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Free Me - Emma Bunton

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4 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Emma Bunton / Import / Audio CD released 2005-01-25 at 19.

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    4 Reviews
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      28.09.2013 14:54
      Very helpful



      Great Album, give it a listen.

      Emma Bunton - Free Me

      [ Review also on Ciao under same name ]


      Emma Bunton is better known as "Baby Spice" from her time spent with the incredibly famous Spice Girls and this was her 2nd album which was my favorite of the three she has released. It had four lead singles and has been called the best album of the solo spice girls releases so far in many places. It sold more than 140,000 copies. The sound of the album is 60's, motown and modern pop (at least modern at the time) which creates a good collection of catchy and lovely music. It was released in February 2004 on Polydor Records.
      On with the review.........

      1 - Free Me (04:28) - [Written by: Emma Bunton, Hélène Muddiman, Mike Peden]
      This was the first single from the album and it was released on May 26th 2003 reaching number 5 in the uk charts. The track is a beautiful ballad with a smooth flowing sound throughout. It is a song about being in love and finally working up the courage for a confession of how you feel to the person you love. "Free me, let me loose to love you yeah how I long to seduce you now"
      Official Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-RxwN9lJ0A
      ***** 5 stars out of five

      2 - Maybe (03:43) - [Written by: Emma Bunton, Yak, Bondy]
      This was the second track to be released from the album, it reached number 6 in the UK charts - It was release on 13th Oct 2003.
      This is a really upbeat track with a chorus that makes you want to jump out of your seat and dance with your partner - The track is about not knowing how you feel about someone but then deciding it must be love. "Maybe it's nothing, maybe it's all just in my mind, maybe I'm foolish, maybe it's just a waste of time"
      Official Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdW9oM6ZMME
      ***** 5 stars out of five

      3 - I'll be there (03:23) - [Written by: Emma Bunton, Muddiman, Peden]
      This was the third single to be released from the album on 26th January 2004 which reached number 7 in the UK charts. This is one of my personal favourite tracks from the album. It's about always being there for your friends and regardless of how far apart you are, you are still there in spirit. "We all need somebody who we can always run to"
      Official Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cM_nVFQNBWw
      ***** 5 stars out of 5

      4 - Tomorrow (03:55) - [Written by: Emma Bunton, Bondy]
      This is a lovely track about comforting someone and helping them through problems and how people are stronger together. There are hints of "we all fall down" by Sweet talk radio. This is another nice track that flows with the motown vibe and fits the albums 60's vibe perfectly. "Come here, rest your head on my pillow - It's alright, we don't need a tomorrow, tonight".
      **** 3 stars out of 5

      5 - Breathing (04:00) - [Written by: Emma Bunton, Henry Binns, Yoyo Olugbo]
      This track always makes me think it could have been a bond theme, the music is lovely and orchestral at the start leading into another beautiful track. "A constant feeling of pleasure, are you healing? The sound of our breathing, why does it feel so cold?" there are also pan pipes near the end which always sounds amazing in a song.
      **** 4 stars out of 5

      6 - Crickets sing for Anamaria (02:46) - [Written by: Marcos Valle, Ray Gilbert]
      This was the fourth and final single from the album, it reached number 15 in the UK charts. This track stands out like a sore thumb because it doesn't feel like the rest of the album at all - It has a samba vibe, is very upbeat and is also a cover song. It is about a young girl in love trying to have some time with her boyfriend but the family not approving and trying to keep them apart.
      Official Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQ6kKlevpqs
      *** 3 stars out of 5

      7 - No Sign of Life (03:38) [Written by: Bunton, Simon Ellis, Steve Lee]
      This track brings the listener back to the correct feeling of the album with that motown vibe. The song is about being hurt because of expectations of love which fail as the other person doesn't feel the same way. Despite the songs meaning, it's a very catchy song and is again one of my favourite tracks "All I can think about is getting through, now that I know there's no sign of life, Living without you"
      **** 4 stars out of 5

