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Forever Faithless: The Greatest Hits - Faithless

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4 Reviews

Genre: Dance & Electronic - House & Garage / Artist: Faithless / Audio CD released 2005-05-16 at Cheeky

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    4 Reviews
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      31.08.2012 22:20
      Very helpful
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      A good album

      Faithless, made up of DJ Sister Bliss, rapper Maxi Jazz and producer Rollo, released their greatest hits collection in 2004 after previously releasing four studio albums. The dance group have released a variety of hits in their career, and this CD showcases them well.

      Track Listing
      1. Insomnia
      This is probably the band's most famous song, a memorable, distinctive dance tune. Even if you think you haven't heard it, chances are you have.
      2. Mass Destruction
      With clever, relevant and pertinent lyrics, this is a rap song with a dance background, jazz influences and a nice guitar bit in the middle.

      3. God is a DJ
      This is another dance song, similar in style to Insomnia.
      4. Don't Leave
      This one is a more laid back song, with both male and female vocals giving it a soulful feel.

      5. Muhammad Ali
      This song is a more laid back effort too, with dance and jazz influences.
      6. We Come 1
      A dance song with rap and spoken vocals, this is more uptempo than the previous versions, with a memorable dance bit in the middle.

      7. Reverence
      This is the sort of song you'd imagine playing in a sophisticated wine bar in the afternoon. It's relaxed with a funky sound and effective rapping.
      8. Salva Mea
      Another dance song, this has a similar sound to Insomnia and God is a DJ, but is a bit slower in tempo.

      9. One Step Too Far
      Producer Rollo's sister Dido provides the vocals on this track, which is one of the standout songs on the album and prevents it sounding the same as some of the others.
      10. Bring My Family Back
      This is a dance-rap song sung from the point of view of different people facing problems in their lives.

      11. Miss U Less, See U More
      This starts out as a normal Faithless dance song but the chorus takes a rather early 90s dance soulful sound.
      12. Tarantula
      This is a dance track with a slower tempo than some of the others.

      13. Fatty Boo
      This is a dance-rap song with a bit of a reggae feel.
      14. Reasons (Saturday Night)
      This is another rap-dance song.

      15. Why Go?
      Sounding slightly different to the other songs on the album, this is also a dance song, but the female vocals and slightly faster beat mark it out.
      16. I Want More
      Another dance song.

      This is a reasonable album with a few fantastic tunes. Altogether it is well crafted and produced. However I found that a lot of the songs sound a bit samey and it all tends to blend together into background music, albeit sophisticated and high quality background music. My favourite songs on the album are Insomnia and One Step Too Far, but apart from these there aren't many that stand out. A decent album but not one of my favourites.


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        08.11.2010 03:55
        Very helpful
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        Great band, great songs

        Taking me back to my childhood, some of my favourite memories were seeing Faithless, twice at Chelmsford and once at Brixton Academy, each time I was struck by the uplifting euphoria of their music, it is music with positive lyrics and gets thousands of people grinning and bouncing in time, this album released in 2005 was their attempt at a Greatest Hits album, even thought they're still going strong today.

        It is a strong album filled with storming tracks, from the 7 minute opener of Insomnia, with its fantastic Maxi Jazz lyrics and banging beats, through to Salva Mea this is classic Faithless, unfortunately some of the newer stuff after that lets it down as its a bit dull and lifeless.

        I loved the start moving from the hard house of Insomnia to the trumpets and beats of the brilliantly written 'Mass Destruction', it is almost like a mix tape it slips so seamlessly together, then this is followed by another banger in 'God is a DJ', it ups the pace again as Maxi Jazz compares clubs to churches in an utterly convincing way, Don't leave follows this and is still a slow and beautiful song which just shows how eclectic this band really are.

        Mohammed Ali is a classic too, I love the laid back beats as Maxi talks about being like his hero and how Ali made him want to be a better man, its inspiring and danceable like a lot of Faithless tunes and then this is followed by Salva Mea which mixes a touch of classical music with rave in a classy way, it sounds great until this point, however after this I was dissapointed by the choices of songs, I don't rate the last 4 songs much and think this album could have been much better sticking with the earlier stuff.

        I'm sure this says more about me than the album however, and at £4.12 you do get at least 6 great tracks so you can buy or download this on Amazon if you like inspiring dance music, however if you prefer the earlier stuff I think Reverence or Outrospective are far better than this.

