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Game Boy Pokémon: Fire Red & Leaf Green - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Game Music / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 2004-05-31 at Media

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    1 Review
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      23.02.2012 16:54
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      Brings back memories.

      GBA Pokémon Firered & Leafgreen Super Complete is the comprehensive soundtrack for game Pokemon Fire Red and it's counterpart, Pokemon Leaf Green. This is an official release which came into stores on the 26th May 2004. The includes nearly 90 tracks split into two tracks. About 80% of that is on the first disc whilst the remaining tracks are on the second CD and counted as a bonus CD of some rare songs. A lot of these tracks are fairly short. Some could be as short as eight seconds and some of the longest songs last around 4 minutes. This record is a dream for lovers of video game music because they can listen to it and bring them memories of the fun they've had when playing the games.

      Unlike most other video game soundtracks, this one is available on the UK version of Amazon for over £50. I think that this is far too expensive. It's currently ¥ 2,480 (nearly £20) in Japan's Amazon. So I think buying this album is quite tricky. I have a feeling it will be slightly cheaper in other places far away from the UK. This makes fans think it's more acceptable to pirate it, but most people who download it off a file sharing site only get incomplete versions of the first discs and are not as high in quality as in most cases it's a direct rip from the games. You'd have to be really technically minded to rip these games.

      On top jingles and game tracks, this also includes 2 songs with vocals, remixes and songs from the original Red, Blue and Green games. The majority of these tracks were composed by Junichi Masuda and also arranged by Go Ichinose. I'd describe the overall sound of the soundtrack as oriental soft electronica. Soundtrack and Video Game Music might cut it as far as genres are concerned, but any kind of song can be featured on games and soundtracks. On the most part, it's partly sweet sounding but also very eerie. A lot of people seem to prefer the original 8-bit versions of the tracks featured on the first and second generation of pokemon games because of their high nostalgic value. I think the 16 bit versions are just as good. In some cases, much improved.

      Highlights of the album for me include the Pokemon Tower theme and The Lavender Town theme. I loved their spooky hooks when I first heard them on the games and I think they sound just as great on here. The Celadon City theme has always been quirky regardless of it's arrangement on this version the jingles make it sound a lot more peaceful and calm, the same would go for Ocean. My absolute favourite from this soundtrack would be the last battle theme. The use of synths on this one is fantastic and the voice boxes give it a great touch. It's quite intense and energetic which I think is perfect for a final battle track.

      On disc one, there were a couple of songs that I thought were trying too hard to surpass their original 8-bit themes, and end up sounding bloated and chaotic. The prime culprit for this is Pallet Town. I also thought the Viridian Forest, Pewter City and Route themes were a bit underwhelming.

      Disc two took me by surprise. The first half are remixes that give the songs new identies plus two vocal tracks memory p and Teach Me! Big Brother. I didn't like the vocal tracks that much because I found the vocals too nasally for me. The other half of the disc acts like a greatest hits compilation. Brings back memories, but I don't think they included the best of the 8-bit era, but that's just my personal opinion.

      My favourite from disc two would be the Deoxys theme. This was featured in the game, but an exclusive event was needed to hear this one. This would be the Deoxys event. These were game events which took place in a specifically chosen locations around the globe where you can download and unlock pokemon not naturally obtained from the game. (In other words having to go the extra mile in order to truly "catch em all.") I'm glad they didn't just remix an existing battle theme because it makes Deoxys more special. I quite like this track because it starts of cute and then quickly goes intense. It really feels scientific to me.

      I really enjoyed Pokémon Tower 1997 for it's gritty and spooky feel. It feels so different to any other version of the songs. The song has been reborn and transformed into this triumphant avant-garde dub-step. It's not everyone's sort of music, but it's quite impressive. Gym Leader Power also has the same vibes, but less avant-garde and more techno. I think it's really catchy and one of the best remixes I've heard; still feels fresh and up to date. These remixes sound like something that can be used in future games.

      Overall, I really enjoyed this soundtrack because it's really catchy and fun. I could happily recommend it and share it to everybody. Those who have played the games have already got a good idea what the soundtrack will already be like which is why I've put more detail into the bonus disc as it's stuff that not many people have heard before. If you are very keen on listening to it, it's all on YouTube. Since Amazon, won't be the cheapest place, I'd recommend trying eBay.


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