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Glee The Music Vol. 3: Showstoppers - Glee Cast

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4 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Glee Cast / Audio CD released 2010-05-24 at Epic

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    4 Reviews
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      19.02.2011 12:21
      Very helpful
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      Wonderful product, definitely recommend

      The amazing and oh so talented Glee cast take on some big names in this chart topping album. Every song sends a chill down my spine and goosebumps on my arms, so much so I can hardly breath. I love Glee, as you already know I do quite a few reviews on their products. This album is definitely the most popular Glee album I have (and I have them all!). When I think about it there is only one song that fails to impress on this album "Beth". I haven't heard this song before I heard Glee do a cover of it, and it wasn't really any good. Not to put you off buying the album or anything.
      If I was to pick out my most perfect song from this album it would be Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" as Rachel Berry really does project these notes perfectly.

      1. Hello,Goodbye- excellent song
      2. Gives you Hell- wow
      3. Hello- not so keen
      4. A house in not a Home- featuring April Rhodes
      5. One less bell to answer/ A house it not a home- Featuring April Rhodes
      6. Beautiful- Mercedes Jones hits a heartbreaker on this one
      7. Home- Blubber song!
      8.Physical- Sue sylvester and Olivia newton John
      9. Total eclipse of the heart- WOW
      10. Lady is a tramp- Good
      11. One- Fab
      12. Rose's turn- Fab
      13. Dream On- Will dances for survival
      14. Safety Dance- A glee tribute
      15. I Dreamed A Dream- Featuring Idina Menzel
      16. Loser- good
      17. Give Up The Funk- good
      18. Beth- Not my favourite
      19. Poker face- A modernised version of this wonderful song
      20. Bad romance- Glee's best song yet.

      A special guest star appears in this Album, like she did on the show. American Broadway star Idina Menzel (Lead of musical Wicked) Sings as Rachel Berry's long lost mother and combine their compatible voices to sing some heartstopping songs. This album truly captures the spirit of Glee selling more than 500,000 copies in its first month on sale. That tells us that Glee is definitely on not on its way out, but clawing its way in dragging along Broadway and superstars.
      You can buy this album for around £4.99 as you can most Glee the music albums. I bought mine in HMV (the entertainment stockists) for £9.99 when it first came out, but I'm sure that it will be a lot cheaper now.
      This album really does have some showstoppers which never fail to make me want to get up on stage with them and pour my heart out to their utterly amazing songs. Overall, this product is a fantastic buy, and I'm sure many people agree with me as I'm not the only one who bought it. I will give it 4 out of 5 Dooyoo stars as I feel some of the songs could've been improved a tad. Other than this I think this album is stunning. Another thing I like a lot about this album is the cover, lined with images of stage curtains, it really fits in with the context of the album. Whenever I see it on my shelf I think to myself "Now, why is that not it my CD player?".


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        22.09.2010 19:46
        Very helpful



        For Gleeks to complete their collection.

        The album features tracks from the second part of the popular first series of the US show Glee. As many will know, the show is based around a High School show choir competing for the Regional trophy. The songs are all cover versions and appear on the album in the order that they are performed in the show/series (although I will be mentioning them out of order at times in this review). All in all there are twenty tracks on this CD, covering episodes up to the finale. Songs from the finale are on a different CD to get a bit more money from the fans - cheeky!

        A rousing, harmonious version of the Beatles' Hello, Goodbye with Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Cory Monteith) on lead vocals, ably assisted on the harmonies by Mercedes (Amber Riley) and other cast members kicks off the CD. I love the Beatles and I think this version does the song justice, and making the 'showstopper' part of the album title seem very apt as they make it into a big production number which they do so well. Unfortunately not all tracks can be classed as showstoppers in my opinion, I think there are a few too many ballads for my liking. In the same episode and following Hello, Goodbye is a cover of The All American Rejects' Gives You Hell with Rachel taking the lead again, she does an excellent, rousing performance, it is a very catchy number.

