off the CD player. Taylor may not have a powerful voice like Beyonce's but her softly sung songs will please anyone who wants to hear well written tracks about love, boys and heartbreak sung by a singer that every woman can relate to. However, not all of Swift's songs are about boys, and one particularly emotional song on Fearless is 'The Best Day' in which Taylor sings to her mother about how much she appreciates her. Who wouldn't be affected by that!?

          Overall, Fearless is the perfect second effort for a singer Taylor's age and this album will please older fans and younger alike whilst having personal lyrics that everyone can enjoy and sing along to as the girl can write song catchy hooks!


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          25.05.2011 19:51
          Very helpful



          I love it.

          Music is not something I take a great interest in. Nor would I consider listening to any sort of country Music. Although I have noticed my poor view on Music is purely to do with the amount of half naked girls prancing a round a stage miming to an auto-tuned pre-recorded track. I feel that the Music industry has gone down hill, to the extent that instruments are no longer used. This is why I believe Taylor swift is breath of fresh air.

          When you first hear or see Taylor Swift, you must assume she is you typical Disney HSM star who is best friends with Hannah Montanna and probably come from the same recording label. If this is how you think, then you may be very surprised with some of her Music. If I could describe her style, it's a mix of pop and country. More commonly known as country-pop. Some of her songs sound 100% 'pop'ed up, some of her others and coincidently her least known songs sound very country. I believe she is a mix between Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus. I hate to compare Miley Cyrus' name with hers, but it's just due to her very juvenile lyrics and popularity with the younger generation. I would maybe say Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood is a better mix.

          Taylor has her own style in every way. She is 100% innocent, she has some feisty songs aimed at her only ex boyfriend, squeaky clean devout Christain... some guy from the Jonas Brothers. Although I can see why she was so annoyed at him, he had sworn to save himself until marriage so quite clearly the relationship wasn't going anywhere fast. (Just kidding!)

          But mostly her songs are about heartbreak, the importance of family, love and a few important messages for young teenage girls. I think that if I had listen to some of Taylor's songs at a younger age, maybe I would have thought differently about my decisions. I think she's a great influence to young people and even though I am starting to get a bit bored of her Music, I will continue to support her because our generation needs girls like this. Parents of young teenage girls: this is the answer to your prayers!

          Now let's get on to the interesting stuff, the songs! I have only reviewed my favouirites.

          Song 01 - Fearless.
          This is really a feel-good song that I have a listen to once in a while. It is one of her more pop-ish songs but you can still really hear the country tang in the back of her music. It is quite a slow song and definitely not any soft of dancing tune, but there is a very calm tune during the verse. It seems as if she is talking to her date but also telling a story to the listener. She uses beautiful description to make you feel as if you are in the setting with her by saying "There's something 'bout the way the street looks when it's just rained, there's a glow off the pavement". There is a very exciting intro into the chorus which really gets your skin tingling and heart pumping. You can really hear her beautiful county style voice when it strains when singing "best dress" "head first" and "fearless". These three words are my favourite words of the song and I listen to it just to sing these words and to sing them in her country voice.

          It later descends into a soft quiet tune before the big climax playing in only a single banjo until the final chorus. Here you can really feel your heart slowing and then jumping when she dives passionately into the chorus.
          The meaning of the song is not very powerful but really explains the emotions a girl feels when she is in love. We can all put our self in the position of wanting to ask our date to dance, but we are really to shy to. Still, we are so much in love that we lose our sense of fear and embarrassment, all we really want to do is run into the street and dance fearless in the rain with our love.

          *Song 02 - Fifteen
          This is the most powerful song in the entire album and has a very brave meaning to all young girls. It was extremely brave to make this song and it just proves what sort of writer she is, and how valuable this album could be to some 15 year old girl out there.
          It begins with a very cheesy strumming, before Taylor begins singing, telling a story or describing a scenario in third person narrative. If you were the quiet child in school, you can really put yourself in the shoes of this story. The nerves, the hopes, the anxiety. When she continues with "hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you at say hey I haven't seen you around here before".
          She then leaves us in suspense slightly whilst she goes straight into the chorus. It isn't a very exciting chorus, but really this song isn't a song for listening to, dancing to, and listening for the sake of it. This song is basically a story she is telling, and the chorus is portraying the message "When you're 15 and somebody tells you they love you, you're gunna believe it". This is Taylor telling the audience the truth that you should not always believe someone when they tell you they love you, especially at 15.

