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For Those Who Have Heart - A Day to Remember

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: A Day to Remember / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2007-01-29 at Victory

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    4 Reviews
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      29.07.2010 20:50
      Very helpful



      This takes metal, hardcore and pop to create a sound that many will catch onto and copy

      Love catchy pop songs? Enjoy the odd breakdown plus other hardcore elements?

      This is the answer, A Day to Remembers second full length album, theres a standard version and a special edition with a bonus DVD.

      1.Fast Forward to 2012 - Fast paced intro track setting the pace for the rest of the album, in less then 2 minutes you'll understand the diversity in genres this band can achieve.

      2.Speak of the Devil - Aggressive start leading to an instantly memorable melodic chorus, progressive breakdown that just keeps getting heavier, finishing with pop like elements.

      3.The Danger in Starting a Fire - Starting as a pop song, ending as a heavy chug fest, close to one of the heaviest songs on the album.

      4.The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle - Catchy guitar intro, uses a breakdown with melody as a bridge.

      5.Monument - Drum lead song, ideal for driving; in my opinion this is the anthem in this album.

      6.The Price We Pay - A sort of intermission/song, after this track more heavier songs pop up, strong acoustic you would expect on a pop album.

      7.Colder Than my Heart, If you can imagine - slow to start, only complaint here is that the high notes seem too high.

      8. Show em the Ropes - true hardcore song here, blasting drums with a lot of double bass patterns.

      9. A Shot in the Dark- I first heard this on a metal hammer CD, douesn't really sit well with the other songs on the album.

      10. Heres to the Past - Punk pop at its finest here with song occasional rough vocals.

      11. I heard its the Softest Thing Ever - The heaviest song on the album, ideal for a circle pit, souring clean chorus; topped off with a mind altering breakdown

      12. Start the Shooting - If you listen to this song you'l see that this could easily be a mash up of two.


      13. Heartless - Re recording of an older song, pit worthy, truly the best song to see live.

      14. You Should Have Killed me When you had the Chance - These tracks were recorded at a different place to the rest of the album, its shown by the difference in vocal sound: far more real.

      15. Since U Been Gone - A cover of Kelly Clarkson and a clear demonstration of how much variation can come from a band that blends pop and hardcore.

      16. Why Walk on Water When We've Got Boats - Short, heavy to the point, helping to further define the bands trademark sound.


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      17.02.2010 19:09
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good album

      Formed in 2003, A Day To Remember is an American Metalcore, emo, pop-punk band consisting of:

      Jeremy McKinnon - lead vocals
      Kevin Skaff - lead guitar, vocals
      Neil Westfall - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
      Joshua Woodard - bass guitar
      Alex Shelnutt - drums

      To this day, they have released 3 studio albums, and For Those Who Have Heart was their second, and released in 2007. Their latest album, Homesick, was released last year (2009).

      For Those Who Have Heart was re-released in 2008, and contains 10 songs from the original album performed live. It also contains 4 bonus tracks, 1 of which is a cover of Kelly Clarkson's 'Since U Been Gone'

      The Tracks

      1. Fast Forward

      A fairly short (1 minute 30 seconds) intro track, which is a good way to start the album. The drumming is very quick, so it's an upbeat way to kick off the album. Almost halfway through it slows down for the vocals, and then the last 30 seconds are instrumental.

      2. Speak of the Devil

      Another song full of upbeat drumming and fast metal guitar and screamo. Not only do A Day To Remember have good screamo, they also have pretty good singing. I can tell that they are all talented musicians, because the drumming is extremely good, and the guitar too. The breakdown of this song is very good also

      3. The Danger In Starting A Fire

      This song starts off with a brilliant guitar riff, which makes the song in my opinion. It then, comes straight in with the bass, drums and rhythm guitar, as well as brilliant singing. After this, there is a verse of deep screamo. I personally prefer higher screamo, but this is good too. The short instrumental break has a good guitar sound, then the riff comes back in again, which is brilliant. A very good song

      4. The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

      This is the first A Day To Remember song I heard, and I'm glad I heard their best one first. It starts with guitar again. It's equally as good as the last song, and is another of my favourites. The singing in the verse is the best thing about this song, as well as the guitar in the screamo part. The chorus is brilliant as well

      5. Monument

      A pop-punk style guitar from the start, which I like, because pop-punk is one of my favourite styles of music. The verse sounds a bit like The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, who you may have heard of, which is also good because they're one of my favourite bands. This is one of the lighter songs on the album, as their is less screamo, except towards the end. Another brilliant song

      6. The Price We Pay

      A much slower start, with acoustic guitar, which is nice. A welcome break from the hyper-ness of the first five songs. The piano and vocals that come in next are outstanding song. Although this is not really a rock song, it's still amazing. The guitar sound is fantastic, and even metal-heads will like this song I think. It's got slightly repetitive lyrics, but this hardly matters, because this is still a great song. It's only 2.43, which is a shame, because I liked it so much I wanted it to go on for longer.