        One of the slow tracks on this album is the Lionel Richie song Hello. I've always found it rather cheesy, and Rachel and Jesse (guest appearance by Broadway's Jonathan Groff) do a reasonable job, singing along to the piano as a duet, but I don't think their voices really complement each other very well. I don't really like the version of A House is Not a Home by Finn and Kurt (Chris Coifer), I can't fault their vocal performances technically (as least not Coifer's, Monteith can be inconsistent), I just find it a bit bland. The song (written by Burt Bacharach and Hal Davis) has been sung by Dionne Warwick, Dusty Springfield and Luther Vandross to name a few, I just didn't think this version added anything. Barbra Streisand performed the song as a medley with One Less Bell to Answer, and a version of the medley is sung by Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) the teacher who runs the Glee Club with April (guest star Kristen Chenoweth). Their voices work really well together and the song works better as a duet than A House is Not A Home on its own did. This maybe because Morrison and Chenoweth harmonise better than an all male vocal, or maybe it is their more mature voices (both are accomplished Broadway performers). Either way, I don't think both versions needed to be on here. They are one after the other on the disc and surrounded by other slow tracks both before and after, I found the CD quite hard going at this point. As individual tracks, if the order was shuffled, they would be fine, it is just too many ballads and slow numbers back to back for me, as they always put the tracks in show order, unlike most albums where effort is usually made to put them in a more listenable order and mix it up a bit. The fourth slow track in the run is Beautiful, made famous by Christina Aguilera and sung here by Mercedes. Amber Riley has a big voice, but I am not sure it suited the understated-ness that this song required. There is a fifth slowey in succession, a ballad called Home performed by April again. I am not familiar with the song but believe it is from the musical The Wiz. Her voice is great, more theatrical, but I am over ballads at this point.

        There are other slow songs on the CD - quite a few actually, including One (U2) performed by Finn and Rachel. They 'make the song their own' as they say on the X-Factor, and it is mixed to lift it with more harmonies and a larger band. I think Monteith's vocals really suit this song, he doesn't have the strongest voice in the show but this one showcases him well. Puck takes lead vocals on a version of Kiss's Beth with Finn backing him up. I was not familiar with the song prior to the show so cannot comment on how it compares to the original, but as ballads go, I rather liked it.

        Thankfully the slow numbers are over and we get some cheesiness! Olivia Newton-John guest stars as herself re-making her 80s 'classic' with the teacher who runs the cheer-leading squad (and nemesis of Mr Schuester), Sue, played by Jane Lynch. I do like it when Glee doesn't take itself too seriously, and here they try and give the backing track a facelift, but they do leave that hi-energy disco feel to it. We also get a cover of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart performed by Rachel with Jesse, Finn and Puck (Mark Salling) providing the harmonies. It is done well, but worked much better in the show than it does as a standalone track on the CD. Sadly MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This and Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby didn't make it onto the CD! Later in the CD we get Safety Dance, originally by Men Without Hats performed by Artie (Kevin McHale), a fellow Glee Club member. I always like it when different cast members get to take lead vocals and it isn't all the Rachel and Finn show. McHale doesn't have the strongest voice, and this is another track which worked better on the TV show accompanied by some spontaneous dancing in a shopping mall, than it does on the CD.

        Big Band numbers are quite unusual in Glee but Puck does a surprising performance of The Lady is a Tramp. It is a track that doesn't suit the character, but in the context of that episode it worked. His voice suited that genre which I wouldn't have expected and he held his own when Amber Riley came along and bellowed all over the last part of it. She has a good voice, but sometimes less is more. Another track I didn't expect to hear on the show is rock band Beck's track Loser performed by Finn, Puck, former teacher Sandy (Stephen Tobolowsky), Will's ex-wife Terry (Jessalyn Gilseg) and occasional cast member Howard (Kent Avenido). When they are all singing together and harmonising it works surprisingly well. Parliament's 1970's funk classic Give Up The Funk was featured as an ensemble performance on the show, I really enjoyed it but was concerned that the energy of a funk show-stopper wouldn't transfer to the CD, but it is still a lively, catchy song and is the sort of number that they do best.

        Some past Glee CDs have not featured many show-tunes, even though they are usually featured in the episodes. We have a few more this time round, as well as the aforementioned Home and Lady is a Tramp, we have Kurt performing a version of Rose's Turn from Gypsy with some lyrics changed to make it more suited to Kurt and his character. Also I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables, performed by Rachel and Shelby (Idina Menzel), their voices complement each other nicely, but I just don't like the song - it's too slow, I'm more an uptempo person.

        We don't get many contemporary numbers on Glee, by that I mean songs from the last few years, so the Theatricality episode brought us some Lady Gaga songs. Bad Romance is an ensemble song featuring Kurt and the girls performing dressed up in Gaga costumes. They do a credible version of the song, although it does sound a bit odd hearing her wacky lyrics being sung by other people. I do think it one of the better songs on the album, which suits the show-stoppers theme.