          She then tells the young audience to "count to 10, take it in, this is life before you know who you're going to be", after one the senior boys begin flirting with you. This is a very truthful and powerful message to young girls. Young ladies often rush into love and sometimes what they need is a deep breath to keep their feet on the ground. Still in third person narrative, it then becomes clear she is recalling her own story when introduces a character called Abigail (yes, it really is a story). But the third person narritive is still really effective as you can relate to what she's staying.

          This is the second most important part of the song. She then recalls the date she has with a boy, how excited about the fact the he's older, and that her poor mama is waiting up worried about her. When she says "you're thinking he's the one and when the night ends... when the night ends..." before cutting off and diving straight into the chorus. The repetition is s effective here as it allows the teenager to make up their own conclusion about what happened at the end of night, but clearly they had sex at the end of the night. This is brilliant as it doesn't make the child listening to it feel like a child, it makes them feel as if Taylor is talking to them, letting them think like an adult whilst giving them advice. She really knows how to connect with young girls and give them advise. She tells them "in life you do things greater than dating the boy on the football team, I didn't know it at 15.. ". This is her saying, girls I'm Taylor Swift and I'm telling you I've been there, done that, I'm your friend and I'm giving your advice"

          "Back then I swore I was going to marry him someday but I realised some bigger dreams of mine. And Abigail gave everything she had to the boy who changed his mind". I can NOT praise Taylor enough for this line of the song. It really makes you shiver, it makes you feel sorry for Abigail that she was played, and you can see the success that Taylor has had all because she kept her virginity and continued with her music.

          The messages in this song are so wonderful, I wish I had listened to this song at 15 years old! This song had me in tears.

          *Song 03 - Love story
          This song is what brought British fame to Taylor. The song is basically about a love story whilst integrating the story of Romeo and Juliet. There are some cheesy lines such as "my daddy said stay away from Juliet". However, the chorus is absolutely amazing it is a complete transformation from a gentle almost slow song into a totally rocking tune. Again, you can hear a real country tang when you hear her shout "Romeo" and "outskirts of town". There is a real meaning to this song, she isn't just referring to Romeo and Juliet, but talking about a relationship that isn't accepted in society. Many of us have experienced this and it is very easily to relate it.

          At the end, there is a happy ending, Romeo and Juliet get married and Daddy is fine with it. We all know this isn't what happened, they both die and the Father threatens to kill his daughter. Although this has a very naïve touch to it in the sweetest way possible, that there's always a happy ending. This song is a message that sometimes it's okay to just see life from a child's perspective, so hope for the best and dream of a happy ending. This seldom happens as we all know, but this album is for teenagers and we shouldn't teach them life is ALL gloom and doom.

          She does try to fit a bit too much plot into this, but at the end of the day it's a fun song that most Taylor fans love. It is very cheesy, very pop, and I for one love it

          *Track 05 - White Horse
          This a very slow and sweet song played by what I assume is piano and guitar. The story is about being heartbroken by her boyfriend. Her lyrics are about her transition between immaturity and adulthood in terms of relationships. Her lyrics "I'm not a princess, this isn't a fairytale". It is about that moment in life where we realise we have been naive in a relationship and almost feel ashamed of how silly we were. It is very powerful because she isn't just rambling about her broken heart, she has had an epiphany and it's almost if she telling young girls, there's nothing wrong with living life sometimes like it's a fairytale, but don't get so caught down in it that you believe your boyfriend is Mr Perfect, because the chances are he isn't.

          Her vocals are amazing in this because she really take her time to show it off.

          *Song 14 - Our song
          This is definitely a very cheesy feel good song. It has absolutely minimal meaning, and was one of Taylor's earlier songs from her debut album, and she put on it on due to it's success. I definitely think this is a 100% country song, her voice is very sweet and you can hear she is considerably younger when she made this song. I usually pick out words when you hear her country 'tang', but in this song you can hear it throughout. I feel very upset that she has lost this sweet country voice to adopt a more pop voice. Of course I suppose she would have had to do this to suit the industry, but this is one of her best songs vocally.

          The song is a very silly feel-good good. The best line is definitely "when we're on the phone and we talk real slow cos it's late and your mama don't know". When you listen to the lyrics carefully, they are just nonsense lyrics but the important thing is that this is a fun song!

