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From Mars To Sirius - Gojira

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3 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Death Metal / Artist: Gojira / Audio CD released 2005-10-24 at Listenable

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    3 Reviews
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      13.11.2009 00:05
      Very helpful



      A great modern mainstream metal album

      The third release by French modern extreme metal act Gojira, 'Mars To Sirius' mixes crushingly heavy chugging sections and periods of brutal and mechanical death metal set to booming growled vocals with wide-open and spaced out melodic sections complete with clean singing, this latter musical aspect bringing to mind the output of US cyber-metal band Fear Factory.

      The production is big and clean yet also very powerful with some great crunchy guitars, and genearlly speaking the album does a great job of merging immensely heavy and catchy riffs with some great melodic sing-along choruses, although it can sound a little bland and unengaging on occasion.

      By and large however there are enough enjoyable riffs and tempo-changes throught the songs for it to remain entertaining right through, whilst the environmentalism-oriented lyrics and aesthetic make for a nice change as well.

      Clocking in at just under 67 minutes the album is perhaps somewaht overlong, but far as highly polished, mainstream modern metal goes, From Mars To Sirius remains an album that is well ahead of the pack.


      1. Ocean Planet 05:32
      2. Backbone 04:18
      3. From The Sky 05:48
      4. Unicorn 02:09
      5. Where Dragons Dwell 06:54
      6. The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe 03:57
      7. Flying Whales 07:44
      8. In The Wilderness 07:47
      9. World To Come 06:52
      10. From Mars 02:24
      11. To Sirius 05:37
      12. Global Warming 07:50

      Total playing time 01:06:52


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      11.08.2008 02:40
      Very helpful



      A Must Have For Metal Heads

      In complete contradiction to the review below me, I believe this album to be an absolute masterpiece of Progressive Death Metal.
      Intense is an overused word for alot of bands but this word fits Gojira and this album with all the essence it can. Yet to name an album as intense implies a lack in attention to song construction, hooks, melodies etc but this album definately doesn't lack in any metal area at all.
      Gojira is a fine recipe of crushing riffs, originality, intensity, atmopheric textures, immense headbangability and awesome climaxes.
      To say this album has an "over reliance on gimmicks such as breakdowns" is a complete misinterpretation and also contradicts with the views on the album's tediousness. There is a great deal of repetition within the album but it most certainly this is not because of lack of ideas but more a feel more the direction and atmoshpere the music suits which results in building into unbelievable climaxes that get your metal goosebumps going. One such example is track 7: Flying Whales which begins with a continually repeated chilled phrase that is gradually varied until building to an intensely heavy riff climax. For this to be spoken as being because of lack of ideas shows clearly no connection with the band's feel.
      For those of view that buy the album and connect with the music to begin with in a similar track: Ocean Planet won't be able to get enough of this beast.
      Many people say that a metal band without a decent drummer is as effective as a pile of bricks for a house. The drumming on the album includes great showmanship with fills and playing around with time signatures and free time but also links with the music and does what is asked of it without over exaggerating itself. Yet is amazing and includes some super fast pedals and blast beats.
      The vocals are throaty or shouting for the most part as they suit the music and are used brilliantly. But they sometimes carry a melody line over the riffs and add to the atmoshpheric soundscapes and sometimes are the source of their creation. As a metal fan, my heart is usually in the music and therefore I pay little attention to lyric content but, if you listen to the audible words (of which there are many) within this album, or read them, then you will understand the greatly environmental and political message carried by it.
      As a metalhead, if this doesn't get your head banging then I don't know what will.
      Despite this, Gojira is for everyone and will no doubt be appreciated by fans largely of other genres.
      The Album will surely go down well for fans of: Meshuggah, Sikth, Textures, Pantera, In Flames, Killswitch Engage, Behemoth, Opeth and Cult of Luna
      If you're cagey about purchasing the whole album then i recommend, for an example of Gojira's sound as a whole, to download "The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe".


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        10.07.2008 21:32
        Very helpful



        Gojira's fourth album (2005).

        Environmentally-friendly Canadian metal band Gojira sound much like a second-rate Devin Townsend Band, but that doesn't stop this album from being quite a corker. Following the same groove-laden style as Townsend's work, these songs tend to be overlong and lacking in ideas, saturated with a repetitive double bass pedal rhythm that becomes annoying and over-reliance on gimmicks such as breakdowns, but it still manages to hold together as a consistent album balancing melody and heaviness in a distinctive way.

        Few of the songs stand out from the general roaring tone, much as can be said for Townsend's albums such as 'Terria' and the excellent 'Synchestra,' but the finale 'Global Warming' is particularly interesting for its odd echo effect and unusual lead guitar melodies. Some such as 'Where Dragons Dwell' and 'The Heaviest Matter of the Universe' are a little irritating to listen to, mainly for the aforementioned drum thing, but the album maintains a distinctive mood and conveys an important message.

        1. Ocean Planet
        2. Backbone
        3. From the Sky
        4. Unicorn
        5. Where Dragons Dwell
        6. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
        7. Flying Whales
        8. In the Wilderness
        9. World to Come
        10. From Mars
        11. To Sirius
        12. Global Warming


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Ocean Planet
      2 Backbone
      3 From the Sky
      4 Unicorn
      5 Where Dragons Dwell
      6 Heaviest Matter of the Universe
      7 Flying Whales
      8 In the Wilderness
      9 World to Come
      10 From Mars
      11 To Sirius
      12 Global Warming

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