        Glee has had its fair share of guest stars this series, some better than others, so as well as Jonathan Groff, Kristen Chenoweth and Olivia Newton-John we get Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser M.D) who played Bryan, a rival of Will's from his school days and is employed to help (or hinder) Will with the Glee Club. They perform Aerosmith's Dream On, which is featured on this CD. It is pleasant enough, but isn't a stand out track for me, although they do it well and I quite like the song. Another Broadway star Idina Menzel appears in a few episodes as a rival Glee Club coach Shelby, as well as I Dreamed a Dream she sings again with Rachel on the Lady Gaga song Poker Face. They do it just with a piano accompaniment, so it is very understated, and I thought they did it very well, even if it did seem a bit of a bizarre choice.

        Overall there are some real gems on this CD but I am disappointed to a certain degree. There are too many slow numbers and I feel that the 'Show-stoppers' tag doesn't really sum up the tracks on the disc - so many aren't show stopping frankly. I have the Deluxe CD version - I am not sure what that means, as I cannot see a 'regular' one available. It has 20 tracks and a little booklet and I paid £8.95 when it was first released, you can also buy it as a download or just pick the individual tracks. I suspect very little will appeal to those that are not already fans of the show.


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          04.06.2010 10:36
          Very helpful



          Another great album from the cast of Glee

          I am a huge Glee fan, im totally obsessed, I have all the albums and listen to them daily... yes I know it seems wrong, to make matters worse I don't actually know what I would do without it in my life lol, ok will get on with the review now.

          ** Tracks **

          Hello, Goodbye - This track is a cover of the Beetles and is featured in the "Hell-O" episode and is performed by the Glee cast. I really like this song, its uplifting and all the characters get involved with it. I think the song is sung well and it gives the song a twist and makes it more modern.

          My Rating 4/5

          Gives You Hell - This song also features in the "Hell-O" episode, Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and the cast of Glee do a great cover of this All-American Reject track. I like that this song still sounds original but completely different with a woman singing it, its uplifting and instantly reminds you of the Glee scene.

          My Rating 4/5

          Hello - Another from the "Hell-O" episode. Performed by Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Jonathan Groff (Jesse St. James) and was originally sang by legend Lionel Richie. I think this is a great cover, once listening to it, its hard to imagine that it hasn't always been a duet. Michele and Groff's voices blend beautifully together and the song includes some delicate harmonies. With all classic songs, I think that its easy for covers to never match up, however I like this version just as much as the original.

          My Rating 5/5

          A House Is Not A Home - This track is a Burt Bacharach cover and is performed by Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) and Cory Monteith (Finn Husdon) and is featured in the "Home" episode. I have to admit that I haven't heard the original so cant really compare, initially I think this song takes a little bit of getting used to, although after a few plays you start to appreciate the lyrics and tone of voices especially Cofler's.

          My Rating 2/5

          One Less Bell To Answer - Originally performed by Barbara Streisand , covered by Kristen Cheonweth (April Rhodes) and Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester). This track is also featured in the "Home" episode, personally I don't think its as good as the original, however im not a huge fan of Cheonweth and didn't particularly like the songs she sang on the previous albums, but credit where its due, its not an easy song and the band sound amazing. Overall the song is very theatrical.

          My Rating 2/5

          Beautiful - This track was another featured in the "Home" episode, Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones) sings this Christina Aguilera cover beautifully. Jones is an amazing singer and adds a different sound to this song (even though its in the same key etc) her voice is different to Aguilera's and it gives the whole song a more soulful sound.

          My Rating 4/5

          Home - This song was featured in the "Home" episode and was originally sang by the cast of Wiz. Kristen Cheonweth (April Rhodes) takes the lead with the song and surprisingly her voice suits the song well. Its very theatrical and where as some of her solos are squeaky and overpowering her voice is controlled well. Not one of my favourites but a smooth, soothing song that's enjoyable to listen to.

          My Rating 2/5

          Physical - This track is from the "Bad Reputation" episode. Originally sang by Olivia Newton John and is covered by Olivia Newton John (as herself) and Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester). This track is hilarious if you have seen the episode, every time Lynch sings I am left gobsmacked as you don't expect her to sing as well as she does, on a more serious note I really liked this track and think that the duet gives the whole song a new lease of life, its fun and quirky.