          *Song 15 - Teardrops on my guitar
          This is a bit more pop, but again it is one of her slower songs. I think some of the lyrics have been poorly written, but her chorus is stunning. She uses the imagery of "teardrops on my guitar", which creates an imagine in the listener's head of a distraught girl writing songs for her lost love and crying whislt doing so. It is basically a heartbreaking song, but many people can relate to falling in love with someone and they go off with someone better than you. Even my 50 year old mother said she loved the lyrics of this, it is very sweet and when you listen to it carefully, it does give the Goosebumps

          Her album has a mix of different songs for your different mood. It is definitely for the teenage audience and it explains all the emotions a teenage girl feels, and it is really nice to hear a young girl sing songs not about booze and partying, but about life. Taylor is not exactly the most famous singer in the world, but purely because she keeps her clothes off and has an ambition to guide teenage girls in the right direction.

          She has written all of her songs and they all come from her heart. She made this album at 19 and some of her songs were written when she was 15. Some of her songs are co-written and even Colbie Caillat features in this album which is really interesting, but all her heart-filled songs are written by her only and that is what makes Taylor x100 than the likes of Rihanna.

          The inside cover of her album has all her lyrics which a picture of her in her Music video or a personal picture. She has a photo of herself and Abigail the girl featured in "Fifteen" and her and her Mum. She has a very mature and strong message in her CD cover to everyone:

          "To me, fearless is not the absence of fear. It's not being completely unafraid. To me, fearless is having fears, fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scarre you to death".

          There's more but you can read it when you buy the CD. Also, in her lyric book letters in it is randomly in upper case. No, this isn't because her computer was going dodgy. If you write down each letter that is in uppercase, it gives a secret message. This is a lot of fun, so I won't tell you what any are.

          Love Story
          Hey Stephen
          White Horse
          You Belong With Me
          Tell Me Why
          You're Not Sorry
          The Way I Loved You
          Forever & For Always
          Our Song
          Teardrops On My Guitar
          Should've Said No

          You can buy this for £5.99


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            04.10.2010 16:30
            Very helpful



            GET IT NOW!

            Taylor Swift's "Platinum edition" rerelease of "Fearless" with inclusion of six new tracks was enough to get me to purchase it. To top it off, it only cost me £5 from Amazon so it is a real bonus. Swift's new album, "Speak Now" will be released in late October, so these new tracks will hopefully last me until then at the very least.

            ~~~ALBUM COVER~~~
            What you can't see from the picture is that the text is actually metallic and it looks phenomenal against the black background. This special detailing does make the overall cover much more dynamic and premium. I really like this subtle edit!

            ~~~BOOKLET GRAPHICS~~~
            I don't usually comment on the insert booklet but this one by Taylor Swift is perhaps the most well done I have seen for a long while. Each double page features lyrics for two songs with a really consistent theme- they are fun, colourful and really cool. Some images are taken from music videos, whilst others from promos- overall the pictures are stunning and really inspiring, with a unique and creative style.

            The Platinum Edition has a total of 19 tracks:

            1. Jump Then Fall* 4/5
            A subdued guitar intro leads into a more explosive chorus but quickly falls back down. A good track, but not amazing- they lyrics are sweet and well written.

            2. Untouchable* 4.5/5
            Again, this song starts off soft with a much more moody feel. This is quickly relieved by the first chorus and brought into a more upbeat atmosphere which remains throughout the rest of the track- sounds very typical Taylor Swift.

            3. Forever And Always (Piano Version)* 4/5
            Upon first hearing this, I was not at all impressed. Whilst the piano is extremely impressive (how I wish I can get the sheet music and play it), the vocals are somewhat drowned against this. However, this version is much more raw and heartfelt that my initial reaction to it is completely unjustified. Whilst this is not at all commercial, it will be loved by fans.

            4. Come In With The Rain* 4/5
            The verse does not wow me but the chorus is fantastic which makes this song better than what it is- the lyrics are fab and written in a very unique style that can be associated with Swift.

            5. Superstar* 4/5
            The first few notes of the intro vaguely resemble "Love Story". Nothing spectacular musically but again she uses "wide eyed girl" in her lyrics sounding very similar to that other track with the same phrase, the name of which I cannot remember.

            6. The Other Side Of The Door* 5/5
            The last "new" track on the platinum edition; finally "The Other Side of the Door" wows from verse to chorus to the end. It is not only catchy, but addictive and I feel this should've been on the album originally, but glad to have it at long last because it sounds so good!