      7. Colder Than My Heart If You Can Imagine

      Another slow start, but after the first 20 seconds, speeds up dramatically, with trashing guitars and heavy drumming once again. This is another good song, and the guitar riff is once again awesome, I'd recommend listening to this one. An amazing, catchy chorus with fantastic lead and backing vocals. The best thing about this song is the incredibly catchy riff and awesome vocals

      8. Show 'Em The Ropes

      Similar to the last song, which isn't good because it makes the album sound repetitive, but it's still pretty good. The drumming is good in this, and there is more screamo in it than the last song, as well as Slipknot style high-pitched guitar in parts

      9. A Shot In The Dark

      Another song of the same guitar sound and style of drumming, which they can just about pull off, because they are good at doing it, I just wish their was more my variety. There is screamo right

      10. Here's To The Past

      A great riff right from the start, meaning another of my favourite songs from the album. I love the singing in the verse again, and listening to it again, this may me my favourite song from the album. A brilliant anthem for the Summer

      11. I Heard It's The Softest Thing Ever

      A brilliant drum roll at the beginning just shows that the drummer is extremely talented, almost as much so as Joey Jordison of Slipknot, if not as talented. This song is another good'ne, with screamo for the entire, and once again catchy vocals

      12. Start The Shooting

      The last song from the original album, and it isn't the best, but it's still pretty good. The best thing about it is the backing vocals, but besides that, there's nothing special about this song. It's not bad, it's just not the best.

      13. Heartless

      The first bonus track, with a similar style of music to the last few songs, which is alright, but the style is getting a bit boring now. If the tracks were in a different order, it might make it a little more interesting

      14. You Should've Killed Me When You Had The Chance

      This one has a different style slightly, which is very welcome, and makes it possibly the best bonus track. The drumming and vocals are good too

      15. Since U Been Gone

      A cover of Kelly Clarkson's number 1. This cover was released as a single, and it's pretty good, although there are better songs on the album. There is no need for it to have screamo though

      The rest of the songs are live recordings, which are pretty good. They seem like a band I'd like to see live


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        04.04.2009 17:35
        Very helpful



        Give the band a try! They deserve more fans :)

        I haven't been aware of A Day To Remember for a long time but I quickly developed into a fan and have seen them live (they are fantastic) and this album was the one that I heard first and my love for them developed from there.

        A Day To Remember are a hardcore/pop punk band from Florida but can also be seen to apply to other genres of music also (metalcore etc). Their songs combine both the screaming and siniging of Jeremy McKinnon to bring across strong emotions, but there are also some slow, melodic and sweet songs showing that ADTR have the ability to perform brilliantly in completely different types of music.

        The band consists of:
        Jeremy McKinnon - Vocals
        Tom Denney - Guitar
        Neil Westfall - Guitar
        Joshua Woodard - Bass
        Alex Shelnutt - Drums

        The album 'For Those Who Have Heart' is their 2nd album (released in 2007 but then re-released in 2008 with more tracks and a DVD).

        The track listing for the re-released version :

        Fast Forward to 2012 :
        A quick introduction to the album where the band thank their fans for their success and how their new album will go. I like the song because it's very catchy and shows a quick example of their music and style :)

        Speak of the Devil :
        An agressive song about how someone refuses to be walked on again and how they will get revenge, i love the chorus of this song and it shows how quickly Jeremy can change from screaming to singing. The music compliments his voice by being louder when he screams and more melodic in the chorus which i think helps emphasise the difference between the extremes :)

        The Danger in Starting a Fire :
        A song about how you should be careful of what you do because you don't know who you will lose and how you can need people more than they need you and they have just realised that, maybe no one ever liked you? I like this song because I can relate to the feeling of people thinkin that you need them when you don't and how powerful you can feel when you realise it. The song has strong vocals (both screaming and singing) and great music :)

        The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle :
        Definitely my favourite song by ADTR so far as when i first heard it i was going through the situation that applies to the lyrics. The song is about how someone has been such a terrible person to you and you never want to have anything to do with them ever again as you've realised what they truly are. The track has sung verses with small amount of screaming for particularly angry lines, very effective :)

        Monument :
        The first song I ever heard from ADTR, it's about how they want to be famous but it comes at a price and they sometimes wish it wasn't so important to them. No screaming involved in this song if you've had enough of it by this point? Jeremy's voice changes a lot in between songs and sounds quite sweet in this one and although the music is still quite heavy it doesn't overpower the song :)

        The Price We Pay :
        A simple song with just 3 lines repeated, it's a lot slower and quieter than the other songs showing how the band can also make harmonious songs, there's also a crowd singing with them. I think it will just be a short song that they made one day whilst thinking about the price they pay for their fame, the music shows how simple chords can be effective :)