          My Rating 4/5

          Total Eclipse Of The Heart - This track is a Bonnie Tyler cover, sang by Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) with help from the boys of the Glee cast. I was optimistic when I first heard this song, Michele's voice is very theatrical, I didn't think she could pull off the roughness the song needed, but I have to say she did a really good job, this is one of my favourites on the album, I like that it sounds the same as the original although it does sound a little more poppy with Michele on lead vocals.

          My Rating 5/5

          Lady Is A Tramp - Originally sang Sammy Davis Jr and is featured in the "Laryngitis" episode. Covered by Mark Sailing (Noah Puckerman) and Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones). I liked this cover, I don't think its as good as the original as I think it has less "swagger" but I think it went well as a duet and the singers voices went well together making and interesting combination.

          My Rating 3/5

          One - Performed by the cast of Glee and originally sang by U2. This track featured in the "Laryngitis" episode. I love the original and I like this version equally as much, the fact that the whole cast get involved give it a mixture of different sounds, but they all go well together and help to create some great harmonies.

          My Rating 5/5

          Roses Turn - Originally from the Gypsy: A Musical Fable, this cover is performed by Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel). This track is theatrical and sang well, this isn't really my sort of music but its enjoyable to listen to and Cofler sings the song with passion, it kind of reminds me of something out of Chicago.

          My Rating 2/5

          Dream On - This is originally an Aerosmith track and is featured in the "Dream On" episode. Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester) and Neil Patrick Harris (Bryan Ryan) sing this song magnificently. We all know Harris from How I Met Your Mother, where he plays Barney Stinson, I never realised what a talented singer he was. He a Morrison gel well together on this track and the song keeps its rocky, rough edge.

          My Rating 5/5

          The Safety Dance - This track is also featured in the "Dream On" episode, originally by Men Without Hats and covered by the cast of Glee with an amazing solo from Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams). Its got an 80's kind of feel to it, its all a little bit silly but then its fun and uplifting.

          My Rating 3/5

          I Dreamed A Dream - Most recently sang by Susan Boyle and commonly known as one of the songs sang by the cast of Les Miserables. This track is covered by Idina Menzel (Shelby Corcoran) and Lea Michele (Rachel Berry). I never really appreciated this song until I heard this cover, the singers have such beautiful voices which suit this kind of song perfectly, the tune and lyrics are beautiful, I really love this song sang by this pair.

          My Rating 5/5

          Loser - Is a Beck cover, performed by the cast of Glee and was featured in the "Funk" episode. This is a very different kind of song for Glee to sing, im not quite sure what I make of it. It's a mix of rap and some kind of country music, not one of my favourites but adds a bit of variety to the album.

          My Rating 2/5

          Give Up The Funk - Originally sang by Parliament, covered by the cast of Glee (New Directions) and was also featured in the "Funk" episode. I don't think this song is as good as the original but its fun to listen to and its different from a lot of the other tracks on he album.

          My Rating 3/5

          Beth - A Kiss cover, performed by the male cast of Glee with solos from Mark Sailing (Noah Puckerman) and Cory Monteith (Finn Husdon) and was featured in the "Theatricality" episode. I like this song, I haven't heard the original but I like the subtleness of the song and the voices. Not much instrument is used and I think it gives the singers a chance to prove that their voices are versatile.

          My Rating 4/5

          Poker Face - Obviously originally a Lady GaGa song, covered by Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Idina Menzel (Shelby Corcoran). This is in the style of GaGa's piano version, I love this cover. I did like the original but I have to say I prefer the singing from Michele and Menzel. I like the way that the singers voices gel together, both are amazing singers, this is definitely one of the best from the album.

          My Rating 5/5

          Bad Romance - Another Lady GaGa cover performed by the cast of Glee in the "Theatricality" episode. I didn't really see the point in this cover as it sounds exactly like the original, I think that the singers tried to hard to sound like GaGa herself, it would have been interesting to hear a twist on it, but its still a good track.

          My Rating 4/5

          ** Price and Availability **

          You can pick this album up pretty much in all the music shops like HMV etc and online at Amazon etc. You can expect to pay approximately £8.99. It may also be worth having a look in supermarkets, such as Tesco as you may be able to get it slightly cheaper.

          ** Overall Opinion **

          I really love this album (and the other 2 volumes), I think Glee in general is a bit like marmite. I don't think enough credit is given to the cast, all are amazing singers with different styles and tones and I think it adds a great variety to this album.