            7. Fearless 5/5
            An upbeat introduction with a powerful backing track - an addictive song that will cheer you up and brighten your mood- may even get you dancing and singing along!

            8. Fifteen 4/5
            Not one of my favourites, but a song that is easy to listen to. Lyrically, it also doesn't appeal that much, but given it is written by Taylor Swift based on her personal experiences, I guess it is genuine and heartfelt.

            9. Love Story 5/5
            One of the best songs on the album is "Love Story" that is a story in itself. Musically, it just gets better and better and you reach the climax and it becomes an explosive love song that is inspired by "Romeo and Juliet"- absolutely love this and you just can't tire of it.

            10. Hey Stephen 4.5/5
            Surprisingly catchy and upbeat. This is a song I tend to forget seeing the title, but the tune is very memorable- probably better if it had another title, but this is another strong track that gets you singing.

            11. White Horse 4.5/5
            "White Horse" is a softer track with sweet lyrics- the mood is again brought back down slightly, but kept in a realm of sensibility and soothingness. The chorus is really good here both musically and lyrically.

            12. You Belong With Me 5/5
            Some may find this extremely cheesy lyrically, but I love it- the contrasts in the lyrics are funny and very descriptive- this is perhaps my favourite track on the album. The backing music aids in making this quite quirky and exciting.

            13. Breathe 4.5/5
            Another really soothing song that is good not for the upbeat cheeriness but for the simplicity and heartfelt delivery. She sounds like Avril Lavigne in the verse part :P

            14. Tell Me Why 4.5/5
            I'm not a big fan of the intro (cheesy alert!) but this is quickly diffused. Phew! It grows into a really catchy and addictive song with a amazing chorus. This is another favourite of mine.

            15. You're Not Sorry 5/5
            Again, this song is soft but the lyrics are fantastic and the overall feel of the song has a great atmosphere. The emotions are also expressed very well in the song which makes this a really phenomenal song.

            16. The Way I Loved You 4.5/5
            The chorus is really exciting and fast which makes it catchy and addictive. I'm not too fond of the verses, although the lyrics work well with the speed... This is one of those tracks you forget. It's not bad, but compared to the really strong ones, it's overshadowed.

            17. Forever And Always 5/5
            Quite a catchy verse that we are instantly plummeted into which continues fairly consistently through to the chorus and to the finish. Another one of my favourites!

            18. The Best Day 3.5 /5
            A comparatively average song compared to everything else- certainly not what we want nearing the end of the album... some good lyrics can be found here though...

            19. Change 5/5
            Despite the mediocrity of "The Best Day", "Change" does simply what it's called- change the tone. The into is extremely rocky but leads to an upbeat and happy song that leaves the album with an exciting sound that will hopefully be carried forward in her next album "Speak Now". The simple fact that this song is rather different due to its harsher backing makes this another of my favs!

            * refers to a new track

            SONGS TO LOVE: "The Other Side Of The Door", "Fearless", "Love Story", "You Belong With Me", "Breathe", "You're Not Sorry", "Forever And Always" and "Change".

            SONGS TO SKIP: NONE, but some are overshadowed by the strongest tracks.

            ~~~DVD DISC~~~
            The second disc contains five music videos (Change, The Best Day, Love Story, White Horse and You Belong With Me) along with behind the scenes videos on three of those. Additional content on this disc are photo gallery of her Fearless Tour in 2009, behind the scenes of that tour and "Thug Story" from the CMT Awards.

            They are good bonuses, but not essential as you can watch the music videos as well as the behind the scenes online- the most interesting will have to be the behind the scenes video of her tour.

            For the super duper price of £5 that this is at, this product is a no-brainer. All the songs are well written and have a very upbeat feel which is easy to listen to. Fans of Taylor Swift will love her new tracks, although they are in no competition to tracks originally on the album such as "You Belong With Me", "Love Story" and "Fearless".

            The whole album is really strong although the only criticism is that it all starts to sound a bit similar after hearing the nineteenth track. I can only fault this album on that but there are a few good soft ballads that do balance the tracks out, but the overall feel, sound and tone of the songs are pretty much the same- I guess it just makes me want to hear her new album even more as it is a new era for her! Despite this, "Fearless" Platinum Edition is simply a MUST!


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              11.05.2010 19:18
              Very helpful



              Recommended to any girl who was a self consious teenager at some point. So basically every girl.

              I will tell you this- I was very much against becoming a Taylor Swift fan. It was jeolousy really, she is my age and she is a millionaire and was dating Taylor Lautner. But then I heard this album and I kinda couldn't help it.

