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Gasoline - Theory of a Deadman

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Grunge / Artist: Theory of a Deadman / Import / Audio CD released 2007-03-26 at 604

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2009 23:37
      Very helpful




      When I first heard Hating Hollywood I presumed that the song belonged to a Nickelback album such is how similar they are in sound. Gasoline is the second offering from Theory of a Deadman and was released in 2005. The 4 piece band came about in 2001 although over the years there have been frequent changes in the members. For some reason it's always the drummer who quits and has had to be replaced. It was with the release of Gasoline that they became more well known in America, with their songs being used frequently in films and in major sporting events.

      This album is heavily influenced by guitars and has a very alternative rock theme going through it, mixed with a spot of country music and acoustic sets. On further inspection I've just noticed that it isn't merely coincidence that they sound a bit like Nickelback, not when they were signed to 604 Records imprint, frontman Chad Kroegers company.


      Hating Hollywood:- This is the song which has the strongest of the Nickleback sound to it. It's a fairly middle of the road in speed but has a strong guitar backing and loud vocals. Towards the end it does start to fade out but not before a mass of yelling out the chorus.


      No Way Out:- The pace is a lot quicker in this one yet the baseline has a stronger rhythm to it. Whilst the guitars are still audible the drums play a bigger part. Although the lyrics are being more or less shouted out there is still a bit of melody mixed in there as well. Again the ending is repeated continually.


      No Surprise:- More of an acoustic feel to the beginning of it and this is the first track where you hear a more softer sound. It's like your conventional indie type song which a band might release. You couldn't exactly call it a slow song but there is a memorable rift which appears and the first of the electric guitar solos.


      Quiver:- Again it's back to the heavy guitar and drums combination although in this case the vocals start off quite gently before powering up for the chorus and then dimming down again. It isn't my favourite track as it's a bit repetitive and doesn't really have any change of sound in it.


      Santa Monica:- This initially starts out as though it should appear in an emotional scene in a film. Like a couple being torn apart. It's the slowest of the songs and could almost be classed as a ballad. Dare I say it, despite it's lyrics, but the tune is quite pretty(!) There's a lot of acoustic guitar which is also mixed in with the louder sounds until it fades out gently.


      Better Off:- They've returned to the heavy influence of heavy guitar and loud vocals. It's the first time you hear the other members of the bands voices, even if it is only for a few seconds. Better Off is a better quality song than the others simply because it isn't a track where it stays the same throughout. Whilst the others have stuck slightly to one tempo or level of sound this one goes through the whole mix


      Say Goodbye:- This is the first time you hear an instrument other than guitars or drums. A keyboard is used throughout the song which you can easily pick up amongst the singing and again other voices are heard. Towards the end you have a heavy solo to bear with before it goes silent for a bit and then you're faced with full on drums.


      Hello Lonely (Walk Away):- The lyrics behind this are to do with one of the band members parents who went through a divorce when he was little. It's a slow paced track and if you actually take time to listen it's quite a sad song. There's no loud music to this one and is more level when it comes to the tones used. It picks up a bit at the end and is most definitely the best song on the album.


      Me and My Girl:- Starting off with a bit of an electric feel to it there is more of a melody involved and the singing is quite soft compared to the music until you get to the chorus where it picks up in speed and sound. It isn't the loudest of the tracks and it almost has the type of music which Creed do so well pumping through it.


      Since You've Been Gone:- One of the slowest on the albums and is more vocally influenced. It's another of the more emotional songs, this time about a man whose girlfriend has died from an overdose. If you do get the album you might happen to notice that a lot of the songs don't exactly have heart lifting lyrics to them. It's got an electric guitar towards the end but then eventually fades out.


      Hell Just Ain't The Same:- This has an old record style to it. Sounding slightly scratchy as if being played on an old radio. It is a slow song and only lasts just over a minute but it is probably one of the stand out tracks simply down to how different it is from the others.


      Save the Best for Last:- Finally back to their up tempo tracks this has its guitar and drum backing in full blast. The lyrics have been cranked up in sound and there is a heavy rift playing which is very difficult to get out of your head. The chorus is also catchy and it's easy to find yourself getting carried away with the lyrics.


      In the Middle:- Starts off slowly, with gently sung lyrics and soft guitar playing. Although this is a good song I feel as though they could of picked something different to end the album on. It doesn't really pick up on pace although the vocals do come through a lot stronger towards the end.

      Although this album is packed full of heavy guitar playing and rifts the Canadian band have been able to use softer sounds without getting rid of their alternative rock sound as well. They have had number 1s yet have never really been able to be that successful in the UK. Few albums out there can make you a fan after one listen but this one has actually managed it. I'll admit that you shouldn't listen to the album too often as the songs do sound a bit similar and it is a bit difficult to determine which track is which.

      If you like your rock music but not to full screaming potential then this could be something you might like. Similar to Nickelback, Creed and Soundgarden, Theory of a Deadman are a band which I can't see will ever really make it big in the UK as they aren't 'conventional' enough for people to buy their singles. That isn't to say that you shouldn't go and buy a copy though. For £9.98 from Amazon you get a cd which can give you just under an hour of entertainment. Obviously it's best that you're not doing something which needs concentration because this isn't calming music.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Hating Hollywood
      2 No Way Out
      3 No Surprise
      4 Quiver
      5 Santa Monica
      6 Better Off
      7 Say Goodbye
      8 Hello Lonely (Walk Away from This)
      9 Me & My Girl
      10 Since You've Been Gone
      11 Hell Just Ain't the Same
      12 Save the Best for Last
      13 In the Middle
      14 [CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia Track]

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