          I like that unique twists have been given to some of my favourite songs and helps some of the outdated tracks have a new lease of life.

          For the price I think you would definitely get value for money, and if you love the show then it gives you more than just a song, you get the comedy all over again.

          The only downside is that there are a few songs missing from this album, such as Run Joey Run, but I think there will be a Vol. 4 that will soon be followed.

          I would rate this album overall as 5/5.

          LOVE IT!


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            03.06.2010 19:53
            Very helpful



            A really good album, it's been a joy to listen to on the way to and from work.

            As most of you know I'm a huge fan of the television show Glee, most specifically all the brilliant music they release. I am still attempting to use up all of my ITunes vouchers from Christmas and at the moment, they all seem to be going on Glee music when it's released. Here we are with the third volume from the first series, and technically the fourth album (including the Madonna) one, can this album do what the second one didn't manage to do and live up to the brilliance of the first.

            Glee has truly taken the world by storm, it has I believe just been on the air in America for about a year and already it has hits in the DVD charts and most specifically in the music charts. After every episode is aired, ITunes releases the songs, and I know for sure here in the UK, a lot of people download them, as there is usually a track in the Top 40.

            This album called Showstoppers covers most of the songs from the 16th episode, right up until the penultimate episode of the season, which has yet to be aired here in the UK when I wrote this review. Yes like before on the previous albums, the people have put together this album, have made some small mistakes, they have put poor covers on the album and forgot about others. Luckily though, ITunes allows you to download 'EVERY' song that is shown on the show, so if you use ITunes, then you probably won't miss out.

            The album starts with the brilliant Beatles song 'Hello, Goodbye', for probably the one and only time on the album we get to hear Cory Monteith sing very well, his voice has really matured over the albums, and I really enjoyed listening to him on this track. Lea Michele's voice for once, actually does get on my nerves a little bit on this track, however in the grand scheme of things on the album, it is a really nice track and a very good cover.

            One of my favourite covers that Glee has released is the brilliant cover of All American Reject's 'Give You Hell', which shows off Lea Michele's amazing vocals, on this very different song. I adored the original to this song, and I still think it's awesome, but this cover is as good as the original. The one thing I found about this cover is the fact every time I listen to it, it makes me smile. If the trip home from work is particularly bad and stressful which is usually is, I stick on this song and sing along to it.

            This track a few nights ago, the cover of 'Hello' by Lionel Richie actually converted someone who said they'll never watch the show, just down to the sheer beauty of this cover. Here for the first time on the show, we hear the beautiful tones of Jonathan Groff, who is brought onto the show to become Rachel's boyfriend. Lea Michele also lends her vocals to this track. A little fact here, this isn't the first time these two have sung together before, both were on the stage show Spring Awakening for many years, and it was Groff that introduced Ryan Murphy (The Creator) to Lea Michele. This song is one of the most beautiful tracks on all of the albums put together, and definitely one to watch.

            So far there has only been one episode that I have found other things to do in, this was the episode where Kristin Chenoweth makes another appearance in the show. The show has never really been put into a genre, but I felt like the songs on this episode were just a bit too out there, and not of them appealed to me. The album goes on with 'A House Is Not A Home', where Chris Colfer and Cory Montieth take on the Dione Warwick classic. This track is not one I put on my playlist to listen to in the car, but there is no doubting that Chris Colfer's voice is outstanding, he has an amazing vocal range and I felt very disappointed when Cory Monteith attempted to join in, as his vocals don't even come close to Colfer's. The next track is 'One Less Bell To Answer/A House is Not A Home', where the wonderful Chenoweth lends her vocals, and is joined again by Matthew Morrison. They both show off their amazing vocals, but the pace of the song for me is just too slow and it is a really slow, and quite a boring cover. I found myself forwarding it on television, it's worth listening to once however for Chenoweth's brilliant vocals.

            The next track is one where Amber Riley takes on the gorgeous track 'Beautiful' by Christina Aguleria, I remember sitting there waiting for this track on TV, and being quite disappointed. I'm not sure if it was because of how much I adored the original, it will always mean a lot to me, due to the fact it was released at a not so perfect time in my life. Riley's vocals are amazing, but with this song I do think Lea Michele would have done a better job with it, I can't put my finger on it, but it doesn't sound 100% right. I am not doubting how powerful this song is in the show, Riley has an amazing voice, and this song is one of the most beautiful songs on the show, but for me it could have been a bit better.