              To begin with, it is very impressive that she IS only 20 and she writes such good music and plays the guitar so well. Not only that but she manages to capture so many emotions that I as a teenage girl have felt. Okay sure, alot of them run along the same theme of having been dumped and being pretty angry at a guy but then you get the ones that speak to you. Like 'Change' which I listen to when I feel like I'm stuck in a rut or 'Fifteen' which perfectly describes how you feel at that age- like whether or not a boy notices you can make or break you. But my personal favourate is 'White Horse' which is just basically beautifully tragic.

              The ONLY negative thing I could say is that alot of the songs are about love and break ups. But hey, she's writing what she knows and they are still good songs.

              I can now 100% say I am a massive fan of Taylor and this album shows off perfectly how brilliant she really is.


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              10.02.2010 23:11



              Well worth listening to. A MUST have!

              This has to be one of my favourite cd's ever! Half because of the amazing music and lyrics, and the other half is because someone very special gave it to me :) I will now go through each other the tracks,

              Fearless: This is about a girl finding her first love and I like this song because a lot of people can relate to this song. The one thing I don't like about this song is that some people do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend and they might not like it because of that very reason, I know a lot of songs are about love but sometimes peope do not like them and because the lyrics are so powerful and clever and they are true because Taylor Swift wrote this song.

              Fifteen; A lot of teenage girls liked this for obvious reasons. Most people can relate to this song again and it is no surprise it became so famour. It about a fifteen year old thinking she is in love but when really the boy is leading her on and doesn't really love her "when somebody tells you they love you, your gunna believe them".

              Love Story; I think this is her most famous song which does not surprise me, a good beat, a good theme and good lyrics. It's about a classic, well known story, Romeo and Juliet. Like it says, it's a love story and it will suit everyone.

              Hey Stephen; This is about a girl who has a friend thats a boy and she wants them to be more then friends and he is liked by other girls. I like the lyrics in this song because they are very true and real. This is a very catchy song with a good beat.

              White Horse; I love the beginning of this song because it's acoustic and I think most if not all of the song is acoustic. The song is about a girl saying it's too late for a boy to change and she will not take him back or "go out with him". Also, it's sung with a lot of feeling and it makes you feel upset for her.

              You Belong With Me; Possibly another of her most famous songs because of the beat and lyrics. They are very catchy and a lot of young girls liked this song. It was in the charts a lot. The girls can relate to this song because there is always one girl they think will be better them at at something. Girls also like to sing it in groups and it gets stuck in your head quickly. But be warned, do not over play it, or else it can get a little boring.

              Breath; The song with the most emotion I think. Powerful, beautiful lyrics and just an amazing voice. I think she wrote this song too! She is a very talented person, as people who hvae bought this cd will be able to tell. This song is about a break up and how she feels like she can't live, "breath" without this boy, but she has to move on with her life. A lot of people can relate to this song just like all of her other songs but the sad thing is, it will make you sad, maybe even a tear to your eye! Remember to have the tissues next to you!

              Tell Me Why; This song is a tricky one to figue out. I think it is meant to be about a boy and girl brake up, but you could have it about anything, like friends or family. It's just about someone being an idiot towards you and they can see what they are doing but they just carry on. We must all of experianced this sometime in our lives and a lot of people get annoyed with someone and it's mostly because of someone annoying you. So many people can relate, if not all! Very good lyrics in this as a bonus.

              You're Not Sorry; One of the many songs written by Taylor Swift. Another one of the most emotional songs. It's about a break up again and this could be related to many other things, likw friends fighting. The song is saying, you can say your sorry soo many times until it's obvious "You're Not Sorry". Truely beautiful lyrics but the bad thing is, it can sometimes feel like it goes on and on. I don't know if thats just me in a bad mood sometimes.

              The Way I Loved You; It has to be one of my most favourite songs she has sung. At the beginning, it has a great introduction with guitars and drums. I think it can relate to everyone and sometimes I feel like I can relate to it. It's about even through the rough times in a relationship, you may shout and agrue but I still love them, and half the time you do it is because you love them or care about them so much, well, thats how I see it anyway. She has done a great job with this song, and I wouldn't be surprised if it went straight up into the charts.

