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For The Masses - Hadouken!

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Genre: Pop / Artist: Hadouken! / Audio CD released 2010-01-25 at Surface Noise/EMI

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    1 Review
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      14.02.2011 18:19
      Very helpful
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      For The Masses. Don't miss out

      -Band Background
      Hadouken! formed in Leeds, they're a five piece. They make some amazing music which they label "Grindie" - a fusion of grime and indie apparently. Some people say it's a Britih nu metal. Following Music For An Accelerated Culture, numerous singles (Turn The Lights Out is one of them), they came a darker world, Hadouken! have introduced us to it, in the form of For The Masses. What makes Hadouken! stand out from the rest is their distinctively rebellious sound, a mixture of striking guitar chords, synthesized, repetetive and memorable riffs, both acoustic and electronic beats, and a new style of MCing over the top. Genius!

      -Album Cover
      The cover's darker and less rave-influenced than their previous album. I love the image on the cover. It's amazing, i'd like to know who designed it. It features an explosive splash surrounding the Earth, the band name Hadouken! in the centre of the world, and For The Masses in smaller sized text directly underneath.
      The insert features a nicely thought of image of all the band, James looks pretty demonic to be honest. I got mine signed by them, it's one of my prized possessions :D!

      1. Rebirth - Intro is minutes long, with a range of different, unusual sounds to hear. There's a little amount of lyrics but they're so catchy and rhythmic! And every line seems to rhyme!? It's one of them songs that's so fast, and you want to learn the words, becase of how fast it is. You can sense James' anger in this one. It' quite dark. A good introduction to the CD.

      2. Turn The Lights Out - One of the favourites, it was released as a single prior to the album release. There are some great drops in this one. You can't get the lyrics out of your head, I'm actually singing them now (-and also trying to mimic the synth riff, unsuccessfully...)

      3. M.A.D - The lyrics are amazing, the beats are amazing, the guitar's heavily distorted (and amazing) This song is absolutely crazy. I understand why they called it M.A.D. Check out the video, this one was released before the album too. I love it.

      4. Evil - Some more cool lyrics in this one too - "Come back a second time, make it a sequel." Really clever, it isn't one of my favourites but I do like the lyrics a lot. The music doesn't really stand out in this one, it's full of the same guitar riffs and bleepy synth sounds. Sounds like Pacman having a fight with Pinky the ghost.

      5. House Is Falling - This is the first one I heard on the album (except for tracks 2 and 3). I love this one, I think it's because it was the first I heard, but it really is soooooo sick! The pace of the songs great, it's one that I can see being used in a chase scene, the rhythm's really upbeat and although the lyrics are repetitive, it's still one of my favourites.

      6. Mic Check - THE BEST. I can't describe my love for this song. A gated pad, quickly followed by a rapid beeping synth, the drums come in, some weirdly cool pitch shifted samples then play, and the rest stops. Then BAP it's all go - the MCing gets you going, the bass is pounding dirtily, and you realise just how much of a party tune this is. Great lyrics, great music. I LOVE IT. If you don't buy this album, then but this song on Itunes at least.

      7. Ugly
      The intro reminded me of The Klaxons. This one's pretty comical if you ask me. The lyrics are hard to take seriously, because it's about being ugly, and having to put up with it. Oh and having your face punched by lead singer James. Not one I could listen to too many times in a short space of time. BUT at 1.45 a guitar riff drops in and it sounds so much better, it was needed all the way through the song I'd say. 2.50 onwards is great!

      8. Bombshock
      I've heard this one live, James' aggression is clear in this one too. It's a really vicious song, one of my favourites. It's drum and bassy, and it's basses sound like liquid, so smoothly flowing into each other. The lyrics for this aren't as good as some of the other songs. The best part starts at 1.25, the lyrics and pace of delivery get good there. The bridge leading up to this bit is ace, a really good part to listen out for :) at aroun 2.30 it's just the guitar playing, it's undistorted for once! But don't worry it's only temporary, the distortion returns soon after. I don't like the outro to this one though.

      9. Play The Night
      This really gets going at 0.55. The lyrics are erm, interesting. They show the stereotypical attitude of youths, similar to how Skins portrays us. at 1.48 there's some interesting sounds, I wouldn't call it dubstep at all, but there's some filter editing there I think. It's really catchy. at 2.58 you fitness a build up and drop into a really memorable synth riff, just a pity the sound isn't bigger. I like the outro of this one too, arpeggiated.

      10. Lost
      Atmospheric for the first ten seconds or so, with no apparent melody. Then the synth shows itself, and James gets talking to you: "You left me waiting, you promised, you promised, you promised to...". 1.15; here there's a really nice gated, atmospheric synth, later accompanied by other synths and drums. The gated synth filters in and the gate stops for a while. Then the gate comes back, and a beautiful distorted riff comes with it. The only let down with this song is the outro.

      Total: 81/100
      Top notch grindie from the founders themselves.

      -What I Advise
      If you like alternative, youth orientated, aggressive, party-inducing music then you seriously need to check Hadouken! out, they define the word "Rave".


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Rebirth
      2 Turn The Lights Out
      3 M.A.D
      4 Evil
      5 House Is Falling
      6 Mic Check
      7 Ugly
      8 Bombshock
      9 Play The Night
      10 Lost

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