            The next track for me is one of the weakest that they have released on this album, Chenoweth takes on the song 'Home' from The Wiz. Chenoweth again, excels, her vocals are stunning and her vocal range is just amazing, however this song is boring and it really just in my eyes feels unnecessary and I was surprised they put this song on the album and missed off a few other ones. It has too many problems for me, but Chenoweth proves why she has been asked time and time again to come onto the show.

            One of the best and funniest moments on the show so far is the episode where Olivia Newton John makes an appearance, she decides she wants to create another version of her famous song 'Physical' and asks Sue Sylvester. Like with Jane Lynch's other song from Glee, to really get the importance of this song, you have to watch the video on YouTube. Olivia Newton John really proves here she hasn't lost her voice, and she does a brilliant performance, but for me, Jane Lynch here excels, providing us again with a lot of laughs. A good cover, which works better on TV but it's nice to listen to on here as well.

            This track is without a doubt my favourite cover on the show so far and it's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', Lea Michele's voice is absolutely stunning and with the help of Mark Salling, Cory Monteith and Jonathan Groff, she makes this cover, in my opinion a lot better than the original. The one thing that Michele seems to do so well is manage to emote so much through her voice, if you listen to this song, without watching the show, you can hear how she is feeling and you are almost getting the story of the show, just through her voice. There is a limited number of people who can do this, and with this song, she shows she is an absolute pro. The vocals on this song are just above anything we've heard from her before, and for me, the emotion that this song, more importantly her vocals conveys is the reason why this is my top song on all of the albums so far. One to check out, just simply gorgeous.

            For the first time on this album Mark Salling lends his vocals to a cover of 'Lady Is A Tramp', when he started singing this on the show, all 3 of us shut up because he looked positively lovely dancing and singing, but after listening to it a few times, this song gets quite annoying. It's too cheesy for me and near the end when they include Amber Riley, her voice just doesn't work either in my opinion. I think the song for me was the flop here, not the brilliant singers.

            When I saw that they were going to cover 'One' by U2 and Mary J Blige, I was really quite happy about it. With Lea Michelle's vocals and the rest of the cast as well, it had to be brilliant, didn't it? Well I thought so, but when watching the show, I felt very disappointed, I enjoy it a bit more on the CD, but it's still not up to the par that this song should have been. Cory Monteiths vocals are quite nice in the song, but for me, the reason where this song fails is it should have been a lot more powerful. At one point during the song, Michele and Monteith are singing alongside each other and it really sounds like she is trying to pull herself back, to make him sound good. The song was pulled back too much for me, it really could have been the best cover on the album, but I was disappointed that it took almost the whole song, for Lea Michele to show us her amazing vocals.

            For the next track, Chris Colfer is given another chance to shine, with this cover of 'Rose's Turn' from the musical Gypsy. This is really what this show is about, taking amazing vocals like Colfer's and finding his niche, and this song is really what he is amazing at. The song is so powerful, and the fact that they changed it to mean something to him, including his own name, and even Rachel Berry was very smart. A really good vocal from this guy, who really delivered here.

            After 'Don't Wanna Miss a Thing', my next favourite Aerosmith song is 'Dream On', because for me I always found it was so different from most of their work, and when I saw that they were going to cover it on Glee I was a bit worried, until I saw who was going to cover it. Matthew Morrison takes up the beginning of the song, showing some amazing vocals, some of the best vocals we've seen from him on the show, and then he is joined by the awesome Neil Patrick Harris, who is someone I know sort of from a few shows over the years, but his vocal skills are brilliant, really strong. Like on previous albums, this is a sort of 'diva off', and it's Morrison and Harris attempting to outdo each other. I really can't choose who is the better of the two on this track, as their vocals are very different but both just amazing. A really amazing cover, and they even get the screech near the end perfect.

            The next track is Safety Dance sung by Kevin McHale, it was such a nice moment in the show, as he was dreaming he was dancing, and it worked brilliantly, but for me, I have no idea why this track got on the album when other songs like Run Joey Run and Jessie's Girl missed out. It's not the best we've heard McHale sing, it's good, but it's all about the dancing on the show, which is awesome if I say so myself. This just feels out of place in my opinion, and I think you really do appreciate it a lot more when you watch it on YouTube rather than listening to it on the CD.