              Forever and Always; Another one of my favourite songs. I have to admit, this song tricked me, because without listenjing to the lyrics, you think it's a really happy and upbeat song, but until I stopped and listened, I finally found out it was about another break up. The lyrics are very clever because I think a lot of young people can relate because when your young, you don't know what love it. The song is about a break up after the boy said he will stay with the girl and love her "forever and always" but then suddenly changes his mind. It's a bit like "Fifteen" but it is more open to all age ranges.

              The Best Day; Amazing song! About how growing up is hard but if you have your family, namely your father, everything will be ok. It just puts you in a good mood no matter what. It makes you think there is hope and not everything is as bad as it seems. Well worth listening too!

              Change; What a song to end a cd on. It's like the big bang to go out with. It's just a big number about how you can get through anything. I think it's meant to be about a relationship, but you could relate it to anything. It's just a upbeat song and is a real toe tapping song.

              Another song I am looking forward to be listening to on cd is "Picture To Burn" which I think is already out. It's about a break up again. Can't wait!


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                21.01.2010 14:00
                Very helpful



                Buy it!

                Taylor Swift first caught my attention back in 2009 with her single 'Love Strory'. I hadn't heard of this girl before and was interested to see who she was. Taylor Swift is a twenty year old American country and pop singer.She is also known for dating the very hot , actor , also called Taylor from Twilight!

                Fearless is Taylor's second album , released in the United Kingdom on 9th March 2009. The album reached number five in the British album charts. The album features sixteen tracks. You can buy this album from play.com for £3.99 which I think is excellent value.

                * Tracklist *
                3.Love Story
                4.Hey Stephen
                5.White Horse
                6.You Belong With Me
                8.Tell Me Why
                9.You're Not Sorry
                10.The Way I Loved You
                11.Forever & Always
                12.The Best Day
                14.Our Song
                15.Teardrops On My Guitar
                16.Should've Said No

                When I heard the song 'Love Story' , I really liked it and had planned on buying the album , however I kind of forgot about it until I saw that it was selling for £3.99 , which I thought was brilliant considering that it is a fairly new-ish album.

                What stood out for me most whilst listening to this album was the fact that it doesn't just stick to 'pop' it branches out into 'country' as well. I liked this because these days the only genres young stars release music under are pop , pop rock or dance pop , and so for a young star to release pop and country music and still be cool is great! She also writes most of her songs , and to me that is what makes a true artist as it adds that personal touch to songs. Taylor is even co-producer of this album , at the age of twenty ?!!? That's amazing!

                There are some really good songs on here , some which are very catchy especially the country ones. I would never consider myself to be a country fan although I do like Shania Twain , but after listening to this album , it's made me realise how great this kind of music is. There are also some great lyrics to these songs which each tell a little story. I think most of her songs are aimed at teenagers and so I think her songs are something that most teenage girls can relate to , e.g first love and liking someone but they don't like you back.

                I would definetely recommend this album to all teenagers as well as other people of other ages. If you like country and pop then you'll like this , but even if you don't like country music , you still might enjoy this! It's certainly different to what's out in the charts at the moment!

                Thanks for reading!
                January 21st 2010
                xdonzx (also posted on dooyoo under xd-o-n-z-x)


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                29.12.2009 17:09



                A fantastic album and I hope to hear more from her.

                I first discovered Taylor Swift when I heard my friends listening to her songs and they were appearing more and more on the radio, so I purchased this album. Taylor Swift is described as an American Country Pop singer, and she's a very good one in my opinion.

                This album has 13 songs - each of which appear to tell a story. I feel like I can connect with a lot of her songs, and understand that many other people will be able to also. Her songs are beautiful, emotive and explain real situations. It is obvious that Taylor Swift herself has been through a lot of the struggles she sings about, which is evident through the emotion you can hear in her songs.

                My favourites on the album are "Love Story", "Fifteen" and "White Horse", Love Story did particularly well in the charts, both here and elsewhere. All three of these songs are my favourite due to the fact I feel I can easily relate to them and they explain how I've often felt. Taylor herself described "Love Story" as "a love that you've got to hide because for whatever reason it wouldn't go over well. I spun it in the direction of Romeo and Juliet; our parents are fighting. I relate to it more as a love that you cannot really elaborate on -- a love that maybe society wouldn't accept, maybe your friends wouldn't accept."

                I would definitely recommend giving her music a listen - but I appreciate it may not be for everyone. It's easy listening though, and she has a lovely, pleasant voice. I hope to hear more from Taylor in the future.