      8 - Who the Hell Are You (03:18) [ Written by: Bunton, Ray Hedges, Nigel Butler]
      I love this track, it's a total old style track written about someone thinking he's too good for someone and is too cool to be with them. Another lively track and probably one of the best tracks - I find myself shaking my head and just want to shake my finger in the face of the person who Emma is singing about (I know, I'm ridiculous). "Who the hell are you? Too cool, you aint mr right, you're out messing every night".
      ***** 5 stars out of 5

      9 - Lay your love on me (03:23) [Written by: Bunton, Cathy Dennis]
      This track is my least favourite on the album which is surprising as it's co-written by Cathy Dennis who has an amazing back catalogue of great songs (she has written for Celine Dion to name but one). The track isn't very catchy, a bit dull and doesn't make you want to dance. I would happily remove it from the playlist. "nothing as sexy as the power of the birds and the bees" Terrible.

      *1 star out of 5

      10 - You are (03:46) [Written by: Bunton, Tim Lever, Mike Percy]
      This is a nice track, it's incredibly cheesy (but I love cheesy music as my partner just nicely pointed out while I was typing up this track). This track could be described as elevator music. I can imagine people skipping through fields of flowers, hand in hand, giggling at eachother. "I love the way that you are, always thinking about my baby"
      ** 2 stars out of 5

      11 - Something so Beautiful (03:46) [Written by: Emma Bunton, Steve Lewinson,Pete Lewinson]
      Another great track that sounds a bit like a bond theme to begin with. Not much to say about this one, it's another track about love. I feel the album could have gone out on a more dancey note instead of a another song about being happy in love. "In my heart I feel it, something that's so beautiful"
      *** 3 stars out of 5


      Even now in 2013, this is one of my favourite albums and gets played regularly when the mood grabs me, I feel that tracks 1 - 8 are amazing and the 9 - 11 are a pretty much filler and the album rarely gets to play on past track 8 for this reason. I often feel that Emma's musical choices are the reason for her lack of modern appeal - She chose the have the 60's feel in a lot of her music and for the most part, it worked but I think a lot of people may have not been a huge fan of her decision to go in this direction and so she has alienated herself to a smaller audience. That being said, I think most of this album is definitely worth a listen and will probably bring back memories for a lot of people.

      3/5 overall rating from me!

      For some reason, this album doesn't feature on Spotify (spotify is a music streaming service that has millions of tracks to listen to online, if you are curious about spotify check out their website at www.spotify.com) but I have added links above to play the videos for the singles on youtube. The album is available to purchase on amazon.co.uk £9.99 new or used from £0.01 meaning this could be a really cheap purchase of an overall good album that I think everyone should hear at least once.


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        26.04.2012 11:45



        Something different from Emma and it's paid off

        I love this album. It has a retro feel to it with it's 60s inspired songs and melodies. It's very impressive.

        Yes, this album is pop music with a touch of 60s inspired melodies. It sounds very fresh and funky, it does not sound dated. Emma brings her 60s pop sound up to date and I love it. Her gorgeous floaty vocals really make the album. One of my favourite songs on the album is Free Me, the title track. This song is a very floaty example of light pop with gorgeous soft vocals by Emma. The song keeps within the same melody throughout but I love it. It's really relaxing to listen to and it sounds retro without sounding dated. I also love Maybe which is another 60s inspired pop song. Maybe is a little faster with more of a background beat. However, it's very catchy and addictive and it's perhaps my second favourite song on the album.

        There's an absolutely bonkers song on here called Crickets Sing for AnaMaria. This song is very fast with a brazilian feel to it. It wouldn't be to everyone's taste but it's something different and it's really refreshing to see Emma try something new, plus it's paid off. It is a cover of a song called "Os Grilos" ("The Crickets") which was released by an artist called Marcos Valle.