            Susan Boyle eat your heart out, here we have the wonderful Lea Michele sing this amazing cover with her twin Idina Menzel. I'm only joking here, but my god do these two look alike. Idina Menzel has been in Glee since about Sectionals, but this is the first time we've heard her sing and she doesn't disappoint. Her vocals are stunning and work brilliantly alongside Lea Michele who just takes this song and belts it out beautifully. One of the best vocals I've heard from Michele and it's so nice to hear her sing with Idina Menzel, a gorgeous cover of this gorgeous song. Their voices just work so beautifully on this track. It's very slow and for me it won't appeal to everyone, but there is no doubting that the vocals are stunning.

            Next they cover Beck's 'Loser', this has not been shown on UK TV yet, but it is hilarious to watch as Cory Monteith shouldn't really be rapping, ever. Here we get Mark Salling and Cory Monteith 'rapping', and it really works, well Salling's bit does. I am a bit confused why they chose this one which was only shown on the show for just over 1 minute, but completely missed out Run Joey Run which was just brilliant to listen to. Hearing Monteith attempting to rap near the middle of this song, is well worth the listen, you can't help but laugh and I can't wait to watch it

            The next track is Give Up The Funk, and please don't watch the video on YouTube until you've seen it on TV. I'm afraid being curious about why I don't remember this performance, I ended up having a look and it completely ruins the ending on YouTube. The track for me, after listening to it a few times on ITunes, is quite weak, especially compared to the songs that were not put onto the album. There seems to be a big point of it on the show, but for me, it is just one of their weaker tracks.

            I had no idea that Kiss did ballads until Glee, and I absolutely adore this cover. Mark Salling lends his vocals to the opening part of the song, and it is a joy to listen to. Here the boys of Glee are showing a softer side, and deliver just a stunning performance and it's very nice to see most of the boys lending their vocals very well to this soft ballad which is a joy to listen to. For me the production of this song is brilliant, it really works on the album and it's something that a lot of us were not really expecting, as well as that the instrumentals during the song are very strong and add a lot of emotion.

            If you have been living under a rock for the last year and a half I'm sure you've all heard of Lady Gaga. Of course she gets her own episode, and this is the first of the two covers on the show. If you've heard Poker Face before then please forget the original when listening to this cover. It is completely different, they've had to change it up to work with Lea Michelle's voice, but after a few listens I absolutely adore it. Except one bit when she sings 'oh, oh oh, oh' where she sounds like a 5 year old. This song was made for Idina Menzel who shines with this cover, her voice is beautiful to listen to and without her, and this song wouldn't have worked. It is a shame that Michelle struggles with parts of this song, but Menzel makes it brilliant. It's changed completely from the original, but its brilliant in its own right.

            The final cover is amazing, on the show it was a spectacle in its own right and it's just a joyful to listen to it on the CD. Chris Colfer sounds amazing in the beginning, just like Gaga even. All of the other girls in Glee provide their vocals for this track, and it just works. This for me is where Glee shine, it happened with the likes of Don't Stop Believing and it's happened here again. A joy to listen to, and just a fantastic cover.

            Missing Tracks

            One of the things that really annoyed me about this album, even more so than the previous albums is the fact that there are so many 'better' covers that they have done on the show that have not made it onto the album. The whole episode with Kristin Chenoweth was a waste of time in my opinion, none of the songs are particularly very good.

            Final Note

            Just a fantastic album, it's a lot better than the second one, I'm not 100% sure if it's better than the 1st one at the moment, but I can see it becoming a lot more popular in my car. There are some fantastic covers here, and it even turned one of my friends into a Gleek the other night. With the addition the likes of Jonathan Groff, Idina Menzel, Olivia Newton John and Kristin Chenoweth this album is a joy to listen to.

            If you are yet to see Glee, or at least give it a try, then I would recommend that you do. Well if you hate pop music and only listen to metal, then it might not be your thing. This is the fourth out of five albums that the Glee cast have released in the last 6 months. I really think this is going to be the most expensive television show for fans ever.

            If you are a Gleek and love this show, then this album is a must have.



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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Hello Goodbye
            2 Gives You Hell
            3 Hello
            4 House Is Not A Home, A
            5 One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home
            6 Beautiful
            7 Home
            8 Physical
            9 Total Eclipse Of The Heart
            10 Lady Is A Tramp
            11 One
            12 Rose's Turn
            13 Dream On
            14 Safety Dance
            15 I Dreamed A Dream
            16 Loser
            17 Give Up The Funk
            18 Beth
            19 Poker Face
            20 Bad Romance

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