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                19.08.2009 23:45



                One for a rainy day

                I just love the new phenomena that is Taylor Swift! A fantastic singer and songwriter she captures the imagination and the heart of 18 year olds (and twenty somethings) everywhere.

                I find her and her music very inspiring although I have to say all the songs on the fearless album are about boys which I guess will iscolate potential listeners.

                I love her singing technique here which put me in mind of this years x factor contender Diana from Blackburn Lancs. I also like her story style take on song writting.

                This album is one of those grab your hairbrush, ruffle your hair, dry your tears and sing sing sing along.

                I hope she does as well here as she has done in the states a well balanced inspiring female who in my opinion deserves the sucsess.

                Overall I would say that it a very easy album to relate to. One for the CD player on a depressing raining day or when you feel the whole world is against you.


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                09.08.2009 01:16



                The Swift has been welcomed to fame with her bittersweet acoustic pop sound

                Like fly to honey, the nation was sucked in by Taylor Swift's blonde hair and equally princess-like number-one "Love Story" that almost reminded us of a young Britney. However, listening to the American's debut album "Fearless" I soon changed my mind. She is in fact, not really pop at all, but very country, with a sugary voice and the odd twiddle on a guitar that has obviously been a huge part of her life since she was young. In fact, she released stuff before hits "Love Story", "Teardrops on my Guitar" and "You Belong With Me", such as "Tim McGraw". Although not a huge fan of the 19 year old, "Fearless" is definitely her at her best; expressing her love of music through her love of guitar and her experiences poured out into lyrics.

                Great if you're a fan of pop, country or acoustic artists, the 2009 release of the 15-track record is a little unvaried for me, but a hit all the same, from £5.98 on amazon.


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                27.07.2009 10:24
                Very helpful



                A mixed bag of pop meets country style tunes

                Now Taylor Swift is not normally the kind of artist I would look twice at. Her squeaky clean image and fondness for whoring herself out to Disney and paling around with Miley Cyrus don't really get you a high rating in my books. Plus there's the fact she looks like Hilary Duff and sounds like a Hilary Duff that can actually sing... But sadly I found myself taken in by the hit single 'Love Story' which reached No2 in the UK charts this year and decided to check out her first British album release 'Fearless'.

                Taylor Swift is remarkably only 20 years old but has already achieved massive critical acclaim and sales in her home country of America. Her blend of country music with modern pop has seen her first two albums reach massive sales over there and the aforementioned hit 'Love Story' has finally seen the rising young star brought to the attention of the international community.

                'Fearless' was first released in the States at the end of 2008 and made it's worldwide debut in Spring 2009.

                The title track 'Fearless' keeps off proceedings. It's a very run of the mill, boring affair. The country elements are fairly obvious though they've been embraced by a very catchy chorus that owes its guitar rifts to the pop genre. Swift is on high form vocally though the song just lacks anything of interest. It doesn't really grab you and it feels at times as if the emotion isn't really there.

                'Fifteen' is a song that drags on for far too long. A lot of the tracks on 'Fearless' are too long and this can make the CD very boring to listen to especially with the amount of tracks. 'Fifteen' sounds identical to the previous track but with a bit more life injected into it. The lyrics are very cheesy and the production sounds very cheap and unattractive to the ears. It's not catchy as such but it does have a very summery and uplifting vibe to the melody.

                Hit single 'Love Story' is of course the reason I bothered to download this album in the first place. It's lyrics tell of a typical Romeo & Juliet style story but in Swift's case, everything ends like some wonderful Disney fairytale. As cheesy as the song is, it has something about it that reels you in and make you love it. Taylor's vulnerable and emotional vocals and the soaring chorus that is much more upbeat and catchy than the previous two tracks are just part of the appeal.

                Sadly, this peak doesn't last as next track 'Hey Stephen' is completely awful. The horrendous title aside, Swift goes on about some boy called 'Stephen' who she is totally in love with. I was completely lost and thought the CD had skipped back to track one as I really couldn't tell the songs apart. The melody is identical and her vocals are as lifeless as ever.

                The next two tracks are a rare gem on 'Fearless'. 'White Horse' is led by a gorgeous piano that really showcases Taylor's vocal ability. When she puts the effort in, she is capable of creating great music. The song has the whole fairytale-heart broken analogy going on again but it's such a slow and beautiful song that you can really take the time to appreciate it's structure and arrangement and forgive the atrocities that come before it.