        Towards the end of the album you get a few ballads here and there. The ballads are beautiful and I love Emma's breathy vocals. Overall this is a very impressive album. The men will love the album sleeve as there are some gorgeous photos of Emma on shoot.

        A very well produced album. Something different from Emma.


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        01.11.2008 16:20
        Very helpful



        A brillant second album from Emma that is criticially acclaimed and just overally brillant

        Emma Bunton is the only Spice girl that has atcually in some depth maintained a credible music career, her fantastic second album was a masterpiece and Popjustice hailed it as extraordinary. Every track is brillant, it's 60's type feel good music that feel like it came out years ago. Suprisingly the album is sorta a master piece and is really consistent,it's feel good music at its best

        Emma Bunton has a better voice than the majority of the other spice girls, this album has the really good upbeat midtempo songs like Free Me, Tommorow, Breathing - theres a fab track that is just mad called Crickets Sing For Annamaria there's the stompers like Maybe Way That You Are, there is the beautiful I'll Be there which did not get out of my head for 3 months) seriously... it's a brillant album and the one thing i will say is you will be pleasantely suprised, i downloaded it and then ended up buying it - it's a superb album and Emma Bunton really has produced a brillant album, a attack on the US was always destined to fail as the cover art shows but it's a good-un


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        06.10.2004 21:49
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Emma Bunton formed part of Spice Girls, arguiably the most popular and successful girl band of all time. ''Free Me'' is Emma Bunton's second CD album, at the launch of her solo career. ''Free Me'' is more different than her first album ''A Girl Like Me''. ''Free Me'' adapts a more mature, and soulful music style rather than ''A Girl Like Me'' which was filled with more pop and rock tracks than soul classics. ''Free Me'' is a nice, soothing and mature album filled with a selection of deep and meaningful soul classics.

        ''Free Me'' is a perfect soul track it is gentle, soothing and has a great chorus. Emma sings it well and it has some great lyrics.

        ''Maybe'' is a fantastic soul dance track. Very catchy, has a outstanding chorus and an amazing beat that will make you sway from side to side.

        ''I'll Be There'' is slightly slower but quite upbeat soul,pop track. The track itself is catchy, is well written and well sang.

        ''Tommorow'' is very soulful and unique. It is a very soft soul track with some nice gentle verses and a loud chorus, it provides great listening.

        ''Breathing'' is catchy, upbeat and is a soul and pop track. Well written and excellently sang.

        ''Cricket's Sing For Annamaria'' is a very upbeat track, it is very catchy, very fast and extremely well written.

        ''No Sign Of Life'' is a pure soul and pop track. It has a great rhythm, nice verses and a extremely catchy chorus.

        ''Who The Hell Are You'' is again a soul track is catchy and has a soft and gentle chorus.

        ''Lay Your Love On Me'' is a soul and jazz track. It is has a very loud chorus, and is well sang. It shows the greatness of Emma Bunton's voice as well.

        ''Amazing'' is a soul track, which is meaningful and deep and where Emma Bunton duets with a classic soul singer. It is pure soul and well sang by both artists.

        ''The Way You Are'' is a fine soul track, excellently written and very catchy.

        ''Something So Beautiful'' is a very nice track, it is catchy - extremely well sang, has a nice rhythm and excellent chorus.

        This is a great second album from Emma Bunton it is mature, soulful, jazzy and very catchy. It is well written and extremely well sang. It provides perfect listening.

        Copyright to Sajjad Ali. Please do not copy, edit, paste or remove this without my permission.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Free Me
        2 Maybe
        3 I'll Be There
        4 Tomorrow
        5 Breathing
        6 Crickets Sing for Anamaria
        7 No Sign of Life
        8 Who the Hell Are You
        9 Lay Your Love on Me - Emma Bunton, Luis Fonsi
        10 Amazing - Emma Bunton, Luis Fonsi
        11 You Are
        12 Something So Beautiful
        13 Free Me [Dr. Octavo Seduction Remix][*]
        14 Free Me [Full Intention Freed Up Remix][*]

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