        Colder Than My Heart, If You Can Imagine :
        A song about letting go, no screaming involved showing it's not really an angry song more about explaining something to someone. By this song I'm starting to think that Jeremy's voice is quite sweet and when he isn't singing the music would be easy to dance to :)

        Show 'Em the Ropes :
        A fast paced song about how the band feels that everyone stabs them in the back and they can use song to expose people and people should always stick up for themselves and not put up with people that abuse them. Screaming introduced again and heavier music after the quick break with the previous songs, it's all good though :)

        A Shot in the Dark :
        A song about how the band know how some people feel about them (jealous, resentful etc) and they don't care because people like that are all the same and they're not needed when the band put so much effort into entertaining people. It's different because it has screaming verses and a singing chorus which isn't often done on the album, it works well though :)

        Here's to the Past :
        A song about how the band coped making the album and how the town they came from is trapped there and how they have escaped it. Screaming and heavy music toward the end of the song but the rest is singing but still emotional :)

        I Heard It's the Softest Thing Ever:
        Agressive song but also with haunting singing about how they could be better off on their own and they don't take the easy way out. I haven't heard this song as much as the other ones on the album but still think it's fantastic :)

        Start the Shooting :
        A song about someone who thinks they are indestructible but the band know that if everyone knew what they had done they wouldn't last long and no one even cares who they are. A bit of screaming but mostly singing and a bit more use of drums than is usually heard :)

        Heartless (Bonus Track) :
        Another favourite of mine, nearly all screaming so quite brutal. This song is also on their debut album 'And Their Name Was Treason' but re-released on this album. Quite a short song about how needing to move on because the person they love doesn't care about them and they realise that they aren't appreciated. if you're not familiar with screaming it may be hard to understand some of the screaming but most of it is fine, sound effects used quite a lot to make the song more effective :)

        You Should've Killed Me When You Had The Chance (Bonus Track) :
        Another song re-released from their first album, about how the band are fed up of people claiming to be their friends when they're clearly not , the song is quite agressive with a mention of murder towards the end. Singing and screaming - the famous couple :)

        Since U Been Gone (Bonus Track) :
        A cover of Kelly Clarkson's so you may already know it, about being happy now you have got rid of someone who fooled you. In my opinion it improves the song, it's more 'pop' than the other songs but they still make it their own with guitars and tiny bit of screamo. If you liked the original song and ADTR so far then you'll love this :)

        Why Walk On Water When We've Got Boats (Bonus Track) :
        Quick song about how certain people make the band dislike people in general and how they are 'nothing'. Mostly screamo, fast and heavy, amazing :)

        Overall :
        'For Those Who Have Heart' is a great second album form A Day To Remember, who I think need more recognition because most people I know haven't heard of them. I still think the different vocal styles all from one person is amazing and the music itself is constantly faultless. If you haven't heard A Day To Remember and you think you may like the sound of the album you should definitely try it or if you've heard a few songs but aren't sure about them yet, listen to the whole album! The music is so varied, chances are that you'll like at least one song :)


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          20.03.2009 10:43
          Very helpful



          Good band with good fanbase

          'A Day To Remember' is a pop-punk band from Florida, U.S.A. They influences range from punk to metalcore and this really shows in their music with the aggressive vocals in most of their songs.

          'For Those Who Have Heart' is their second album and the re-issue even contains some of their re-recorded songs from the last album. Proberly the most famous track on the album (re-release) will be their cover of 'Kelly Clarkson's' 'Since You've Been Gone' as most of their fanbase came when it was released as a single and video.

          A Day To Remember use a "Brash Melody of Pop-Punk" with a metalcore attitude, making each track have something different to the rest. Most notably the singer Jeremy, has a hard job changing from Aggressive Vocals to Clean but still pulls it off brilliantly.

          The Album has had three singles released; 'Plot To Bomb The Panhandle', 'The Danger In Starting A Fire' and 'Since You've Been Gone'
          As well as Music videos being made for each.

          Overall a band to watch for, they already have a strong fanbase which is growing day by day and a great sound that most alternative music lovers will find hard to dislike.

          Recommended Songs;
          Plot To Bomb The Pan Handle
          Since You've Been Gone (Re-release)
          You Should Of Killed Me When You Had The Chance (Re-release)


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Fast Forward To 2012
          2 Speak Of The Devil
          3 Danger In Starting A Fire
          4 Plot To Bomb The Panhandle
          5 Monument
          6 Price We Pay
          7 Colder Than My Heart If You Can Imagine
          8 Show 'Em The Ropes
          9 Shot In The Dark
          10 Here's To The Past
          11 I Heard It's The Softest Thing Ever
          12 Start The Shooting

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