                Likewise 'You Belong With Me' is perhaps one of the album's more pop-rock, mainstream moments. With a huge chorus that is bound to get you tapping your foot along, it's one of the album's highlights. The lyrics again leave a lot to answer for as this time Taylor is discussing why the objection of her affections is not with her and is instead being used by some other girl. It's typical high school angst but it works so well with the melody that I'm not really complaining.

                'Tell Me Why' is another favourite of mine. I seem to prefer Swift when she is embracing more rock orientated songs. 'Tell Me Why' has a brilliant chorus that breaks off into this fabulous country melody. She really puts her heart into the vocals and the song is full of a fast and furious emotion that I hadn't heard from her before.

                The rest of the album is rather generic and most of the songs seem to be rehashes of what's already come. 'Forever & For Always' for instance sounds like the chords from 'Tell Me Why' have just been recycled and has new lyrics thrown in whilst 'You're Not Sorry' sounds like in places as if it's going to explode but just continues to plod along a very bland and disappointing road.

                'The Best Day' is a classic love song and is quite nice to listen to. It has a slow and relaxing beat to it and Swift's vocals take on a very soft and delicate edge to get across the feelings being conveyed in the song.

                The final three tracks are all songs from her debut album 'Taylor Swift'. Unreleased in the UK, they have been considered as that record's stand out moments and have been stuck on the end of the international version of 'Fearless'. Personally, I thought she sounded very childish and they didn't fit with the tone of this album at all. 'Teardrops On My Guitar' sounds like the prelude to half the damn album with another typical mid tempo romp about wanting a boy she can't have. Surely she can't be this unlucky in love considering how she looks?

                'Fearless' is a decent enough album. If you're a teenage girl that's stuck in some terribly cliched, American high school movie that is. Whilst Swift undoubtedly has bucketloads of talent, this album is a rather dull and unimaginative ride. It's full of washed up love songs that all seem to revolve around the same doomed topic until the end when it's all happily ever after. There's not even a hint of angst or bitterness to give the songs a harder edge.

                This is clean and polished, manufactured music to please the Hannah Montanna and Jonas Brothers fans out there. Perhaps if you have a fondness for the country genre, you might warm to a few of the tracks but the songs are too radio friendly and many of them are so lifeless it's hard to listen without falling asleep. This lacklustre effort is slightly saved by the one or two gems that stand out and highlight just what Taylor Swift is capable of if she really gets stuck into her music. But it seems as if she is going to have to up her game and think of some new songwriting topics before moving onto album number 3 if she ever wants to make any career progression.

                If you're actually interested in the artist or this album, my advice would be to listen to clips of 'Fearless' on iTunes first and download the songs you like rather than waste good money on the entire album.

                Complete Tracklisting: [International Version]

                01 - Fearless
                02 - Fifteen
                03 - Love Story
                04 - Hey Stephen
                05 - White Horse
                06 - You Belong With Me
                07 - Breathe [With Colbie Caillat]
                08 - Tell Me Why
                09 - You're Not Sorry
                10 - The Way I Loved You
                11 - Forever & For Always
                12 - The Best Day
                13 - Change
                14 - Our Song
                15 - Teardrops On My Guitar
                16 - Should've Said No


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                  22.07.2009 14:29
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  A bit of everything

                  Taylor Swift doesn't dissappoint with her latest album 'Fearless'. She shows off her brillaint song writing skills with writing or co-writing every single song on the album. Each song is about love but the theme is portrayed in a different way for different songs. In some, love is shown as the best feeling in the world, whereas on others, love is shown as heartbreak. WIth a colaboration with Colbie Callait on the track 'Breathe', the two girls' voices blend together so well and a track that is definatly one that makes you think about that special someone. The song that is probably the least convincing song is 'The best day'. Not because the words don't make sense, but because it's a personal song to Taylor Swift and is about her and her family. If you are a family person then that is the song to listen to. All in all, a fantastic album which very catchy songs which you'll be singing all day. Well done Taylor for putting together such a great album!


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                • Product Details

                  Disc #1 Tracklisting
                  1 Fearless
                  2 Fifteen
                  3 Love Story
                  4 Hey Stephen
                  5 White Horse
                  6 You Belong With Me
                  7 Breathe
                  8 Tell Me Why
                  9 You're Not Sorry
                  10 The Way I Loved You
                  11 Forever & Always
                  12 The Best Day
                  13 Change
                  14 Our Song
                  15 Teardrops On My Guitar
                  16 Should've Said No

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