        Track Listing

        Mass Destruction
        God Is A DJ
        Don't Leave
        Muhammad Ali
        We Come 1
        Salva Mea
        One Step Too Far
        Bring My Family Back
        Miss U Less, See U More
        Fatty Boo
        Reasons (Saturday Night)
        Why Go?
        I Want More


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          12.02.2008 09:23
          Very helpful
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          Great dance album from Faithless

          Faithless are one of the top dance bands around and this collection of their best songs was a must have for my collection, although the public face is that of two members there is a third that combines to make the diving force behind the band, Rollo Armstrong, Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz, and whether it is studio produced or a stunning live set the dance anthems they have conjured up will live long in the memory.

          Insomnia is the opening track with its powerful down times and a single pizzicato sound (not my words stolen from the sleeze) basically a single note changing in pitch to my uneducated ear, this change in tempo is great when you can still hear the crowd buzzing after the last crescendo has been reached.

          Mass Distruction has more of a political message to it with the vocals done by Maxi it is a driving intense track. Throughout this album it is the constant changes of tempo that make the band so good, God is a DJ reflects the time when DJ worship was at its height with super clubs springing up everywhere while Muhammed Ali is a homage to the boxer.

          There is a constant energy to this album and it really is a great dance backdrop and brings back a few great memories for me which is why it often finds a way into the CD in my car especially when we are heading out for a night clubbing.

          I paid £5.99 for mine from Amazon.


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            16.11.2005 18:48



            You will be playing no stop for weeks I promise you

            Forever Faithless
            Released on Cheeky Records under BMG/SONY
            Price dependant on where you get it from, £8.75 from cdwow.

            10 Years is a long time, since 1995 Faithless has gone from a group of individuals into a band which has toured the world and the end product is this awesome 16 track album.

            Faithless made it big when they brought out Insomnia, which peaked at Number 1 in most countries in the EU. Their success in Germany and Austria kept them touring, then Holland loved them so they went there, now Faithless are selling out Arenas all around the world with their genre breaking music.

            Reverence, Sunday 8pm, Outrospective and No Roots have all sold momunmentally well both in the Europe and stateside and now the "Greatist" of those tracks have been selected for Forever Faithless, but don't be fooled, this is not the end.

            Insomnia (Monster Mix)
            Best version

            Mass Destruction (Single Mix)
            Jazzed up mix by Pnut and Sister Bliss

            God Is A DJ (Radio Edit)
            Again the best version

            Don't Leave
            Only song featuring Jamie Catto now with 1 Giant Leap

            Muhammad Ali (Radio Edit)
            A very emotion song by Maxi Jazz about his personal hero

            We Come 1 (Radio Mix)
            Classic Dance track

            Reverence (Radio Edit)
            An in-depth song about the Buddhist frontman Maxi Jazz

            Salva Mea
            Latin for Save Me, one of the all greatist Dance tracks

            One Step Too Far feat. Dido (Radio Edit)
            This was released on Outrospective and Featured ex-Faithless vocalist Dido Armstrong, sister of Rollo Armstrong.

            Bring My Family Back (Radio Edit)
            From Sunday 8pm, again amazing lyrics from Maxi Jazz

            Miss U Less, See U More (Single Mix)
            Features Leigh Stephen Kenney otherwise known as LSK who joined Faithless for No Roots

            This track was remixed and was used as World Cup Theme music in 2002 for England on the BBC.

            Fatty Boo (Extended Version)
            A bonus track on released on this album, not one of their strong tracks, sounds similar to Reggae.

            Reasons (Saturday Night)
            Sister Bliss samples Ian Drury in this cheesy dance number again not the best track.

            Why Go? feat. Estelle
            Why Go? was re-released in 2005, it was originally done with Boy George in 1999

            I Want More (Radio Version)
            An amazing track from No Roots, sounds amazing live!!

            I did think it was sad that Take The Long Way Home was not on this album and instead there was Fatty Boo, but there was still 15 great tracks to choose from.

            There are a few other versions of the album available too.

            16 track(jewel case)/82876 681522
            16 track(card case)/82876 684322
            15 track(without Fatty Boo)/82876 683982


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Insomnia
            2 Mass Destruction
            3 God Is A DJ
            4 Don’t Leave
            5 Muhammad Ali
            6 We Come 1
            7 Reverence
            8 Salva Mea
            9 One Step Too Far featuring Dido
            10 Bring My Family Back
            11 Miss U Less, See U More
            12 Tarantula
            13 Fatty Boo
            14 Reasons (Saturday Night)
            15 Why Go? (Featuring Estelle)
            16 I Want More

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