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Gone In 60 Seconds - Soundtrack

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    2 Reviews
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      14.01.2003 01:19



      I was looking through my brothers CD collection and came across ?Gone in 60 Seconds? Soundtrack. I can remember watching the film, it was quite good so I thought I?d put my feet up and listen to the CD. The album has got fifteen tracks and last about 45 minutes or so which isn?t bad. Listening to it was all the way through, I didn?t think it was too bad. There were some good songs on the album, a good mixture of fast, slow, lyrical, thoughtful songs and music. I could understand why this album would appeal to my brother. Its got very upbeat ?macho? type of songs. Like ?50 cars?, and ?For the Cars?. ?Bad English? and ?Bad Man? are probably the ladish type of songs on this album. If you want to feel like Nicholas Cage then put this album on in your car and you will definitely get the vibes. The album is composed by Trevor Rabin and he does a good job of putting together a nice compilation of guitar, upbeat songs. It?s also got a rap feel to the album with songs like ?Bad Carma? and Big Drag?. If you like the film ?Gone in 60 Seconds? you will enjoy this soundtrack album. Obviously, there are a few weak tracks but on the whole it doesn?t make bad listening. SUITABILITY??.. If you like the film or like listening to upbeat, rock type songs in your car. Its definitely a uplifting album rather than a sombre one that will make you cry.


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      24.05.2002 09:29
      Very helpful



      • "Overlapped tracks restrict individual track definitions."

      >>>GONE IN 60 SECONDS SOUND TRACK<<< ~~ MOODS AND REFLECTIONS... Great movie, great sound track too! This compilation album certainly needs no oil change in my opinion! Composed by Trevor Rabin, conducted by Gordon Goodwin and manufactured by Varese Sarabande, each of the 15 tracks featured on this compilation mix have been aptly chosen as they all reflect the upbeat, fast rhythm and thrilling pace of the action movie featuring Nicholas Cage and Angelina Jolie (produced by 2000 Touchstone Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc.). I love listening to these tracks (yes, all of them - even though I purchased the sound track originally just for the main movie theme). I appreciate the funky, loud combination of techno, rock and rap beats especially when I'm driving in my car on a long journey. It has an almost unnatural effect of inspiring me to reach my destination perhaps a little sooner than I had first planned out! So if you're anything like me and intend to 'listen' as you 'throttle', then remember to keep one eye open (for police sirens) and another eye open (for speed traps and cameras!). You too will undoubtedly discover an overwhelming impulse to drop down a gear or two and apply more pressure to that accelerator cable... ~~ AND THE BEAT GOES ON... OK, so getting on with the artists and track selections...they all compliment the movie and are well constructed. Let's face it, without the electronic, techno-reverb backing-sounds, the movie would certainly lack it's hard-hitting, adrenalin pumping storyline. In summary, here's the complete track listings:- Porche Boost ~ (1min:12secs) The Last Car ~ (4mins:49secs) Keys To Eleanor ~ (1min:22secs) 50 Cars ~ (2mins:57secs) Sphinx ~ (0min:38secs) Bad Man ~ (1min:36secs) For The Cars ~ (1min:31secs) Roundabend ~ (5mins:21s
      ecs) Meet The Team ~ (1min:15secs) Memphis Jumps Elle ~ (1min:40secs) The Throb ~ (1min:10secs) Bad English ~ (1min:35secs) Halls Of Dalmorgan ~ (0:53secs) Big Drag ~ (0min:49secs) Bad Carma ~ (1min:51secs) Trevor Rabin uses a colourful arrangement of electric guitar sounds mixed with modern electronic bursts of techno beats to produce his own unique score. Perhaps of only the one criticism to be made, is the shortness of the tracks (the complete album lasts 29 minutes). Also, each track 'merges' into the other much like the varying 'movements' of a Sibelius symphony, or the gradual changing of the seasons. There is no distinction between the end of one track and the beginning of the other. . To sum it all up, if you're musical preferences include either 'Techno', 'rap' or 'rock', then this compilation arrangement is 'right up you're street' as it really is a superb combination of all of the above and has something for everyone amidst its mix!


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Painted On My Heart - The Cult
      2 Machismo - Gomez
      3 Flower - Moby
      4 Rap - Groove Armada
      5 Leave Home - The Chemical Brothers
      6 Da Rockwilder - Method Man, Redman
      7 Roll All Day - Ice Cube
      8 Sugarless - Caviar
      9 Never Gonna Come Back Down - M. Doughty, B.T. Express
      10 Too Sick To Pray - A3
      11 Party Up - DMX
      12 Stop The Rock - Apollo 440
      13 Better Days (And The Bottom Drops Out) - Citizen King
      14 Boost Me - Trevor Rabin

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