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Flesh - Power - Dominion - Callenish Circle

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Callenish Circle / Audio CD released at Metal blade

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2008 13:16
      Very helpful



      Callenish Circle's third album (2002).

      'Flesh Power Dominion' is a disappointing move away from Callenish Circle's previous amalgamation of melodic death metal stylings towards a harsher sound more directly traceable to At the Gates, specifically their landmark (albeit enormously overrated) 'Slaughter of the Soul' release. The music here is faster and more aggressive than it was on the appropriately titled 'Graceful... Yet Forbidding,' and in a decade when new At the Gates clones were springing up at an unstoppable pace, some even taking the horrendous plunge into metalcore, it wasn't a change of direction I was particularly delighted to hear.

      The band is still as talented as ever, led by the guitar duo of Ronny Tyssen and Jos Evers, but the overall structure is less compelling and much more predictable. The melodic lines still don't feel forced as they do with some other bands, but songs do tend to throw in changes of pace and direction out of nowhere, which works more as a stumbling device than an effective example of progression. 'Take Me Along' has an appropriate name, considering it's led by a repeating melodic guitar line that works well but does get repetitive towards the end, while the album still contains enough variation in the form of the slower and more atmospheric 'Bleeding' before exactly the same thing is repeated to less effect as 'Suffer My Disbelief.'

      The biggest mistaken the band made on this album was covering a song by Death, the original and definitive death metal band. Although the cover is very well executed, its ferocity and heaviness only serve to make the rest of the album's similar attempts sound noticeably weak by comparison, calling into question what exactly the point of angry melodic death metal is. I can't answer that, but this is still an above-average release in an otherwise stagnant genre.

      1. Obey Me
      2. For What It's Good For
      3. Witness Your Own Oblivion
      4. Take Me Along
      5. Bleeding
      6. Your Final Swansong
      7. Suffer My Disbelief
      8. They've Chosen
      9. ...
      10. Pull the Plug (Death cover)
      11. When The Lady Smiles


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  • Product Details

    1. Obey Me... / 2. For What's It Good For... / 3. Witness Your Own Oblivion / 4. Take Me Along / 5. Bleeding / 6. Your Final Swansong / 7. Suffer My Disbelief / 8. They Have Chosen / 9. ... / 10. Pull The Plug

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